How to calculate your horoscope – free, fast and easy birth chart calculator

In this video I’ll show you how you can calculate your horoscope in less than a minute using my free birth chart calculator.

I will walk you through the different tables and aspects which you will find after you generate your own horoscope.

To make it even easier for you I have also created a list with the symbols of the aspects I use:


Hello dear friend, I'm so excited to film this video for you because I will share with you something that I've been working on for three years. This is my personal birth chart calculator which I have created for you. It's completely free and it's very easy to use it immediately. So in this video, I will show you how to calculate it, how you can put all the data that you need, and also what you can see after you calculate the chart so basically the tables and all this ties in all the aspects what all of that means and how you can find it. So the quickest way to calculate your chart is by using the link under the video and go to Mars stars dotnet slash calculator. So I will share my screen now. And show you how also you can do the same thing. Alright, so you need to go to Mars stars dotnet slash calculator or use the link under this video, and this is what you are supposed to see. So it's very simple. You need the date of birth time and place of birth. So you just click here, and let's go with a random chart, let's say for the first of January 1987. So after you choose the date, the month and the year you just had done then you need to add the time of birth. Let's go with 4am eight minutes for the second if you know them, that's great. So add seconds if not absolutely no problem. And then you need to choose the country you were born in. If you choose United States event, there will be another field for you to choose, which is about the state. So let's go with the state of New York. And then in the last field, you have to enter only the city name. So no states no other information here, only the name of your city, make sure to spell it correctly. And then you just need to hit calculate and just wait a couple of seconds until the chart is generated. So in the future, this will probably happen more fast. But for now, you need to wait like two or three seconds. And this is what you are supposed to see after that. So this is the chart which you have generated. So obviously here is the wheel where you see the ascendant and the cusps of the houses. Those number here show you the degree of each house. So for example, in this case second house will be 28 degrees, 57 minutes in Sagittarius. And you can also find this information here at the upper right corner. So first house is 27 degrees, 51 minutes in Scorpio. And then you go just through the others second house as we said, 28 degrees 57 minutes Sach. So very simple, I hope and very clear, and this is important to know the exact size and positions of your houses. Then in the left side of this corner, you can find the planets and their assigned position with the exact degree. Here on the wheel, you will also find that but they are rounded because it's kind of easier to interpret. You don't need all the small details here, but in this upper corner you will find even the small details like the minute positions. So for example, for that particular chart, the sun is 10 degrees 24 minutes in Capricorn, which is the 11th degree. So then you can go to the other planets, the moon, Mercury, Venus all the way through Pluto. Then we have the notes, the south and the north node and the black moon Lilith. So all of that is very clear and also very important. Then we go under the chart or under the wheel. And here we have two tables. The left one will show you all the aspects between the planets. So for example, in this chart, we can see there is a conjunction between the sun and mercury. Or also there is a sextile, between the moon, and Venus. And of course, all of that you can also find by observing or analyzing the line connections between the planets, but it's also helpful when you can see them separated in this way. And there are charts which sometimes like this one, you know, there are like many planets close to each other. So it might get more difficult to see each individual aspects here on the wheel. And that's why this table is always very helpful. So you just have to check the planets here, for example, it's a Mercury then you go down. And then you go on the other side to see which is the planet. So for example, conjunction between mercury and Neptune as well. So this is important and it's also much easier when you can see it in this way. And the other table is in the what's that the right bottom corner, which is something I'm very proud of, because you cannot find it pretty much anywhere on the free calculators and it's showing you the aspects between the planets and cusps of the houses which also played a major role. For example, for this chart we can see Venus is in conjunction with the ascendant and with conjunctions in Much easier because you can see it. Okay, so Pluto is close to the cusp of 12th. And Venus is close to the cusp first, so conjunctions are easier. But there are other aspects which you cannot recognize immediately. For example, in this chart, Saturn is squaring, fourth and 10th house. That's important and that can affect the area of fourth house and 10th house at the same time. And there are also many other aspects, which reminds me also that you can go to my website, I will put the link below the video as well for the post for this video. And there, you will find a table with all the aspects which I'm using. So basically, if you don't know what each of those symbols mean, you will find it there. It's very simple. It's very easy and You can use it anytime that you need to go back and you know check the aspects of certain chart and you will find that there are some aspects which are traditional which if you have some experience with astrology then probably you are familiar with them like conjunction, trying square sextile opposition, those are called the major aspects and I think that every astrologer uses them. But there are also other aspects which are kind of more specific, more advanced and also they go deeper. Some of them are minor aspects and others are karmic and also creative aspects. So, this is also something I'm very proud of because you cannot find this very often, especially with free calculators. And I have tried to make this logical and easier for you That's why the aspects in red color like for example, here we can see the moon has two red color aspects those are the positive ones and they are both major and minor. So, if you see somewhere a red color aspect, this is a supportive one, like the 6000 the trying the semi sextile those which are in blue color are the challenging aspects the square the opposition semi Square Square and the half, those are challenging or more provoking aspect. Then we have also aspect in black color like conjunction which is neutral because actually it depends on the nature of the aspect of the planets which are involved. Sometimes it could be positive and in other cases it could be challenging Also this is the interesting part, we have green and also purple color aspects. So, the green color aspects like this, which would be quintile and the half or here we have quintile, so they are all from the group of the quintiles. But how many are they? Well, maybe four or five, you will find that in the table. So, they are showing you more specific things. They are showing you some opportunities for change, they are showing a different type of energy that can allow you to make certain choices. So the green color aspects are the creative aspects. And finally, the purple aspects are the ones which we call karmic aspects. They're also quite specific. They don't affect you like all the time, and they tend to have the impact also closer to To the challenging aspects. So they are very southern there, they have like a drastic impact, but for a shorter period of time, and that's just you know, the very, very basic information about those aspects. Of course, in the future, I will create more videos tutorials on how exactly you can interpret individual aspects. But I just wanted to give you a very brief walkthrough of this calculator which you can use pretty much on everything. So we have tested it with different devices, phones, tablets, and, of course different browsers so you can use it pretty much any way. And also, the last thing in this chart, which you can see right now is the table with the elements. So you can look at them in different ways. Columns but also the different rows. So the first column here where you can see that word, the letter F, is showing you the fire element. The second one is showing you the earth element, then air and finally water. So by counting the numbers and summing them up, you will find how many planets do you have in any particular element. So for example, in this chart, we can see four planets in what are signs four in earth and two in fire, no air, then if you check the rows, you will see different modalities. The first one is the cardinal. The second one is the fixed modality and finally the mutable modality. And this is always very important and very helpful. And frankly, I always start my work chart analysis from here Which also reminds me to share with you that I have a free webinar on how you can make a psychological profile with astrology. So basically you will understand how to interpret this table with the different elements. It's very fast and also very, very deep. So of course astrology can bring us much more information and there are many specifics that we can explore. But starting here is always a good idea. So definitely check this webinar through the links below in the description. So that's what I have for you right now go calculate your chart. See what kind of aspects do you have? Are there some surprises maybe you didn't know about those great different karmic aspects. And keep in mind that in the future, we are going to add even more information To this and we might change a little bit how it looks, but you will have at least this information. So we are going to only build up on that, like, provide other features and more interesting stuff. But this is always gonna be here for you this information. And I'm very excited to hear about your opinion about your experience and how are you using this chart? Do you have some questions? Do you want me to create specific videos on particular topics, I would love to do that. And of course, if you want to go really deep with me, then you can sign up for the waitlist for more stars astrology Academy, which is the most advanced training I offer. Because the doors open only once a year you really want to sign up so you don't miss when the enrollment opens. So, go now and use the calculator. You can check the links below or use directly my website, Mars stars dotnet. It's also there. Thank you so much and I'll see you soon

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