How to read a birth chart and make predictions with Astrology #7

In this example we analyze the birth chart of a volunteer who has been trough a life threatening accident.

You will see which transits, progressions, solar arc directions and solar return aspects has triggered such event.

You will learn the difference between chronical diseases and life-threatening traumas and accidents. 


If you want to apply for a volunteer please send an email to:


Hello dear friends, I'm Marina from our stars dotnet and you're watching the next episode of How to Read the birth chart and make predictions with astrology. Those videos are series when where I teach you how to analyze for charts and I show you interesting examples with concrete indications which you can then apply when you analyze your own chart or other horoscopes. Today's topic is very interesting. Of course, I want to thank our volunteer who I will call Laura. She provided her information and her case is extremely interesting. So let me share quickly what she has sent me. My whole life changed in a split during a date. At some time in the afternoon, I was knocked unconscious by a 300 Than 12 pound display bill that crushed me onto the floor. I suffered traumatic brain injury, spinal injuries, dislocated my jaw and left me with permanent vestibular and visual consequences but I'm alive and we are happy for Lara that she is. She is recovering, because happens a long time ago during 2006 By the way, and after that time, she suffers from Let me see what was that lack of attention and he or she couldn't focus very well. So, very interesting case. And we are going to analyze Lars chart and I will show you how you can find indications for possible accidents or for possible health injuries or health issues and how you can find them. diff how you can make the difference actually between chronical diseases and life threatening situations because obviously in this case in Lara's case, we are talking about life threatening situation to have something so happy fall on you and you know have so many injuries obviously, if has been really dangerous, and we can even say she is lucky she has survived. So, how to make the difference. And here I would like also to mention that the point of this video is not to scare you, not to you know, make your fraid of the transits but instead to show how you can prevent certain things. Unfortunately, we are not able to prevent every possible challenge or accident but in some cases we can. So I will show you Lara's horoscope and basically we are going to see in practice how to All of that works. So I'm sharing my screen now hopefully, you can see it. First of course, we are going to start with the birth chart. And then we have the exam date of this unfortunate event and we are going to analyze a couple of methods and see what has happened during this very moment. So this is Lara's horoscope. The first thing which makes impression in this chart, is the fact that Saturn is in a house not only in eighth house but also in conjunction with the cusp of the house. And it is also in the objects of a town square. It has a square with Neptune and it squares the sun and the moon. And on the other hand, the sun and the moon have have an opposition with Neptune so this triangle configuration is called the town square. And we have the sun and the moon included here which are the most important planet. On top of that the moon rules for Ascendant which is in cancer. So, obviously this is a very important astrological configuration. And eight house is the mean house which can bring you similar events to what has happened tomorrow. These are not only serious health issues or you know, some kind of illnesses which come and go, these are usually stressful, shocking situations which can also track on your life. So, in my opinion, this town square is the main reason for this event to occur. And here of course, we can discuss also Do you need to have something triggering your eighth house in order to have those events in the birth chart? First of all, if something important like that happens in your life, something which changes your life or years ahead, you should be able to find some indications in the birth chart. If you don't have any challenging indications related to your eighth house or the ruler of a house, sixth house is also important for help the ascendant and the ruler of the ascendant also is important. So if you can't find any of those events, this is an indication that there is a very low chance that this person will go through something so traumatic. So unfortunately, in Lara's case, we find that this is definitely an option. Because Saturn, first of all is related to all kinds of bones in our body, it's related also to our spine. The sun is also in some way related to the spine By the way, but this combination the Saturn in the eighth house, squaring the sun usually can bring higher chances for having some issues with your back or with the spine. And, in my opinion, this is one of the main reasons another challenging indication. Jupiter is the ruler of course sixth house and Jupiter has an opposition with Pluto. By the way, those two planets are part of another town square together with Venus. So our house to town squares. One of them affects the ruler of your sixth house, which is one of the main health houses Other one affects a house the houses cost critical situations, which is also called or which can also be related to near death experiences. So this is also, this is also a challenging position. And on top of that we said the sun and the ruler of the ascendant are part of this combination. another indication also is that the South node is in eighth house. The Lunar nodes are really important whenever the lunar nodes are in your health houses a second and sixth and 12th this is an indication that health is an important topic, important key in your life. And the more conscious you are, the more you can avoid those things. I mean, to be conscious, I mean as to take care of your health or to pay attention Or to be wiser you know about your habits and everything. That's what I need to be conscious. So don't underestimate the importance of your health. And this South node in eighth house usually brings this subconscious tendency or maybe even attraction towards critical situations. So, these are the main issues in this chart which I relate to what has happened to Lara. Her Moon is also in a very interesting position. Basically, this is the last day before the new moon. And this is almost a bosonic Moon which is really close to the sun, not exactly but close. And usually this can also bring more specific situations about the health not always, not always But it is something to pay attention to. Okay, so now let's try to see what has happened during this period when this unfortunate event has happened. So, before that just let me clarify that when you have something so strong triggering eighth house, these are the cases when we talk about those Southern more shocking, more critical and traumatic events. When we have challenging indications, which are more related to sixth house, usually we talk about more chronical diseases, which are not so you know, sudden or unexpected. Sometimes they can be serious, it doesn't mean that we should, you know, forget about them or not pay attention, but the type of the event is more Difficult of more different when we have sixth house and generally the eighth house events are more challenging overall speaking. So let's look what has happened starting with the transits during this very moment. So 2006 has been this event this is the chart for the very day the exact date when this has happened. The inner circle shows again or word chart, the outer circle here shows the transits. And these are the aspects This table shows the aspect between the transiting planets and her Natal planets. So, in the transits, we have one really important indication. The transit Saturn squares are here is the transit Saturn in her first house first house also affects your body your appearance, your you know the physical body literally. And Saturn the transits happening first house squares the moon. And here it's important that the moon is the ruler of the ascendant. That's me, it makes the transit actually more significant than showing that there might be something challenging happening with the physical body. But here before we make some conclusions, we need to pay attention. In the birth chart we have the same aspect. So let me show you again. In the birth chart, Saturn also squares together with the sun and also Neptune. This is a general rule whenever you have certain transit and you have a The same aspect between those two planets in the birth chart, it will always be a much more important transit for you. Like in Laura's case, in the natal chart she has square between Saturn and the moon. And when the transit Saturn squares for moon again, it's activates the Natal position. And actually it squares not only the moon, but it activates the whole town square. You need to remember this, this is a very important role. When certain transits make some aspect with the Natal planets in your chart. This transit activates all of the aspects of this Natal planet. So if the planet is in a strong harmonious position, it means that the transits can the transit can provoke you to work to achieve to receive so usually It's more, it's easier, it's more positive. But if the planet in your birth chart is really afflicted by challenging planets has a difficult aspect like in Laura's case, this aspect actually activates triggers the Natal configuration. And because in the birth chart the moon and the sun are in conjunction, when the transit Saturn squares the moon on directly it also squares the sun This is another general rule. So basically, during this period, the transit Saturn has activated this difficult townsquare which we said is the main challenge in this chart, which can show such events such dramatic and dangerous it's literally a dangerous event. So what can we say here? First of all, Saturn makes such aspects once every seven years. So, every seven years, Lara should be more careful because during this period 2006 Saturn is in Leo so it squares the sun in the moon. It makes opposition with the Natal Saturn it squares the Natal Neptune. Seven years after that, Saturn will activate this town square again. Saturn will be in conjunction with Neptune making opposition with the sun and the moon squaring the Natal Saturn. Seven years after that Saturn will be in conjunction with its Natal position and it this will continue on and on. If you have something challenging, which includes Saturn, I mean the challenging gospel between Saturn and the needle, find in your chart. Once Seven years this aspect is activated when the transit Saturn triggers the needle aspect. So it's very important. And the transit Saturn is part of this Natal configuration. That's why this triggering is even more important more significant. So, in the transits, this is the most dramatic aspect. Another aspect which may also play a role here in this situation is that the transit Pluto is in her sixth house and makes a semi square with Neptune and Saturn square with Saturn. We can see it here. So here is the transit Pluto. This is a semi square or 45 degree aspect with the Natal Saturn and the same aspect with the Natal Neptune which in the Word charter remember have a square between each other, this aspect may also bring some kind of political events and here we have a connection between sixth and eighth house, two of the main houses related to health, illness prices and so on. So, this is another indication but in my opinion yes, these are the transits there are no others stressful transits as you can see, Uranus has a positive aspect with the sun no challenging aspects Neptune doesn't make any aspect at all. Pluto makes those two minor challenging aspects with Saturn and Neptune. So, Saturn and Pluto they are the main indications in the transits which show such events now, if you want to go more into details for example, it's interesting that the transport has also been in for eight House. Of course this is not enough because each month at some point the moon is in our eighth house so it doesn't mean that we should be afraid of that. But when there are enough other indications we can also unlock something interesting enough Mars doesn't make any challenging aspects but this event is not so much connected to Mars. As we can see she has bone she has bone injuries, the jaw of the spine. These are things which are related mostly to Saturn dislocations or things which makes it difficult for you to move your body or you know, these are more Saturn injuries. So, here this is the example which we see in the transits interesting is also that it's a little bit before her birthday. Some people also Consider this as, as a challenging period. They say that 40 days before your birthday, you're in a critical zone. I can neither confirm nor deny this honestly. Sometimes, yes, it might be challenging, but not always. So maybe you can you know, make your own observations or share your experience in the comments and let us know do you think that 40 days before your birthday, you're in a crisis, it would be actually interesting to make such a such an analysis. So let's look at her solar arc directions, another method very quickly, and then the progressions. So this is a method which is very specific. You don't need to Use it on our own if you don't want to, I'm always using it. Basically, it analyzes that each product and because purple house moves with one degree for each year of your life, to put it really simply, I'm using the software to calculate this. So what's interesting here is that at this very moment, her solar art directed Uranus has made opposition with Mars. This aspect may also induce accidents. This is a major and I would say traumatic aspect. Also very critical. Another thing which I see also, the sun and Saturn, this aspect is called square and a half or 135 Every aspect also can be related to some kind of health issues in this case, and the transit center has a non along with the moon as we remember the moon rules for Ascendant The nonagon is one of those karmic aspects which can bring sudden really stressful events really unexpected. So, I will say this is the most dramatic aspect here Uranus opposition Mars, also sun and Saturn and Saturn and the moon. Also Pluto has semi square and sorry square and a half with Jupiter which is the ruler of six house so this can also be considered as something difficult. Definitely. Okay, so I want to analyze aspects between the planets in the cusps of the houses because This chart is not rectified. And there might be some small differences if we rectify the chart but the aspects between the planets will remain the same. That's why I am showing them to you. Okay, and the next thing which I want us to analyze are the progressions for this very date. So her progress has a square with Pluto you can see it here as well progressed moon square with Pluto. As we remember, the moon rules are Ascendant. This aspect may also trigger something critical, something dangerous some in some cases life traveling or transforming because as she shares this has transformed her life after that, I guess there has been a long period covery and she shares she still has challenges before concentration and you know there are consequences of this event. So, of course, not everyone who has this aspect will go through something so difficult and challenging, but when you have so many indications in the different methods, chances are higher or something like that to happen. So, the moon, the progressing progressing squares Pluto another aspect also Saturn and the sun. Here we have the same aspect like in the solar arc directions. So, when Saturn are connected with a square and a half 135 degree aspect, also challenging position. Let's look at all the overlays. Yeah and also the moon has another karmic aspect with Uranus This is called the center Gong or a 100 degree aspect This is one of the more specific and fast aspects which is literally a karmic aspect, this is the group of aspects which are called karmic and by the way this aspect has been absolutely exactly this very day because look at the orbits the orbs here is eight seconds. Now degrees not minutes from the decreased seconds from the decrease. So, literally this Verity that aspect has been exact, which can bring something stressful, something shocking something dangerous in some cases. Okay, and also Another interesting fact the progress Mars has been in conjunction with for some Look at here the overlay so the inner circle shows the board's monetary coordinates. And here is the progress Mars, which has also triggered something traumatic something which hurts the body. Now, keep in mind that Mars can trigger more important events. For example, if you have other stressful aspects, Mars can unlock them or Mars can boost them in some way, especially in the transits, but also hearing the progression. So this is also an important progression. So, obviously, and also, we can see here, the progress South note is an exact conjunction with the cusp of a tops also important Also triggers something critical, something possibly dangerous, actually something transformative for the person. And the last method that we can analyze here shows the solar return charts, we're not sure. Where exactly do you see here, I don't want my vision to make it difficult for you to see. Let me see if I can stop the video. Okay, so now I hope that you are able to see the two charts without Yeah, my vision without my face. So here is the solar return chart or this event for the year when the event has happened. And this is the chart Wait the overlays come number one number one indication is that the ascendant is in Scorpio. Not always, of course, not everyone will suffer from something so dangerous, but this is one indication that the urine can be critical for the person or extremely transformative or sometimes extremely intense. And obviously this event has been extremely intense for her. Another thing that the sun is in sixth house Yes, it's in conjunction with the cusp of seventh house so it affects the two houses at the same time, but it's still in her sixth house. And let's see the sun. Let's see here the aspects This is only the solar return chart Uranus squares second and eighth house in the solar return chart which can also bring some kind of critical or dangerous situations sometimes which include the body. Uranus is also in conjunction with Saturn, the planet which was for Ascendant Mars as well. So basically Mars and Uranus are both in conjunction with our moon, which in the birth chart was for Ascendant so this can also be a stressful combination, as we can see. Another thing also really, really significant is that the north node is in exact conjunction with the cusp of sixth house and the South node in conjunction with the cusp of 12th house. The North and South node are very, very important in the solar return chart and they also show you really important flights areas. And let's look again, the two charts. So the chart with the overlays the ascendant falls in conjunction with Neptune. This also activates the Natal town square that we already discussed, also may indicate some kind of lack of attention. I'm not sure what has been the exact reason for this accident. Is it lack of attention? Is it her mistake? Is it really an accident or someone else's fault? but my guess is that it's possible that it might be more like a lack of attention from foresight, not 100%, but it's possible. And look another thing the transit topper is in conjunction with our Ascendant this may also bring Some kind of well, events which affect you and your physical body also may indicate that So yeah, I think that these are the main triggers here. Let's look at the chart for the next one year. This is the chart for the year after the accident. Yeah, again the notes are in eighth and second house. Mars and the moon are in sixth house. Okay, the moon has an aspect with mercury, the moon in conjunction with the ascendant, okay, so it's not so stressful actually. The year before. That is more stressful okay. So, let me put the video back on. So, we can connect with each other. So, this has been this has been the basically the most important astrological triggers again to summarize everything. First of all we found an indication or actually a couple of indications in the birth chart which shows that there are there might be dangerous situations which affect the health of this person. After that, we found that in the transits the meantime which is problematic here, which was after has activated the same configuration as if you remember the transit Saturn square for me, which activated the whole task where at the same time you The progressions we found about the progress moon square Pluto which can be critical situations dramatic events, transformation of events and also there were aspects between the the progress Mars and the Neato sound between the sun and Saturn. Also in the solar arc directions we found indication Mars opposition Uranus challenging aspect between Saturn and the sun Saturn and the moon. And in the solar return chart, we also find some difficulties not so stressful actually as in the other methods, but when you put all of those things together, it becomes a lot. So that means doctor shares your okay. So, what we should do about those indications actually, as I said the meaning Here is not to be afraid, unfortunately, or maybe Fortunately, I don't know, there are things which don't depend on us. There are fated events, karmic events, which we should go through. And even though at that point when we go to them, they look so devastating and challenging. After some time, we may find something positive in those events. And we may find that there has been a lesson that it has transformed us, changed us, made us more compassionate or whatever. So, don't, don't leave in fear. At the same time, be wise. And if you see that you have such challenging events or challenging chances or progressions in your chart, then be careful what exactly you're doing. For example, let's see that Uranus squares your Mars then don't go skiing or Something which you know brings a higher chance for hurting your body visually, or let's say Uranus triggers your eighth house, it makes conjunction with your moon in eighth house, well try not to fly with planes or to do something which can potentially, you know, increase the chances for hurting your body. Or, in her case, in Laura's case, like, she knows that, you know, Saturn makes those challenging aspects and she knows that every seven years, those aspects are activated, then. during those periods, it's highly recommended that she makes some conscious decisions and actions to let go of something or to put herself consciously in a more challenging situation. For example, She starts a new health regime at that point or stops eating something that you truly love. Starts some kind of exercise, trainings or whatever. So, there are ways that we can support ourselves. Again, I cannot promise you that you will be able to escape all of life's challenges and difficult this, but you may transform some of those events, and you can minimize the potential challenges very often. So observe. And if we want to find indications for traumatic events, or you know things which can hurt our body. The main things that we should search for are the sun and the moon in our chart and what's happening with them. The ruler of the ascendant, the ruler of sixth house, and sometimes also ruler of eighth house, or if you have planets in sixth and eighth house, also what's happening If we don't want So, when you have something challenging related to, let's say the ruler of your Astana, potentially This is a period when you need to be more cautious. For example, Uranus square, a lot of your Ascendant or Pluto makes opposition with the ruler of your Ascendant those can be periods when you need to be more cautious, and the same rules apply integrations even in other methods like solar or directional solar return charts. So 1006 house are are always connected when something as bad as this happens. So I hope that this has been useful to you. Thanks to Laura again for sharing her experience and allowing us to analyze current chart If you would like to participate if you would like to be a volunteer, you can submit your details. I will put my email below this video or you can send it to support at Mars stars dotnet. Unfortunately, as you understand, I'm not able to analyze or to make a video for each chart, I'm trying to show you more interesting cases. If you're interested, you can always get your own personal reading, of course. So that's it for today. Thank you very much for watching the video and I'll see you soon.

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