Learning Astrology | Benefits and Principles

In this free class you will understand:

- how you can benefit by learning astrology

- which qualities do you need to develope in order to be a good astrologer

- why it's important to understand and work on yourself
- the mistakes in astrology

- the importance of spiritual levels

- the hero's journey

- which is the greatest art is astrology

- astrolgy and religion

- details about MarStars Astrology Academy


Hello dear friends, I'm Marina and this is a free class, which will show you which are the most important things for people who would like to learn astrology. We are going to discuss the benefits of astrology and how it can help you in your life to handle with your situation to understand things better, we are also going to talk about which are the needed qualities that will make you a good astrologer. So, what you should focus on and what you should really, you know, allow it to flourish within you. Also, we are going to talk about how we relate to mistakes, is it something we can accept in astrology So, generally, how are things in that area? Also how by learning and understanding yourself better you may actually become a better astrologer also we are going to talk about evolutionary levels and why they are important for the astrologer also, we are going to talk about telling the truth and the importance of that if you are consulting others and also we are going to talk about the hero's journey very interesting concept which is especially true for astrology. I will explain more about it. And yeah, probably some other things are gonna pop up in my mind which I would like to share with you. So this is a free class for everyone who is interested in learning astrology on their own or who would like to attend some kind of training or even for people who would like to become a professional astrologers. Also, this was supposed to be a live webinar. Actually, it was a live webinar due to some technical issues. I wasn't able to record it anyways, I'm doing this again for you. Even if you have watched the previous version, probably I will say things in a different way today so it can be beneficial to listen to this again. And the other interesting news for today is that Mars stars astrology Academy has opened doors for enrollment. If you would like to learn astrology in depth from beginners to professional level, you're welcome to join us The link is below the video. At the end of this free class, I will share more information about Mars stars astrology Academy, so stay tuned. Now let's begin with the benefits which are the personal benefits for the astrology student. Or actually, you know what, let's begin first of all with what's the What does astrology analyzes, I think it's kind of a, you know, a needed step to explore astrology, explores or describes or analyzes our position here on earth and our connection with the universe, your personal birth chart or also we call it your horoscope or natal chart, it's all the same. It's a chart which is or it's a map actually, of how the planets from the solar system have been positioned, at the very moment of your birth, date, time and place of birth. And this map or this birth chart, is like a contract like a cosmic contract which your soul have signed up for when you know it is decided to incarnate here. So, my personal perspective is that we our souls actually agree we know what we are going to experience here, when we come to the earth, we are not victims, we are not you know, controlled only by you know, outer powers we are part of this decision making process. So, the personal astrology analyzes this the map of the stars, the planets when you were born. And from that map we can understand your personal characteristics qualities strengths, weaknesses, birth order Live scenarios what you need to work on what's your mission, which might be the difficult sides of life for you and so much more. So that's the word astrology. Of course we also have predictive astrology which we use for obviously making predictions. And we have mundane astrology which analyzes you know, social processes, you know, or even the economy and so on. We have karmic astrology, Harare, astrology, medical astrology, what else do we have synastry astrology Of course partnerships and some other you know areas. But the first the starting point is that the Natal the personal astrology allows us to see our personal map our personal cosmic contract and what does it give you? So basically after you Explore your chart after you learn more about astrology. First of all, it's a deeper understanding of who you truly are. Now, another thing which is extremely important, your birth chart or this map that we are talking about, this is the potential. So, this is not something which you know, all of that is happening at the same time from the very moment of your birth. You know, this is the chart is like a map really where you are moving forward to but this is kind of, you know, the corridors, the map of the corridors which you are allowed to cross, but this is very important, this is the potential. So, it doesn't mean that for example, if you are at your 20s, or even your 30s all of that is already present in your life. There are some things which are you know, just The potential for you, for example, let's say you have a potential for being a creative person on artists, it doesn't mean that you know, this is happening from the very moment of your life and your 20s, boom, you're famous, and you are the best artists in the world. Usually, it's not how things work. The potential means that you need to work on that you need to grow, you need to develop skills, you know, to move in this direction. And eventually, at some point, you might reveal those qualities. So this is very important because some people might get confused because they start exploring their chart, they see some things which they don't really relate to, or they feel well, I don't see myself, you know, like this at this point of my life. Well, maybe now you don't see yourself like this, but this is the potential. Let me give An example. Um, okay, I can give an example with my chart. In my chart, I have a stellium in Capricorn, including my son there. So the Capricorn energy should be very strong in me. And Capricorn is about, you know, focusing on career focusing on you know, organizing things, creating some kind of structure, being hard working, being patient and some other things as well. And, you know what, when I was a teenager, or even in my early 20s, I did not see any of those qualities. I wasn't so focused on career. I definitely wasn't patient enough. I didn't have this, you know, desire to work consistently on something. Probably it's because my Ascendant is you The opposite side cancer I have five planets in water signs the Pisces Neptune energy is extremely strong. So these are kind of opposites you know qualities of the Capricorn energy so I didn't really see this energy within me. But the more years passed you know, of course, we can connect to some kind of transit transits as well like Saturn transits Pluto and so on. But anyway, at certain point, I really felt I started feeling this Capricorn energy, the desire, you know, to work on something to create something, you know, as a structure to be honestly like a workaholic, I would say. So, what's the point here The point is that some of the things in your chart are potential, you know, potential for you which might be revealed later in life. There are some techniques of course, which We can use to get an idea of when this might happen in your life. But we can really see here the great benefit, which is, you know, seeing your deepest, truest core potential, the essence of who you are who you are supposed to be. And one of the most difficult things for people, things which push them to depression to frustration and so many negative emotions is to cheat on who they truly are. Recently, I read a book where they call this like, an opposite type or something like that. When for example, in my case, let's see, let's say you know, I have lots of water, energy, some Earth some fire but no air, energy and You know, water, it's about emotions, it's about feeling. So it's always a priority for me how I'm feeling everything is you know, process through that. And if I neglect this, you know, my feelings, my emotions, I, for example, because of the environment or family or other reasons, I have to neglect my emotions, let's say and become extremely rational and logical and you know, mind oriented, which is the air side, which I don't have any of this. This can make me extremely frustrated with life, extremely depressed even. And in your case, it might be the opposite, you know, but that's very important, you know, to get a real understanding of who you are. Because one of the main reasons if you're unhappy with your life, if you're frustrated, or even depressed, This reason might be that you are not true to who you really are, you know, you have neglected part of you. And of course, there's lots of psychology here. astrology includes psychology, lots of it. Because we understand how the human mind works. We explore the soul, the needs of the soul, so many other things as well. But you really need to appreciate who you truly are. And sometimes the issue is that we have inner contradictions. It's very common, you know, one side you want to be very emotional, it's all about feelings and adventures and so on. And there is another part which you know, is all about stability and security. And at some point, you know, you choose one of those polarities, and the other side is kind of in the dark forgotten and you know, you feel like something is missing in your life, and you don't know what that is. So astrology can help you to see all of the different sides, the different needs of your soul of your spirit of your mind and everything. So this is one of the greatest benefits seeing you who you truly are. Understanding also why you're acting in certain way why you're behaving or feeling in certain way. And of course, here you have the opportunity to transform that, again, personal example. I have a very close conjunction between the Moon and Mars, the moon rules the ascendant on top of that they're really high on MC so it's a very powerful and important conjunction in my chart, which is very disharmonious by the way. And for long years, you know, I have always been kind of, you know, ready to respond to people who might be kind of, you know, offending me, or in a way, you know, confronting me. And always I was always expecting you know, very kind of always suspicious expecting that someone may try to hurt me potentially, or my be aggressive. And after I learned astrology, after I explored my chart, I understood this conjunction, I realized that it all starts with me. You know, everything starts with us, by the way from within us. And this is my own perspective. I'm expecting this to happen, but it doesn't necessarily need to be this way. So when you get a deeper understanding of Certain aspects positions in your chart, you might transform them, you might understand that, well, people are not really violent. People are not that aggressive, you know, and they might be very warm, there might be they might be kind. So, we have the astrology gives us the opportunity to say things from a different perspective to see ourselves from a different perspective. And honestly, I can think of another science or knowledge which allows you to do that. Of course, psychology teaches you on many universal things about human nature and everything. But astrology is even more personalized. So it shows you who you are, and it shows you most importantly, things which you may not recognize consciously within yourself. And you might be projecting them on the outer world. Because you know, we need to be complete, we need to experience everything in the chart. So this is a very long topic, obviously. And we are going to work with all of that during our stars astrology Academy, but I'm just trying to show you the benefits and you know how helpful astrology can be for you. So, I think I made my point, deeper personal understanding, which eventually leads to self acceptance and even self love, which is very difficult for many people to learn to love themselves as who they are right now, you know, not just, you know, the vision, the ideal, the perfect picture of you know, just who you really are right now. So compassion also, you know, compassion towards you. yourself first of all, but also eventually towards other people. And one of the greatest gifts of astrology is that it helps you to understand also other people. And trust me, it can be extremely helpful for everyone I would say, you might want to become an astrologer, consulting other people, but you may also want to become a better businessman, business leader, you know, to lead people better. And even in that astrology can help you because if you can, you know, understand a little bit about the human nature of the individual. You might really serve the needs, help them to get what they need, and you're just going to be a better leader. Of course personal relationships can be improved romantic relationships with Relationships between children and parents, which in my experience tend to be the most difficult because it's not so easy to cut this connection. You know, if you're married and it doesn't work well, eventually you always have the opportunity to get divorced or separated. It's not so easy to abandon your children and those are relationships that we need really need to work on. And very often our children are the greatest teachers for us. So astrology can help you with that a lot to understand the needs of your child to understand the patterns of the relationships, you know the dynamic in your relationship to eventually improve it. All of that is something that you can benefit through learning astrology. Another benefit is also the greater under Standing of how the universe works, and also the optimism. The planet which is related to astrology, of course is Uranus and Uranus brings optimism it opens up the mind for different perspectives, different ideas, things which are not necessarily part of this, you know, material reality, it's coming from somewhere else. And it allows you to really overcome the sadness, the depression, the frustration, and you know, they say that there are no depressed astrologers if you're an astrologer, you are blessed because Uranus helps you to be more optimistic and kind of, you know, excited to explore to learn. Okay, so let's talk about now. Which are the main qualities that you need in order to become a good astrologer? First of all, it's the desire to learn. And not only desire, but I would call it passion, hunger, for knowledge, for understanding for wisdom. And this is something that should never stop. Even me, you know who I'm already professional astrologer for years. This is my main and only career actually. And I have lots of experience but I'm still learning I'm still trying to improve my skills you know, to find someone who might know more than me, and ask him to teach me so it should never ever stop. You know, the desire to learn and to become better and better. This will always help you. Another quality that you really need is patience. Because astrology is a very deep knowledge. And honestly, this is not something that you can learn overnight. You need to prepare that it's a process. It's different for different people. You know, I, I cannot say that, oh, you need this amount of time. And that's true for everyone. It might be different for different people, of course, but it always takes time and patience and efforts. Don't forget it. Also, another thing that you really need, especially if you want to consult people, it's the desire to help others to love other people to be willing to help them in my personal work when I'm consulting people, I'm always first of all trying to prime myself it could be for 30 seconds, one minute before the consultation or even before the webinars or videos which I record. And I'm just sending a short prayer to God to help me or to use me to help other people. So the desire to help others can lead you and support you to become better if you want to consult others of course, and without that, I don't believe that you can be a really good astrologer. So don't forget about it. Also, I want to talk about the path of the astrologer or how we get into astrology actually astrology is also called one of the occult sciences. The occult means that it's secret. It's not something which is accessible to everyone. And you may say, Well, no, that's not true. Everyone knows about the signs about, you know what magazines, say newspapers and so on. And you're right, of course, but that's the very superficial level. And that's actually the irony here that it looks like it's accessible to everyone. Everyone knows their sun sign, you know, everyone can read about it. But the secret here is that beyond that, or underneath that there is so much more depth. And if you have already learned a little bit about astrology, or maybe more, you know what I mean? The more you dive into astrology, the more you realize that it's an incredibly huge amount of knowledge. But that's the interesting part. It's secret, you know, on the superficial level, oh, you're an Aries, you should be very courageous and impatient or, oh, you're a Capricorn, then you are conservative, and you know, very strict or distant. Okay, that might be true, but we know that. Beyond that we have so many things to explore the ascendant. The balance of the elements, so many aspects, 10 planets, which are in certain science positions, they've kept aspects between each other. So honestly, it's like, maybe 1% of it is the sun sign that you have. But underneath that, there's so much more to explore. So depth The depth of astrology, but this is not accessible. Not everyone is allowed there, or at least it happens at certain points. And how do we get there? So how are we allowed to go in depth? It's usually after some kind of life crisis, you know, in my experience in order to be allowed there or even to have the desire to go there, and to put all the efforts to understand this, you need to you need to have some questions, you know, and the answers might be, you know, what astrology can give you. So, usually how this works is that people go through some kind of life crisis and in the middle or after the crisis when they We are searching for the answers or solutions for a deeper understanding. Eventually, that's how they find the astrology. So if you are in the middle of this, or any kind of life crisis, serious challenge or difficulty, one of the greatest things that you can do is to learn astrology, to understand things, and don't be afraid of it. Don't be afraid of the crisis because they allow you to transform things in your life. And there is an expression which is like, you know, the dark night of the soul. I'm not sure where is this coming from, but it's very common and very important for us to understand it, that this period this phase, the dark night of the soul, this is the time of incredible personal transformation. It might be very tough. And difficult. But after that comes to sunrise, the new day, the new phase of our life. And if you are in the middle of this period, the dark night. So astrology can be like, you know the leading light to get you out of there and to bring you this deeper understanding. But if you're we are able to appreciate this moment and to, you know, to understand how you can really benefit that you have, can have a deeper understanding. It's just, you know, an incredible period of spiritual growth for you. And here Actually, I can share more about the hero's journey, a very interesting concept. There is an incredible book about it. by Joseph Campbell I believe in English The title is the hero's journey actually. Or it might have been the hero with 1000 faces, I'm not really sure you will find it. If you're interested in that very deep book, which explores the path, you know, which we all go through when we are doing something new or exploring or developing insert an area. So what's the main idea here? When you start exploring something, learning something, you start to see, you know, you need a little First of all, you need a little knowledge and you do a little practice a little tools, but it kind of works easier for you. And you see, you know how those things work. So for example, you're starting to learn astrology, maybe on your own YouTube videos, articles, maybe some books And you're impressed how it all works. Oh, yes. You know, you see someone's Natal moon in Aries. And you see, well probably, you're quite impatient. You're always ready to respond. You're quite active person, and so on. So you describe the moon in Aries characteristics. And the person says, oh, wow, yeah, that's exactly who I am. That's great. How did you know that? And you're happy with yourself and with astrology and how it all works amazingly. But after that, the more you practice and learn and you dive deeper, at certain point, it stopped making so much sense or you stumble on a wall or on a rock and you're kind of confused. Well, it all it all makes sense. But now you see another person with the morning areas, you share the same things. And now they say, Well, not really. I'm not sure I can really connect to it. And you're questioning yourself, Well, how is that possible? It worked the previous time. Why it doesn't work right now. The reason is because there are other things which sometimes may change this interpretation. For example, this moon in Aries for that second person might be intercepted in his 12th house, you know, for example, and it's kind of a potential which is deep under need or more on a subconscious level, but you don't know these tools yet of how to interpret those indications. So what is happening is that you now need stronger tools. more practice more, no deeper understanding. So you were at the crisis point and there are a couple of those during this hero's journey. So what you need right now is something more in that, you know, something more kind of professional sometimes. And the idea of Mars stars astrology Academy is actually to support people in that particular phase. Of course, that's completely okay. If you're brand new. If you're just starting with astrology, we are going to cover what you need. But it's even more, you know, positive or beneficial for those people who have already learned a little bit or maybe even more, but they're kind of challenge you know, of how to combine or how to use everything they know. I have noticed that this is one of the major issue that people from this community have. They have some knowledge, they may even have some experience, but they struggle with how to use everything or how to synthesize or how to make final conclusions of all that they see in the chart. This is my friend, the point of the crisis, and that's normal. So don't get frustrated. It means that you are going deep or you are going far away on the path of becoming a real astrologer or having a real understanding of what astrology can bring you. So, that's the main idea of this academy, you know, to teach you how to handle with everything. You know how to combine all of it. And don't get frustrated if you're somewhere they are on the hero's journey. path. It's completely normal. If at certain point, you know, you read and read and read your practice and practice, and at some point you are wondering, Well, I'm not able to understand all of it, or I see a chart I'm not, I'm not sure it doesn't, you know, speak to me, I cannot really connect to it, I cannot interpret that. It's all part of the process. This is a normal face, which means that you're going deeper, and it's kind of a testing period for you. So you have to dive even deeper. You have to remain consistent. Keep practicing, keep learning, keep improving yourself, and eventually you're gonna pass through it. So you will again, have you know, an understanding but this time it will be deeper. So except You know, for just seeing the moon in Aries and the person sample, yeah, I resonate with that a lot. This time you will be able, you know, to see all of it or at least much more of him, you know, and he will connect to it as well. So, this is an incredible journey of learning astrology. Another interesting point here is, can you learn astrology on your own? Or do you need a teacher and the community? First of all, I think that you definitely need to put the effort on your own. So there is no teacher or practitioner or astrologer who can kind of you know, put the knowledge into your beautiful head and boom, you're already there. It's not going to happen. You need to put the efforts on your own. You need to practice a lot with yourself, which Friends with other people, but I truly believe that at least at certain point, you need the support of someone more experienced than you. You need a teacher or maybe a guru. And it may not be me for example, you may not like my style, you may not like what I'm teaching, that's okay. You know, find your own teacher your own school, but on your own, you're gonna you will be able to go to certain, you know, level to a certain level. But if you want to go really in depth, you need the school you need a teacher you need a guru or someone who will take you there. And also, it's great to have a community. Uranus, the planet of astrology also rules, communities, groups of people, social circles, of like minded people and selves. So it's always easier when you're doing this in a group when you're connecting to others. And this is also the beauty of Mars stars astrology Academy. Through the lectures, you will all be able actually to connect to share, we are going to use zoom the platform, which allows the student also to use the microphone and share something or ask a question. So this is something that I also think is very helpful sharing this experience with other people. Okay, so what do we have next on our agenda for today? Again, yes, how important it is to understand yourself and why you have to do it. I recommend students always to start exploring their own charts because if you don't know yourself, if you don't understand yourself, you are much more likely to pro protect your own issues on other people. And that's true not not only for astrologers, psychologists know that very well or even other practitioners who are supporting helping other people. It's just the fact you know, psychological model or something like that. If you don't understand yourself, if you have lots of things buried in the subconscious or in the shadow, you don't recognize them, you're much more likely to see them in other people. And when you interpret the chart, you're gonna interpret it from that perspective. Of course, more or less, you know, we're all human. So, there will always be a little part of it, you know, like your personal glance of the interpretation. Honestly, I don't think it's possible, you know, to erase it completely. But the more you understand and work on yourself, the more you will be able to be really objective. And to you know, to tell the person what he truly needs to hear, not what you think or what you need to hear. So it's very important, you know, to become a better astrologer, you need to work and understand yourself. Maybe even go through some kind of, you know, personal exploration, consult personal consultations with astrologers, or even psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, whatever works for you. But always work on yourself if you want to be really good with what you're doing. Also interesting example, which I gave. I have a friend of mine and she's an astrologer. So she has lots of score view problematic things in her chart. And she's always, you know, she's constantly afraid that her person or that or that something bad might happen with the people she loves. And she's constantly thinking about it. And she shares with me that, you know, every time I look at someone's chart, the first thing I think of is that how is this person gonna die? Is it possible that he might die this year? Is it possible someone he loves could die this year? I mean, when she's making predictions, so, you know, it's her personal lenses, you know that. She is always exploring that so you need to work on your own issues because it's not professional. You know, when a client comes to you, and you start talking about the things that are interesting to you. It's not professional, you always happen think of what the person the client needs and how you can help him not what's interesting to you. So always work on your own issues. Another one also with the Scorpio things story was that she told me, you know, what, I'm constantly attracting clients who are criminals or in the shadow, we're doing some of them, you know, and again, you know, of course that's happening because your clients, the people you attract in your life, they resonate with you. So, it's always interesting, you know, to observe that what are who are the people who are around you, their needs, their desires, and I'm quite impressed for example, with my practice that, especially in the past, maybe two years or so myself Main clients are people who are interested in spiritual growth. Of course, you know, we are all interested in career and relationships but I find it very nice and fulfilling for me to see that my clients are interested in spiritual growth. Many of them are astrologers, or some kind of healers or supporting others. And my clients, the people who attract I attract are a mirror for me, and they get me they bring me another perspective of what's happening for me. So, the point here is that your own clients, the people who you will attract in your life, they will resonate with something in you, your you may have a mutual desire, for example, a mutual problem or something else which is common. So this is also Another thing which you know can help you to understand more about yourself but also shows that by working on your own things improving eventually you attract different type of people and clients in your life, you will be able to help them even more. Okay, what else do we have here again about the same idea about the evolutionary levels. So, here is another, you know, kind of principle important principle. You are able to interpret correctly and help people who are either on the same spiritual evolutionary level or underneath that, you know, below that if you connect or you train To interpret the chart of someone who is on a much higher spiritual evolutionary level, you won't be able to do it correctly. It may either be blurry for you kind of difficult or you may even make a mistake. So that's another reason to try to grow and you know, to become better and better. The higher your level is, the more people you will be able to help and support. So don't underestimate this, you know, when you're interpreting for example, the chart of faith famous guru or you know, someone who has been who has done incredible things, just consider the option that if that person is higher on the spiritual path, it might be difficult for you to get to, you know, the real depth of his chart and understand all of it. And that's normal. You shouldn't be frustrated with that. It's just how things work, you know. And here another thing when we talk about mistakes, actually which I want to mention, first of all you have to understand. And remember that astrology is a science and like every science, there might be mistakes. Also the astrologer or the interpreter is a human. And like every other human being, he can make a mistake. So, don't think that you have to be perfect, that you have to understand all of it. And your predictions should be 100% accurate. It's just not happening. It's just not possible. You know, 80 or 90% accuracy is considered to be very good result actually. We have to accept that. And here I'm pretty sure that there are some people who you know will kind of feel like it's not or at least it should be different. You know, like it should be perfect but perfectionism I find it you know, something which we try to do things perfect when we don't really believe in their value. If you believe in someone's or something's real value, you will appreciate that even if it's not perfect. And that's my perspective also about the astrology. Is it perfect? Of course it's not. It's just charger perfect, of course is not. But is it worth it? Absolutely. And don't think that for example, if there is a situation On a chart, which you're not able to interpret correctly, you know, your astrology is not worth it or you're a bad astrologer or something like that. It's normal, it's part of the whole game. And another thing, which is also interesting is that in order to help someone to interpret his chart correctly, you can only do it to the point that the person allows you to. So for example, if there is a person who is quite skeptical, let's say and he's wanting to test you, you know, do you understand those things? Does astrology really work or we're not really sure, if he comes with that attitude, it's much more likely that you won't be really able to help him. So it's important that the other person lets you there, lets you to see him. lets you to help him It's happening on a subconscious level, you know, your subconscious mind and his subconscious mind. And if there is a barrier, which the other person the client is bringing, you won't be able to cross it and you shouldn't try it. You know, that's what the person needs. Sometimes maybe he even needs to hear the wrong interpretation, or even the wrong prediction. And yet, it's something important for him for his own path for his own growth or so on. So it's an important point, you know, that we can only get to the point of where the other person lets us, you know, skeptical clients, people who would like to test you. You won't be able to help them but that's their own decision. You shouldn't blame yourself. That's how they chose things to be. Oh, Okay, what else do we have? So yeah, about the perfectionism again. astrology is so valuable, so incredible. So, you know, I think that's the knowledge which explains all of it. And even if it's not perfect, we should accept that we should appreciate it, we should love it. And that's the beauty. You know, in the material world on Earth, nothing can be perfect. And except for you know, trying to make things perfect, we just, we just need to try to make them better. So I'm not saying that you should be happy with who you are and where you are. And just, you know, stay there. No, you should improve and learn and try to, you know, become better. But from the perspective of appreciation of who you are right now, and what the knowledge can bring you. That's very important. perspective. And speaking about mistakes. Again, there is another thing. You should not be afraid to say, I don't know. Even you know when you're starting or when you're going deeper or even if you're a professional astrologer, you should never be afraid to say, I don't know. Because there might be situations when clients ask, you know, all kinds of questions, and you're not supposed to have all the possible answers. I can give you an example a client once asked me what would have happened in my life. If 20 years ago, I didn't marry my husband. Okay, so do you understand how complicated this question is? You know, how can I know You know, to go back 20 years ago, and if something else, you know, she would have made another choice, what would have happened during those 20 years? Honestly, I don't know. And I told her this, you know what, this is something which I'm not able to help you with. I can help you to analyze your marriage situation, your needs, in terms of relationships, the possible mistakes you might be doing or how you can make things better or even make a prediction for the upcoming future. But the other thing, I'm just not able and that's okay. And you know what, the client completely accepted that and she said, Okay, so let's work with what you can help me with, which was, you know, great, so don't be afraid to tell clients. I'm sorry, I don't know. Another think about what the stroller can and can't tell. This is kind of a, you know, funny story about the difference between the diplomat and the astrologers. So, the diplomat, you know, those people who negotiate their work in politics or some kind of structures, you know who they are. So, if a diplomat tells you something is gonna happen, it means actually that it might happen. If the diplomat tells you, this might happen, it actually means No, it won't happen. And if the diplomat tells you, no, this will not happen. This person is just not a real diplomat. You know, so the diplomat is not supposed to say no, it's not possible it won't happen. Okay, now what's happening with the astrology If an astrologer tells you, no, it's not gonna happen. Well, it actually means that no, it's just not possible to happen. If the astrologer says it might happen, it means that well, it might really happen. And if an astrologer tells you, it's 100% that it will happen, it just means that he's not a real astrologer. So astrology allows you to say that some things are just not possible. You know, for example, you make prediction for the next one year, and you see that there are no indications for possible marriage. If there are no indications for possible marriage, you can really say that it's 100%. It's just not possible during this year that you will get married. If you see indications for possible marriage, you may say It, you know, there are there is a possibility for a marriage here. Of course, we may very, you know, between let's say there is some there are some chances or they're great chances. You know, there are some options here, but you can say it. But you can never say that it's 100% for sure. Because there are many things which we don't know. You don't know what the person is gonna do. You don't know other people what they are gonna do. So we can say that, yep, there are really high chances something is 90 or even 95% possible to happen. But it's not 100%. So, we should never forget that. And that's okay. You know, it's still very helpful for the person to know. Yes, I have great chances for a new relationship during this year. So I might just go out there meet more people be active or Do something else or work on myself. So never ever forget this part. Okay, what else do we have, again about interpreting or sharing with clients. I'm another important principle is that we are not allowed to lie to the client. And from a very long personal experience, I can tell you, it's much easier to make a positive prediction, you know, and it happens, of course, for some people, you see, well, next year, they have these beautiful progressions and directions, and transits and it's all great. And it's so much easier actually to consult this client. But there are situations when these are this is not the case. You know? You see that the person is challenged that things are, you know, he is in the middle of the crisis. And you're not allowed to, you know, just say, Oh, you know what, your next year is gonna be fun, you're gonna be great. And it's so easy. It's not professional, and it's not helpful for the person. And I have had clients, honestly, who, you know, have told me at first, oh, please tell me that, you know, everything is going to be great this year, the last couple of years where it's so difficult and so on. And before I even look at the chart, I'm being honest. And I say, you know what, I cannot promise you that. I can promise you that I will interpret your chart is the way I'm seeing it. I will try to find you know, the positive side or positive ways to work with some challenges, but my god Is To tell you the truth not to tell you beautiful lies. Is that okay? Or not? And this particular client said, Yeah, okay, just do the best you can. But if some clients may say, Well, you know what, I'm not ready to hear the truth. And that should be fine as well. As long as you're being honest and you are true to your own principles. So, my, my highest principle actually is, first of all, how I can really help this person. That's the main goal. That's the main feeling and taught which I'm connecting to before I interpret the chart or have the consultation, how I can help how I can serve this person best. And sometimes it means to tell him things which can be difficult, or things which are unique. We'll make him think more. But you know, to help the person doesn't necessarily mean to tell him positive things, you know, it might be to tell him well, which might be the mistakes he's making, which might be the potential challenges, you know, and this is an art. This is the art of being a consultant, working, helping people and being a real astrologer, to be able to say the truth, but in a way that you will inspire the client without lies, but elevating him, elevation is extremely important. So for example, someone in the middle of the crisis, you may show him how this can help him to grow personally, and how you know those situations might be related to something else or what can be helpful for him you know, like activities which can help process the energies in other ways. But it doesn't mean that you know, you're allowed to say beautiful lies. And this is an art you know, this requires love the words people desire to help and serve and also practice, the more you're doing it. It's like a channel which you are, you know, creating and expanding. And when I'm saying channeling here, I don't mean that you have to be a psychic. I'm personally not a psychic. I don't see I don't hear things. I just have very strong intuition, very strong desire to help people and to support them. And how do you become a real astrologer actually, first, you really need the foundation. So you need lots of knowledge, lots of information and advices from you Now people who have done this, so you need this part. But after you learn that you might be very good with that. There is another level, which is kind of, you know, above all of that. And it is like a channel. It's like you know, the universe allowing you to process this energy and then you are really able to interpret the chart. This is called the channel, you know, but you don't have to be like a psychic for that. As I told you, I'm not a psychic. But when you have good intentions when you were doing it to help other people, the universe will allow you to get deeper to this knowledge to this real understanding. But you cannot do the channeling thing. At least it won't be astrology. You know without the other foundation. It's very important. Okay, and here also another thing about astrology and religion, is there a connection? Do you need to be religious or something like that? Personally, I am not strictly religious, I'm very spiritual, I have a very strong belief in God. But I'm not calling him with a particular name. I'm not saying that, you know, he's the god of this religion or the other. I'm not going regularly to church or churches are following rules. And yet I consider myself very spiritual because I have this belief and I have this connection. But this is a personal choice. So you don't need to be religious or not. It's just something different from astrology in this type of spirituality which we are gonna explore. Okay, so I think that I told you many of the things which I wanted to probably there are some other things but if you want to ask something, just type a comment here or send me an email to support at Mara starz.net. And now I would like to present you and share with you a little bit about Mars stars astrology Academy, and basically how it can help you first the details. So we are starting the first lecture is December 22. The enrollment is open. So if you really want to join us, don't wait until the last moment Sign up now. And actually, the deadline is the 22nd of September. So how is this gonna work we are gonna have for regular lectures a month, every Sunday at 11am. Eastern time. And we are gonna have one bonus webinar which will be on Saturday, which will be focused only on practice exercises and q&a. So I think that dose exercise webinars, the bonus webinars will be extremely helpful for you to learn how to combine all of that how to interpret all of that, because without experience, you just won't get the real value of it. So for webinars plus one bonus webinar, five meetings online each month all of that will be recorded. There will be a membership area on my way. website everything will be available there. So, it doesn't matter if you cannot join us live you will be able to watch the recordings later, there will be other materials in the membership area written materials, recommendations and many other things which you may get there. Also, through the link below you can find the whole program I have written you know like the main things which we are going to cover during each lecture. You know, starting from the basics and then going deeper and deeper. The first year is nine months. This training will be nine months we are going to focus on birth chart interpretation, birth chart astrology, Natal Astrology, then there will be another option for level two next year, which will focus on prediction but this time those nine months from September, I think It's through June 2020. We are gonna cover birth, astrology birth chart interpretation. And the way I'm working so the knowledge I will use is based on the Russian teachings, the Russian knowledge. In my opinion, that's the best tradition in the world when it comes to astrology. It's deeper than the traditional Western. It's still Western astrology, but it's deeper than the most popular ones. And we are going to use you know, the knowledge of the Russian tradition which I will present to you. My personal background is also related to the Russian tradition. I have studied forest astrology in a philia out of the Russian school, then I have studied astrology for at least five years, or even more online, I'm still continuing. So it would be kind of a seventh year, I think. But anyway, it's just, you know, an incredible knowledge, an incredible system. Because, in my experience, one of the main things that astrologers or people interested in astrology, they struggle with the ability to combine everything to have a system because many people know a lot of things, you know, they know very good interpretations of, for example, planets in science or planets in houses, but they struggle with combining all of that and how to, you know, which are the priorities where you should start the analysis from. So the main purpose of this academy, Mars stars Academy is to teach you how to interpret all of that how to combine it So, it's amazing. It's an incredible adventure for me, I'm extremely happy. And I think that all of you can really benefit. If you join us if you want to explore more astrology and you know, to get this deeper understanding, if you remember about the hero's journey, you know, you might be at the beginning, that's okay. I mean, we are gonna start with the very first things the foundation. But if you are also in the crisis point where you already have the experience, but yet you struggle, or you don't know how to combine all of that, then this is you know, the place for you where you're going to gain this deeper experience, you know, this professional understanding whether you're going to use it as a professional astrologer, or just for yourself and other people. It's both okay. Alright, let's see, Do I have anything else to share? Probably but I can think of it right now. So again, if you have questions, please send them during September there will be other classes other things which I will share with you. And don't forget to sign up there. two options are signing, one time payment or a nine monthly payments. So it's really flexible if you don't or cannot make the one time investment. That's okay, I got you covered. And I cannot wait for it. So I will be really happy to see you there to you know, to connect with you. We're gonna work a lot also with the personal charts of the students. So through the exercises, you know the practices, we are going to work also with your chart. So it will be really amazing. And, yeah, I think that that's kind of, you know, all I wanted to share. It was a live webinar, which for some reason was not recorded some YouTube issues, I guess. But again, you have access now to this recording. So thank you very much for being here. I cannot wait for this Academy to begin and I really hope to see you there. Thank you.

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