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LEO - "THE KING": Everything you need to know about this zodiac sign’s energy

You know that your personal zodiac sign is the sign that was in alignment with the Sun at the day you were born. But did you know that the other signs were there too. They were just aligned with different planets. But they also gave you part of their energy.  An energy you can use if you want.

Are you sensitive Cancer, wanting to be more aggressive like an Aries? Or you are playful Sagittarius, wanting to be more grounded, like Taurus is?

In this series of articles, you will learn more about each zodiac sign’s energy, and how to awake that energy in you, no matter when you were born. After the first four sings: Aries, Taurus, Gemini and Cancer, it is time to learn more about the energy of the king, Leo.

What you need to know about Leo

 - Symbol: Leo’s symbol is the lion's mane. The king of animals symbolizes the royal nature of the zodiac

- Key phrase: I command - power!

- Key characteristics: Looks like a child, playful, loves having fun, creative spirit, generous, loyal, strong, attractive, regal, power-loving, charismatic, creative, hearty, warm. This sign requires that it be given the primary role it is entitled to. He is a native leader sent to the ground to rule all others. He is so charming that everyone forgives him the invasion of their lives.

- Weaknesses: dominant, selfish, snob, too proud, arrogant, stubborn, controlling, do not give up his mind, tend to act lordly.

- Shadow: Controls people by using their weaknesses. The fragile self-confidence of the Lion means they do not tolerate criticism. They tend to give more than they can accept. They are self-centered, demanding, and controlling, wanting everyone to adore, love and respect them. The neurosis of the Lion is the Napoleonic complex that occurs when a person is considered insignificant.

- Keywords: endurance, kingdom, pride, enthusiasm, self-confidence, generosity, playfulness, expansiveness, conceit, drama, benevolence, pride, significance, patronage.

- Appearance: The body is splendid and well-formed. The stand radiates authority, power, playfulness depending on the mood. With bold incited eyes. With impressive hairstyles and often with curly hair. Dress with expensive elegant clothes.

- Mind: It's hard to change their mind about something. Thinking straight, slow and often pompous. When considering a question, the details often remain unannounced.

- Emotions: Pride is his strongest emotion. Regardless of the situation, externally always shows confidence and joy. He is naive and trustworthy and people can take advantage of it.

- Lessons in life - to gain power over oneself instead of striving to rule over others.

- Element: fixed fire.

- Planet: Sun. The sun gives life, vitality and strength. It represents your way of self-expression and your individuality. The sun symbolizes the spiritual tribe, the energy that gives you life and the individual ego. The sun is warm and sustains, but it can burn if you abuse its power.

- Season: late summer.

- Day: Sunday.

- Numbers: 1

- Motif: Dynasty.

- Body parts: heart and spine and waist.

- Color: Gold and Yellow.

- Zodiac stone: Tiger eye, ruby.

- Confirmation: I feel strong, vibrant and happy. I can create my own destiny and achieve my wishes. I am ready to share my joy and love with everyone around me.


How to wake up the LEO energy within you?

Here are 5 things that you can do to wake up Leo energy:

1. Recall memories of your childhood. Let the child in you write a letter to the adult. What the child in you wants to tell the grown-up?

2. Try to create something new in your life. Maybe at work, in your family, in your love life, etc.

3. The lion encourages us to become kings and queens of our kingdom. That is why we need a sense of authority. Speak aloud the statement: I am a good person and deserve love, wealth and happiness. Work with the key phrase of Leo "I Decide". Make a list of what you want from life. In other words, make a list of what you want from the universe.

4. The Lion personifies the Father. Make an effort this week to contact your father, another paternal figure, or your boss. Prove your love and respect to your father without becoming flatter.

5. Make yourself a gift as if you have a birthday.


​Hello dear friends, I'm Marina and this video is a is part of the series about 12 zodiac signs. Specifically we are going to talk about Leo, the kink of the whole Zodiac. And it's not a surprise that also the symbol of this sign is lion's mane, a very royal very powerful symbol. So what's the most important for the sign, Leo? The key phrase is I commend. These are people who need to be in charge, they need to control they need other people to pay attention to them, to listen to them, and even to admire, adore and respect them. These are very important things for the sign only or what's the modality and the element of this session. We have a fixed modality and the fire energy. So the fixed modality can make the sign more constant, more stubborn, sometimes not so flexible. And the fire energy adds more enthusiasm, more strength, more strength and passion. And you know this type of impulsive energy. And by the way, if you prefer to, you know, read about this material in an article, you can find the link below the video. You may even find more details in the article by the way. So, we talked about the modality, the element we have a fixed fire energy, which is the ruler of this side. Of course, the ruler is the sun, the most important planet if we have to be very accurate, it's not even the planet is a star. And it literally, you know, controls and rules, our solar system. We, you know that how all of the planets in the solar system are going around the sun. That's very important for understanding the psychology of Leo and people who are strongly influenced by this side. They need to be in the center. They need other people, you know, to move around them to be kind of a sometimes servant, or admirers or fans or people who are supporting them. That's very important. Now, the sun is a ruling planet, of course brings great qualities. This is the planet which brings light to the earth and everywhere else. So this is a very powerful source of energy. It brings Warm, it brings light. But we have to be careful because if we get too close to the sun, it will burn us. This is also very important for understanding the nature. So when the energy of the sign Leo is harmonious or used in a healthy way, it's very warming. It's very nice For others, it can really be a gift. But when it's too intense or uncontrolled or expressed in an unhealthy way, it can burn, it can burn other people, it can burn the person himself. So it's very important how you use this energy. But more or less people who are strongly influenced by the sign Leo, they're lucky because the energy is extremely positive and the main characteristics actually These signs are related to creativity, the potential to create to build up something new. That's very important for the sign Leo and the sun. Also the ability to enjoy life to be cheerful, you know, just like children, they smile a lot they like to play. The same is true for the sign Leo. And by the way, children they are kind of a, you know, typical archetype of the sign Leo, they're cheerful. They have, they're kind of you know, eco centric and focused on themselves and their own desires. They want everyone to pay attention to them, but also, you know, they bring joy to other people, to their parents and to others. So, Leo people the sign Leo brings joy, playfulness, ability to You know, to be optimistic to be enthusiastic to be passionate about something. When the sign Leo is expressed strongly, but in a harmonious way as well. Those people are extremely passionate about something they believe in about their love life, about their career, or art. This may differ for different people. But the main point is that there is lots of passion, desire to leave, and also desire to create something, you know, to impress other people to do something meaningful, to be admired, respected and loved. Now also this truck, the sign, the sign Leo brings more strength and confidence. And I think that nowadays in our modern world, these are one of the most valuable qualities that can really help someone to be successful and, you know, eventually achieve what they want. inner confidence, you know, believing in your own skills, potential abilities, that's extremely important. And for the normal Leo person, this is something which comes natural, they're confident in themselves, you know, they have this inner strength, they know what they want. And they also want other people to give them what they want. So, confidence, power, strength, and that's where also you know, the desire to lead comes from, when you're confident when you're strong. You feel this potential also to, you know, tell other people what they should do, you know, to think that you know, what can be best for others, and eventually, you're also very charismatic, you're able to make other People like you, and even a love you and even listen to you and your will. So normally Leo people, they're great leaders, they are very attractive. They know how to make other people like them. And they can use this in their advantage. Now, which are some of the weaknesses of this side? First of all, Leo can be too dominant. They mean may not be willing and able to make compromises. They want everyone to listen to them. And they are not flexible. So they don't want to change their opinion, their perspective, their plans, their goals or whatever. They want other people or the environment to change according to their desires. That's very important, then sometimes it's a problem for new people, this lack of flexibility. You know, desire to dominate other people live and you know everything. The other weakness of view is that they can also be too selfish to center on themselves, you know, wanting everyone to be a servant, or to do what they want them to do, and not to pay attention to other people's needs or feelings or desires. These are some of the weaknesses. On the other hand, also, they can be too arrogant, you know, too harsh, in some cases, too stubborn. And again, the challenge with compromises is usually very big. Now, which is the shadow of this time we know that the shadow is also something which is kind of, you know, behind the scenes or something which people Not always realize or recognize in themselves. So first of all, it's the desire to control others by using their weaknesses. Leo people they are capable of, you know, noticing the weak points of other people and use them to control them, you know, to lead them to direct their actions or the overall process. So that's kind of a negative for Leo. The other thing is that also they don't tolerate any criticism or another opinion overall. So Leo, they're very open, if you want to make them a compliment. If you want to say something nice to them, they will really appreciate it. But if you have a criticism, even if it's constructive criticism, they want accepted, you know, especially internally, it can be very hard hurtful, so they are not open for any other opinion, you know, any criticism or, you know someone who may show them some weaknesses. It's something which they don't want to admit. You know, they want to believe that they are perfect that they are great. And if someone else tries to show them that, you know, there is something they can work on, it's very painful. They don't want to accept that. Also their strong desire to be adored. This is kind of a, you know, weakness or shadow or dark side. The Leo people they really want to be in the center of the attention and they want other people to constantly affirm their, how special they are, you know how talented they are, or whatever strengths they have. So Leo They need to be adored. They need to be appreciated, and loved by other people. So now let's explore the mind and the emotions of Leo. How does the mind work or the way of thinking Leo is a sign which can make people quite logical and also capable of understanding the main idea about something. They are not focused on details they don't pay attention to, to small things, sometimes they can miss the details, but they get the main idea, you know, the logic of something. They're not very good in you know, exchange, they don't accept easily from others including opinion, ideas, information. They want to be you know, the leader they want to speak They want the other person to listen. So when it comes to their mind in their way of thinking, they may There may also be a certain level of subjectiveness. Because, you know, they think that they can find the decision they can make the needed steps or plans. So, they're logical, but at the same time not willing to accept things from the environment or from other people. When it comes to emotions, Leo can be a quite passionate sign actually, maybe the most passionate of all. There is certain level and desire also to traumatize. Typically that's normal for the Water Science more or less, you know, they are trauma queens, but Leo is the other side which can also dramatize things. Everything can be exaggerated, everything can be very strong. It of their emotions is very powerful, you know, they're very enthusiastic when they love, they love with their whole heart, when they are, you know, excited about something everyone can see that you know, and that's why people like them usually because they are a source of joy of inspiration of optimism for other people. So, the emotions can be quite intense, powerful passion, not from those, you know, sensitive vulnerable water type, but more like the expansive emotions which are demonstrated, sometimes, you know, exaggerated even. And one of the most powerful emotions is also their pride. They are very, very proud in themselves, and they want other people to show them the needed respect. That's a key need for the sign Leo Now, what's the main lesson for the sign Lele? First of all, it's to gain power over themselves. Instead of trying to control other people. That's key because sometimes even those exaggerated emotions, they may not be so easy for, for the person to control them. So instead of focusing on other people trying to tell them what to do to navigate to control, Leo should turn more internally on themselves, you know, to control their own behavior, their own emotions, their own thoughts. That's very, very important. And now I can also present you a couple of ways which you can use if you want to connect to this energy to express to make it stronger. First of all, why would you want to do That Leo is the sign which can make you more creative design which can make you more enthusiastic, more passionate, more able to enjoy life, to be playful, to love to express yourself to be more confident to attract attention. So again, let me remind you, the planet we choose the sign Leo is the sun, which is the center of our solar system, the main source of energy, light, warmth and everything. So, Leo is really the king. Leo is really, you know, the leader, and probably one of the most powerful science. So it's very positive if you can gain those qualities if you can increase them if you can embrace them. So let me offer you a couple of ways which you can use to do that. First of all, Connect to your inner child. As we said Leo represents the archetype of the child. Try to connect to your inner child to remember your childhood memories. To write yourself a letter, what would you tell to your child, what your inner child would tell the grown up within you? This connection is very important. And I know that many, many of us have some childhood trauma, loss, pain, disappointment, but it's not helpful for you to stay attached to this pain. Instead, try to heal your inner child. Try to substitute the memories with something more positive, to give yourself the things which you have needed. When you have been a child. That's also very important to nurture yourself. Even your childhood needs, your emotions and everything. So that's step number one. Step number two is try to be more creative. As we said, Leo is really, really creative energy. So you can do something simple, you can do something new. You can do something more complicated if you want to. It could be related to art. It could be something that you will do on your own for your home, in terms of your love life or career or in any life area. But try to be more creative, to do something with your own hands, using your inspiration, your ideas, don't be too judgmental and harsh with yourself. Just you know, commit to the process. And the more you connect to this creative energy, the more creative you will be and it increases the Leo energy within the next step that I can offer you is to connect more to your desires. Leo is a sign which knows how to express their desires, and also to get what they want. And they're not ashamed to want many things to have many desires. So make a list of as many things as you can think of that you want in your life. And don't try to be modest. Don't try to be, you know, too logical OR practical. Maybe you can even write 100 things that you want in your life that you want to materialize and manifest. And the more things you want, the more connected you are to your desires. The more things you can really materialize in your life. Next step is to connect to your father. He might be in your life or maybe no longer here Doesn't matter. Try to express your gratitude your respect your love, for the fact that your father has given you the biggest gift your life, it doesn't matter what he has done or didn't do after that, that's the healthy way of thinking. That's the way which can, you know, make you more successful in the outer world than in basically everything. So, show your appreciation and respect and gratitude to your father. You may meet him in person or you can write him a letter, or just internally you can make a short meditation and express this gratitude. And the last step that we have, make yourself a gift. Appreciate yourself and do something nice for yourself. Just like it was your birthday. You know, make a celebration for yourself or just do something nice. Buy yourself a nice shoes. Nice jewelry, do something for your hair, whatever you want. But try to you know, feel like you're celebrating your life. Like you're appreciating yourself and you are ready also to reward yourself. That's very important that really boosts your creativity, the fire energy Leo energy, and as we already said, it's very, very constructive, very important. So this were my thoughts about the sign. Let me know what do you think? How do you express the Leo energy and what do you think of other people who have too strong Leo energy? Also, don't forget that Mars stars astrology Academy is about to begin. And if you want to learn astrology in that if you want to understand it really, really well. Then you're welcome to join us. Make sure to sign up for the waitlist To save your spot, thank you very much. I appreciate it as always, and I'll see you soon

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