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LIBRA - "The diplomat": Everything you need to know about this zodiac sign’s energy

You know that your personal zodiac sign is the sign that was in alignment with the Sun at the day you were born. But did you know that the other signs were there too. They were just aligned with different planets. But they also gave you part of their energy.  An energy you can use if you want.

Are you sensitive Cancer, wanting to be more aggressive like an Aries? Or you are playful Sagittarius, wanting to be more grounded, like Taurus is?

In this series of articles, you will learn more about each zodiac sign’s energy, and how to awake that energy in you, no matter when you were born. After the sings: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, and Virgo, it is time to learn more about the Libra energy.

What you need to know about Libra

- Symbol: Symbolizing the fair nature of the sign, Impartial Libra of Justice represents Libra's tendency to "weigh things before they act”.

- Key phrase: "I balance" - harmony.

- Strengths: This sign has the fame of the most balanced sign of the zodiac, but not always. They are friendly, sophisticated, good-natured, sociable, with good aesthetic taste, diplomatic. Adaptable, compromising. They have the ability to negotiate and mediate. With good taste and able to create harmony.

They can be gentle and delicate, sophisticated and fragile. They are caring and discreet, but when needed they can be hard and demanding. They can smell expensive perfume and dress in silk and lace.

They can look like princes and princesses and they are then able to wear their sneakers and split wood. Their iron hand is wrapped in a soft velvet glove. They are both solid and soft.

- Weaknesses: They see both good and bad in all possibilities and put everything on scales. They talk a lot, constantly compare themselves with others, what others think about them. They are occupied by the "mirror on the wall" complex.

This oscillating person can swing between the two extremes or stand indecisive in the middle. In their quest for perfection, they often downplay the problems. Because of their laziness, they often do not comply.

- Shadow: For such a peaceful sign as Libra, it is surprising that there is such a selfish shadow that embodies the worst features of the Aries. They are totally devoured by themselves, as if the usual concern of the Balances for the welfare of others is turned upside down to achieve their own selfish purposes.

- Keywords: Relationships, harmony, partnership, cooperation, diplomacy, reconciliation, perfectionism, indecision, compromise, uncertainty, adaptability, adaptation, hesitation, frivolity, peace of mind, esthetics.

- Appearance: They have an attractive face and a delicate bone structure with a clear look. They prefer luxurious fabrics combined in color. They always look good.

- Mind: They are intelligent, nimble, capable of thinking abstract, logical, friendly, showing an incredible flair of strategies and planning. They love debating. Feelings do not prevent them from taking a sober decision.

- Emotions: This sign stands far from emotions except when it comes to romantic love. They do not suffer jealousy.

- Lessons in life: Learn to be discovered and have the courage to tell the truth in a relationship so that the needs of both sides are equally satisfied.

- Element: Cardinal Air.

- Planet: Venus - Venus's energy manages the pleasures, finances, art, law, and all the most important connections.

-Season: Mid-Autumn

- Day: Friday

- Number: 6

- Body parts: kidneys, waist

- Color: Green

- Zodiac stone: opal and sapphire

- Affirmation: I am balanced and in harmony with life. Justice will win, and I will be rewarded for all my efforts. I bring peace and tranquility to all my relationships.

How to wake up the Libra energy within you?

Here are 5 things that you can do to wake up Libra energy:

1. The color that is in the middle of the visible spectrum is green. Green awakens peace and tranquility. Wear green, walk in the woods, in the park, in the nature.

2. Focus on art and design. Swap furniture and discover new space allocation options.

3. Discover synchronicities related to partnership, lovers, enemies, attorneys, balance, balance, green, furnishings.

4.  Take care of your relationships. Take a look at how your partners in life and work reflect your essence.

5. Speak aloud the affirmations of Libra - I am balanced and in harmony with life. Justice will prevail, and I will be rewarded for all my efforts. I bring peace and tranquility to all my relationships.


Hello dear friends, I'm Marina and in this video I will talk about the sign Libra. This video is part of the series about the 12 zodiac signs. And you may find also an article for this sign below this video. First of all, what's the symbol of this sign? The main symbol of Libra is justice, finding the truth, finding the right thing and evaluating things, and being able to decide what's right and what's wrong. That's very important for Libra. Also, they are very focused on finding the harmony, harmony within themselves harmony in the outer world, balancing different life areas, balancing relationships, that's extremely important for liberal people in this This video we're gonna talk also about the strength, the main characteristics, the possible challenges and weaknesses and the dark side, and also how the mind and the heart is working for Libra people. So make sure to watch the whole video. Now, which are the basic the fundamental characteristics of this site. This is the sign of love and relationships. Probably that's the thing that Libra is most famous for. And this is honestly the area that we are all interested in, finding love, finding the other person who will see us who will appreciate us for what we truly are, who will be there for us. Of course, Libra as a sign is also very sociable not only in terms of romantic relationships, but in Other connections and close communication with people in Libra is a sign which is very diplomatic, which is very kind, very polite, able to find the right approach to connect to someone. Also liberal people, they can be great negotiators. That helps them in their personal life and also potentially in their work and career. Because liberal people, they are great communicators, and negotiators, in business, in politics, in personal life in every life area, liberal people may create this bond and connection with others. And this exchange, you know, Libra is signed which represents one on one communication. It's not you know, the group of people or all of your friends or in the community, those things are represented by other signs. Libra represents the one on one communication, the personal relationship in romantic life and also in business. And this is the area which is extremely important for Libra people. And usually they're very skillful. They're in creating this warm and harmonious connection. Now, what can be kind of a challenge for liberal people? So as we said, they're capable of evaluating things, you know, they really value also justice and to do things right. But they are also capable of seeing the different sides or options. And what it brings is that it can be difficult for them to take decisions. This is the sign which is very famous for their hesitation. Sometimes, you know, they may wonder which shoes they should buy. But in other cases, they may even hesitate, which is the right partner for them. So, options, evaluations, and making a choice. That's kind of a live topic for those people, you know, to learn to make choices, not to hesitate too much not to postpone, and not to regret about the other options that they haven't chosen, because this may also happen for Libra people. Now, we turn also other strengths of those people. They're very friendly. They're very sociable, they really want to make other people also happy. Another thing is that Libra people, they really value the opinion of others. They want to be liked by other people, they want to be appreciated, they may even want to be admired by other people. And sometimes this turns into weakness for them, when you want too much to be liked by other people, sometimes you are capable of doing things only for that purpose only, so that other people will accept you or will like you. And this in certain way means that you are not so honest with yourself. So Libra people they need to learn to, you know, value themselves for what they are, and not necessarily for seek the approval or you know, to be liked by others. Of course, if you have close liberal people around you, make sure to tell them how you appreciate them how important they are in your life and make them a compliment even their appearances. Important liberal people, they are very delicate but they also value their appearance, their clothes, their hair, their makeup, especially women, they sometimes can be quite bendy, you know, they want to make an impression. And that's okay of course, because it also makes them great in fashion, in art, in things like architecture, whenever you need to have a good taste when you need to be able to make something beautiful, or to evaluate the beautiness around. Libra people are there and they're very good with that. Now what can be kind of a shadow for those people? As we said, there's a strong desire to be a light sometimes brings the shadow and also even though they're very diplomatic, sometimes, you know, it may turn into selfishness. As we have talked about that the shadow is something which we don't realize something which works in the subconscious mind. For liberal people, this shadow may represent a selfishness. Not everyone will express that. But potentially each sign may turn into the opposite one. And the opposite one of Libra is the sign Aries. So sometimes, Libra people, they may pay too much attention to what they want, what they like, you know, they may want other people to follow them or you know, to do what would please them. So that's sometimes a shadow for the sign Libra. Now, let's explore how the mind works. Now, first of all, let me remind you, which is the ruler of this sign, the ruler of Libra is Venus, the planet of harmony and beauty, and balance and love. This helps Libra people to be able to evaluate and to say, I like this, or I don't like this. But another planet which is also very strong in Libra is Saturn, Saturn, which is the planet of logic of justice also, and, you know, doing the things, which are right. So Saturn here also helps liberal people to be kind of, you know, more logical than maybe we can expect. liberal people they're really good with evaluating things with finding the meaning. So overall, the mind can be quite productive for those people. When it comes to emotions. Here we need to make the difference. So A Libra people they really value love, romance relationships, but they are not dramatically emotional. They are not like a cancer or like a Scorpio where the emotions might be too much or difficult to control. Remember one thing when the emotions are balanced and really strong, they are working more on an internal level. those emotions they are not traumatically Express like, as we said, sometimes the fire signs may do that, or sometimes even Scorpio sign can do that. No. Libra people, their emotions, they're very delicate. They're under control. And they're expressed only in the close relationships. So you won't see those people you know, screaming, gesturing a lot. You know, attracting attention with a very, you know, expressive behavior? No, their emotions are under control. They're harmonious, they are in balance. Unless there is something else, of course, which is pointing the opposite, but generally as an archetype, the sign brings harmonious, soft, delicate emotions, no jealousy, no drama. No, you know, extremists or too much intensity. That's very important because sometimes when people hear about Venus, they immediately imagine emotions, and sometimes they also think, you know, well, those can be too sensitive or overly emotional. No, it happens only when the emotions are not balanced. That's the time when you may feel some One, you know, who has challenges with controlling their emotions? So yeah, that's kind of important. Now let's talk about the lesson. What can be the lesson for Libra people, because of their desire to be lived to be delicate to have harmony around them, sometimes it might be difficult for them to tell the truth. You know, they may try to turn things into something more positive, something which is not always true. So for Libra people, one of their main lessons is to learn to recognize the truth, and to be able even to face the darker side of things. You know, because that's kind of a challenge for them. They want beauty, they want harmony, they want balance. But sometimes life brings us other things and we To be able to accept them and to recognize them. Now also, I would like to share with you a couple of ways, simple ways which you can use to balance this energy or maybe even to make it stronger. If you want more love. If you want more harmony, more balance, that's what you need. So suggestion number one, find time for art and beauty. This is something that Libra values a lot. You may go to a beautiful exhibition, you may go to museum to a wonderful concert, listen to music at home, or do something yourself. But always find time to you know to enjoy the beauty around you. It you know those experiences they attract more of the same. So when you're surrounded by beauty and art, you will attract more of it. And in art, one of the most common topics is of course, love. So when you read love novels, or go to a theater and watch something related to love, you're always also connecting yourself to this energy. The second suggestion that we have is to explore your relationships, especially if you have a partner or even if you're single right now go back to your past relationships. And try to be as honest as you can about the patterns. Is there something which is frequently repeating in your relationships, maybe a partner who doesn't value you or partner who is not available or who doesn't have time for you, or so many other options, but if something is repeating frequently, it also represents Something that's important and also part of you. We are kind of used to think that you know, other people are there to do something to us. The truth is that other people, they're mirroring us and they show us spots which are dark or in other words, something which is subconscious for us or something which is suppressed. So try to analyze your relationships and what are the lessons for you what something which is repeating and if you don't like it, how you can change it first within yourself. That's extremely important. Also, as another suggestion, I have the idea to practice affirmations. A general very positive affirmation for everyone is, I am in harmony with myself and with the whole universe. simple and very exact, great for Libra, but honestly also for any other sign, I'm in harmony with myself and with the whole universe. Wonderful. And the last suggestion is to wear the color green. You may wonder why green where is it coming from? Why not pink or you know something more close to the Venus energy. Green. If you look at the, the spectrum of colors, green is exactly in the middle. Just like Libra sign is, you know, it represents the balance, no extreme polarities. It's right in the middle. It's balanced it's harmony. So if you want more balance and harmony in your life, definitely aware and more green clothes or accessories So those were the most important things about Libra. Share your experience your opinion, are you a Libra? Or maybe you have close people around you and tell us what do you think about it. Also, if you want to learn more in depth, real astrology, then definitely check out the link below this video where you will find Mars stars astrology Academy, you can sign up for the waitlist we are starting to, and it will get too far away from what you have expected because you know, it's a whole other story. Thank you very much for being part of this channel of this community. I appreciate you so much. And I'll see you really soon.

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