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Hello dear friend in this video we are going to talk about the Natal position of the moon in Taurus. In your horoscope, we are going to describe which are the most difficult characteristics together with strength and also the possible challenges if you have your natal moon in Taurus, and if you're not sure about the position of your moon, you can use my free birth chart calculator, check the links below the video and you will be able to calculate it immediately. And if you know your moon is in Taurus, or you just want to learn more about this position, this is the video which will cover this for you. Let's talk about the most typical things first, what can we learn from the moon and what does The moon described in our chart, the first thing we have to remember is that the moon represents our behavior, our self expression. It's one thing what we are going through internally, on the emotional level, intellectual level, whatever. And it's another thing, how we communicate this with the outer world. The moon can show us how we express what's going on inside of us. Are we expressing this easily, or we have some blockages, or maybe we are cautious. That's what we can learn from the position of the moon. Also, the moon describes how we see the closest environment around us how we see the outer world Is it the friendly place, is it the dangerous place and some other things that we can learn are related to our instinct, our reactions, how we connect to this outer world, and also our needs our instinct, what helps us to feel safe, secure, and our ability to adapt to new circumstances as well. One more thing which is important is related to the mother figure. Based on the Natal position of our moon, we can get a pretty good idea about the relationship with our mother. So let's talk about the most typical characteristics. First of all, let's remind ourselves that Taurus is a fixed an earth sign. So this means we have lots of stability here fixed energy and also earth sign. So it means that stability is simple. extremely important for the moon in Taurus. stability when it comes to material possessions that includes money, of course, but also just feeling comfortable feeling like the closest environment around you, is harmonious, supportive and also safe. That's why for people with the moon in Taurus, the closest environment around them is very important. They really value comfort, they value also all kinds of material possessions, material stability, financial stability, and also they really feel stable when they have their own place. It could be related to owning your property, or owning some land or just you know, having a home which is only yours that brings a lot of stability and help those people to relax easier. So Taurus mode really values, comfort and stability. Everything which is Earth tea material is important as well and that includes food. Most people with their moon in Taurus really appreciate a nice meal. And moon in cancer also loves to eat but there is a difference. So the moon in Taurus appreciate the nice meal they're a little bit more pretentious. So they are more picky and they won't eat you know anything. They have usually higher standards. So it's very important to have a nice meal. And if possible, this should look great or be cooked by the best possible chef. So of course it's not always possible, you know to eat in restaurants, but you get the point, they really value, nice food. Many of them are also great cooks. And everything else which is related to our material environment is important for them. And that includes their connection with nature. When they go outside, it could be in the mountains in the forest, just you know, in any regular Park, they feel more grounded, and it really helps them to become more to feel nice and also to recharge. So if someone with the moon in Taurus feels drained or has a bad mood or is kind of pessimistic, one of the best things they can do is go outside connect with nature. So this really helps them to recharge their own energy. Some other positive qualities of the Taurus moon are related also to the ability to provide care for others. These people are usually very supportive and very caring. They're just amazing caregivers. And just a quick reminder here, the moon in Taurus is actually very strong because this is an exalted position of the moon. So what that means is that all of the typical moon qualities are expressed strongly and usually in a harmonious way. That's true, unless there are some really challenging aspects which can kind of change the picture. But overall, the potential is still there, even if they're challenging aspects. So they are amazing caregivers. They're very supportive. They're able to show people they love them in a very practical way. And that's why usually they are also very good moms. Because they are able to provide care, they are not usually they don't get bored easily, they can handle well with some routine tasks where, you know, there's lots of repetition, but this repetition and this routine stuff, they bring them also more stability. And let's talk actually about some of the possible challenges because like everything else in astrology, we always have two sides. And there are some potential challenges, which in this case, are mostly related to their desire to avoid changes. And it doesn't mean they never do change or they completely try to avoid it. But usually, they prefer things to be Well, no. And in some cases, they may not be adaptable and they may not be flexible when things change and they need to respond to, you know, the outer environment, it can make them very uncomfortable. And they may also feel quite well pushed by the outer circumstances. Some other possible challenges could be related to their stubbornness. So they are very consistent. They're very dedicated, they're very focused, and that's the positive side. But when all of that gets too intense, it can become stubbornness. So be careful how you approach them, especially if this is your kid and you're trying to convince them to do something new. You may really need to work a little hard on that. They may be more stubborn and fixated on certain ideas or something they want to have now or do right now. And Taurus is a sign which is ruled by Venus Venus is the planet of our desires. So people with their moon in Taurus, are strongly influenced by their own desires, what they want when they want it, it's very important. So, if you are a parent to a child with the moon in Taurus, you have to provoke them to be interested and to be willing to do or take the action they are supposed to take. So their desires are extremely important. Some other possible challenges could be related also to being more passive or sometimes even inert. They may stay too long in certain situation or wait too long, even when things are uncomfortable or when it's time for a change, but they may kind of procrastinate, because, well, you know, change, it's difficult, it's uncertain, it requires hard work. And the Taurus moon usually prefers more comfort, safety the well known. So, if they face some kind of critical situation or something which requires very fast reaction, it can make them feel very uncomfortable. And in those cases, they really need to feel grounded. So finding what they can rely on even you know in the storm or connecting with nature and all the other things that can help them find this inner stability. Okay, let me see if there are other things. So, overall, the moon in Taurus is a nice position. It's harmonious, especially if you don't have challenging aspects. Most of the characteristics are harmonious and related to things that are close to the nature Of The Moon. So overall, the moon in Taurus feels comfortable. And if you have the moon in Taurus, but you don't recognize those qualities, this is a red alert for you. It means that there is something which you are not expressing something which you are not connecting with deep inside of you. And sometimes this may happen because the moon rules our subconscious mind, our instinct. So we don't always have this, you know, conscious awareness of how we respond or everything that happens. And very often that's normal. But if you feel like oh my god, those qualities are absolutely irrelevant to me. Then this means you have to dig deeper and probably there are things which you have suppressed something which is blocked and this is now Positive because it means that you are not expressing your full potential. Some other things about the moon in Taurus specifically about the connection with the outer environment is an earth sign. The Taurus Moon is also more cautious than most of the size. So they need to test things they need to be sure that the environment is safe until they can really express what they feel or what they want. So this position of the moon may work a little bit as a break. So internally, there might be things going on emotions, or goals or desires or whatever. But there is kind of a filter, which doesn't necessarily allow all of this to be expressed. So it's not like you know, a complete blockage. Of course, this Be more relevant to the moon in Capricorn. But there is still some kind of barrier as an earth sign, you know, things might be a little bit more kind of internalized for the person and not necessarily shared openly with other people. Now, let's talk about the mother figures. So what can we learn from this position of the moon? Those are one of the most caring mothers so they are able to do everything necessary. They are not afraid of things getting boring or too routine. They are just amazing caregivers. And they are what we call the typical mother. So they're not to you know, in the clouds or something else, you know, focused on themselves. They're very practical. Usually they teach children also how To handle with the material world. And what I have noticed is that on the other side, they might be also quite demanding. They may have very high standards for their kids or kind of control things too much. So this might be a possible challenge. But overall, if the morning Taurus doesn't have some challenging aspects or other complications, then probably the mother is very caring, very supportive, and also a great, great friend for this person. So those are the most important indications the most important characteristics of the moon in Taurus, let me know in the comments, what's your experience? What kind of observations do you have with the moon in Taurus, and if you want to learn astrology with me, then you're welcome to sign up for the waitlist for more stars astrology. Academy we start once a year, so make sure to sign up so you don't miss the start. And this training will allow you to get really familiar with all of those astrology indications and be capable of making some good interpretations on the professional level. So check the links below if you have any questions, let me know. And thank you so much for watching. I will see you really soon. Ciao

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