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Hello, dear friends and welcome to this brand new video, which is part of the series about the sign positions of the moon. And this one will talk about the moon in Virgo. And we mentioned which are the main characteristics which are the positive sides and also which are the potential challenges. And if you're not sure whether your moon is in Virgo and if you want to calculate your birth chart, you can use my free birth chart calculator the links for that are below. So let's get started. First of all by analyzing what does the moon represent the moon first of all represent our expression. We might be going through something an emotion, feeling, whatever, it's one thing what's happening inside but how we express that How we share that with other people is something different. And actually, this second thing about the expression is what the moon describes. It shows us how the person shares what's going on inside of him. Is he open a ski a little bit distant? Is he cautious? Is he like, you know, extremely open. Those things we can learn by analyzing the moon and the moon in Virgo. First of all, we have to mention that this is an earth sign. And it means that there could be a little distance between the person himself and the outdoor environment. It doesn't mean that those people don't communicate or anything like that. It means that they're a little cautious. Always. They don't like to share everything as soon as they meet someone, which is kind of reasonable and they really like to be reasonable. So for those It may take a little bit more time to open up for another person to create a close emotional connection and to allow themselves to be vulnerable in front of someone else. And they really like to keep things under control. Virgo is a sign which is ruled by mercury and Mercury is one of the main planets related to the mind. So the mind here has a very important role and with their mind, they might be trying to control how much they express their emotions and overall they there might be the tendency to keep emotions under control, they may have this deeper understanding that the mind always needs to be in charge. Partly we have to agree with that because now here is an interesting idea. The mind is higher than the heart. So the heart can be the main source of wisdom, intuition and feelings. But the mind always need to be there. So you may or may not accept this idea. I'm just sharing with you one perspective. But usually people with the moon in Virgo really resonate with this idea. Emotions feelings, okay? Allow them to exist. But the mind always needs to be in charge. You always need to be taking reasonable decisions, thinking things through analyzing. And sometimes it creates stress actually, because they may worry too much over on significant stuff or small details. And one of their main problems actually might be their perfectionism. They may really want to be perfect to do everything in the best possible way. And they might be too hard on themselves and also on other people. So This can turn into credit criticism judgment, and just noticing every small flaw or you know, anything that isn't supposed to be like that it may literally take all of their attention. So for those people, it might be a little difficult to relax the mind to learn to let go and just to to go with the flow. Usually they don't like this expression going with the flow. Not too much control, not too much mind there, maybe not the best thing for them. But it's really true that they may also be extremely caring. They really want to serve other they want to help others. They want to feel needed and important for other people. And if they feel like Okay, um, you know, everyone can replace me. I'm not really that important. It might be really disturbing them and bringing this comfort. So what may happen is that their perfectionism, and their desire to serve and to always be engaged with something meaningful may also turn them into Workaholics. And as much as I also recognize those qualities in myself, even though my money's not in Virgo, I still can see that this might be a real problem. When you are only focused on work, work, doing things serving, helping, you may forget about yourself, you might be kind of overlooking your needs, your desires, and this is not the recipe for how to usually so with people, people who have the moon in Virgo sometimes may need to learn to slow down a little bit and just learn to do nothing. If they Hear us, they might get really, you know, amazed and oh my god, but how am I supposed to just do nothing? Well, it doesn't mean you have to become lazy, but you need to learn to just relax for a little bit to be a little bit easier with yourself and also to accept the fact that nothing can be perfect. So people with the moon in Virgo also need to know that when they are connecting with honors because sometimes they might be too judgmental, too critical, and for others, it might be a challenge. Also, if we look at the moon, we can understand more about the role or the figure of the mother. And when the moon is in Virgo usually the mother has been very caring, a little bit too punctual and usually also quite demanding. The mother herself might be a perfectionist or someone who has really, really Really high standards. And in some cases, they might this might create this healthy motivation and ambition in the child later on in the grown up person as well, to become better to be more competent to do the best they can. But everything which gets too much we know that brings problems. So when this energy is extremely strong, those are people who may never be satisfied with what they do with what they have, and they may keep judging or expecting even more of themselves. So the role of the mother here is quite important and especially if the person has the moon in Virgo and their mother has been this type of typical Virgo demanding and quite critical mother. They really need to work on that because later on, they will keep doing the same what their mother used to do with them. So they will take this really critical position. And it's just, it's just unhealthy. And speaking on of health, actually, this is another theme, which is usually quite important for people with the moon in Virgo. They pay lots of attention to healthy food to help you live especially, I think in our generation, you know, in the past decade or so I think that nutrition and healthy life are becoming more and more important and people with the moon in Virgo may really resonate with that. The challenge here is that they may worry too much about health and sometimes may have fears related to it. But on the positive side, they're really capable of taking good care of themselves and kids and other close people as well. Okay, so something else which Might be typical for the moon in Virgo is that they might be too modest. Again, here we have the perfectionism talking. In some cases, they may overlook their abilities, their importance, what they're doing. And it's never a good thing when you don't appreciate yourself your work, the value you bring to other people, chances are that other people won't do the same for you. So, those people need to recognize their strengths, their potential, their abilities, and also to learn to be a little bit easier with themselves. Okay, other things also, this idea that emotions might be a little bit scary because you know, emotions usually are things that feelings that you cannot control. They can They go, they change. And this can be a little bit scary for the mind and for the Virgo moon. So what they may try to do is just keep everything under a little bit to suppress it or to be to edit their emotions, so to speak. And I think that one lesson for them is just to learn to accept their feelings, the mind will always be there, they don't need to silence their mind, but also to allow themselves to share a little bit more to express the feelings a little bit more, and just to trust other people a little bit more. So those are the most important characteristics of the Virgo moon. And if you don't recognize those characteristics, but you have the moon in Virgo, then you really need to dig deeper because there might be something which you are suppressing. And it's never It's never good. So let us know in the comments if you have any shares and observations about the Virgo moon and of course if you want to learn astrology on the advanced level, you are welcome to join Mar stars astrology Academy, the links are below. Make sure to sign up for the waitlist because we open the doors only once a year. Thank you so much for joining me it was a pleasure for me as always, and I'll see you soon. 

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