My Twisted Reality – My Heaven and Hell

I’m sharing my insights after a special type of GSR session I did for myself, that helps with fixing subconscious blockages and energy distortions.

A little bit of background - as a child I was supposed to wear glasses because I have astigmatism. It’s an interesting condition which makes you see things in a distorted way, without even realizing it.

But I couldn’t get used to the glasses. They changed my perception of height and space and the surfaces around me seemed to follow a different angle than I’m used to (the real one 🤭). The objective reality was too weird and I couldn’t handle it.

Honestly, I have forgotten about my astigmatism. And as most people do, I also live with the illusion that I see the world clearly. But at the same time there is often some kind of mismatch between my expectation and the real result.

After my session today I felt like someone has fixed my sight (as if I’m wearing the glasses). Honestly it’s a little strange. Like now I need to learn how the real world works. But there is also some kind of aliveness that comes with this. Even if I don’t understand the rules yet, I realize that now I have the chance to see and connect with the REAL world.

It feels like I’m more open to learning and understanding. It’s like a realization that many of the things I assume are false, because I used to see them in a very distorted way, so I’d better not waste time trying to rationalize them in the old way. It’s much better to look at reality and learn to see it as it is 🧘‍♀️

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