Planetary Glyphs and Symbols in Astrology


Hey guys, welcome to today's webinar. So today we have a very interesting topic to discuss. Let me share my screen First we are going to talk about planetary symbols and glyphs. We are going to wait just maybe one minutes before other people join us. But I'm really excited for this topic because I think that it can give you a better and deeper understanding of the nature of the planets we use in astrology. So Okay, let me see if everything is okay with the sound. All right. We are beginning and now so please, okay, okay, so everything is okay with the sound. I'm happy for this. Okay? So planetary symbols and glyphs. This is a free training Which will be publicly available on YouTube but also it will be like a preparation for the for Marseilles astrology Academy. So if you haven't checked our program if you're interested in astrology, you can find the link somewhere below and you can learn more about it and if you're interested Of course, you can join us. So, okay, I think that we can begin now with the real material that we have to cover, find three symbols and the lips. So, the first slide I would like to show you basically will explain to you which are the basic elements Which we use when we describe the glyph of any planet of basically the 10 visit the 10 major planets in astrology. So, we have, I think six of those symbols, the circle, the doc, the Arc Line, the simple straight line, the cross and the arrow. These are the elements which we use in different combinations to basically show how the planets are, you know, to write them down, basically, that's what we call glimpse. So, it's very important you know, this is like, a fundamental knowledge, because this is not random that for example, we Let me show you the symbol of the sun. So this is not just randomly chosen to use this symbol or to use this glyph it has a deep meaning. And basically Today we are going to talk about it or the 10 planets of the solar system basically which we use in astrology. Okay, so I hope that you are guys ready. The circle is the first symbol that we use, and it represents the wholeness. It's very important that it doesn't have a beginning and it doesn't have an end. No starting and no end point. You know, this is the symbol of the wholeness, and it also symbolizes the spirit or the presence of God. So, later on when we analyze the glyphs of the 10th planet, when you see that certain planets or placing the glyph of the planet includes the circle, we always have to think of this that you know there is an element or the presence of the spirit is there the other symbol So, this is just first we are talking about the main symbols and then we are going to talk about specifically each force. Then we have the dot this is a very very special very special element, which we use only for two parts and they have a special meaning So, please pay attention to this the elements of this dot symbolizes the source of creativity. Something which arises from within and this is kind of a, you know a spiritual center you know a planet which also shows some kind of individuality. So, very very important. Then we have the arc or the rounded line, if you will, which looks a lot like like a satellite, you know, something which accepts energy and then transmitted. So, when we see this as a month basically, it shows that there is some kind of openness that you know this planet represents energy which is accepted and then transmitted transmitted. And also it's a simple of the soul. So the circle represents the Spirit. And the arc line represents the so the other element is the line. The line has a beginning and it has an end. And it shows a connection between the spiritual and the material world. If the line is horizontal, then it's kind of a, you know, dividing the two worlds the spiritual world, the material world. If the line is a vertical, it shows you know the connection or the energy which can process from the spiritual world to the material world. The cross basically includes those two lines, a horizontal, horizontal and a vertical line. And basically that's the symbol the connection between the spiritual world And the energy which creates the material world. So the cross always symbolizes something material, you know, our material reality. So planets which include this element, they connect us in some way to the material world, we're gonna see in which ways for different times and finally the arrow, which has also connection to the cross. But here basically, the arrow shows a direction in which the energy is flowing. So there is some kind of motion here with the arrow and we're gonna see which basically brings that Okay, so we are starting with the first one that of course the center of the solar system, the only star in our solar system, the only source energy in the solar system, which is a song. And here we have two elements, the circle. Again, it shows us the connection to the spirit, the presence of the Spirit, but also it shows wholeness and you know, some kind of inner strength that this planet has. And the dome, basically, this is one of the planets, if you remember I told you we have only two, two planets, which include the adult elements. One of them is the sun. The sun is considered to be one of the main planets related to creativity. And here I need to clarify something What do I mean when I say creativity? When I say creativity, I don't mean just, you know, the art area or something like that. When I say creativity, it's much, you know, it's a bigger idea to create something, you know, and you can be creative, basically, in any area you. You may sell hot dogs, you know, in a creative way. Or you may write the book in a creative way, or I don't know, you may take care of your children in a creative way. So when we talk about creativity, it means doing something in a unique, different way, individual way. So it's more than just art because even in art, you may not be that creative, you may still do art work, but you may not be that create. So these are different things. And the doc here is a symbol of this enormous source of energy which arises to very, very important and it's also the center you know, a center that we have and the sun the planets. We call it a time even though it's a star of course we know that but that's you know like the astrology way we use. So, the sun is the planet which shows this individual energy and also strength that we have. So holiness and spiritual center, also symbol of the consciousness, you know something that we are aware of something that we can recognize something that we can see. Okay, so the next part is kind of opposite. This is the symbols of the moon or the glyph of the moon. And here are the elements that we have our to our clients, nothing else. So the moon does not have its own energy except accepts and transmits the energy of the sun. So that's very important. And these are Klein shows that, that you know, the moon is very receptive planet. The sun is not receptive, you know, the sun has its own track, its own energy, its own Center, the moon is, in a way the opposite. So it doesn't have this inner wholeness, this inner center, or even this type of creative energy. It's much more Flexible, but it also transmits the energy of the sun. And when I say that, it doesn't mean that you know this is something bad or, or that it's not important every time of the fan fights, especially the physical ones, they are very important but they have a different role. They have different nature. So that's what we are describing here today. Also, we have to remember that the moon symbolizes the subconscious mind. So the sun is the consciousness. It's you know, what we are aware of. The moon represents the subconscious mind. It represents our instincts. It's in a way related to our behavior as well. But the most important is that you know, the moon is open For the energy around and transmitted Okay, so meanwhile if you have some questions about the things I'm describing, please type them in the chat. I will explain if you need further clarification about something. Okay, next we have mercury. The first planet which includes three elements, so pay attention again, we have the circle which is in the middle, we have the our climb which is above and the cross at the bottom. So the arc above you know, at the top, it shows that Mercury is also a planet which is open and that's One of you know, its main roles to recognize and to accept energy from the outer world. For Mercury, we're talking mostly about information about knowledge. And then the we have to process that through the conscious mind the circle showing the spirit or the consciousness. And after we do that, we can materialize those ideas, the cross here, look at it here. The cross is the connection between the spiritual world and the material world. So again, the main idea is that work is open. So one of its main role is to connect to the environment the outer world, then to Process consciously the information and knowledge and eventually to implement that in the material world. Does it all make sense to you guys? Do you have some kind of comments or something you would like to ask or up here? So anytime that you know, we talk about planted or one inch rows or anything else, it's always helpful to remember those glyphs and the meaning of the different elements because they are not. They are not random. Okay next we have Venus Venus Which has to have the elements of mercury, the circle and the cross. But we don't have the arc. So again, look at Mercury, three elements, the arc at the top and Venus, the same thing just except for the Arc Line. So what does it mean? When we don't have this sparkline it means that Venus is not that open, you know, it's not a planet which is open to the outer world. Which also means it's not so open to influence by other people by you know the environment. This is a planet which shows more personal things, things which are related to our individual energy or Individual understanding Venus being the planet of love and relationships, but also the planet of values, our own personal values. So, what we like in life, and people in love and relationships, or basically every area, even related to clothes, fashion, everything that's represented by females. And, you know, it's not supposed to be influenced by others. It has to be personal. You know, this has to be something that we define for ourselves. And that's what Venus symbolizes the circle again, the coldness the spirit, and again, applying this into the material world, into the real world that we live in. But that's the key here. With females that it's a planet which has its own value system of balance, basically. Mm hmm. I have no idea that this place has so much meaning human. Thank you for thinking. Yes, I know that this is not so well known. It's not so popular. So I just saw that. Now this is a great way of going deeper, understanding deeper the meaning and the ghost of the pants. So circle and cross. Somebody might have turned on their microphone, I guess. Okay, so I will mute you just because there might be some background noise at the end. Someone wants to they can turn on their microphone and ask a question. We are gonna have time for that. Okay, so Venus we covered Next we have Mars. It's kind of interesting also to mention here that the earth is in between Venus and Mars. So also something to analyze something to think about that, you know, the Earth is just between Venus and Mars. And Mars also includes the circle element, the element of the individual, strike the energy of the homeless, but we also have the arrow, the arrow which shows our direction, you know, a symbol of the motion and So it's the sun energy, you know the desire of the material energy to dominate the spiritual energy or the spiritual world. So with Mars, we always have a direction. Now Mars being the planet of our personal will, the planets of, you know, the individual strengths, how we go after the things we want, how we compete with others smarts may also be related to aggression or confrontation, not always, but it could be and this arrow here is the key, you know, shows the direction and the desire of the material world to dominate the spiritual. You see how the the arrow is starting from the bottom you know, and moves up So the material world we just kind of trying to dominate the spiritual. So that's very important but then also to remember that there is a direction here, direction of this motion. So Mars is not a static on Mars always mean action always needs, you know something to move forward to something to do. And yeah, it's it's a very important comment of its own. And by the way, they also say that the glyph of Mars and Venus are very similar but flipped. So, you know, here is the circle and the cross, it's a little modified. So also to think about it. And also if we consider that Venus is the planet of women, Mars is the planet of man and the earth is in between The meeting place for men and women to learn to harmonize their connections or whatever, you know these are also things again, we can analyze and next we're moving to the social planets so so far this for the personal clients Yes, a Mars is also the symbol of the sexual energy. Yes, absolutely. They are related to the gender different genders and to females and males. That's absolutely true Mars and the sexual energy are related facts. Okay, so the first social comet being Jupiter. Jupiter, which is considered to be the great benefactor in astrology, the planet of expansion, the planet of success of opportunities and growth. And we have two elements here, the Arc Line which is at the top to be eventually By the way, it's very important also how those symbols are, are placed, so which is at the top, which is in the middle, which is at the bottom, that's very, very important. So, at the top here, we have our client. So energy which is transmitted, it could be like an inspiration. It could be a wisdom, some kind of knowledge, which we kind of received from somewhere else. So it's not something that arises from ourselves. It's something that can be Be can connect to something we might be open to and sensitive to, to recognize to process and to transmit very important and then we have the cross here. So, this energy that we can receive this could be inspiration or knowledge or wisdom, we are then capable of applying this or using it in the material world. So, you know, put it into some kind of concrete form. And that's very important that the material world is the glyph or the symbol of the material world is at the bottom. So, we are talking about domination of the So, over the material world, the So, if you remember the our symbolizes to so and then below that, we have to do well. So that's why for Jupiter you know, the highest values are related to the wisdom, the knowledge and then below that is the material world. So now, that's just how I kind of know the priorities of Jupiter. Because with Saturn we actually have kind of an opposite situation. So again, we look at the symbol the glyph of Jupiter, and now look at Saturn. So, there again kind of flipped. Here we also have the cross, across and on our line, but above The top we have the cross. So, in some way the material world or structure is dominating. And then we have the, so, for the acceptance for the transmission of the energy. So, with something we know that this is the plight of this to clean the planet of structures which can kind of you know, put this into some kind of frame that we are supposed to, to be or to learn and beyond that we have the ark. So, the symbol here is the material world which restricts the soul or which kind of directs the So, so, we are not saying Saying that softer is only challenging or is a bad one. But that's the nature here, if you remember or in religion in Christianity, especially the cross, it's a symbol of the pain, you know, the crucification. So the material world brings, you know, this kind of understanding that we are growing through challenges through suffering some times and we also have to pay attention that there is a connection so it's not just meaningless suffering or meaningless restrictions or challenges. Eventually they are for our own growth, for the growth of our soul. But the soul here needs to respect the material Reality cross. So, kind of kind of very important. And I find those connections between the different planets very fascinating, you know, Jupiter having the cross at the bottom, and Saturn having the cross at the top. So very interesting fact to think about. And Saturn is basically the last visible planet, the last planet which, even though it's a social planet is still you know, showing energies that we have easier access to the next tree comets basically they are the last three planets of the solar system, which we also call out or they have a more complex and more Difficult type of energy to understand to process and also to, to navigate to direct. So, the first one of them is Uranus. This is the symbol, we have two arcs, we have the grace we also have the circle and we have the adult I have I think I have forgotten to add it here. I can do it now, I guess. So, what does it mean? If you remember I told you that we have only two planets which have the this element, the dot and the dog being the element which shows Creativity which shows something arising from within us, the sun and Uranus are to to create science. And again, let me remind you, I'm talking about the type of creativity, meaning that you know, you're inventing something or doing something differently or you're in an original way, not necessarily related to art. And we have first to our clients here, on the two sides. So, this is the client which you know, also connects us to the divine energy, something we have to accept from the outer world. We have to process it, the cross, symbolizing the material world, so energy which can be intimate that's in the material. world, but also energy which has to become conscious, you know, the circle here symbolizes the consciousness of something that we have to be aware of something we have to process through our minds. And I, yeah, I think this is the only planet which includes a circle on our line and adopt. So, from longside you know, inside Uranus, we basically have the glyph of the sun, look at it here the circle with there is this consciousness, this individuality that you're in Australia present, but also open this to the outer world because of our clients. So it's kind of you know, like a connection of or blending of energies, something arising from within ourselves, but also something that we accept from the material world environment, not the material world but more like spiritual worlds. So very interesting very, very original planet and Uranus basically we know this is the planet of creativity, the planet of people who do orange and stuff like innovations like revolutions, people who sometimes are in are kind of difficult to be understood by others, they are represented by Uranus. And Uranus basically is related to all kinds of inventions, new things, original stuff. So Basically how many elements we have 1234 elements or if we count the two arcs, they are actually more. So very original very, very specific planet. Okay, and next we have Neptune Neptune being the second outer planet, one of the more complicated planets reach, pop, it's not also so easy to understand them and process them. We have two arcs here they are a little modified when we you know, put them into paper, but that's the meaning we have here to our lines here and one cross. So again, there is an open this remember when we talked about the our clients whenever We see them there is an openness. So, this planet shows some kind of connection between you know the person and the material or not necessarily the material world, but the outcome world environment and the cross which shows that finally, you know, the purpose is that this energy should be processed here in the material world, the material reality and here is something interesting also. Neptune is considered to be the higher octane of the moon. Actually, there are two theories here some people say that Neptune is the higher octave of Venus, and others say that actually Neptune is the higher octave of the moon. I would agree more with the theory that Neptune is the higher octave of the moon. Because Venus has this circle, Venus has the individuality. Venus, you know knows what she wants. With Neptune, we have the openness, you know the arguments here, which are related to the moon elements, you know, they connect this planet to the other energies or to the environment. So it's processing something that is coming from beyond, beyond our world beyond our consciousness or our understanding, and pay attention here we don't have the circle element. So it's very difficult to make this energy conscious. Neptune being also the planet of a different type of inspiration. specific type of creativity but it could be related to this time to art to something beautiful to music, it could be related to religion as well or very, very deep spirituality. Well, there is an openness of this energy, this type of inspirations coming from somewhere else. And we are just processing it and we have to channel it into the material world, into them into a material for So, very open, very receptive on his neck. And the last planet that we have, which also has three elements, so that consciousness or the circle at the top Then we have the arc element and then we have the cross. So, Pluto basically symbolizes the spiritual energy which creates the material world. This is the planet also of transformations the planet of you know very deep, very intense changes and pay attention again how those elements are placed, placed. So at the top we have the circle in between, we also have this openness, you know, and at the bottom we have cross So, all those energies are supposed to be materialized. You know, when we have frost at the bottom, we look to with Neptune Again, we have the cross of this energy should be put into a material form in a way is it easy? Well, usually it's not. We are learning how to do that it's a process but eventually you know this energy this higher consciousness you know this connection this higher connection to the spirit that that's what we should try to you know to materialize or to put into a complete for. Okay, so I think that please covered the most important things about the glyphs. Again this is not in our unexpanded material about you know the nature or everything that we have to know We just focus on the clicks. And if you want to go deeper, I can even recommend you to take each of those clips and maybe make a short meditation. Or let's say concentrate on each of the planets for one day or for one week and just, you know, keep it in your mind. Even when you're on your own, you can make deeper conclusions just by knowing you know, and focusing on the different elements. So don't neglect the power of you know, of this and that the fact that when you're on your own domain process is even deeper and understand the nature of each of those funds. Okay, so if you have any questions now, you're welcome to type them. Somebody wants to take the microphone You're welcome to do that as well. And for those who would like to learn more astrology we are starting Marsters astrology Academy in a couple of days. So this is the last chance to join us. You can go to Mars stars dotnet or find the link below the video and you will see the whole program basically we are going to start from the first most important things and we are going to build up with more advanced knowledge. And the final goal is to learn how to interpret how to put it all together, you know, planets, aspects, science houses, astrology, configurations, elements, you know, how to prioritize and to include all of that into into a final conclusion. The real idea of who this person is when you analyze his horoscope. Okay, so let's see. What's the history of the glyphs to be honest with you? I don't know, this is a very ancient knowledge and I think that even in, in ancient astrology, they have been used. I think that even you know, in the in Egypt they have used those samples so it's a very ancient knowledge it's not, you know, like one altar or has created it. It's just, you know, traveling through time, together with the knowledge of astrology by Who's the actual altar of the glues? I think it's unknown. I've been tried to check again was my, as far as I remember, you know, it's just from ancient times, and we are kind of, you know, using it afterwards. Mm hmm. Okay, so do you have any other questions something you would like to ask? Okay, so maybe there are not any questions now. In the future of course, we are going to cover Much more details about each of the clients about signs about positions. So, I'm pretty sure that in more concrete cases we are going to have more questions. So thanks to everyone who joined live or for people who are watching, later the recording and if you have any questions, you can type them if you would like to learn more about astrology Also, you can visit Mars stars dotnet and you will find more information about upcoming trainings and other interesting stuff there. Lots of free stuff as well. Like the new horoscopes, monthly horoscopes as well. Okay, so thank you guys. And we'll see each other soon. Bye bye

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