Planets and Careers

Each career is related to certain astrology planet. There are also careers which include a combination of 2 or 3 planets.

In this article we are going to list the most popular careers and th eplanets which are associated with them:

The Sun
Creative activities, acting, theater, show business, entertainment, jewelries, etc. The Sun brings desire to do something impressive and remarkable. It’s also related to leader skills and activeness.

The Moon
Everything related to children, caregiving and social activities, nutrition and food, restaurants, hotels, etc. The Moon doesn’t bring ambitions and desire for high status. Usually, the careers related to it don’t require high education.

Everything which includes working with information, writing and transferring; translation; science; journalistic; trading; consulting; practical education (without high education). The traditional medicine is also related to Mercury.

Everything related to beauty – fashion, clothing, make-up, hair dressing, modeling; art – music (plus Neptune), performance, singing and dancing (plus Mars); design; diplomacy.

Business; sports; cars; machinery stuff; risky professions – policemen, firemen, soldiers, etc.; surgeons; every area which includes competition, risk and taking fast decisions.

Prestigious positions; high education teachers and professors; layers; philosophers.

Government positions; architecture and construction business; accounting (plus Mercury); organization; hierarchic structures; military (plus Mars); funeral agencies.

IT sector; modern technologies; electrical specialists; aviators and pilots; astrologers and astronomers; scientists and innovators; TV and radio.

Biology, pharmacy, psychology and psychiatry; music and visual arts, photography; see transport; trading with alcohol and drugs.

Leaders, politicians; everyone who works under the ground – mine workers, archeologists; nuclear physics; petrol business.

So, if you want to find out whether you can be successful in certain career, first you need to define which is the planet(s) related to it.

Then you need to analyze the position of the planet in your chart – is this planet strong and accentuated and most importantly is it related to your career houses (2nd, 6th and 10th house).

If the planet related to your chosen career is ruling or positioned in one of the career houses, then this career is suitable for you.

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