Quincunx Aspect and Yod Configuration in the Horoscope


Hey guys, this is Marina and you're watching another q&a episode where you ask me your questions, and I record a video with an answer specifically for you. And today actually, I'm talking about a very interesting topic about the quincunx aspect and the yacht configuration. Often I'm asked about these type of aspects and configurations because they're very rare. There is not a lot of information and sometimes you can get confused. So the quincunx aspect is basically 150 degrees. It means that you need to have one planet in one sign. For example, let's say that we're talking about Aries. If you have the sun in Aries, then in order to have a quincunx aspect, you need to have a planet in Virgo or Scorpio. Let's say that this is the moon The Orbis guys is very small here the orbits is only two degrees, which means that in order to have this aspect basically, the distance needs to be between 148 and 152 degrees, which means that this is actually a very rare aspect. And let's try to analyze what we have in this combination, Aries and Virgo. So Aries is a fire and Cardinal sign. On the other hand, Virgo is a mutable and earth sign. So Earth and mutable sign, you can see that these signs are totally different. They're different in their element, and they're different, according to their modality The other example with the Scorpio, Scorpio is a water and fixed sign again, it's the complete different of Aries and if you try to make the same thing with the other possible combinations, you will find out that when you have a quincunx aspect basically, both of the planets these elements actually in which they fall are completely different according to their element in their modality. And this is something very specific in all of the other possible aspect actually, you have something in common between the elements between actually the science. For example, if we are talking about the square which is considered to be a challenging aspect, then you have at least a common modality of the science. For example, if you're talking about Aries and Capricorn as they make square, it's challenging. But, but at least the modality is the same. They're both Cardinal signs. So the important part here is that we have signs which are completely different. And try to make the same with another combination. For example, let's take Taurus. If we are talking about Taurus, something here, let's say the sun, then the quincunx will be here in Libra and Sagittarius again, Taurus is an earth fixed sign, and Libra is a cardinal air sign. Sagittarius is a mutable fire sign, tried to make the same with all of the other possible combinations, you're going to find out the same. And what it means is actually that these planets need more time in order to learn to communicate with each other. The energy is totally different. That's why it can bring some kind of at first, it can bring some kind of frustration. It's difficult to combine those type of energies. The other thing which is important for the quincunx is that actually it consists of 90 plus 60 degrees. So, the 90 degree is the very famous square aspect and this the 60 degree is the famous sextile. And here you can find out actually, that there is again a mixture of different energies, the square aspect is difficult the sextile is a positive aspect. So, the most important for this quincunx aspect is actually that first it has the influence of the square. So, it is related with some kind of challenges, some kind of difficulties that you need to overcome something which doesn't work very well between these two planets and after you work on this topic, after After you put some effort after you overcome certain, you know, challenges, then comes the influence of the sextile which is very harmonious, which is very positive related with, you know, things which happen in an easier way. So, broadly, this is the most important that you need to remember about the quincunx the energy is very different, and it's difficult actually to find the compromise and to, you know, to focus on the same planets at this on two of the planets at the same time. And the other thing is that first there is some kind of challenge for you something that you need to overcome and then you can benefit from this then comes the influence of the sextile. The other important thing is that, look, what is the difference between these positions, look here, so, here and here. Basically, this aspect takes on The whole horoscope This is one of the longest possible aspects, maybe the only longer is the opposition which is 180 degrees. But 150 degrees also takes a very big part of the horoscope. And the longer the aspect is with which we are analyzing the stronger is the action, the longer is the influence and that's why situations which are you know, influenced by the quincunx they're very long lasting. This is like a you know, like a life team in your life which is you know, constant. For example, the square is a 90 degree and you can see takes a small part of the horoscope that's why we say that, you know, it has a shorter influence. Yes, sometimes it is, you know, triggered by another transit or progression and it hits you and you have to fight but then comes a period of arrest with the quincunx The situation is different because this is a much longer asked. So the situation's lasts longer and they're more likely life teams for you. Okay, and now let's find out actually what is the, your configuration of course these topics are related and that's why actually, they're included in the same video. So, the your configuration basically consists of two quincunx is and one sextile. So let me choose the same example. We have the sun in Aries, we have the moon in Virgo and another planet in Scorpio. Let's say that this is Mars. So we have here the two quincunx is Mars and the sun, the sun and the moon. And here we have the sextile between Mars and the moon again, The Orbis here is only two degrees for the Queen Kong says, For the sextile, we can take five degrees. And this is a very rare aspect configuration. The main focus of the attention is the planet which has the two quincunx. This position also is called optics. And this is if you have this configuration, which by the way is also called a finger of God, then this planet in the optics is probably the most important planet in your horoscope. Yes, there might be some kind of challenges that you need to overcome in the area which this planet indicates and signifies in the horoscope. Yes, you know, there might be some difficulties but after that you can benefit from this and you're forced in a way you know, you're forced by the faith to focus on this topic. And if you're trying to neglect it, then the circumstances will force you and don't Forget that, after you overcome the challenges of the square, you're going to benefit from the sextile. And here, this positive connection between these two planets, the sextile is also really supportive. So, you know, it helps you and this is some kind of talent that you may have, and you need to use it in the area of the third planet, which is in the appendix. And there are many kinds of combinations here. So, we can talk specifically about each of the possible combinations, but you have to remember that the sextile gives you the easy part. So this is the talent that you have, you have to use this potential and you have to use it in the area of the planet which is in the objects of course, you need to analyze the planet itself. The sun or Venus or, you know, Saturn here you Note that they all have some kind of specific meaning. Also, you need to analyze the position, the house position of this planet. It matters for example, if this plant is in first house or to be in your fifth house, and also you have to keep in mind which house is ruled by this planet, because it will show you which life areas will be extremely important, and where you need to focus your attention. And don't try to neglect this configuration, you know, even though it's difficult to learn to handle with this, after you put the needed efforts, you're going to benefit because, you know, there is a reason why people call it a finger of God, you really need to focus on this topic. So that's the most important guys for the quincunx and the yup configuration. By the way, if you have it in your horoscope, I will be glad If you share your experience, in your opinion about the aspect and the your configuration Honestly, I don't have these aspects in my horoscope, but it will be interesting actually, to hear from you. And don't forget about our q&a episodes, you can send me your questions. As long as they're not personal. I mean, if we're talking about aspect or you know, a certain configuration or what can show certain, you know, life circumstances, then you're welcome to send me these questions. So that's the most important for today. Thank you very much for watching and I will see you soon.

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