How to read a birth chart and make predictions with Astrology #1

Below you will find feedback from the person after the webinar:

Hi Marina, 

It’s XXXXXX here, the person who you choose to be a volunteer on your Webinar, Wednesday just gone. 

Firstly, what a lovely surprise and secondly, a huge massive big thank you for choosing my chart out of all the volunteers out there.

I honestly can’t express my gratitude enough for your generosity and devoting your time and energy that you’ve done on Wednesday.

Sorry I have to share this with you as I found this week, all a bit wired!

On Tuesday 25th September 2018, I was at my lowest point, couldn’t stop crying and was wondering why is this happening to me or am I going mad?

Then as I was sitting in the living room round about 22.29 (10:29pm), I couldn’t stop noticing a bright light coming through my curtains. As I open the curtains, it was a full moon. So I decided to talk to it - (sorry! I know this sounds really weird), but I couldn’t help to make a prayer / wishing for someone to help or give me some guidances. 

Surprisingly, my prayer had been answered because the very next day I had received an email from you that you had chosen my natal chart to be used in your video!

Wow...everything you said was absolutely spotted on, you actually gave me goose bumps all over and throughout the whole reading! 

There were many times I so badly wanted to say something in the Webinar because I wanted to say to you, Yes you’re spot-on, not maybe or possible! 

I have to say Marina, you are such an amazing, talented astrologer because your accuracy. 

Everything you said about me, you were absolutely right! When it came about me struggling with Stability, never finishing what I have started. 

My personality, being quite co-dependent on others, suffering from abuse and violence, my childhood, my life experiences, especially about my mother, and again you were so accurate when you were talking about how my mind works! 

I can’t believe how you described in such details about my fears and anxiety (which, by the way; I have been diagnosed with anxiety disorder/ emotional personality disorder and complex post-traumatic stress disorder and yes! I do have a child) 

After kissing a few horrible frogs in the past, I believe from my bottom of my heart; I have finally found my true soul mate- who we have a beautiful little girl called Nnenna Angel age 2 on November 15th the same day as her Dad/ my fiancé.

Funny you mention about marriage? We were planning in the future to get to marry when we get the money together. However, after hearing your prediction, maybe not, I wouldn’t want us to separate. 

Another thing Marina? Which I found very interesting, when you mention about my health! Well funny enough I’ve been experiencing a lot of pain around the upper abdomen/stomach area. This has been on going for a long time but has become more increasingly sensitive to those areas. I have seen a few doctors regarding about this matter, and they have said in the past that I have IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), bowel syndrome), or it was gastritis. I’m not to sure now, if that’s really is the case, or if it could be something else because what you had said in video? 

Shame you can’t go into more in-depth about it. However, I will definitely make another appointment with the doctor again and hope and pray they can examine me and give me a right diagnosis this time.

Once again, Marina, I honestly can’t thank you enough for reading, combined with predictions and well as teaching us all about astrology.  

I’ve found this experience to be credibly fascinating and very insightful.

What a lovely birthday day gift from you, I could ever receive apart from having my daughter. Thank you so much. I will definitely take on board everything you said in the Webinar, and I hope this will help to make my life a bit better from this day forward.

I wish you & your family all the best and hope to learn from you more in the future. 

Kind regards, 



Hello dear friends, I'm Marina and today we have a live talk about some practical astrology. So, thank you very much to everyone who have joined me live to everyone who will watch the recording later on. We're going to talk about something very interesting because this is how astrology works in practice. We are going to analyze a concrete chart. We have a volunteer. And to keep her privacy, I will use another name for her. I will call her Annie and we are going to analyze first of all her natal chart in general. And after that, we're going to talk about prediction. So basically, you can you can see how in real life it works and how you can Use it also for yourself or the charts that you would like to analyze. Now, keep in mind that these are some in depth techniques. And if you cannot handle with all of these at the same time, don't worry, it takes time it takes practice that's perfectly normal. So today, most of the time, you won't be able to see me I will share my screen and you will be able to see the different charts, which we are going to use, of course, starting with the natal chart. And the first thing I would like to mention here is that before you start with the prediction, you always have to analyze the natal chart before that. Even if the question looks very simple, very clear, it's still highly recommended to analyze the natal chart before that because the natal chart shows what's possible for someone and what's not possible to happen and which are the general tendencies or challenges or talents? Because, for example, let's say that you have someone having great indications, let's say transit Jupiter in 10th house, let's say also another positive aspect for some people this May this transit may represent you know, becoming famous, becoming really successful. But in order to say that you need to find first indication that this is possible. For another person, this may just be a time for you know, some nice opportunities when he may have support from authority figures. Things are nice it business but not so significant results. So, The general rule here is we always start with the natal chart. And I highly recommend you to do the same before we move to making predictions, transits progressions and everything. So we have a volunteer as I told you. We are going to analyze her chart. And of course, thanks to everyone who sent me their details. Thank you very much, guys. If you like those live Stokes webinars, if you find them helpful, I'm ready to do them regularly. So please let me know if you want this to be on a regular basis and the volunteers can send me their details their questions, and we are going to analyze them live Of course, as you can understand, I cannot do this with everyone. I'm choosing something interesting something that You know, show you how actually to to approach the analysis. But of course, I'm really grateful to everyone who participates. So let me now move to them at the end of the video, I will tell you my email where you can send me the details for the webinar. And of course for everyone who wants a private personal reading with me, you can find the link in the description below this video. So if you allow me now, I will share my screen. Okay, you should be able to see my screen now. And here, we can all see a nice chart. Let me just take care of some technical stuff here. Okay. This is the natal chart of the woman that we are going to analyze. Let me show you the information that she has sent me. So her name, which is not visible here for to keep her privacy. So here are four questions. What's my purpose in life as I'm totally directionless. I'm struggling at the moment to find work. And the second question is, why have I been experiencing so much hurt and been throughout my life? Will my life get better Marina? So these are the main questions. The first one is a regular question about career very typical. The other one is not so regular. And actually the second question requires the natal chart analysis of course We are going to use all of the predictive techniques. But the main answer to this question why this woman is struggling, why she's suffering, why there is pain in her life we can find in the natal chart. So let me show you my approach. Now keep in mind guys that right now I'm not, I'm not able to see your comments I have to open here. So from time to time, I will come here to check the comments, please feel free to share your opinions about this chart after that, and we'll go through the comments and pay attention so if you have some comments, please share them with us. So let's go back to our chart. The first step when you're trying to analyze the natal chart of a person is related to the balance of the astrological elements It's very basic, but it's extremely important. And here This table shows us the elements in this chart. This column here shows the fire planets Here we can see the air water and earth planets. So basically the most important here is that we have no Earth planets in this chart. Generally, when certain element is missing there is some kind of luck something is not enough it's not necessarily by the way something bad or something, you know bringing incredible challenges but this is something specific. So always pay attention if you have no if you if there are certain element which is missing from the chart for example, I don't have air element and I can definitely say it's important in my case, and in honest chart, we can say she has no Earth planet, the earth element is the one which is which brings stability, which makes things consistent, long lasting, practical. So very often people with no Earth planet, they experience some level of instability in their life. That's one thing. And the other thing is that very often those people struggle with finishing the things that they have started completing the things this is usually a challenge. Of course, we have to analyze different things, but here we can see also Uranus is very strong, which also increases this tendency we can say that probably this woman will go through many changes during her life. She may experience this as a lack of stability and security. And also she may have challenges with finishing the things that she starts, especially when she loses interest. And usually this brings problems for the person if he you know, if he's incapable or unwilling or unmotivated to finish the things he starts, it's very hard to achieve success. Now, on the other hand, what can compensate the lack of earth energy in this chart is the fact that the ascendant is in Capricorn and the South node is also in Capricorn. Capricorn is one of the earth signs. So basically, this is what can help this woman, those Capricorn qualities may keep her you know, down to earth. And after all, you know, she needs that stability even though it's difficult to achieve she needs that. Okay, and the dominant elements in her chart are water and air four planets in water and air signs, we can say that probably the air element is a little bit stronger because the sun is in this element. But on the other hand, the Moon The moon is in the water element which is also important especially for a woman. So, almost equally important are the air in the water elements. These are the elements which are related to connecting with others. The air and water signs are also called sensitive signs. The fire and the earth signs are called constructive signs. In this chart, we can see that the dominant most of the planets are in the sensitive signs. And this usually makes the person more interested in building up fulfilling relationships, communication with others, it doesn't make the person necessarily communicate by the But this is important for him. And also usually those people are soft water and air are elements which don't make people you know, harsh or aggressive or something like that usually these are people who are soft, sometimes they may have challenges with their personal will but of course we need to analyze also other things not based on that we cannot make this final conclusion. Okay, so strong water of course makes for very sensitive, very emotional increases, increases called imagination and air element makes her really on oriented on connecting, which again doesn't mean that it's easy for her to connect with others, but on certain level she needs that connection and also Usually those people have ideas, they are really, you know, mentally active. Okay, so the next step in our analysis is related to the astrological configuration of the chart literally it means how the planets are placed. And there are different types of astrological configurations. This is also something fundamental and extremely important, which can change completely, you know, some other indications. So, in our case, this type of configuration is called a bundle, or sometimes I call it or not, but I think the bundle is the most popular name. Basically, we have this type of configuration when all of the planets are together within 120 degrees, or close to that sometimes it's not exactly but in this case it's almost exact, a very specific type of configuration, which makes the person from one side more closed. And also, these people usually depend on others, they depend on, you know, the outer circumstances, it's very important for them to be surrounded and by the right people and to be supported by them. Usually these are not the not people who can achieve everything on their own. Which by the way, is isn't always you know, it doesn't mean this is something bad, it means you know, just how things are. Also, very often those people are, can have interest in spiritual stuff, not 100%, but very often because they're more interested on what's happening on an inner level on the inside, and usually evokes an interest in, you know, all kinds of spiritual stuff. Also, something specific for this type of configuration is that those people are capable of incredible focus. If they are interested in something, they can become extremely focused on that sometimes obsessed. Of course, in order to say that the person can be obsessed, we also need to find other indications. But generally, the bundle configuration makes people capable of focusing and being extremely devoted on something concrete. And usually they are more focused on certain areas of their life. Which doesn't mean that this area is the same during their whole life. This may change over time, but for those people with the bundle configuration it's it's changed Gene to be equally focused and successful in different areas at the same time, for example, at certain periods, they may focus more on their relationships, or build up a family have children. After that they can become more focused on career or social realization. But usually the focus is in one direction. It's difficult to be, you know, equally focused on everything. But keep in mind that these are the people who can achieve really significant results. Because if you're trying to be equally focused on many things, usually brings destruction, the energy is not so focused. So think about the laser, you know, the focus is so concrete and you know, that's why it's so powerful. If you try to cover you know, a bigger space within the country tration is not so intense and it's very logical to be successful in something, especially if you want to be really successful in something, you have to be 100% devoted on that. That's, you know, also from life experience not only from astrology. So anyway, here we have a person who is capable of intense concentration also. Okay, let's let's finish with the configuration then we'll talk about the concentrations. The next thing we need to analyze the first and the last planets of the chart. In this chart, the first planet is Mars. The first planet defines what can motivate the person and how he tends to start things in his life in general, and also this position makes the planet stronger. So Hear it, we have an interesting case from one side. This planet is Mars. So we should expect that this woman has a strong personal will, is focused on taking action, maybe even willing to compete with others. Maybe even you know, willing to show that she's strong that she's a warrior that she's brave. But here we have something specific. Mars in this case is intercepted which can change a little bit this interpretation. Let me remind you what the interception means. As you can see here, the cusp of seventh house is 28 degrees in cancer. The next house is 27 degrees in Virgo, and here in this red color. You can see the sign Leo basically there is no cost for house here in New York and It makes the sign intersected. Generally the intersection brings challenges. First of all for the area for the house where we have the interception, and if you have a planet intercepted usually it's more difficult to materialize things or to use the energy of this plant. But the important thing about the interceptions is that the person still has this potential. But it's something like a locked potential, like talent which he's not so used to connect with. And usually the interceptions are unlocked, figuratively unlocked. Of course, when we get older, in some cases, not 100% of course, but the older people get, the more they are capable of unlocking this potential, so we can say that Annie has the potentially strong personal will, which she may not be in touch with, probably. And sometimes this may result, as you know, some kind of hesitations, maybe you know, she's, well, not always taking action whenever she wants to. And definitely, she may feel unconfident in her actions in herself. But during the time with ers, this may change and she may feel more and more confident and she may unlock this potential. Also, I would like to remind you that the interceptions are always in fairs whenever you have certain signings are set that in one house the opposite sign is always intercepted in the opposite household. Generally this brings this interceptions can bring Challenge is in the area of relationships for seventh house. And if you pay attention she has also another interception or just let me finish with the configuration before we move to that. So that's about the first planet of the configuration. The last planet in current configuration is Neptune. The last time it shows how you can finish the things that you start, what kinds of results the person wants to achieve and generally you know his goal when Neptune is the last month of the configuration I have noticed that very often people feel confused about their goals. That's the you know, lower level of manifestation of Neptune it brings confusion, it blurs things um, it can even motivate people sometimes can make them lazy or, you know, losing interest at some point. So, that can be true for Annie. But also Neptune can have a much more different influence, it can be extremely spiritual. And it can provoke the person to you know, try to achieve something idealistic, he may have, you know, really spiritual goals to help others to do something for others to make some sacrifices. So, also keep in mind the truth during time with yours, Neptune can change its influence so far, and we can say that it's completely normal that at some point, you may feel confused or, you know, not in touch with her desires or literally she may feel lost sometimes. And one of the important things that she should be, you know, trying to achieve it Helping others and you know those spiritual goals when you're trying to you know become better and improve life and which sometimes you know can be to the listing, but the goal for that really helps us to become better people. So, very interesting case. Now, also let me mention about this other interception. So we saw that Mars is intercepted in Leo, but we have also another interception. Here, pay attention that because of a cast with 27 degrees in Virgo, and the cusp of ninth house is seven degrees in Scorpio. And here in the purple color, we can see the sign Libra no cusp of a house here so we interception of another site and here We have the sun, Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto, all intercepted. Generally having so many planets intercepted can make it well, very difficult for the person to reveal his potential, especially when the sun is intercepted. The person may feel like you know he's incapable of revealing his full potential or others are not capable of seeing him or seeing his town. So this is a tough position definitely. But again, as we said, with time the interceptions can be unlocked. And probably when Annie is young, her personal will and confidence won't be strong. Actually, he may she may have lots of doubting herself. She may avoid the risks she may have fears and lots of other you know, possible challenges but with time this may change and she may get more in touch with herself and her personal will and this may really help her later in life. Also this interception in second eighth house can bring challenges in the area of finances and resources of all kinds. And here I would like to mention something important about having your son in a house just let me check if everything is okay. Okay, I see that you are here with me guys. Everything is okay with the technical parts. So back to the sun in a house generally is is considered to be a weak position. For the Because the sun represents our confidence, our true self, our identity. eighth house makes us depend on others. A house is not only the money of our partner, but generally our interaction with other people, the energy of other people. So people with the sun eighth house, they tend to, you know, depend more of others. Very often it manifests as financial challenges for the person. I'm not 100% again, but very often. Also, this can bring more critical situations for the person he needs to transform a lot of things. He needs to change things he may go through some traumatic, challenging experiences and especially in the home A cup of a woman. A very typical scenario when the son is in eighth house is that at some point those people need to learn to handle with life on their own. Very often these are women who for some reason, you know, may have a certain relationship or marriage or, you know, leave with someone, they have children and after that they need to handle on their own taking care also for their child. And they may struggle with finding the right person. But that continues until they learn to handle on their own. And later in life, at some point, those women usually become stronger, they become confident, they learn that they need to rely only on themselves. And at some point, they even say very often, not always, of course, but very often they say, Well, I don't need a man anymore. I don't need a partner to take care of me anymore. And usually that's the time when they find the right person. But very often women with some in a house they need to learn to handle on their own. Again, it's not you know, 100% recipe for everyone, but very common scenario. So generally we should say that I need to learn to depend on herself, not to rely on someone else to support her. And this is not always about money very often this is about you know, depending financially or on others, but also it's about emotions and energy. Those women need to learn not to depend energetically, emotionally, psychologically on their partner, because you know, if they wait for someone else to save them to Take care of them. Usually life puts them in very severe situations in order to teach them. But again, we know that everything is for the good. So even if that's your scenario, you should accept it and believe that this is you know, the right lesson for you just like for me, but in this case, I'm not sure we don't have the information whether she has ever been married or she has children. Um, it's quite possible, in my opinion for her to have a child with this. Hi, mom here on MC. It's quite possible that she may have but we don't know that. But anyway, what we can say for sure is that she needs to find her true self she needs to connect with herself with her personal power, and she needs to search for that insight. She shouldn't you know, wait for someone to come and save her and Here we mentioned that the bundle configuration very often makes people depending on others, so this might be a challenge for her. But it doesn't mean that this is impossible Of course. Also, you can see that she has the sun in conjunction with Saturn, okay, it's not worth suffering because it's more than three degrees or less but anyway, Saturn is really close to our Sun. Jupiter is also here Jupiter supports the sun and Pluto is in conjunction with all of those plants so she has a large stallion in a cast. Generally this can bring also fears this can bring in anxiety. This can bring painful experiences and serious transformations but these people people like and they are capable of handling with all That and they can be very good managers when it comes to handling with critical situations, those people they can be you know they get in touch with their power to facing with challenging situations. So, this difficulties are making her stronger even though she may have you know those doubts and worries and fears and yeah things are not simple with this type of horoscope. Also we can see that she has another stellium in Scorpio including her moon in close conjunction with Uranus and also venus here. So, this is a person with a very Strong Scorpio Pluto energy. Look at this, the sun in conjunction with Pluto in eighth house and also another stellium including the moon in Scorpio. So we have a person with incredibly strong, Pluto Scorpio energy. These are people who are very strong, even if they don't know it, they are and they are capable of, you know, making incredible transformations throughout their lives. But usually it also brings some painful experiences usually that's how things happen. Also, her moon in Scorpio moon. Generally you know the moon is very important for everyone because it shows how the person sees the outer world, especially the close world around him. If you know the outcome World is a safe place or a dangerous place, is it stable or not? The moon is very important for all of that. And the moon in Scorpio is in a very challenging position. Because the moon is exalted in the opposite sign Taurus. So the moon in Scorpio is not feeling comfortable. Usually those people, they, it's very difficult first of all for them to relax, they feel inner tension, they can feel anxiety. They may have fears, they may feel threatened by the outer world, they may feel like no people want to hurt them, like the world is not a friendly place. But here we have to mention something very important. The horoscope shows how the person sees the outer world. You know, it's like a filter and it's not necessarily what you know, reality is But that's how the person feels. So, the more you Scorpio can make the person you know, more sensitive, more worried, more suspicious. And generally we can say that and you may have some trust issues in general. Again, one of the indications is this stellium in eighth house, Saturn Pluto with the sun. The moon in Scorpio, the ascendant in Capricorn, together with the other indications can also make her really suspicious. It might be very difficult for her to open up for other people. And of course, we are not charging we are not blaming. Everyone has his own, you know, reasons and path and it doesn't mean that this is something bad. Also, as we said the moon is in conjunction with Uranus very close. junction, this is not a positive combination. Uranus can really hurt the moon and can make the person feel well really unstable emotional instability also. Also, he may feel like you know, there are so many changes, like you know, there is there are constantly things changing in some way and it's difficult for the person to adapt to new circumstances. One of the reasons for the challenging constipation is that her mood has a very low speed. The speed of the moon genuinely, literally actually means how many degrees the moon will go through for this day when the person was born. Typically the speed of the moon is between 12 degrees and 15 degrees on average 13 and have degrees. In amis case we can see 11 degrees 51 minutes. So less than 12 degrees per Moon is really slow. And usually it suggests that it's, you know, the person is not well adaptable. For example, if you have a very fast moon, let's say more than 14 degrees, normally those people adapt easier or you know, it's not so challenging for them to face with new circumstances. So, from one side and he has a slow moving, but together with Uranus, so even though she may not enjoy completely, those fluctuations and changes, they are part of her life. And what we can recommend in such cases is for the person to search for the variety, not to try to you know, keep things as they are because this South node in Capricorn the conjunction between the sun and Saturn can make her you know, try to keep things as they are, she might be afraid of the new things sometimes, but that's not the right strategy. So, intentionally consciously she should search for changes for variety for experiencing new things for some kind of experiments. Okay, probably we can say that with those indications, there were some kind of difficult experiences also during her childhood very often. The moon in Scorpio moon, together with Uranus represents difficulties during childhood or with the mother and also pay attention that her Moon is at the very last degree of Scorpio, the 30 degree Generally the route the last three degrees of each sign are considered to be critical. So the planet is not so strong and there might be some kind of challenges in the areas which are related to this planet. It's not always you know something bad or something awful or something you should be scared of, but it means that you know her Moon is in a specific position from one side. Essentially weak essentially means the sign position in Scorpio is weak accidentally, which means the house position is strong because it's in conjunction with the cusp of 10th house and the last degree also makes the planet weak so very specific position for the moon very, very specific. And we can also suggest that probably motherhood will be a specific area for her body also bringing you know, some intense experiences or changes or at least some serious transformations. Guys, please let me know if what I'm saying is, you know, clear. And if it makes sense for you, is it too complicated? Is it helpful? Please let me know in the comments while we are moving forward. How do you feel with all of that? Hopefully, you can. Okay. Okay. Thank you very much for everyone who responds. Okay, this might be a lot I know that there are many things that we are analyzing, but keep in mind that you know People are complicated. And that's why also the horoscope is complicated and sometimes we have, you know, contradictory indications and we need to learn how to, you know, understand that. So yeah, there are many things that we need to analyze, but this is something that we can handle with. Okay. And also one thing that is important, her feminine planets are in weak positions. Both the moon and Venus are in Scorpio, and they both, you know, feel uncomfortable in this side, which can also you know, bring challenges related to her feminine energy might be you know, kind of unbalanced or she may need to work more with that and Definitely, you know, strong intense emotions possibly also impulsive. Sorry, emotional instability. Okay, I'm about her lunar notes very important. The Lunar notes are. Well, I would say, one of the most important indications in someone's chart and when someone asks you or if you're wondering how you know to help yourself how to improve your life, what's your mission? You know what you're supposed to do? The answer is in your own notes. The South node represents the past qualities that the person already has areas where he has developed in previous incarnations in the past. The North Node represents our lesson, the direction that we should take what we should learn It's usually difficult, it usually takes time. There might be some fears or uncertainty related to this, but it's also very important. So Annie has her South node in Capricorn in first house. First of all, Capricorn can make her even more willing to change. She may like to keep things as they are, she may look very serious on life. There are also other indications of course, Saturn with the sun, those you know, guys here together with the sun can make her really serious about life. Um, sometimes more pessimistic, sometimes more, you know, capable of seeing the things that might go wrong or you know what's not right. I'm also South note in first house makes people more focused on themselves more, you know, interested in doing it. According to their own desires and also, it might be more difficult for them to be in a relationship to partner with someone else. And the north node in Anna's horoscope is in cancer in seventh house, by the way also in conjunction with the house, the cost of the house, also very important. First of all, cancer assign means that she needs to learn to connect emotionally with other people. She need to learn to allow herself to be vulnerable to have close emotional connections. Also, of course, you know, family issues should be important, but mostly the area of emotions. And because these know these things in seventh house, it means that the area of relationships is where she will learn or she can, you know, gain those qualities. So emotional close connection with another person who is equal to her, where she is not a leader she's not doing things on her own. She's working in I'm saying figuratively working or having a partnership with another person and she allows herself to be vulnerable and emotionally connected with that person. Of course, the first thing that comes to our mind is, you know, having a romantic partner, but you sometimes this can be a challenge. And the first step for example, if you know the person says that, you know, his struggle with finding a romantic partner or you know, a committed relationship. In this case, our advice is for her to try to establish such close Emotional relationships with friends. It could be with women, it's completely okay but to be emotionally closely engaged and connected with another person, and true, figuratively exercising that or practicing, that maybe is the better expression to practicing that she can also attract, eventually she can attract the partner. Because normally we can expect that with the north node in seventh house, well, this is an area where she has some lessons, so probably, it won't be so easy for her. And very often also, when you see that the notes are in conjunction with the cardinal houses, meaning first, second or fourth 10th It doesn't matter which note which of those houses but when you see that, usually that's an indication that this person was Go through a very serious transformation during this life meaning that he can move to another level in his spiritual growth, his personal growth. It's not so simple to explain it, you know, with simple life examples, but, you know, on a spiritual level, this is a very important life it's very important lessons. So, the most important thing is that she has the lesson to transform herself. There is a meaning in all of those painful experiences. You know what I have noticed that one of the most painful things in someone's life is if they feel like you know, their life is pointless or there is no meaning in their life in their experiences, like you know, they're suffering for nothing. That's not the case. I would like to you know, encourage you to Everything has a meaning even if we can find it even if it's not so obvious. And growth comes usually through pain or through, you know, some serious work. So, I think that Annie has some serious work to do during this life. And people with two stadiums, generally, you know, they have potential they have some talents, so she definitely has some potential and some talents, but probably because of the interceptions. They might be unlocked later in her life. Okay. Let's see now, a couple of things about concrete areas. Before we move to the prediction, the first of all, let's continue with theory of relationships. We see that There we have cancer here on the cusp of seventh house which is you know the most important house when it comes to serious relationships. And it means that the moon rules this house. The moon is in conjunction with Uranus, Venus is also in conjunction with Uranus. So generally we can say that there might be lack of stability in Annie's personal life. Sometimes this may work as you know, being in a relationship with people who don't want to commit or maybe you know who are not available, or there are other circumstances which are preventing the relationship to be serious and long lasting. Generally, in those cases, I recommend those people to try to build up a more untraditional relationship also In this case I would definitely recommend you know to skip the marriage the official marriage You can live together with someone but without the official signature because that's the Saturn think you know when Uranus doesn't like Saturn so generally if those people get officially married and Uranus is very strongly affecting their seventh house usually brings separations possible separations not always of course, so we can recommend her to try to build up a more untraditional relationship. For example, very often I have seen in those cases that the woman has a partner who is traveling frequently and they are not together all of the time. This is a very positive way to work with this child or not transitory with this aspect, or to try to build up a more spiritual connection. That's Very you know very well a huge topic about Uranus and the different levels of manifestation. And just with a couple of words on a very low on a material level Uranus has a destructive influence. So, you know it brings sudden events unexpected, stressful, shocking events. in relationships the low manifestation of Uranus also brings instability. But on a higher level, Uranus brings intellectual connection, not necessarily, you know, sexual or physical. Usually, there isn't of that with Uranus but very strong intellectual mental connection and common or mutual spirit of spiritual interests. So if Annie finds a person who first of all is a friend to her, or who shares similar interests, She is more capable of having a stable relationship. And if she hasn't found this person yet, she shouldn't be discouraged. Because as we said, the north node very often brings delays. So where your north node stays in your horoscope usually is an area where things will happen later for you. Or you know, it's kind of a painful place but very important and you shouldn't avoid it. Okay, and also Mars here Mars in seventh house. Well, it really depends on the aspect of Mars generally, it can bring more passion, intense emotions, especially when Mars is in a fire sign like in this case, we see Mars in Leo, but sometimes you know, it can bring a competition like you know, we are trying to well, fighting for the leader place in our relationship. to ship or you know attracting people are more aggressive or constantly having those arguing confrontations sometimes not always, but sometimes possible violence. So, you know 5050 situation. And in any case we can see that Mars has a square with Venus. So in relationships this can bring jealousy this can bring, again very strong passion, very intense passion, but also some dramatic experiences. This type of square, Leo Scorpio I have noticed that this is a square which always brings dramas, even if you have you know, other planets like let's say your son and well, it could be Mars or even with another planet. The square between Leo and Scorpio very often the rings drums And also when it comes to her personality Venus and Mars and the square between them usually also suggests that the person doesn't take action according to his desires. Venus is the plant which represents what we want our well our personal desires and Mars is our personal will or Mars is the servant, the while the servant of the sun but also with Venus. So basically Mars is the planet which helps you to get mobilized and do something when you want to have something. And when you have a challenging aspect between Mars and Venus, especially if Mars is weak, and in amis case we can see Mars is intercepted. So there is a challenge here. Usually it suggests that while the person well doesn't take action according to his desires, He may feel that there's some kind of outer obstacles or maybe sometimes people who you know, are in some way interfering with that, but generally it also brings those challenges. Okay. So we definitely see some challenges in the area of relationships. Also keep in mind that because Venus is in conjunction with Uranus and the moon, the fact that Venus makes square with Mars means that under directly Mars has square with Uranus and the moon as well, even though the Orbis is larger, so this can also you know, bring this can bring challenges and possible instability. But the fact that her north node is here means that this is the area where her lessons are and she shouldn't You know give up on that also when usually when women has a very have a very strong moon it means that motherhood and generally the the woman's role is very important for them. Now when it comes to career when it comes to career she Annie has also cancer on the cusp of sixth house. So everything that we set for this moon the conjunction with Uranus the conjunction with Venus, the possible instability may also be true for her career direction. This may also affect her health, by the way, generally, you know, this is another topic I don't want to get into details, but in this case, she really needs to pay attention To her female organs, breasts, gynecological organs, and possibly also the stomach. This is something again, we cannot, you know, give concrete diagnosis or something like that, we can just recommend the person to, you know, pay more attention to his health regarding those organs and systems. Okay, but when it comes to her work, we can see that also she has a very strong potential or talent to help others, first of all cancer on the cusp of sixth house, and also the moon in the 10th house. So, I think that one of the best areas where she can be successful is through supporting others helping others of course, the first thing that comes to mind is working with children. Also anything related to food, beverages, restaurants, hotels, these are areas where she can be successful. But especially when it comes to you know, helping others. I think that this is the area where she can be truly successful, especially with children. This is not you know, part of her questions but I just wanted to mention my opinion. And because Uranus is here probably there will be you know, changes in her career, she may feel this is no lack of stability. But if she consciously search for variety and changes, and she's trying to change herself on a regular basis, she may actually avoid experiencing those as you know, some outdoor events which is you more stressful okay. So, this is our general analysis of this chart. And I think that we covered one of the questions, why she has you know, why she has suffered why there are painful experiences mostly because the sun is in conjunction with Saturn and Pluto in eighth house and also she has a stellium in Scorpio. Usually these are combinations which bring difficult events, but the person has also incredible inner power and she will get in touch with this inner power probably later in life because of those interceptions. So, we have, you know, and we cannot promise this person that you know, everything, one day will become you know, smooth and cloudless and simple, but to be honest with you, no one you know has everything perfect in their life. And we shouldn't be afraid of that. But we can say that after you know, some years pass or the older she gets, and the more she connects with her inner power and confidence, the more she will unlock this potential and you know, she will be capable of revealing her full potential. So, let me just come check you guys. About her age. Yeah, that the age is not a secret her age while she's almost 37 years old. So, in a couple of days, she will become 37 years out We will discuss that because this is also very important. Okay, let's move to our prediction. Okay, let's start. Well, let's start with her progressions. Um, okay, so here you can see, and this progress chart for the current moment. So we need to analyze that. But also, we should pay attention to how the progressed planets connect with the Natal planets and this chart will show us that so here the inner circle shows the Natal planets. And this outer circle here shows the progress on it. So both of those things are important. I mean the progress chart itself In also how it connects with the natal chart. First thing which I think is extremely important, this is her progressed moon. Her progress Moon is literally a couple of days is entered Aries. The progressed Moon is very important especially for women especially in Anna's case we saw that her Natal Moon is very strong. So you always need to pay attention to your progress moon. The progressed moon stays in one sign between two years and a half up to three years, between two and three years depending on the speed again in the progressions. So when the progress on changes to sign usually it affects our emotionality. How we feel, you know, very often it's related also to changes in our industry. rounding the area in how we connect with others who are very important. And up until now let's check for how long actually her progressed moon has been in Pisces so from August 2016, so more than two years, a little bit more than two years. Her progressed moon has been in Pisces. Generally when the progress Moon is five is in Pisces. People may feel kind of lost. They may feel unmotivated in achieving, you know success on our level or even if they want to, they don't know how exactly to do that. You know, they might be over emotional oversensitive to vulnerable unconfident. Of course it also has positive manifestations for spiritual work or personal growth or, you know, getting in touch with yourself. motions. focusing more on your inner world of course, that's terrific. But usually I have noticed that people struggle with some things when the progress meeting. Again, not 100% I also remember my progress known when it was in crisis, keeping in mind that my Natal Moon is also in Pisces, and honestly, I didn't feel really comfortable during this period. So generally this is you know, the ending the ending phase of certain cycle because Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac. So she's completing certain cycle in her life. And the very end of something you know, this is the like, they call it the dark night of the soul. Generally, we can say that this is kind of a topic in her life because of how her natal chart is, but also having the progress moon in Pisces in 12 house and pay attention guys that in the progressions The moon is also intercepted when it's in Pisces. She can definitely feel lost during this time. And again, this is part of the healing process. It doesn't mean that this is the last time that this is something bad even though we may be experiencing this as you know, a challenging period. And as we said recently, I will check exactly when. So, literally yesterday guys on the 25th of September Today's the 26th of September. So yesterday, her progressed moon has entered Aries. That's one of the biggest shifts that you can possibly feel the difference between Pisces and Aries is huge. And first of all, she may you know start to feel more and more confident in herself. Aries is the sign of the warrior, the soldier, the fighter, the person who takes action, the person who you know fights with circumstances. It's not always an easy progression. Because you know sometimes no people are exhausted from you know, overcoming things fighting with things, but I think that in any case this will bring some kind of relief in this progression will help her to be more confident, to feel more capable of taking action. One of the most frustrating things I have noticed in you know, someone's how they feel in their life is if they feel one hopeless or the other thing powerless like they're incapable of changing things. Now with the progress moon in Aries, and you can find her inner confidence and keep in mind it doesn't think mean that yesterday she has woke up and you know, life is completely different than on the soldier and I can fight with everything usually doesn't happen like that usually takes some time. You know, it may take a month, it may take even more, but slowly she will start to feel more and more connected with that. So I'm very optimistic because of this progression. And also, as we said, The moon is no longer intercepted in the progressions another reason why she makes you more capable changing things like you know, there are more things under her control, because the intersections they usually make people feel like you know, things are well outside of their control, which usually you know, might be the case. So we really like this progression here. also pay attention that The progress man is currently making trying to recur Uranus, also an indication which suggests that she can make a change in her life. She may get excited about something she may get inspired to do something to transform her life. So this is a very, very supportive aspect especially for someone who feels hopeless or lost or bored or you know, overwhelmed Uranus can bring this energy and excitement and desire to change things. So we are optimistic. Another thing in her progressions. Her progressed Mercury is on the 29th degree in Libra. You may if you if you noticed her Natal Mercury is four degrees. Scorpio. So if you're wondering how is that possible that her Mercury is right now, before the Natal mercury basically 29 degrees in Libra. It means that at some point are progressed, Mercury has been retrograde which lasts approximately 20 years. And that's why it can go, you know, back before the Natal mercury But anyway, right now when Mercury is on the 29th degree in Libra, as I told you, the last three degrees are considered to be critical. And that's true not only in the natal chart, but also in the progressions. So usually, you know, the person may feel kind of, you know, tired with the things which this planet represents. Mercury is very often related to our work. Mercury is very often related to our friendships, how we connect with others, our general you know, service grounding area. So, usually, when mercury in the progressions is in the last tree decrease, people are searching or at least feel the need to make change very often. And it's completely normal to feel frustrated with career with you know, their friendships or other things. And, of course, the change will come when the progress mercury enters the next sign or Scorpio. This should happen next year let's check exactly when. So during September 2019, September 2019, her mercury will make ingression in Scorpio and pay attention that her progressed moon will enter first house in the progressions so we can expect that this will be a very significant period It doesn't necessarily mean that it will happen during this very month. It might be a little bit before that little bit after that, generally, those changes may might be felt even one year after that. But this is kind of a new beginning for her. Both progressed Mercury, you know, progress, mercury, Maxim aggression, the progress moon enters first house. So we can expect that after September 2019. She might be you know, well, she may get more, she may become more socialized with others, she may change her career, she may find a new direction very often, when you're progressing, Mercury changes its sign in progressions, I mean, this represents change in your way of thinking in your way of communication in your friendships. And again, it may take time it doesn't mean that you know, me If you change your friends you However, sometimes it may happen, especially when people replicate because sometimes, this progression may also indicate revocations, but in one way or another, the person changes his way of connection with others and very often his interest when it comes to work. Okay, let's see. After I hear By the way, I'm looking in those aspects Hmm. We can see here around November, December 2018, and also January 2019. Her progressed moon will make square with her progress penis. Generally this may bring some kind of frustration on an emotional level or some kind of changes, sometimes challenges Which might be about her personal life or also may indicate changes in the area of career. So this is possible. It's not always something bad, by the way, because the moon and Venus are both positive planets. So sometimes it just indicates changes not necessarily, you know, some problems, but sometimes you know, this is also kind of emotionally frustrating. Okay, so from what we see here, there are, you know, lots of changes happening in her life from now from this very moment, and one year from now as well. Let's look at her. Well yeah, how the progress planets connect with the Natal planets that we return. Okay. The situation for this very moment again, I Repeat the inner circle shows the NATO chart the outer circle shows the progress planets. So currently the progress Moon is in her second house. And right now this combination Aries in second house suggests that probably she will be really focused on lert sorry on earning money with our own efforts, financial independency will be very important for her I will say during the next two years at least. And she might be really focused on that. Generally this is supported by the way even though this may feel as kind of a you know struggle and the need to overcome things. After all, the person finds the needed strength and energy to achieve that. So generally we can expect that during the upcoming two years, and it will be really focused on earning her own money with her own efforts and the more independent financially she becomes the stronger she will feel. Okay period where when she needs to be more careful with analysis. First of all around April, May, June July her progress will make opposition with her Natal son which is in eighth house. So this is a period when some financial changes might come up. She needs to be more careful even though this is not, you know, a bad aspect However, she needs to be more careful with that. And after that, let me see here July, August and part of September 2019. Her progressed moon will make opposition with Saturn with the Natal Saturn you can see this here progressed moon in second house opposition with Saturn in eighth house this might be a challenging period for her emotional emotionally also financially she needs to be more cautious with things and expenses and to plan basically are things better. But then things look easier. So these are the periods when she needs to be more careful. And around the end of 2019 December 2019 also January and February 2020. Her progressed moon will make Trine with her Natal Mars This is a very harmonious aspect which Help are mostly in the area of relationships. Also keep in mind Mars is the ruler of our progress, which makes aspects even more important and positive. So we can expect first of all that this will be a positive period when it comes to building up a romantic relationship or improving her relationships in general. And also a period when she can feel braver she can take action she can feel and be more independent. So definitely significant changes. Let's look now at the transits. Someone says the north node matures about the age of 43 I have a slightly different opinion about that. And actually, we'll discuss this right now because this is important in Anna's chart. When it comes to the notes, the periods which are extremely important are when the transit nodes returned to their Natal positions. The first time it happens is when we're approximately 18 years and a half 1819 years old. The second period is around the age of 37 years. And in my experience, actually the second Return of the North is more important because we are we have more experiences. When we are 19 years old or 18 years old. We are almost kids, so we are not so conscious. Probably there are people who are but most foreigners Most of the people, they're too young to be connected with their north node. But the second return when we are 37 years old is usually a very, very important period. And this is the time usually when there are changes related to the houses where the north node where the notes are in general. So, here in this chart, the inner circle shows and his natal chart the outer circle shows the transits. Currently, you can see that the note the notes are about to make conjunctions with current NATO notes. Remember that the notes are moving retrograde, so, not like the planets in this direction they are moving clockwise actually. So, here we can see the transit node node is five Greece Leo and very soon it will make conjunction with her Natal note which is 29 degrees in cancer. This will happen literally in two months in November, approximately the second half of November the beginning of December. Generally this is a very important period, when very often people ask themselves the questions, you know, what they have achieved and are they satisfied This is a time of changes, this is a time when you know, you can become more mature and this is also in Annie's case, very important period when it comes to the area of relationships. This is the time when she may ask herself whether she needs to change something about herself, her attitude towards others, her approach to people or how she communicates and how she connects partners and this conjunction actually may brings the opportunities for that. So this is a very important indication. The other thing in the transits, which is important. First of all, we already mentioned that she has this huge Stadium in Libra some 10 degrees Saturn 13 degrees Jupiter 19 degrees, Pluto 24 degrees. During the previous years, the Triassic Uranus made opposition with all of those planets here. Uranus was in Aries for seven years. That's how long it stays in one side. And during this time, it has made opposition with all of our planets in Libra. Generally this can bring lots of instability, stressful events unexcited The situation so it's completely normal that she has been through some, you know, traumatic events or difficulties or instability. Also keep in mind that during this time Pluto, the transit Pluto squared, the transit Uranus, and of course it squared also from her planets in Libra. Now those aspects are not over yet, because Pluto currently is on the 19 degree in Capricorn. So it still has some squares to make, but at least it won't square her sun and Saturn. This has already passed in. Probably this has also been a very, you know, difficult combination for her. So we are not surprised you know that probably during the past couple of years. She has experienced you know, some serious changes in stressful events. Okay, The good news is that Uranus is right now in Taurus, at some point it will make opposition with her mercury will discuss that but at least it won't square the stallion. So it won't make opposition with the stellar. So something very positive. Currently the traffic Jupiter is in Scorpio. And literally in a couple of days it will make conjunction with her Venus and after that with Uranus and her moon, this will happen a month from now. So during October and the beginning of November, generally Of course we are very happy to see that because Jupiter is the planet of opportunities to grow. So there might be some positive changes first of all related to her personal life and so, baby Attention we have we have the north node in conjunction with the cusp of the seventh house in the Natal node. And at the same time Jupiter making conjunction with Venus and with the moon which was seventh house. So generally we can say the next couple of months might be very positive when it comes to her personal life when it comes to harmonizing her emotions, her feminine energy also because those planets are in ninth house, we can say a positive time for traveling. And after that, during so the very end of October and the beginning of November, the transit Jupiter will enter her 10th house. This can be a very positive transit when she can find a job because this is one of the questions that we have to cover. Generally When Jupiter enters your 10th house, you can expect positive events happening in this area of your life. So we can say that probably very soon she should be able or there might be some positive opportunities for her to start a new job. And Jupiter will stay there until January 2019. And then it enters 11th house and goes back to 10th house from June 2019 until September 2019. So these are periods which can be really positive for your career. Now, both to what's interesting, there are a couple of aspects that we need to cover Sure, during December 2018, the transit Jupiter will make sextile with her son, but at the same time, Saturn will square the sun. So, we have a contradiction here. So from one side Saturn can bring possible challenges and restrictions and maybe you know the need to be more organized and disciplined and you know, following some orders and structures and things, but on the other hand, there might be also opportunities for her. So, we can suggest that or we can, you know, expect that probably there will be some opportunities for her, but at the same time she needs to work hard for her results. Then during February 2019, the transit center will square her Natal Jupiter. You can see that aspect here as well. Jupiter Jupiter rules for 10th house and her second house. So, this is a time when she may have some challenges related to her work or finances or she may feel kind of overwhelmed or you know things might be may require more serious work and attention. But on the other hand, almost at the same time, during February transit Jupiter makes conjunction with Neptune Neptune roof second house in this is positive for finances So, we can expect that for example, she may have lots of expenses or some bills to pay or you know things to cover related to her finances, but at the same time she might be capable of earning those money because Jupiter makes conjunction with Neptune at the same time. time So, Jupiter really supports the situation. And after that, during April 2019, the transit Uranus will make opposition with her mercury. This is a long lasting transit which will be on and off for between two and three years. And first of all this suggests lots of changes. On an intellectual level, for example, the person may completely transform his way of thinking. There might be some kind of nervousness usually the stressful aspects of Uranus are challenging for our nervous system so the person can feel restless and overwhelmed. But at the same time, when it comes to learning things, especially spiritual things, especially astrology or something like that, this aspect passion actually is very helpful because It just represents you know the complete transformation of your mind and your ideas and your thoughts. So, at least we can be sure that this will be interesting. Okay, then during June 2019, Saturn squares Jupiter again, so, also a period when she needs to be careful with finances and work. But Jupiter makes sextile at the same time. So we have, you know, multiple challenges but also possible, you know, support or positive events or at least there will be some results coming out of this you know, work or efforts okay. And again around October 2019. Jupiter will make another conjunction with her Neptune which should also be positive in terms of finances. We mentioned that Neptune rules second house and during November and December, Uranus makes opposition with her mercury. But during December also Jupiter will make sextile with mercury so a great time for learning new things. Great time also for traveling for you know, things that will open up your mind for a completely new world. So I hope that it's interesting for you guys. Now let me turn my camera on again. Just a second. Okay, I hope that you can see me right now. So, okay. So I see that you have written some things I will read them later. Um, I hope that this example was helpful for you guys. So, I know it's too much to cover but remember, always start with a natal chart. This is what will bring you most of the answers, what's possible, what's challenging what's you know, a stressful area and after that the major methods for predictions are progressions and transits, which we covered right now. Also, I'm using solar return charts, solar arc directions, but this will really take a lot of time. So we won't be covering that. But this is the main way to approach that. I hope it was interesting. Again, I will repeat that if you find it helpful, we can make this on a regular basis so we can use volunteers from you guys. Again, I repeat that we are keeping your privacy we want to use your real name. And if you're interested in being a volunteer, please send your birth details and you need to have an exact time of birth. It's very important and also send a short description of your life situation and two areas that you want us to focus on or two two questions that you have. You can send this to my Email Marina at mar I will write it here in the comments below, you will be able to find it correctly. Okay, that's my email. So if you're interested in being a volunteer, please send your information to this email. If you want to have a private reading, personally for you, you can find the link in the description below this video and please let me know what do you want us to cover? Is there anything specific that you're interested in? I will be really happy. Let me check also your comments if there? Yeah, someone asked me about their North nodes. Tiffany Yeah, we can cover whatever you want. If you're interested, you can contact me you can find you can find the link below the video of course, we can cover whatever you're interested in. Jupiter is about to transit my seventh house someone asks. Yeah, very interesting. Um, we are going to talk about Jupiter. There will be a webinar about this. So keep in touch with me and I will let you know when the Registration is open. If you're interested, of course, you're welcome. By the way, don't forget guys about Venus retrograde. Also, if you want to participate in the webinar and have a personal report about infrastructure great, you can find the link below the video. The webinar is this Saturday, but of course it will be recorded so you can watch whenever you want, even if you're watching this later, it's completely okay. Yeah, but the return of the notes is one of the very important periods definitely. For the progression, somebody asks me, I'm using the radar progressions. This is the method I'm using. Some people use the solar arc. I don't know, in my opinion, this method works. There are people who say that, you know, both of them work. Maybe it's true, but I have chosen to work with the radar methods for progressions and in my opinion, it works. It works great. And if you don't know what that is, you don't know it. Or you don't need it, actually. I mean, it's more advanced. Okay, so hopefully it was helpful. It was a real pleasure for me. I absolutely love what I'm doing. I hope it helps you also to find a different way to look at your chart and your challenges and to find you know, the meaning and delight in every situation. So, of course, we have also many topics to cover. And I will keep you posted about the next session. Maybe we can do this next week, hopefully let me know if you're available. If you like those sessions. You can show it by liking the video in this way, I will know that you enjoy those sessions. So thank you very much again for spending your time with me and I hope I will see you really soon. Bye for now.

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