How to read a birth chart and make predictions with Astrology #2

Below you will find feedback from the person after the webinar:

Dear Marina,

Thank you so much for the reading! What a wonderful surprise that you chose me for the second live analysis of the birth chart! It was so unbelievable accurate and to the point! You made me feel like I am supported through the nebulous time I am going through (Now that I know it`s due to the chart ruler going retrograde in progression gives me reassurance). 

You are right, I am attracted to the study of astrology, but only as a hobby, not as a profession. Actually, I turned to astrology in an attempt to better understand myself and I can say that it goes deeper than psychology (which I am also passionate about!). It just shows how things really are and teaches us to accept life with no judgment. It`s also a great tool for change and self-improvement! You said it very well that I am more interested in myself, though I hope not in an egotistical way. I have always been focused on introspection, on getting to know and understand my emotions, my motives and on improving myself as a person.   

To be honest, careerwise my secret hope was to find a job that could help me contribute to society in some way. I was thinking about a role within an NGO (maybe in the field of education) or within a company as CSR officer (Corporate Social Responsibility) in which I could develop and implement social projects with community impact (Is this a Saturn in the 11th H conj Moon in 10th H effect?). And also I feel the need to write about such projects and their results (my mercury needs to be exercised I guess!)> Do you think this can be a good career path for me as well? 

As a side note, in childhood I wanted to become a journalist, but my father discouraged me saying I was too shy for this profession. Also speaking of mercury, you were also right about my abilities with foreign languages: I have studied English, French and Dutch and I speak a bit of Spanish as well. I also like to write but I don`t trust I have a real talent in this area. I think I still need to develop that confidence in my abilities :).

As far as my personal life is concerned, you were also spot on :). I have difficulties with opening myself up emotionally and trusting other people, due to repeated disappointments (Neptune square Venus in all its splendor!). My fear is that I am not able to choose what is good for me, that I am unable to discriminate between who has true feelings for me and who only sees my physical presence (to put it in a polite way). I also tend to brood on the past and have a hard time letting go (I can still cry about something that happened 12 years ago, lol!). Very true, I am attracted to intelligent men who stimulate me on an intellectual level, yet I had to learn it the hard way that intelligence does not always go hand in hand with a beautiful character as well. As you said, in the same time I crave for a partner who is tender and nurturing on an emotional level. And finding someone to match both of these needs, intellectual and emotional, has so far proven to be an impossible and conflicting task. I truly want to be more positive, more giving and trust life more, but in the same time remain feet on the ground and see reality for what it is, not for what I want it to be! Will those beautiful aspects you mentioned for 2019 bring a reciprocated, enduring love relationship for me?   

Marina, you give me hope for the future and I am grateful for your generosity, that you took the time and effort to do this reading. You truly are an inspiration and I love your practical, down to earth approach. This has been very helpful and I will recommend you to anyone looking for an accurate, experienced astrologer.    

Thank you for this amazing gift from the bottom of my heart!


Hello dear friends, I'm Marina please let me know if you can hear me and see me. Okay, this time we are okay, so I made the technical mistake. So anyway, welcome to our webinar about how to read a birth chart and make predictions with astrology. This is the second episode of those lessons. Welcome to all of you. Last week we had a volunteer and we discussed the very interesting chart if you would like to see the feedback and what the person said about this reading you can find the link below the video. So also, if you would like to be a volunteer in a next episode, you're welcome to send your birth details to my email. You can go to my website Mars stars dotnet you can find contact there. At the end of this webinar I will also write my email so everyone who wants to be a volunteer is welcome to send their birth details on to life areas that would like us to focus on and also short description of their life situation. So today we have our next example that we are going to discuss we are going to focus on the natal chart analysis and also on prediction. Before that, also, I would like to make an announcement that on the 28th of October, I will make a webinar about Jupiter in Sagittarius. So if you would like to attend the webinar and also get a personal report about Jupiter in Sagittarius. You can find the link for this in the description below. So let's dive into our topic today. Now first I will share my screen so that you can see all of the charts that we are going to discuss. Just give me a second. Okay, so hopefully you see my screen now. So this is the natal chart of a woman that we are going to call Marie. It's not her real name, but in order to keep her privacy we will use this name. So this is a woman. Marie 33 years old. First let's see what she says. Let's see her description and her basically her questions. So, one of her questions when we live Meet long lasting love. I haven't had a meaningful relationship since 12 years. Though very short, it had a transformative effect upon me and pushed me to work on my personal development, to learn to love myself more become more discriminating in my choices. Now after many years, I'm willing to open up again but I feel very isolated. I interact with people on a daily basis and I feel so restricted in my possibilities, meeting potential partners. My biggest desire is to have my own family and children are there any chance so first question is very clear about love life potential for having a relationship, family and so on. Second question is, what am I meant to do for a career I currently am currently in the same job since 2011. I work as a communications and administrative assistant in an embassy using foreign languages. It stable job, but I pray for a type of work that is more fulfilling emotionally. And that gives me the feeling that I can contribute to society and be of help to other people. I also volunteer a lot. Despite numerous attempts since 2015, I haven't been able, I have been unable to make a change in my career, I often feel stuck drifting without a clear purpose as the current job provides no growth opportunities. So these are the main things that we need to know about this woman we need to focus on her love life. And her career currently, she's working in an embassy, administrative work with translations. So of course, we need that information. We need to know what the person's what the person wants us to explain and to analyze. Just a quick check if Okay, so everything is With our streaming. So this is the natal chart. As usual, we are starting with the general analysis of the birth chart. And actually, this will be helpful for you if you want to analyze your natal chart as well because it shows you the direction that you should take. So what's the approach when you're analyzing a natal chart? Because most of the answers are in the natal chart, not so much in the prediction. so here we can find out what's possible, what's challenging, what's, you know, more welcomes easy for the person and so on. And after that, of course, I will show you how to make a prediction using different methods for that. So our first step is related with the balance of the astrological elements in the natal chart, we can them here, in this small table, this column shows the fire planets Here we can see the air, water and earth planets. So what's interesting about this chart is that we have three planets in two of the elements in two planets in the other two elements. So basically, this is the most balanced case, because we have 10 planets, we have four elements. So we cannot have two and a half planets in certain sign that's the closest we can have to you know, the most harmonious case basically, without something which is you know, really increased without something which is totally missing. And this is one thing which shows that the soul of this person is probably experienced. Probably this person has already worked on different qualities in previous lives. So He comes with certain potential. Of course, there are other things that you know, we need to analyze, we cannot make the conclusion that the person is extremely talented based on that on that, but that's something that we should remember the bow, the elements in this chart are quite balanced. The other thing, which is interesting, first, we start with the general things. So we don't want to focus for example on Oh, let's see, she has been a squared by Neptune. Let's dive in that no, it's not how we approach the interpretation. First, you start from the general things from you know, the whole picture. And literally, you can look at the chart as a picture, you know, as a drawing and see how it looks to you. Does it look harmonious or maybe you know, there are things which are more accentuated. So what's the impression To get only from looking at the chart, it's very important. And generally what we can see here, it's interesting that most of the planets are in this hemisphere. So this is the self or the personal hemisphere. Very interesting. Basically, this is the hemisphere, which is related to ourselves, people who have most of their plants here. They're more focused on theirs on themselves. And sometimes, you know, connecting with others, communicating making compromises can be a challenge. So usually, these are people who are relying more on themselves who are more independent and sometimes they're you know, really interested in themselves. So what's happening in their life, we cannot make the conclusion you know that the person is selfish, we need to find, you know, other indications, but in some cases, this might be one of the possible implications because you know, the person is looking at himself. But, as we said, the positive side of this is that those people are more independent usually. Also, it's interesting to define the type of the astrological configuration so literally it means how the planets are placed within the chart. And in this case, we don't have a clear answer, because this chart is in the middle between two options. One of the options is a bulk configuration when all of the planets are placed within half of the zodiac. 180 degrees, the other Option is a locomotive when the planets are placed within two thirds of the zodiac or what does it making degrees? Well, I cannot calculate it right now. But yeah, it should be 260 degrees. Yeah, that's two thirds of the zodiac. So in our case, it's right in the middle between both of those configurations. So the person can represent represent bar that the qualities of both of those configurations. It's a large topic, so I won't focus too much on that, but what we can guess from this is that the person can act in different ways in different situations. So there is not only one way of you know, interacting with the world or reacting to different situations there are, you know, different directions for this person. Also, we need to analyze the first and the last Planet of the configuration In this case, the first planet is Pluto. The first planet shows you how this person starts new things. So how he initiating things, what can motivate him and also of course, this position increases the strength of this planet. In our case, this planet of this planet is clearly Pluto. Which is, well the planet of transformations the planet of intense emotions, the planets related to the collective will and also the planet of critical situations and, and serious deep transformations. We already said that. So it means that this person can be highly motivated to transform things. It could be, you know, transforming Self evolving into something greater or transforming something which has also social importance because Pluto is in 10th house. But this can make the person very passionate when he tends to or when he's starting something. And this brings incredible power Pluto. The last Planet of the configuration is also a planet related to our will, but this time we are talking about the person on well which is represented by Mars. And the last time that the configuration shows you how this person ends, the things that he starts in what he is his motivate or what is his goal, actually. So when Mars is your last planet, this person needs to take action. So he needs to do something. Also his goal can be independent. Or, you know, taking risks or doing something taking action. So, the first and the last type of this configuration are both related to our planets related to our will. So we can say that probably this woman has a strong will, when she knows what she wants exactly, which might be kind of a challenge, we are going to find out why. Okay, so let's see the next thing and probably one of the most important maybe even the most important in this chart, can you guess what it is? So? Is there something that makes significant impression for you, I will be interested in hearing your opinion. So what's the thing that makes him really significant impression, really specific Rare things. rare thing. Can you can you tell me something? Okay, it would be interesting actually if you also share your opinion about the chart or something else. No, no, it's not the trying something more specific. Something rare. Okay, I will give you a hint if you if you want to. It's something about the sun and the moon. Yeah, all the planets are in one of at one side. Yes. Lauren. Yeah, you're completely right, but we're searching for something else. So actually, I'm not sure. Maybe you can't See the chart right now? So let me show you again my I think that when I'm looking at the chat you are not able to see the chart. So, okay, I wanted to do it was just, you know, interesting if you by the way if you try to work together with me into you know try to connect with the chart and you know to make some interpretation or guesses for yourself, you will really benefit from this you will really learn how how to read a chart. So, of course, it's something optional. Yeah. Eclipse. Yes, you're right. See how you were able to find out Yes, this woman is born on a full moon, but also an eclipse. We have a lunar eclipse, which means Full Moon including also the notes which are in conjunction with the sun and the moon. The eclipses happen only a couple of times. times a year. So basically we have Well, usually two or three of them in a row, twice a year. So it's very rare to find someone who was born on a lunar eclipse, solar eclipse, they're both important. Generally, this is kind of a challenge. First of all, very often not always, but very often those people have problems in their birth family. Sometimes one of the parents is missing or is constantly traveling or it's not there or you know, something else is happening. Sometimes those people may also have health issues when they're children. So generally, this is a specific position. And also, the sun and the moon represent the most important planets in our chart on the Hence, the north in the south node are also the most karmic indications in the chart also fundamental for the understanding of the task of this person of his mission. So anyone who was born on an eclipse, solar lunar eclipse, they're both important. Those people have very specific life mission. They need to do a lot of work. And they need usually they go through a very serious personal transformation. So what's specific about the full moon basically, this is the longest possible distance between the sun and the moon and pay attention guys that in this case in risk case, the opposition is absolutely exact. 15 degrees in Taurus is the Sun 15 degrees in Scorpio is the moon so this aspect is extremely strong in this chart. This is the least Aspen the general aspect in this chart, by the way, also, when you're interpreting your chart or another chart, it's very important to find out which aspect is the most exact in your chart. It will tell you a lot about you know, what's the most important topic or at least it's one of the main indications for you know, the general topic in your life or what will be something which is really accentuated in your chart. So in Murray's case we haven't really exact opposition between the sun and the moon. Generally, when we have a full moon, this is the time when we can clearly see the moon literally, you know, in the skies, when we are about to have the full moon. You know, you know how we can see the whole moon and as the moon represents emotion, emotions, our unconscious mind our habits, you know, Many things about our also security, our safety. This is the time when we can really recognize things in ourselves. So usually people born foom they have the task, you know, to recognize and to see clearly and understand their subconscious mind their emotions into, you know, learn to balance all of this to balance the conscious mind and the unconscious mind. Because the sun represents the conscious mind. The moon represents the subconscious mind, having an opposition between two planets requires balancing so it's very clear it also when we have a lunar lunar eclipse, the moon is not visible, basically, you know, because of the alignment of the Earth and the Sun and the Moon. for a certain period, we're incapable of seeing the So in this case, the interpretation is kind of different. And this person may have, you know, challenges with recognizing or seeing completely his emotional needs. Also, his subconscious mind might be, you know, way beyond his control or beyond his capacity to recognize it. Of course, it doesn't mean that you know, this is something you we cannot work on. And it's interesting also that the moon is in conjunction with the South node. As we know the South node represents the past previous experiences from previous lives, areas of lives of our life that we have been already, you know, focused on and having the South node in Scorpio suggests In some way, this woman might be constantly expecting something traumatic to happen, she may have fears she may feel unstable unsecure. She may also be afraid of losses, very typical for the Scorpio sign. On the other hand, what you need to work on? And yeah, by the way, one more thing about the house position, the South node is in the 11th house. I know that very often we talk how you know, 11th house is the house of groups and social activities in France, but there is also another meaning and also the ideals but there is also another meaning, which is about well, isolating ourselves a little bit, not the same way like the 12th house isolation but also here we have something like an emotional detachment you know, whenever things get, you know, dangerous or we feel threatened or we don't want to take risk. Well, those people with the South node in 11th house they try to avoid, you know, this emotional attachment to things and they try to avoid risks sometimes. And what Marie needs to work on, of course, is our north node, which is in Taurus in fifth house in conjunction with the sun. So all of those indications are important. First of all, Taurus as a sign represents stability, material security, being more grounded, being in touch with reality being more practical. And fifth house is about our true self, our own desires, it's about emotions. It's about creativity. It's about love. It's about children. So very often people with the normal fifth house, they need to learn to, to love others to open up emotionally to connect emotionally because the typical scenario in this case without noting the 11th house north node in fifth house is that, you know, sometimes the person may feel well afraid that he might get hurt by someone else. For example, you know, he gets connected with someone and the first signs you know that he might get hurt or too involved with this person, he gets detached, especially on an emotional level. And this brings, you know, blockages for the person to connect to another, another person. Also, a fifth house is not only love Of course, it's about our core beliefs, our true self, our own desires, and also together with the sun, the north node In conjunction with the sun, so, literally, Marie needs to find herself. One of the main tasks for her is to recognize what she truly wants to follow to learn to follow her heart, both of the things so north node in 50,000 also north node in conjunction with the sun, they are they both represents this that she needs to connect to her own desires and to follow her heart. And of course, you know, creativity is something great for her. having children may also help hard to open up emotionally. Sometimes women with North node in fifth house they become mothers later, not always but sometimes it happens. And it helps them actually to work with this north node. So very specific If ik position another thing which I want you to pay attention is that the moon is in Scorpio. So also, as we know it brings fears. It brings passion, it's difficult for the person to relax. But of course it makes him extremely emotional, extremely sensitive, incredible intuition. And what's the most specific about this moon is that it's in the middle of the place between Pluto and Saturn. Basically, that's the midpoint. First of all, when the moon stays between Pluto and Saturn, which are considered to be malefic planets, this is something like a trap for the moon so it's not a nice position. But also the moon is right in the middle the midpoint between Pluto and Saturn. This also Also can bring possible emotional challenges, intense fears for this woman. And by the way, also it would be interesting to know what has happened around well between 10 year 10 and 12 years when she was 10 and 12 years old, on average 11 years old, because using the method of solar arc directions we have had conjunction between Pluto and the moon and also Saturn and the moon. So there might have been serious challenge probably with family or something like that or serious change. So yeah, just to show you something interesting. Okay, next we need to analyze the aspect configuration of this chart just to make sure Okay, looks like everything is visible here. I'm so glad that you find those analysis interesting and helpful. Okay, and as I told you feel free to write in the comments your opinion or something which you find interesting or you know, it's something like no teamwork. So the next thing is related to the aspect configurations of this chart. Also, we have something very interesting, huh? I would say the most interesting is the position of Jupiter in this chart. Of course, after the solar eclipse, sorry, the lunar eclipse, but Jupiter is well in the most specific position in this chart. The reason is because it's part of two aspects configurations at the same time, it The focus point and those aspect configurations are one of them is challenging the other is very positive. The challenging aspect configuration is a town square which also includes the sun and the moon. So, as you can see, we have this opposition between the sun and the moon, and both of the planets are making squares with Jupiter. So, this is called the focus point or an optics, the optics of the town square the most important planet where all of the attention goes. But also by the way, this is the area where you know the biggest strength is so very often people have some talents related to this planet, the planet in the aspect of the configuration. And the other configuration is called a be sextile. So we have mercury making Trine with Uranus and both of them make sextile with Jupiter. So again to They're using the objects or the focus point of the configuration. But this time this is a harmonious one. Um, just let me check what's the Orbis of this aspect. So, yeah also very exact aspect between mercury and Uranus less than one degree 36 minutes and between the sun and the moon we have 31 minutes so also very significant aspect in her chart mercury Trine with Uranus. This is by the way, the best possible case to have a planet which has both challenging and positive aspects and especially in this case when there are closed configurations like the sextile and the tau square because from one side that now's where you know bring some kind of provocations bring brings possible challenges possible Got this, but also strenght the town square brings incredible strength. Usually these are people who can fight or you know capable of doing things for business. This is a great configuration of town square. On the other hand, the basic style is a soft configuration. So it brings talents he brings, you know, some kinds of skills. They are great for art or creative activities when you know, you don't necessarily need this Trank like for example, in politics or in business where you need to be really hard or even harsh sometimes. So Jupiter in this horoscope has both of those configurations. So this is incredibly important planet in her chart. And one more thing Jupiter is approximately in the middle of the aspect of the whole chart, I mean from the where the planets are placed. So the middle is from four degrees in Scorpio 15 degrees. So literally here somewhere around the first half of Aquarius is the middle of the chart. And Jupiter is very close there. This is also an area where you can have some talents where you have very strong potential for you know, development. Plus Jupiter is the planet of growth, the planet of prosperity and, you know, success, which doesn't mean that it could come easy for this woman, you know, having the town square suggests that she needs to work hard. She needs to, you know, put efforts you need to overcome difficulties. But the closed configurations allow the energy to you know, to manifest things to materialize things easily. So, this is also very important to find out whether you have you know, challenging it doesn't matter actually. It's better happier closed aspect configurations which are challenging instead of you know, having only positive aspects which are not part of the closed configuration. Okay, so we find out Jupiter is very important in terms of career as we know this woman, this woman is working on administrative work with translation, and she works in the embassy. So in some way she's work if her work is related to mercury and Jupiter. That's quite the you know, Mercury type of work translation also Mercury is in third house. So, you know, she can be very good in working with information, and sometimes even with negotiations. So that's an interesting position. Jupiter represents, of course, all kinds of foreign things. We can also assume that she's very good with languages this country The nation can help us and why this is important about her career because mercury rules her sixth house. So that's why she she's capable of working in this area. But as we know this woman is not fully satisfied with her career so she wants to find another career direction. In my opinion, this woman Marie has a great talent for astrology. astrology, as we know is about Uranus, Uranus, and she has very close very exact Trine with mercury. On top of that it's part of the close configuration with Jupiter. Jupiter is in second house which also means that she may even earn money from this so if I have to be honest, I will be Definitely recommend this woman to learn astrology for herself. She definitely has a potential for that. And first of all, it will open up her mind it will, you know, help her to solve so many issues like it usually happens with astrology, but also I truly think that she can turn this into a career. So, this is one of the main things I would suggest to this woman. Of course, also anything related to you know, communication with foreigners working abroad. Also, working with in the area of education can be a great way for her to be successful. And we can see that Pluto is very high here. Pluto is in 10th house when it comes to you know, occult things and astrology is in the code. Knowledge, Pluto is very helpful as well. And by the way, we can see that her son has an opposition with Pluto and Saturn. So the opposition's are not very exact the Orbis is quite large, more than 10 degrees but for the opposition's of the sun, I work with 12 degree or less. And it's interesting because usually those aspects they can bring problems with authority figures and working in qualitative people. So this woman will be more satisfied in my opinion if she works on her own. Especially this opposition between the sun and Pluto usually makes it difficult for this person to work in a collective of people. There might be confrontations, there might be some power struggles, the person may feel you know, like somebody suppressing him using their power to hurt them. So it might be really uncomfortable. And also the opposition with Saturn can bring self doubts can bring fears, awful challenges, we don't deal with the figures. And usually success comes later in life. So yeah, I think that this woman will be happier if she works with her on something independent. another indication for the same thing is that Mars is in conjunction with the cusp of her sixth house. Usually it also suggests Of course, not in in every case, but in many cases, those people work very few very well if they are capable of working on their own. Sometimes they want to have their own business sometimes, you know, they just want to be a single player. Um, the challenge here so why is she not having her own business with this Pluto Hear, which is very powerful in 10th house with Mars in your sixth house. In my opinion, the main reason is because the sun is weak, the sun is weak because it's in conjunction with the north node, which means that she has to develop those qualities. So she doesn't really know exactly what she wants, it will take time before she finds out and she needs to work on her confidence. But usually it happens with the normal there, you know, we get the right situations and lessons that will help us to develop those qualities. So I think that a little bit later in her life, this woman will be capable of having some kind of freedom or independent work or maybe even her own business. And of course, she has a great capacity for working as a consultant. Mars here makes sextile between us which is in third house so she's capable of Connecting with understanding others. Neptune in the first house somebody also mentioned someone have you mentioned that you know those people are more sensitive that they are sometimes they can get confused, which is true, but these people also have a great intuition which might be unlocked later in her life because Neptune is intercepted. If you can see here, Capricorn is locked in her first house. But I think that this woman has a great potential. Generally we can say in science, in something untraditional in something modern something also of for example, if she's not interested in astrology, which I highly doubt, but if she's not, it could be also something about trading, especially online trading or something with the technologies with you know, some kind of gadgets and modern stuff. These are All areas, which are great for her. And when it comes to her personal life, she mentions that you know, she's not fully satisfied with her personal life. First of all, one of the problems is this north node in fifth house. So Marie really needs to learn to connect emotionally to open up emotionally to other people. And another thing which is interesting, the speed of her Venus, the speed of her Venus is only 12 minutes for the day. The average speed of Venus is more than one degree a day, very often one degree and 20 minutes. So when Venus has a very low speed in the chart, it means that there are two options either In the progressions soon, Venus will turn retrograde I mean soon after the person were born. Or the other option is that right before this person was born, Venus has been retrograde. And in Morris case, we have the second option. So I will show you actually let me move the chart. So she's Born on the Fourth of May. I'm moving the chart. So on the 24th of April, so 10 days before that, Venus has been retrograde. So look, how interesting is that? By the way, this is another indication that around the age of 10 years, 1011 years old, something important has happened in her life. Because you know it and it shows the rest progressions, another topic very interesting. So let's return back to the chart. So We know that the speed of her Venus is low, which means that you know, it may take more time for her also to fall in love to reveal her emotions to connect emotionally and even having a serious relationship ship or stable relationship may take a little bit longer for her. And the the challenge of this Venus is the square with Neptune. This can bring some kind of unrealistic expectations which lead usually to disappointments. Sometimes this may bring also unfair partners unavailable partners or partners who need support or want for her to take care of them. love triangles also are possible. So usually this is an indication for possible disappointment at some point. But other than that, The hearse settled house so let's see what's happening with her seventh house. Mercury is the ruler mercury has only positive outcomes the ruler of seventh house in mercury has only positive aspects with Uranus and beat Jupiter. So let's check That's correct, which is a very good indication for the opportunity to have a nice relationship. Um, the important part here is that also we have cancer intercepted in seventh house which the you know the interceptions usually bring possible challenges in this life area. And very often there is something like a double motivation of the person. The first motivation or what the person recognizes his needs, is more related to the sine which is on the cusp of the house. So in this case, Gemini on the cusp probably suggest that, you know, she really needs an unintelligent partner, someone with who you know, she can be friends, she can connect intellectually. So you know, someone who is on the high intellectual level. So, you know, she's more mentally oriented according to this, but after that we find cancer here. And cancer is really different. Cancer is about emotion, it's about caring about, you know, relying on each other. So she may not be completely aware or in touch with all of her needs, and that's why we call it something like a double motivation. So, at first she wants someone you know, who is very intelligent, who is highly educated probably, who is an interesting partner, you know, who can teach her on some things because those, you know, beautiful aspects with Jupiter. urine is probably you know, untraditional type of person. But she after that she realized that she also needs this warm emotional connection, the cancer type of connection. Okay, so yeah, these are some important things about her love life, but generally we can say that there is a potential for you know for having a relationship. Of course she has her own challenges, but we cannot say that it's impossible. And one more thing about her career also I would like to pay attention here. She has a karmic aspect between Jupiter and Saturn. This karmic aspect is a be nonagon. One of the more on traditional aspects, not everyone works with those aspects, aspects So, this is basically on 80 degree aspect. The karmic aspects like this one are very specific because they have very southern influence, they don't affect your life during you know your whole life. In certain point they are being activated and they bring sudden unexpected changes. Sometimes they could be stressful, but the most important is that these are impending changes. And Jupiter and Saturn are also the two social planets. So, from this combination we can we can suggest that probably during her life, there will be a sudden drastic change in her career direction. It's highly possible to happen. Okay, so let me check back with you guys. Yeah, that's so karmic. Okay. Yes. Um, we have a question here. Where was the question? Okay, I lost it. Oh, here it is. Do you take into consideration the ruler of seventh house in 10th? house? Yes, of course, you can always take into consideration the position of the rulers certain houses. In this case, you mean because the moon is the second floor? Yes. You also work with the interceptor overs of the houses. So let's say in Mary's case, she has two rulers of seventh house, Mercury and the moon. So both of them are important. Okay, so yeah. Took us quite a long time to interpret some of the important things in this chart of course we cannot cover absolutely everything I'm trying to you know, navigate this and show you some interesting specific stuff how to approach this and what to pay attention to. And some interesting stuff for example, like recurrent venous which is you know, has a very slow, very low speed, which sometimes you may not recognize. So anyway, let's move to our Okay, yeah, one more thing before we move to the prediction. Looking at this chart, which are some important areas in her, I mean that areas are important ears during her life in the near future. So, as we said, This woman is currently 33 years old. 33 is a very specific age, not only in religion, But generally this is the age of the sun. It's considered that when we're at the age of 33, this is very important and related also to the position of our son in the chart. So this is a period when we can unlock something related to the sun, which means, you know, our personality, our strength, our confidence, our desires, our goals. So really important stuff. And in Marie's chart, this is actually more important than for the average person because her son is in conjunction with the north node. So she has a mission here she has a life task here. So this age 33 is very important for her. And the next age which is also actually very strong and very important, is the age of 3637 years. First of all, this is the age when We have the second Return of the nodes to their Natal position, which usually also unlocks things which helps us to see some things to make significant life changes in some way related you know, to our life task and so on. So, we can assume that you know, around the age of 36, she will really connect to herself better she will feel more confident or she will realize more what she truly wants. So, I guess this will be very, very intense period. And also in her chart she has an aspect between her Venus and the sun. This is a creative aspect which is called the semi quintile, which is a 36 degree aspect. Again, one of the more specific aspects which brings changes, you know, I won't go into details about the nature of the aspect, but using the method of solar arc directions, it means that around the age of 36, she will have conjunction between Venus and the sun. Of course the Orbis for the sun is very large, we have two degree orbits. So basically it's plus minus two years. But generally around this age, we can guess that something important will happen related to her emotional life to her personal life, and generally related, you know, to learning to enjoy life. This is also one of the lessons for this woman for marine fifth house is about entertainment, about enjoying life about you know, feeling excited about life. And this is also one of the lessons for car. So my guess is that from this age From 33 to 3637 years, possibly up to 38 years, she will make a very significant change in her life. And she can, you know, unblock some of her emotional stuff of course you need to work on the past this is I know it's a huge topic. It takes us so much time to you know, discuss that I hope it's not overwhelming for you, but you know, there are many things we need to analyze. So anyway, what we need to remember is that 33 up to 3638 years will be very important period in her life. We are going to move now to our prediction. Okay, so let's see how to start The prediction generally, what's the approach? Well, you can use different methods. Of course, in most of the cases, we start with the transits. Because the transits are really visible, you know, they are usually affecting us on a very material level, so it's a little bit easier to interpret them. And what you should find out first is whether you have some aspects between the outer planets and any of your personal planets. So basically, in Marie's case, we have one of those really interesting aspects we have currently Pluto squaring her mercury. So this is a challenging aspect because it can bring passion you know, on a mental intellectual level. It can bring you know, some kind of worries some sometimes you know, people can actually experiencing anxiety or fears, and also in her horoscope, Mercury rules sixth house, so she may feel really uncomfortable at work. She may feel, you know, like somebody's suppressing her like she's being controlled by someone, there might be manipulations really well significant challenges. And this aspect, let me see, of course, this is a long aspect. So it's not the beginning, actually, it's around the end of this transit. And what's great is that next month, so in during November 2018, the aspect is off. You can see here we have no square. Let's check if this will repeat again. Okay, so great news for Marie. This is the last month that Pluto will square for mercury and Pluto square for mercury four Two or three years. So it's, you know, quite understandable. So that's great. It means that one month from now things might start to improve Of course it doesn't mean that you know, all of her problems at work will disappear. But there will be a no her mind might be much more relaxed. And of course you will feel that also in work or in different areas. Let's see what else do we have Neptune Neptune makes sextile with her son and trying to return more. So basically, right now Neptune is activating for Natal opposition between the sun and the moon but in a positive way because it makes ammonius aspects. So this is a great time for her to connect emotionally better to herself to also to increase intuition to connect with this intuition for spiritual work this is a great aspect as well for creative work this is a great aspect as well. Marie mentioned that she likes to you know do volunteer job or you know to as far as I understand to support others this is also very helpful Okay, um, let's see, of course, we cannot you know, talk about each of those aspects and trying to point you know, the most important in my opinion. We can see Saturn currently is in conjunction with her Neptune. So this is an aspect which requires from her to be more in touch with reality to become more grounded in some way to set free from some kind of illusions. And basically, Saturn is activating her Natal square between Neptune and Venus. Let's see when exactly Saturn will square Venus. So it happens around November, December 2018, the transit Saturn squares for Venus, so from one side, this might be an emotionally challenging period. But on the other hand, she can also cut off old things from her life emotionally, you know, to let go of things. And we know that Venus rules her 10th house. So in some way Venus is also connected to her work. So it's really possible that she may decide to quit her job around this period, November December 2018. It's really possible. Let's see after that, what do we have after that, we have The transiting Jupiter Jupiter enters Sagittarius during vmworld 2018 which means that it will make Trine Jupiter Venus. So a little bit after the square of Saturn let's find out when. Okay, so pay attention here on the ninth of December 2018. We have both Saturn, squaring Venus and also Jupiter making Trine with Venus. So what an interesting combination. And let's see on the very next day on the 10th of December, Saturn is gone and we only have Jupiter Trine in Venus. So when we have this type of combination, we can assume that it's possible for her to quit her job or To stop doing something, and to start doing something new, so there might be a new opportunity which will be related to a change. And also what's interesting is that at the same time, Jupiter is on the cusp of 12th house, which is one of the houses related to, you know, long distance places, or sometimes immigration or you know, traveling. Venus is also internet house while the house is related to traveling, so it's really possible that she may have an opportunity to travel somewhere, it could be for business, it could be even for possible replication. Or at least she may take a decision to make that step but, but definitely, there should be some kind of new opportunity related to her work. Those two aspects the square that Saturn will make, let's find out that Actually if this will repeat no actually won't repeat but after that, they will make Saturn and Jupiter make aspect also become mercury again Jupiter will make Trine and Saturn will make square and this will be all in off during 2019. So, again we can guess that there might be some changes, probably things won't be you know, so simple when Saturn squares the ruler of your sixth house you know there might be some restrictions or more responsibilities or you know, we think certain position starting a new position, but at the same time Jupiter trying mercury can bring you know, incredible new opportunities so basically, Jupiter will activate the Natal be sextile that we discussed at the beginning. The positive aspect configuration between her Jupiter, Uranus and mercury. So also this would be a great time for her to start learning something especially if she wants to learn astrology or something more untraditional. Um, so really interesting time. Let's see what else do we have. So Jupiter and Saturn are on and off with mercury which is interesting and we already discussed that. And basically Jupiter will enter her first house around the end of 2019. around the middle of November 2019 also interesting new beginning, when you know she may start doing things when she may feel more confident, more willing to take risks as well. So very interesting combination, in my opinion, during 2019 there will be an opportunity for Marie to make a significant shift in her career direction in you know, related to work in general. Let's see. Okay. You're all here. Thank you guys. Um, somebody asked whether the fact that she has no planets in this quadrant of the horoscope seventh, eighth and ninth house means that nothing will happen between 20 something 40 Is something No, it's definitely not what it means. I'm not using this type of interpretation. As you can see, a lot of things will happen. So let's look also at her progressions. Let's find out. This is the progress chart for the current moment actually me. Okay, this is the end of September, let's make it 30 October. Not that it's a significant difference. But anyway, this is the progress chart for the current moment. One interesting thing is that her progressed Ascendant is about to change the size it took about to make an ingression which will happen very soon, literally during confession. Okay, the very end of November beginning of December 2018, the ingression of those houses and of course, it means that the seventh house CUSP is also making the impression that these are indications which brings serious personal changes. Both are possible in the area of relationships because it's seventh house, but also, you know, all kinds of things related to this person. And this is a significant change of course, from Capricorn to Aquarius. We can make the suggestion that Maria will have much more freedom in her life. Aquarius is assigning on which brings a variety which brings excitement, which brings, you know, a lot of changes. So my suggestion, my guess is that there will be lots of changes personal changes in her life and you know, how he, how she acts, how she do things, what she needed. So this is a great thing. The other thing which is important, the progressed Moon is about to make conjunction with Jupiter. As we know Jupiter is one of the key planets in her chart. The exact conjunction will happen during around the beginning of 2019 January February March. So first we have conjunction with the Natal Jupiter then with the progress Jupiter so they are kind of you know, one after another. This might be a very interesting period also for changes and also it can indicate possibility for traveling. Mm hmm because we have also connection between 12th house third house Jupiter itself could be related to that. So, Marie can take some important decisions around the beginning of 2019 and by the way now, I see that her Natal Jupiter is direct, but her progress Jupiter is retrograde so it's interesting to find out when this change has happened. Okay, look at this guys. Look how interesting is that? Honestly, I just noticed that this is the progress chart for 2016 Look at her Jupiter Jupiter is direct. So there is no art here. And let's find out so during the summer of 2016 may if we have to be absolutely accurate during May 2016 The progressed Jupiter in Morris chart has turned retrograde. These are also major changes that happen very often when Jupiter turns retrograde or changes its direction in your progress chart a couple of years before and after that people may feel lost. And when I say lost, I mean, they may not know exactly what their goals are, they may realize that, you know, they're no longer motivated by the things that have been motivating them in the past. So these are significant changes about related to the worldview of this person related to his life goes on what's interesting to him, and it takes time. So it doesn't mean that you know, right after this month, the changes is already there. This is a process and more More importantly, this is an inner process. So it takes time but Very often, if a planet in your progression changes the direction in both ways, from retrograde to direct or from direct to retrograde, this is an important period of your life. And it could be challenging before you get used to those changes before you, you know, realize what's happening inside of you. Also, very often, specifically, when we talk about Jupiter turning retrograde in the progressions, those people can become more motivated or interested in well things which are not so visible on a material level. So they might be more interested in you know, personal growth, learning things, understanding things, philosophy, you know, this more spiritual side of Jupiter, instead of no outer success, material achievement. It doesn't mean that This is impossible to happen, but their motivation, you know, is shifting. So, now we understand even better why Marie shares you know that she has struggled with her career and with her motivation and you know, she feels kind of lost. It's completely normal. And the more time passes usually, you know, it's 123 years after that, until you know, Jupiter gets to the normal speed, let's find out, actually, what's the current speed of Jupiter in the progressions? Because generally, you know, the planet is still stationary after that, certain enough for a certain period. And yeah, Jupiter is still very slow. Yeah, so, this is a long period, a long period of changing her goals, but keep in mind that Jupiter retrograde in the progressions can be even better for learning or for something which is more philosophical. So significant changes in her career in her overall motivation and you know, generally her direction in life. So, I think that we have answered some of the important questions for her. When it comes to her personal life, as we said, looking at her chart, I think that this age around 36 years will be very, very important. plus minus two years of course, because of the conjunction between Venus and the sun, because we have the node activated during this age as well. And look at that. Also her progressed mercury will make Trine with her Jupiter and we know that in the natal chart mercury rules seventh house so it's important for the area of relationships so generally that's great and when the progressed moon makes conjunction with Jupiter It will also make Trine with the sun and with the progressed mercury which are in exact conjunction with the cost of her fifth house. So this may also be a very intense period, the beginning of 2019 both for her career boat she could take decision for traveling or for you know moving somewhere. And in terms of personal life, this may also be an intense period I mean, you know it can bring it can bring love into her life. So there are other things also we can see that the cusp of third house and the cusp of ninth house are about to make integrations which happens during January 2019. This also may indicate either traveling and sometimes revocation or start, she may start to learn something as well. And after that, we have an opposition between Venus and Pluto this may also represent traveling so interesting chart really interesting charts Look how many Pink's we find out. Okay, so Let me change now. Let me turn my camera on and I will see Did you find interesting this charts? What's your opinion? Okay. All right. Just turn the camera What do you think about this, guys? Okay, I'm back here Did you find it interesting? Yes, the progress charts are extremely interesting. If I have to be honest, I think this is my favorite method for prediction. Because as I told you, you know, the transits they're usually related to some physical stuff, things that you know, Saturn squares your Venus, well you know emotionally, you might be disappointed and so on things are much clearer with that. But with the progressions, they are more related to inner processes, especially people who are, you know, having an inner intense inner world or intense inner experiences rich inner world. progressions are very important for them. So, I always always, you know, check the progressions and I highly recommend you to do that. Um, you know, there are many things that we need to cover about the progressions aspects in progressions, but I hope that with our sessions, I will be able to show you more of them. Some guidance, you're asking me about some guidance for the progressions. First of all, pay attention for integrations of planets. inversions, means planets which are changing science. Let's say, for progress moon changes the sign very often between two years and two years and a half depending on the speed. Mercury can change it a couple of times during your life. Venus, not so often Mars very rarely, if you have those integrations, these are very important years changes in the direction of the planets from retrograde to direct and from direct to retrograde. If you are born with direct mercury and you live a normal life, I mean, let's say 7080 years, at some point you will have mercury retrograde in the progressions or if you are born with progressed Mercury, sorry with Natal mercury which is retrograde. During the first 20 years of your life, Mercury will turn direct. So, these are also important things to pay attention also with Venus Venus is retrograde for approximately 14 days. So if you are born with retrograde Venus until the 14th birthday, your Venus will turn direct, so also very intense periods. And don't forget integrations of the cusps of the houses. But for that you need to have a very accurate time rectified time of birth or you know from the birth certificate, but the rectification is the best of course. Okay, so what about Mars retrograding progressions, of course, it's also important, but Mars is retrograde for approximately well, more than two months. So it's possible that you might be born with Mars retrograde in the natal chart and it may stay retrograde during your whole life or it's possible to turn Of course, you know, to change the direction when you were younger. It depends Okay, so I hope this was interesting to you. If you like those sessions, as I promised, I will keep doing them. I will try to do them regularly, once a week, I will keep you posted. So if you want to learn more about those events, subscribe to my channel. You can find also our group in Facebook, I post, you know, the announcements there as well. So you're welcome to join us. And if you want to be a volunteer for our next sessions, you're welcome to send me your birth details. You need to have an accurate time of birth, and also two main areas that you're interested in and a short description of your life situation so that we can be more helpful if you are interested. If you want a personal reading of course you're welcome to contact me. You can find the link in the description below this video you can go to my website as well Mars stars dotnet you will find more astrology there. I'm trying to you know, update the information I'm trying to create new content for you. You can send the details to my email Marina at Mars stars dotnet I will write it here. I was thinking to make another email specifically for those events but I would like to know when I have the new email for now you can send it to this one Marina at Mars stars dotnet please write in the subject that it's about, you know the volunteer for YouTube. So, thank you very much guys for joining me and also On, of course, remember, don't forget about our Jupiter in Sagittarius webinar. I'm really excited about this transit because Jupiter will enter the sign of its rulership. So it will be, you know, even more beneficial than usual it will reward us with more stuff. So I think that we can all benefit of course, everyone in different area depending on the house, which will be transmitted by Jupiter. So if you wanna join our webinar, again, the link is below the video. Okay, so thank you so much. Thank you so much, guys. And hopefully we will see very soon. Have a nice day, everyone.

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