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SCORPIO - "THE HEALER": Everything you need to know about this zodiac sign’s energy

You know that your personal zodiac sign is the sign that was in alignment with the Sun at the day you were born. But did you know that the other signs were there too. They were just aligned with different planets. But they also gave you part of their energy.  An energy you can use if you want.

Are you sensitive Cancer, wanting to be more aggressive like an Aries? Or you are playful Sagittarius, wanting to be more grounded, like Taurus is?

In this series of articles, you will learn more about each zodiac sign’s energy, and how to awake that energy in you, no matter when you were born. After the sings: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo and Libra, it is time to learn more about the Scorpio energy.

What you need to know about Scorpio

- Symbol: The symbol implies the sting at the top of the scorpion's tail, which says "do not mess with me"!

- Key phrase: I wish - the drive

- Main qualities: strong, durable, stubborn, sexual, intimate, passionate, healing, stealthy, interested in occult knowledge. This sign can penetrate the depths of the human soul.

- Weaknesses: a sense of ownership, obsessive, touchy, striving to control others, revenge, emotionally selfish, criminal, paranoid, and destructive. He may be masochistic as well.

- Key words: Transforming, purposeful, magnetic, insightful, powerful, sexual, destructive, secretive, suspicious, disguised, traumatic, self-destructive, vengeful, insulting, controlling.

- Appearence: He has deep eyes and a keen eye. The body radiates magnetism. The skin and the hair are often dark. The clothes are usually interesting and impressive.

- Mind: With a keen mind that comes to the heart of the problem. Combining logic with intuition, he is a great strategist. He is ruthlessly self-critical. It's hard to forget insults and thoughts of revenge.

- Emotions: He does not easily show his emotions, but they are very intense when it comes to love and jealousy. It often conceals these emotions with arrogance. Ever suspect others in betrayal, afraid of abandonment.

- Element: water

- Planet - Mars - Mars is associated with desires and passions. It symbolizes the energy that leads you. How do you make love? What Kind is Your Sexuality? What would you fight for?

- Day – Tuesday

- Motivs – regeneration

- Body parts: sexual organs, reproductive organs and nose.

- Color: turquoise - green blue;

- Zodiac stone: Topaz, turquoise;

- Affirmation: I am passionate and sexual, I create intimacy. I accept death, knowing that it will lead to rebirth. I'm ready to be the bearer of God's healing powers.

How to wake up the Scorpio energy within you?

Here are 5 things that you can do to awaken the Scorpio energy:

1. Focus on the change. Get rid of everything you do not need - things, relationships, emotions, and open up to new opportunities. Allow the old obstacles to die so that the new ones can appear in their place.

2. Try to create proximity to the important people in your life. Open in front of them.

3. Create intimacy. If possible, have sex.

4. In this week, look into your soul and identify your most intimate secrets. See what skeleton you hid in the closet. If possible, share with someone you trust your most intimate secrets. Discover. Then write your emotions down, describe how you feel and feel free of the secret.

5. Wear blue-green. The Scorpio color is a mixture of green and blue and this gives the turquoise color. Many ancient traditions use the turquoise stone to enhance their shamanic abilities. Wear this color to enhance your Scorpio energy.


Hello dear friends, I'm Marina and this video is about the zodiac sign Scorpio. We are going to talk about the main characteristics, the strong qualities, the weaknesses and the dark side. And generally everything you need to know about this side. If you prefer to read the information as an article, you will find the link below this video. Now first, let's start with exploring the symbol of the sign. The symbol of the sign represents this think of the tale of a scorpion. So it is like a sign for others. Don't play with me, don't mess with me. I'm dangerous. This is something important for the sign Scorpio. So they want others to know that they are dangerous that they can protect themselves, which tells us a lot about the psychology And the emotional patterns related to this sign. Now, the key phrase of the sign Scorpio is I wish I desire This is the most intense sign of all of the zodiac signs. So, here the desires you know the wishes of the person are extremely strong and important for him, possession, control, all of those things are also key for the Scorpio person. The strong qualities related to this sign are first of all related to the potential to transform things. If we should give only one word, which is kind of you know, explaining the sign and its energy it should be transformation. transformation is the most typical thing the most important thing for the sport. Scorpio energy very often this transformation may come through some kind of crisis through some kind of losses, difficult even traumatic events. But at the same time this is the energy which can rebirth something you know something needs to die in order for something else to be reborn. So, this is generally like a theme for you know, Scorpio people transformation and they're really capable of that through change things you know to turn things around. These are people who can also have a very, very strong energy you know, even healing energy is related to the Scorpio sign. Generally, also the main qualities are related also to intensity. Everything about Scorpio is intense, their emotions, their desires, their behavior, their thoughts. Everything is about intensity and strength. One of the reasons is, first of all, the fixed modality of the sign this is a fixed water sign. So the fixed modality makes things more constant more stable. On the other hand, the water energy, it's about emotions and feelings and creativity. So things are extremely deep, extremely strong and also consistent. Which by the way, can make Scorpio people also very consistent, sometimes even stubborn. There, they can be like fixated on something, idea, emotion, memory, relationship, different things, but they can be so focused on something that sometimes it can turn into an obsession. Another thing also typical for Scorpio people. Generally what's missing for this sign, I believe, is lifeless and don't get me wrong. I personally adore the Scorpio energy I find it so deep. It's it's actually deep and magnetic and powerful. And you know, there is some kind of magic about it. But honestly, it's not an easy energy and I think that people with strong Scorpio energy, the sun, especially the moon, the ascendant or you know a stellium of planets in Scorpio, they will confirm it's not easy to be a Scorpio person, I have my Venus there, so, I can also confirm it myself. But the truth is that you know, this energy is so magnetic, so appealing to others and those can be you know, people who also control others through their magnetism to their through their strong energy. So, intensity, deeply deepness, as we said, things are very deep. You know, these are not super Official people, they are not easy going, you know, they may keep a barrier, some kind of mask, these downs, they can be more suspicious. So you have to earn their trust, they may not let you get close, sometimes they can be hurtful, that's true as well. And the dark side of the sign is actually related to those trust issues that Scorpio people may have. They don't believe in the positive intentions of other people. One of the main reasons for that is that typically, you know, Scorpio people, they can scan others, you know, and they can immediately see, oh, this person has some kind of secret or he's keeping something. He's not completely honest. He must have some kind of secret motivation. So they're always capable of noticing the negative side, the challenges that other people have the mistakes that other people People make and it's difficult for them to open and actually to be just positive, optimistic kind, usually they are tense, you know, they expect that they can be hurt, which sometimes may provoke them to hurt First they are capable of doing that as well. And also there is lots of drama usually, you know, those are people who can dramatize things, they may accept everything so intensely, which sometimes you know, may not be necessary, you know, not everything is so complicated but Scorpio people, sometimes they may have more trauma, not everyone, not in every case, but that's something typical. The drama queen of the zodiac if we can, you know, use this expression, it's first of all Scorpio and after that Leo the two sides in a different ways for different reasons, but they both dramatize. Now, what else? Yeah, we also need to know. Those are people who are also very passionate. You know, they can be very devoted when they are in love. They can be in love forever, or for a long time. So they're not superficial, they are not changeable. everything for them is long lasting, is serious, and even can be accepted as a question of life or that. Now, as we said, key words transformation, magnetism, also power. Those are the people who can be extremely powerful, extremely strong, in even controlling, they are capable of controlling other people for good or for bad. They may also be capable of manipulations. That's part of their energy. Well, and also, this is design related to sexual energy sexual communication. Basically, the most important for design is also exchange of energy. And sexual communication is a way to exchange energy to communicate to be intimate with other people. So, this is also very important the resources and the exchange. But one of the problems of Scorpio people is that typically they are also afraid of losses, losing the people they love, because, for example, something bad might happen or their partner France, another one, they might have different scenarios, but they are afraid of losing, including money, including resources, and that's why they may attach strongly and they may try to possess the people they love or material things through resources and everything. because deep down, they are constantly you know, expecting some crisis, some drama, something dangerous that they can be attacked. So it's difficult for Scorpio people to relax to be, you know, calm to be optimistic to be positive, usually they are tense they are expecting something. Now also what we need to mention here are the rulers of design. This is the first sign from, you know the ones that we have already talked about, who which has two rulers, Mars and Pluto. Mars is the old ruler, Pluto is the new ruler of the sign. Those planets they are related to power they are related to strength to our personal will. So, generally Scorpio people may have very intense personal will very strong, very powerful ability to control But keep in mind that this magnetic strong transformative energy may literally be also healing. Those are people who can be extremely interested in something secret in the occult, in science, you know, which is not superficial, something which explores the deep meaning of something. So that's why we include, you know, also all kinds of healing methods, especially healing methods with energy. It's not the traditional medicine. It's the alternative medicine, the energy, medicine, and all kinds of energy practices are also related to the Scorpio energy, starting with yoga, which nowadays is so popular and I would say so amazing for everyone to balance their energy, you know, to release tension and so on. So yoga, also all kinds of terrible Like Reiki, you know when where people are using their energy to heal others to help them. And these are, you know, it's so intense is so dramatic that these are the people who also have the potential to heal themselves. And another thing also about the potential of this energy of this time is the ability to control others to lead them. You know, those people, they're magnetic, they're other people like to be around them, they feel, you know, like, they're so strong, and that's why they allow them also to control things. So power is definitely something key something major for Scorpio people. As we said, some negative sides are related to their suspiciousness to their extreme desire. To control, but also to be cruel sometimes Scorpio people they are capable of being both masochistic and sadistic. And this is again, you know, a mechanism of protection and also, you know, mechanism to, to prevent being hurt. And again, we have the element of intensity, those people, they need intensity. And if they don't have something important, exciting happening in their life, they will create the drama for themselves just, you know, to feel alive to feel moving, which very often also can be subconscious, by the way, they're not aware of that, but very often they bring the trauma they create the challenges. Okay, so now, about the mind of Scorpio How is the mind working? This is a very deep mind which is you know capable of going to the root of something. Those can be great scientists, investigators, researchers, people who have a very serious attitude, they can be focused for a long time, work really hard on something. And, you know, go to the, the deepest the essence of something. So they can be great. As we said, in science, they can be great doctors, they can be great researchers. And here we have an interesting mixture between logic but also intuition. The intuition of Scorpio people with very strong very powerful and it also allows them to understand things which may not be obvious for other people. So the mind usually is very strong, very powerful, suspicious. They don't trust, but at the same time, they are great when you whenever you need depth when you need to understand something to explore something. When it comes to emotions, again, the key thing is intensity, extreme passion, extreme emotions, extreme love, jealousy, very typical for Scorpio, they may also you know, be revengeful when they are hurt, they don't forgive that easily. They can remember every pain, every disappointment too long and you know, they are deeply hurt. But emotionally they can be extremely attached. They can be you know, deeply in love with someone. Again, part of them is searching for the drama. Part of them is you know, ask For someone who may hurt them, who might be crew. So, here things are you know, a little bit specific, but the main thing is intensity and deepness. Now, I will give you also a couple of suggestions how you can balance or how you can awaken the Scorpio energy within you. The first thing I would recommend you is to make a change as we said transformation is the number one thing for Scorpio people. So, be open to transform something and to let go of the past, past memories, possessions, relationships, especially toxic relationships, let go of that, let the old things die, so that the new things can be born or reawakened. That's very important for Scorpio sign another advice I would have is to establish proximity and intimacy with your partner or other people that you love. Allow them to get close to you. Try to believe that people have positive intentions that they're not there to hurt you or to take advantage. And don't be afraid to show your vulnerability. The next advice that I have for you is to practice yoga. Very nice and very simple task actually, you may find plenty of videos and information online including for free. So all you need is your desire and commitment. Practice for five minutes a day and you will see a progress practice for 20 minutes a day and you see a major difference in your life. But whatever you do, just start somewhere yoga energy practices, they can literally help you to balance your own energy. And to let it flow smoothly to let also the exchange how much you take how much you give, it's so important. And the last advice is to wear the turquoise color. Something between green and blue. That's the typical color for the Scorpio energy. You can use it in your clothes, accessories, whatever you want to. So that's the most important about this magnetic so special sign I would say literally one of the most special signs of all, but also not an easy one. Let me know your experience with Scorpio people. Maybe you are a Scorpio person and you would like to share something. And also don't forget that during September, Mar stars astrology Academy begins. So if you would like to learn astrology, make sure to sign up for the waitlist so that you can come to the course as soon as doors open. I will be so excited for that and for meeting you and learning astrology with you and bringing you actually all of my experience knowledge and, you know, just sharing this magical space together. Thank you again and I'll see you soon.

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