Signs vs Houses – 3 mistakes you don’t want to make

Signs vs houses - can you tell the difference?

The zodiac signs are the rock stars of astrology - popular, honored and cherished.

But let me tell you that the houses also play a major role in your horoscope - you can imagine them as the different stages (life areas) on which the action takes place.

Many people are confused and get things totally wrong. I don't want to you to be one of them, so I filmed a video to show you the common mistakes about the signs and houses you want to avoid.

Here's the short version:

- Mistake 1- signs and houses are equal (Aries=1st house; Venus=2nd house, etc.)

- Mistake 2 - one must be more important than the other

- Mistake 3 - looking separately at them

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Hello dear friends. In this video I would like to talk to you about the difference between the signs and the houses. We are going to discuss what's the major difference? This is a main important question that many people have. And I have noticed that there's also some confusion. That's why we're also going to talk about the most common mistakes the three major mistakes people make, when they are trying to find the difference or to understand better the sun And the houses in astrology or in their own horoscope, of course. And let me also remind you that if you haven't calculated your chart, you can do it completely free. On my birth chart calculator, you just have to click the link in the description below or go to Mars stars dotnet slash calculator, you will see all the planets with all the signs and the houses, your Ascendant and the different aspects so I highly recommend you to go and check this calculator. So let's first of all try to understand what the signs represent and what the houses represent. First of all, the signs are not defined by the place where you were born. Everyone born during certain day and certain time would have the same sign positions. Their son will be in certain signs Their moon also, which means that the aspects between the planets will be the same. So the sign position is not defined by the place where you were born, they are the same during a particular time. On the other side, the houses are defined by the place where you were born. Even if you take the same day, the same time, but you use different locations, you will find that the houses would be completely different. The more distanced the places are between each other the bigger differences you will find. So that's important that the signs are the same during the whole day for everyone born in this time, but the houses are different. And also what each of those indications define. The signs would define the quality, the quality of the planet, so in what way this It is expressing each other is expressing itself sorry. So let's say that you have the moon in Pisces. So it means that the moon the qualities of the moon will be expressed in the Pisces way, which would mean in a sensitive, gentle, caring, compassionate way. If the moon was in the Aries, then the moon would express itself in the areas way, which would mean it would be decisive. It would be competitive, it would be brave may be impatient, and you know, other qualities. So that's important to understand that the signs are showing you the type of the quality or they answered the question. In what way on the other side, the houses are showing you in which area for where with some someone Basically something manifest in the chart. So for example, if we go back to our example with the moon, if the moon in Pisces is in, let's say third house, it would mean that this person would express his caring, compassionate, sensitive nature. The words may be siblings or other people he communicates with. So third house is showing us in which area would that manifest. If the same on the Pisces Moon is in sixth house, then we may find this person to be very caring, very compassionate, very sensitive. When it comes to his work, his daily responsibilities or the way he serves other people. That's what six house represents. So here is the key point here. The sciences are showing you in what way And the houses are showing you in which area, that's a major difference. And now let's go through the three most common mistakes, mistakes people make when they try to find the difference or understand signs and houses. Mistake number one is to think that they are equal. So it would mean that if you have a planet in Aries, or in first house, you would take that as equal, or if you have a planet in Taurus or in second house again, this would mean the same thing. This is a common mistake which I have seen many people make and that's just not true. The planet being in Aries or the planet being in first house is not the same thing. And yes, normally we associate each of the houses with one of the signs and yes Normally, Aries and first house are connected. But it doesn't mean that the planet being in Aries or in first house would mean the same thing. Because again, the signs are showing us in what way or those are the inner qualities. And the house position is showing us in which way and those are more external things way or in life in which concrete area is this planet, manifesting or expressing its energy. So, if a planet is in Aries, it would mean internally having the qualities of Aries which would mean braveness and courageous approach, maybe sometimes impatience, but this is internal. If the planet is in first house, the difference would be that whatever the qualities of the sign are, they would be openly expressed So for example, if you have a planet in cancer which is in first house, it would mean that all this emotionality sensitivity of the cancer sign would be expressed openly because first house is showing our selves or demonstrating our inner qualities outside of us, it's related to our behavior. So please don't think that the signs and the houses are equal because that's just a rookie mistake. Mistake number two is that people think that one of those is more important. So, either design should be more important or the house should be more important. And the truth is that you cannot put such a difference you cannot kind of you know, cut this with a knife and say, Oh, you know, this is heavier, so it must be more important. Both are important. So Don't try to find you know, okay, what should I give priority to, which should be more important the sign or the house? The sign? Again, I'm repeating it's showing you the internal quality, the inner potential also the in sensual quality, also what we call and the the house position is showing you in what way it would be manifested? Will it be in an open way? Will there be some kind of externalized or internalized qualities, and all of that. So, what you really need is to give priority to both of those indications. Which gets me to mistake number three, which is to think that you have to look at the signs and the houses separately. That my friends is also a recipe for mistakes and confusion. Because in order to get the whole person To understand the whole chart, you always need to look at the chart in a holistic way to see how all of that is working together. And the simplest thing or the first step is when you analyze one particular planet, to combine the meaning of the sign and the house, that's how you would get the most accurate interpretation. Otherwise, sometimes, you know, you can get kind of lost, because let's take one kind of more obvious example. Let's say that you have again the moon in Aries. So we would expect this moon in Aries to be very, as we said, the Aries qualities brave, courageous, open, impatient, sometimes even capable of confronting others on a daily basis. So those are just some of the basic qualities and you just look at this Areas when you say, Oh, you know what, you should be quite impatient. Or sometimes you might kind of be too much in a rush or rush other people or be impatient or maybe even come prompt with others, and so on, then the person looks at you and say, well, actually not really. Well, one of the reasons why this may not be that obvious, is if the planet is in a particular house, which changes how this energy is expressed. So internally, the sign is there. So internally, the energy is there, the Aries Moon is there. But let's say that this Aries Moon is in 12th house 12th house is the most secret hidden place in the chart, and also eighth and fourth house as well. But let's go with this 12th house. So what that means is all is that all of those Aries moon qualities, they are more internal No, they're not necessarily expressed openly. And there could be, you know, if we go deeper in this interpretation, we may find that there could be a frustration, because there is a huge misalignment between Aries as a sign in 12th house as a house. But the point here is that you always need to look at the chart. And even when you interpret the individual planet, you have to look at it in a holistic way. So don't, you know, try to base your whole interpretation just on one factor. I'm just reminding you also about the three indications rule, which means that in order to be sure that something will manifest in certain way, you have to find at least three indications. So we always need to look at the chart in a holistic way. So again, to summarize what we've talked about, the signs are showing you the internal qualities The potential the essential strength of the planet, the houses are showing you in what way in which area, this energy is expressed and will manifest. And mistake one you should not make is to think that science and houses are equal because we talked about it, they are not mistake number two, is to think that one of those is more important either in the sign or the house. Also not true. And Mistake number three, to try to look at everything separately each indication you dissect it, and then you just get confused because they're like too many things and some of them look strange when you put them together. So the way to work with this is a holistic approach. So I hope this was helpful for you. I hope you have more clarity about the size and the houses and the difference and how you can use them. I also have another thing for you, which would make it easier to understand astrology. There is a free webinar, which you can sign up for through the links below. It's on psychological astrology and it's very concrete. It's very practical. It's something that you can apply immediately. So go check the links in the description and sign up for the webinar right now. If you have any questions or comments, I would love to see them in the comment section below. Thank you so much for watching this video. And I'll see you soon.

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