The Battle is More Precious than the Win

I’m sharing the insights I got during and after a GSR session with my expert.

We were working on a special type of resource I have which allows me to get through difficulties and be a warrior but also makes things unnecessarily complicated and hard.

Something interesting that came up was that I need the process more than the actual result from the process. And that resonated so much with me. I’m very enthusiastic when I start something but often times I don’t get to a concrete result and I’m starting to do “empty circles”, making the process much longer than it’s needed (for example the duration of my own GSR sessions).

One thing I know about myself is that I have a lot of “revolutionary” energy. I like change and I like fighting for things. BUT usually after the revolution has been completed, the revolutionists are no longer relevant. They are strong during the process but after it’s done usually they are also done.

This made me think that on certain level I don’t really want things to be done because it would bring the sense that I’m also done, my role has been completed and I’m no longer relevant and needed. And of course this has affected my efficiency and productivity in so many ways and areas.

In alchemy this resonates with the process of coagulation - materializing something and putting it into an actual form. Even though the process seems very constructive, the truth is that after it has been completed there is a feeling of emptiness taking the place of what used to be inspiring as an idea and vision. 

This is one of the reasons why many creative people struggle with materializing their inspiring ideas - they just don’t want to be done with it and left with the emptiness that follows.

Astrologically speaking this theme is also very accentuated in my chart. I have a conjunction between the Moon and Mars and they are both squared by Uranus. So when it comes to leading a battle for something and going on a personal revolutionary process I feel very strong. But this combination needs also too many stimuluses and isn’t necessarily oriented on results. 

Now after this GSR session was completed I feel the importance of looking at the results I would really like to achieve. But not in the old formal way which just allowed me to get started with the process and lose myself in it. 

It feels like I can focus on the flow I would like to create - like achieving a concrete result and then thinking what would be the continuation, what will come next. It’s like I can look at the future and make a real step.

From an objective perspective my GSR sessions became more efficient and productive and I can complete them faster.

So that’s the magic of the GSR session - you get  to understand yourself better and you also transform yourself for the better 💜

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