The First Steps Towards Life Transformation

One of the words with the highest emotional charge is transformation (change). Some people dream about it and others are trying to avoid it at any cost. The truth is that it's not an easy proccess but there are defenetily some strategies that can help you. And most importantly - that's your path to a better life!

In this episode you will learn which are the steps you need to take, so that you can consciously transform your life. We’ll talk about the importance of finding the right motivation and then the 2 specific actions you need to take. It’s full of practical advices, so get inspired and let’s do this.

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You will learn

  • The 2 approaches - "step by step" and "all at once" and which one I would recommend for most people
  • The value of having a compelling reason
  • Transforming your life equals transforming yourself
  • The importance of taking decision
  • How to define the 2 actions you need to take to transform your life
  • To link feeling overwhelmed to growing pain and seeing this as a sign that you are doing it right



Hello, dear friend. I'm so happy to welcome you and to take you on this brand new journey. Obviously, you can tell this is my brand new podcast in which we're gonna talk about everything that can help you to become more aware of what's happening in your life, why it is happening. And, of course, what you can do to make it much better. We're gonna talk about psychology and different areas of knowledge, spirituality and also all kinds of strategies that you can apply immediately. So for the very first episode, I really wanted to pick up a team that's very important and relevant to everyone. So that's why we are going to talk about how you can transform your life or with other words, how you can make your life much better, how you can have a significant positive change in your life. So the definition which we are gonna use is profound and radical change that allows you to grow and move to higher level. That's what we're gonna discuss and I will present you concrete strategies advices, which you can apply right now. Of course, it's also about motivation, because that's what keeps us going. So let's begin with the different types of transformation. We have two general types. The 1st 1 is externally triggered, and we know that it really happens that there is a, um, important event in your life. It could be positive. In most cases. It's challenging. It happens, and it really transforms your whole life after that. It's just that you are no longer the same person your believes, change your priorities, your values. So things are different after this event, but we're not gonna focus so much on this type of transformation because it's not something that we can consciously create. Instead, we're we're going to talk about the other type of transformation, which is the self conscious transformation, or the one which you initiate. You take the decision, you have to do all the work, and, of course, you have concrete results that you would like to achieve. So that's the transformation we are gonna discuss and off course. We have to begin with. Motivation and motivation comes from the reasons your why, why you want to transform something in your life or your whole life. Oh, together, because if you don't have good enough reasons, it's highly possible that during time after the first impulse leaves you, then it's really possible that you can drop. You can just, you know, move on. Forget about it. Well, it happened to all of us. But the way to avoid this is by having some compelling reasons, and they have to be very personal to you. They have to be important for you. And they may include, of course, yourself and some future vision that you have about yourself. But they may also include other people. For example, you might want to transform your life your habits, because you want to be a great example for your kids. Usually, this is something that works very well for many people. Or you might be willing to make your partner happier. Or you might be on example, for your group of friends. Whatever the motivation, whatever your why is you have to be very aware you have to write it down, and every now and then go back and remind yourself wise it was in the first place that you started this process because, let's be honest when we talk about profound changes, obviously it takes time. It's a process. And of course there are some challenges on the road. And what can allow us to go through those challenges are our reasons the why the compelling future that we would like to manifest or create for ourselves. So start with this question. Why you want to transform your life? Because if this is, you know, a week reason or something which is not really resonating with your heart, it's highly possible that it won't be enough. For example, if well, you just want to follow the example of someone else. You don't want to be different than others or somebody else thinks you should do something. But you are not on the same path. Then it's just not enough. So ask yourself, which are the very personal reasons, which is your very old Why, why you want to transform your life and make it a good one. Make it a positive one. Don't put it like OK, I really want to lose this weight. I don't want to be fat and ugly anymore. This, my friend, is not compelling reason. This is something that you can use to beat yourself up to criticize yourself. But that's not what we seek here. We are searching for something positive, uplifting, motivational and empowering your very own. Why, which is about something positive that you can create you can have or you can become in the future. That's what we need here. So with the other example, let's say that you really want to lose some weight, but you have to put it like I wanna feel fight. Though I want to feel great about my body. I want other people to admire my body. That's perfectly fine if you want others to admire, but make it a good one. Make it positive farm. Don't focus on what's not working right now. Focus on the beautiful picture that you would like to create. That's very, very important. And whenever you feel like you're losing momentum, you're losing motivation. You have some doubts. Whatever life happens, go back to your wife, so I hope you make my point how important that is. And remember, that's the first step. The other thing, which we have to discuss is how we look at this transformation. So whenever you want to transform a concrete area in your life something specific about your life situation. The most important question is how you can transform yourself so that you transform this particular area of your life. So we are focusing on ourselves that that's also very important. Why? Well, because that's the only thing we can control. We can control our thoughts, our emotions, our actions, our motivation, ritual habits. That's what we can control. So I want you to look at this as how I can transform myself. So what certain area transforms in my life or my life transforms altogether, or I get those dream results that I would like to have. It's very empowering when you think this way because it's in your hands. It's something that you can do, and that's the only thing actually that you can do. You can control yourself your thoughts, emotions, focus, actions. That's it. So, really, look at this as a personal transformation, even if it's just about particular area, let's say you want to transform your career. You want to change your career, you want your career to be much more fulfilling, and the way to do that is to transform yourself so that you create the outcome. You want particular in career, but maybe in other areas as well. So it's always about transforming your self. Okay, so another thing that's also related to this as who do you need to become? It's got the same question, actually. Who do you need to become so that this particular area in your life or the thing you want to transform really changes? Who do you need to be? That's also very empowering because the way you look at yourself really defines the results that you would create. And here is something I I want to share with you on idea. Probably many of you have heard about this concept. Fake it till you make it. But recently I found another perspective on this, which I really like, and I want to share with you. It's fake it till you become it. So it's really important. Who do you need to become? Who do you need to be so that you make? But this transformation happened for you or this life area change according to your desires in your dreams, Who do you need to be? Do you need to be more responsible. Do you need to be more confident, more hardworking, more motivated? Whatever the case, I think of it as Who do I need to become again? I repeat, it's very inspiring and very empowering at the same time. And of course, it's very important to focus on the things that you can really control. And in this way you focus on the things that can really change for you. For example, your thoughts. Your focus, your emotions and your actions, your beliefs. Those are the things that you can control. So focus on that. What is it that you need to change about this so that you transform could a certain area in your life? And they're also to general approaches when it comes to transformation, and they are completely different. So the 1st 1 would be trying to change your life or everything or many things about your life at the same time. So you focus on your health. You focus on your relationship, your focus on your career, on your personal growth, and you are trying to do it at the same time. The other approach would be to do it step by step, to focus on one thing at a time. And generally both of the both of those approaches may work, but not for everyone. So I believe that for most people, what would work better is to focus one step at a time to transform one thing than the other. And then you build up momentum and it gets easier and easier. And there folks who can really do it all at once. They are usually those who like it pence city. They like kind of things to be more dramatic, more emotional, and that's fine. But there is always risk that at some point it gets too overwhelming and you may drop off. So you have to take this decision for yourself knowing how things happen for you usually. But if you hesitate, I would recommend the approach step by step. So you pick up one area. It could be career, it could be held. It could be how you feel about your body relationship, whatever, and you work on that, you transform it, Then you move to the other thing. That's what I would recommend for most people, and there is the next step, which is taking decision. This is also very important because in this way you are getting yourself a promise. The promise that you would commit Because let me tell you secret, my friend, it will take some consistency and also action. So you have to be very committed. You have to promise yourself a bad. You will be there. You will be there for yourself, basically. So taking other decision and being specific about it. And of course, it's great if you can connect this to concrete time frame. For example. I'm taking this decision right now. And tomorrow I'm taking the first steps and we're going to talk about the steps in a couple of minutes. But before we get there, we have to take the decision and you don't necessarily need tohave all the steps prepared all the answers. But taking the decision is the first step that's moving you head. So don't justify procrastination by telling yourself, OK, but I don't really know how to do it. What should I do to or how much time it would take? I'm confused. Yeah, we all have those sometimes. But that's why my advice is for us to take the decision. I am gonna transform this area of my life, and the more specific you are, the better the more needs you are, the better. So what we want here is focus. We want concrete descriptions or results, or whatever it is that you want to focus on. And then comes the how so we begin with why then we moved to what and after that comes the how so. Take the decision. It's very empowering. Promise yourself that you would to whatever it takes. And, um, now we can get to the action part very important. And unfortunately, even if you do all the other steps, if you don't do the action part, it wouldn't make any difference. But I also recommend not to skip directly to the action part because of the other things that we talked about are the foundation the Why the focus, the decision. They build up the foundation and then you get to the action part. And here is my advice. It's very practical, and it can really help you to move forward. So I want you to commit to to actions, and it would be great if they can be regular action. So not something that you just do you know, once in a while or wants and you think you are done something that you to regularly, and they should be some specific banks. And let me describe them to you 1st 1 the first action should be the simplest thing you can think of is that would help you to transform this area of your life. What's that thing that would cost you almost nothing Or at least you are completely sure that you can do it and it won't be hard, and it will make a difference. Of course, Here we don't necessarily need drastic change because the truth is that drastic change happens over time. The small things that we commit to regularly and the consistency our would bring those drastic transformations. So think about what would be the simplest think if we talk about exercise or health. Oh, are working on your body shape, for example. This could be a simple as doing three push ups each day, and it may sound kind of ridiculous and oh, it doesn't really make a difference. Why should I bother even doing that? But I know one concrete person with this particular example with the triple shops This is a lovely lady and she is doing this every morning Onley three push ups and when you look at her, you can really tell that she is exercising. But she has done this for a very long time, and she is very consists. And you may find other suggestions. Other ideas that are relevantly small, maybe not push ups, especially if you want to change career. But it could be something like making a research 10 minutes a day each day, or reading a book that would help you to improve your skills. Or it can even be committing to listen to this podcast each week. Whatever just pick up wanting that you are absolutely sure you can commit to it won't cost you too much an overtime. It will bring some impact because here's the thing. When you show yourself that you are committed and you are following through, you build a momentum and thats what can help you to focus on the other stuff. That would probably be more challenging. So even if you do just this small step regularly, at some point you are gonna get further ahead. You are going to be closer to transforming this particular area. And let's go to the other action. The second action that you need to commit this should be thing that you know would bring The biggest impact would make the most significant change, and probably this would be something that's much more difficult. But here is the thing. Sometimes we just do things that are hard, but they're not efficient enough, so there is a difference. Something might be difficult, but not really get you further ahead. So that's why we are not just going for the difficult things were going for the meaningful things. The most important thing. What's the action? The regular action that if you commit to, you know, it would bring the biggest impact over time. This can be something like consulting with specialists in the particular area that you want to transform. This could be something that requires more time, maybe starting some kind of training, educating yourself or committing to a concrete fitness program. Of course, it's there. So many options your depending on the go you have. But those aren't the two questions. You should ask yourself the two actions that you should come it too. Number one, the simplest thing that you can commit do that would bring some kind of change over time number to the one which would make the biggest impact the biggest difference in your life. And I also want to add here that you have to be prepared that this is a process and it takes time, especially when we talk about profound radical changes and transformations. Obviously, it takes time, my friend. So at some point it's very possible that you can feel overwhelmed. And what I want you to remind yourself at this point is that at this is what is supposed to happen. If you feel like that, it means that you are doing it right, my friend. And you look at this also as growing pain. Or you know how. When you start exercising, you feel sore. After that, it shows that you have done some work and that's great. And then it's something that you should celebrate you should praise yourself for, So whenever you feel like okay, it's too hard. Okay, I'm so tired. I'm overwhelmed. I'm angry. I'm not moving as fast as I would like to. It's not transforming as I wanted it to happen. just remind yourself you are doing it right. If you feel like it's all unicorns and butterflies and roses, chances are it's not a really deep transformation. Deep transformations. They require hard work, consistency, and that's why we need the motivation. That's why we need the compelling reason. And also one of the most important things in this process is very simple. Actually, it's just zone. Give up, Don't give up. It's not surprising, is it? So in my experience, and I really have lots of personal experience in this area also experience with clients. The one thing that I have to point as most important is consistency. Just don't give up, and if something doesn't work, you just have to try something else. But if you know your why, if you have taken the decision, if you are very specific about the thing that you would like to transform, then you can do it. You just have to navigate the actions. Maybe you can try different things, but eventually it will happen. And the truth is that when you start seeing the first results, it's so motivating and it gets easier because if you have some results behind your back. It's so much easier to move ahead and to keep going and to keep trying and working, and you may feel overwhelmed. But at least you know why. You know it works. So the start, the beginning is the most important. That's absolutely be true. But it's also extremely important to commit and to promise yourself that you won't give up, and it's okay if on the road on the path you decide that something's needs to be changed and you have different priorities, that's a different situation. But if use they wanted. But you just feel OK. It's not gonna work or I'm not doing it right. That's not okay. So if you still wanted, if you still believe in your compelling why you should keep going. Okay, my friends. So that's my process for a life transformation, and let's have a quick review so that you can really remember all of the steps. First of all, we are talking about profound radical changes that here is the essence, allow you to grow and move to a higher level. We're talking about the self conscious transformation or basically the decision that you take and the desire that you have to transform something in your life. We start with knowing your why or your compelling reason, which is what will help you to move forward and follow true and keep going when things kept harder. You have to look at the transformation as transforming yourself, which eventually leads to other transformations and concrete life, areas or situations and anything else. So the focus is on you and the things that you can control. Those are your thoughts, your emotions, your believes and your actions. Then we talked about the different approaches, the one approach, which is Oh, in which can work for some people. But for most people, I would recommend the step by step grosses. You pick up one concrete area or one particular thing that you want to transport, and then you go for that, you have to take the decision and be specific about what is it exactly that you want to transform? How does it look like? And you have to make it sound positive, attractive. You have to feel inspired. You have to feel like it's lightening up inside of you very important part, and then you have to think about the two actions want action would be the simplest think you can do right now, but you have to do it regularly. And the other thing is the action that would bring the biggest impact. Hint proudly that something which is more difficult. So you just need to commit to those two actions. But don't neglect the easy one, because it will help you to build momentum. And remember that whenever you feel overwhelmed, just shows that you are doing a really work there. You are growing, Those are growing pains and a That's OK. You have to remember just to keep going. Don't give up. So that's my process for personal transformation. I'm so excited to begin this journey with you guys. I have so many things I want to share with you, which are all about bringing clarity in your life, bringing your inspiration in Power month, even more knowledge, and what we're going for here is basically how we can become the conscious creators of our own destiny. That's the purpose of this podcast. So thank you very much for joining me during the very first episode. I have many things prepared for. You make sure to subscribe and I would love it if you can leave a review for this podcast. Thank you so much. And thank you for listening to this episode.

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