Transformation of the 12 Zodiac Sign

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Hello dear friend, In this video we are gonna talk about something which requires a different approach something which can be very interesting and something which you may not know. We are going to discuss how each of the signs transform. And more specifically, how difficult is that? How much time do they need? And the answer of this question we are going to find in something very interesting which hides in astronomy. Before we dive deeper into this question, I want to give you a little introduction about the concept which I'm using. It's very helpful to analyze or to learn a little astronomy, if you want to become a better astrologer. And I'm not talking about becoming one of the big bang theory guys, they are awesome. But honestly what they do is so complicated, but I'm talking about learning some simple facts, about astronomy, about the planets and also how the solar system works. Because everything has a meaning every astronomical specificity or characteristic of the planets can be used to make some conclusions or to understand how things work. So we are going to use the planet Pluto and we are going to analyze how Pluto moves through the different sides. Why am I using this approach? Well, mostly because Pluto is the main planet of transformations. There are other planets which can bring you change and frankly, each planet can bring a change. Even Mercury and Venus and the sun, each planet can bring specific changes. But Pluto is so much different than the others. Pluto is the planet which can bring you the deepest, most genuine complete transformation. We are talking about psychological emotional transformations or changing one's purpose or vocation, or how they see the world. So those are the deepest and also biggest changes. And Pluto is the planet related to them. That's why we are gonna talk about Pluto in this video. And astronomically Bluetooth has something specific except that it's no longer considered to be part of the solar system. Officially, but for astrologers, that doesn't matter, we still use Pluto. But there is one more thing which is also very specific. Pluto has a different speed through the different signs. This is the only planet that has this characteristic for all of the other planets, you will find that on average, their speed through the different size is equal. There might be some variations when the planet is retrograde or how far it is from the sun. But those are not generally defined so they can change and each year or in a couple of years, you may notice different changes. But for Pluto, things are not defined by how far it is from the sun, or other things. Pluto has its own rules and astronomically very simple. I will illustrate that So the other planets observed from the earth Of course, seems to have like a circular path. And that allows them to have, on average equal speed. For example, for Uranus, it takes approximately seven years to go to one side for Neptune approximately 15 years and of course the other planets need less time. For Pluto, we have a variation between 12 and 31 years. So you can see that a huge difference. Literally, there are signs that bring only 12 years and others which include 31 years so huge difference. And the astronomical reason for that is that observed from the earth, Pluto's path is more like an ellipse and when it moves through certain size from our perspective It looks like it's moving faster and from others. In other sites, it seems like it's having a different speed. So I'm peaking. Again, this is the only planet that has this specificity, very different speed. And it varies depending on the sign that Pluto is transitioning to. And yes, you might think, Well, does it really matter? Or maybe it's just a coincidence? Well, in astrology, we believe that nothing is a coincidence. Things are not just randomly created or working in certain way. Everything has a meaning. And frankly, it's not always simple to find this meaning. But if we don't see it, it doesn't mean that it's not there. It may take us more time to explore to understand to translate this, but if you have this kind of research or approach and you are digging deeper, which by the way is a very gluto thing. You can really understand things better and get to the roots of so many important things. Of course, that applies mostly to occult knowledge as terrorists astrology, but honestly you can apply it in any other thing in life overall. So, we already know that Pluto has a different speed. Now, let's go to the chart and check the specific speed of Pluto in each sign. So here is the table. And not surprisingly, you will find that Pluto spent 12 years in Scorpio the sign of its rulership. So how can we translate this information we may translate it into The fact that for Scorpio, generally, it's much easier to achieve those transformations. And if you think about it, it really makes sense. Pluto is the ruler of Scorpio. So of course this planet feels like at home when it's in Scorpio, and it can bring you its power, its most genuine energy in the way it is supposed to work. So for Scorpio, it seems that it is easier to transform then for all of the other signs. And if you look in the opposite direction, if we look at Taurus, we are going to see that Taurus needs 31 years so when Pluto is transitioning to to Taurus, which happens very rarely. it spends 31 years Just a little reminder of that Pluto needs 258 years in order to cross the whole Zodiac. It's not a mistake. So you heard it correctly 258 years, so don't get surprised if you see such huge numbers. So for Scorpio, it seems like it's quite easy, or at least it's part of their nature. And Taurus needs 31 years. And if we also try to check with reality with what we know from experience, we'll see that it's actually true that Taurus is really the most rigid sign. It's an earth and fixed sign. So we really need a lot of energy and more time than other signs need to make changes. And of course, that includes all kinds of transformation. So those are the most extreme cases. So in Scorpio, Pluto is moving fastest. And in Taurus, it's the slowest speed. And if you look, you will find that there is a pattern. So the signs which are closer to Scorpio also need less time because Bluetooth spent less time there. And the other thing is true as well. So the signs which are closer to Taurus would need more time. And that's why Pluto stays in those signs longer than average. So I will go through each of them in case it's not clear on the board. So for Aries, it takes 30 years, approximately there might be some months which you can either extract it's not the point. It's the general tendency which is important. So for Aries it's 30 years. Taurus 31 Gemini 30 again, cancer 26 Leo 18 Virgo 16 Libra 13 Scorpio as we said 12 Sagittarius and Capricorn approximately 16 and Aquarius, 20 and Pisces 24 years. And again, the exact numbers are not extremely important. You don't have to remember them. It's more about the logic. And just remembering that the signs which are closer to this part here around Scorpio tend to transform easier and the others which are in the opposite side, close to Taurus, they tend to need more time. And some of the things really makes sense for others. You may ask well, why is that but if we go deeper into exploring the psychology of each of the size, we'll find some explanations for me, frankly, The most surprising was Gemini which need 30 years because normally we associate Gemini as a very flexible sign a sign, which is also very intellectual. So they like variety. For Taurus, it really makes sense. But for Gemini, we may need to go deeper and see, okay, why is that happening? And everyone may find their own perspective, from my opinion, I think it's related to their own mentality and their way of thinking. Probably, it's just that, you know, the mind is so strong that they have created certain concepts, which may need more time to get transformed and to be changed. So, externally, they may look like they're very flexible, but if you get to know them better, you will see They have some ideas, some concepts, which are very valuable to them. And it's not that easy to change them. And we may go through the others as well and see. Okay, so what's happening, for example, we can see cancer they need 26 years. So it's more in the slower part. And there are also signs they're also signed that don't really like the change. They prefer safety and stability, it's very important than a transformation are such deep changes. They never bring you safety and security. They're the opposite. They are a synonym of uncertainty. So probably that's one of the facts or the indications which we can explore. And you may just go through the other signs and see if you resonate with that. And I'm just reminding you that here we are talking about the general concept. So you might be a Taurus person, or have your son in Taurus and make changes easier because let's say that you have a strong Pluto and Mars in your chart. So a person is much more than his son sign. I am constantly repeating that. So this is just a way to understand each of the signs better, but remember, you are much more than your son sign. So that's the information I wanted to present to you. Let me know in the comments if this concept resonates with you, and what do you think about transformations and also mention your sign or what kind of strong energies you have in your chart. And don't forget that if you want to learn astrology on a high really advanced level, you are welcome to sign up for the waitlist For more stars, astrology Academy links are below. Also, there is a free birth chart calculator which you can use on my website. Again, links are below and you even find a free webinar there. So thank you very much for joining me and I'll see you next time. Ciao. 

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