Weekly Horoscope April 12-18


Hello dear friends, you are watching your weekly horoscope for the week of April 12 through 18. We are starting this week right after the new moon, which happened last Sunday on April 11. And it means that the whole week, we are still in the very first lunar phase. This is the most active time of the lunar cycle, which is a great time to focus on new things on things that you want to start on being proactive, especially after this new moon which was in Aries. And if you haven't watched my new moon in Aries overview, you might want to check my YouTube channel for this more in depth prediction. Now, let's start with Monday. On Monday, the moon is in Aries during the first half of the day until 2pm and it will join Venus there. Overall, it's an active energy, which is great for starting new things for bringing your energy into something concrete. And because of this conjunction with Venus we may also focus on things that we love to inc or our relationships and overall to bring more passion and more emotion. In our day. After 2pm, the moon will transition to Taurus, which will slow down a little bit the energy and also will bring us more calmness, more peace, more harmony, it's a positive position if you want to focus on some financial matters or more practical things. And overall, if you want to be more patient and more organised, this position of the moon can support you. After that, on Tuesday, we have an amazing aspect between the sun and Mars, we have a sextile, which supports the energy and brings more of this fiery combination the sun and Mars are both fire planets. So it's time to take action to be brave, to do something independently. And also to take some reasonable risks. This is especially positive for business for sport and anything else that has to do with communication with other people with intellectual work as well. The sun has a creative aspect with Saturn, which can support this to make some changes in terms of the structures in terms of the rules or the schedule that we are following. It's also a beneficial aspect for career and business project. And for some kind of group activities. Whether this would be work related or personally related, it's still nice to think about how you can include other people. And the moon is still in Taurus on Tuesday, which support more patience and more practical activities focus on relationships on our body, the relationship with our body and the care that we give to our own physical health. So the day is overall quite positive and beneficial. Then on Wednesday, Venus is transiting transitioning to Taurus that's really positive because Venus is at home in Taurus, and it can really help us if we want to stabilise a little bit our relationships, our personal life, even when it comes to money, we may focus more and be more grounded, and more practical. On the other side, specifically on the Wednesday, Mars is having a minor challenging aspect with Uranus. This aspect, we bring some kind of impatience or irrational decisions, or we may want to do some big significant changes really, really fast. Sometimes it's great because we need a little bit of Porsche or we need to be a little bit braver, or more spontaneous. But in other cases, we know that this could be tricky, so it really depends how we use the energy but be a little bit more careful with activities that bring risks including financial matters, and sports or other more dangerous activities. Also, if If you are using some heavy machinery or other technological stuff, you may also need to be more careful. And the moon is in Taurus, which may help us to be a little bit more grounded to take a little bit more time before we make some important decisions. And overall to focus on more practical things. On Thursday, we have another beautiful aspect that includes the sun, this time, the sextile will be with Jupiter, one of the most beneficial aspects, a great combination that can really help you to expand and grow and succeed, to learn new things. It's great for business for learning for education, making big plans about the future. And it's also great for travelling, we need to mention that as well. So maybe you are planning or visualising where you want to travel. Or maybe you are travelling that's also great and totally related to this amazing aspect between the sun and Jupiter. Mercury also has a positive aspect, but with Neptune and this aspect can bring some intuition, some internal knowledge and guidance that we can use, and also can help us to be more compassionate, to be kinder when it comes to communication with other people. And also, to slow down a little bit the thinking process and instead to try to listen more, listen to other people listen to your inner insides. So try to use this a little bit more creative spiritual side of Neptune to help you with actually some really practical matters. The moon is in Gemini on Thursday, which can bring some flexibility more variety in our lives. also focus on communication connection with other people great time to explore new ideas and also to make some plans. On Friday, we have a pretty interesting combination. So the son has a square with Pluto. This one may bring some potential issues with authority figures with people who have more power, financial decisions and investments may also be more complicated. So be more careful with those areas. And also, keep in mind that you might be really empowered. Because of this aspect, you may decide to make some big changes some big transformations. And eventually this might have a really positive impact on your life. But with Pluto and the squares that trigger Pluto, we need to be very respectful, we need to be very careful. And also prepare that things are not simple. But if you are dedicated and committed, the results might be truly amazing. Mercury has a creative aspect with Saturn on Friday, which supports some practical work some logical decisions, logical thinking, communication and business negotiations might be actually quite successful, you can make certain changes in those areas. And also for planning the day is very, very good. The moon is in Gemini still so focus on your mind on your ideas on the connections you have with other people explore different ideas and try to be more flexible. Then on Saturday, we have pretty intense and positive combination that actually triggers a basic style. So Mars is having a Trine with Jupiter. And Mercury is kind of in the middle. So mercury has a sextile with both Mars and Jupiter. And this triangle configuration is what we call a basic style. It's amazing for starting new things for using your mind and also taking action on your ideas and also being inspired and having faith and believe in whatever you are doing at that time. So a very, very beneficial combination that can help you to be productive in so many areas of life. We also needs to consider that mercury has one challenging aspect with Pluto on Saturday as well. And this aspect can bring some times confrontations or power struggles. So, in communication, things are pretty intense. So from one side, we have this potentially difficult aspect with Pluto. But we also have the other two amazing aspects with Mars and Jupiter. So usually when we have such a mixture, it means that there might be some difficulties, but there are also great opportunities and some support, so the results might be actually quite positive. The moon is in Gemini until 3pm, which supports communication connecting with other people spending time with friends or making some plans. And after 3pm, the moon is in cancer, which can help you to be more intuitive, but also more emotional, more focused on personal things on your family or other people that you truly love. And also, it's a great time to take better care of yourself, and to relax as well. So please consider this option, as well. And finally, on Sunday, we have an exact conjunction between mercury and the sun, this combination can really help you to make decisions to look at things differently, to really use your mind a lot. It's true that the mind might be overwhelmed when we have such a strong energy. But also your ideas might be so valuable and so interesting. And you can make some wonderful, amazing connections. So lots of flexibility, new ideas, lots of communication with other people, as well. And Mars is having a quincunx with Pluto on Sunday. And this is a tricky aspect. So what first that may bring problems or issues or challenges, we may feel like we are overwhelmed or we want something but for whatever reason we can't do it. Or we may feel like someone else has power over our decisions. But the interesting about the interesting thing about the quincunx is that they've made change with time, which means that eventually the results might be actually quite positive. So if you are passionate and dedicated and committed to the things that you do, actually, the aspect can support the transformation and some actually really big changes. The moon is in cancer on Sunday, which brings the emotional atmosphere, lots of feelings, lots of sensitivity, and also more attention to your family and some personal things, some private things and it's also a very nice time to relax and spend more time at home. So with that we covered this week. Again, I want to remind you this is the first phase of the lunar cycle. So really dense really active time. If you haven't checked my new course on the moon predictions, new moon phases and all the other amazing moon stuff, check the links below and join us now. And keep in mind that this week is very, very active. We have basic style between Mars, Jupiter and mercury. We also have Pluto making some tough aspects which can bring strength and power. Venus is coming back home to Taurus so there might be more stability in relationships. So overall, the week is quite active and great for starting new things. Don't forget to check also the daily stories on YouTube and Instagram there you will find that daily horoscopes so if you need a reminder Okay, what's happening today is it beneficial for my business or my relationships. You will always find this information on my YouTube channel and my Instagram account. Thank you so much for joining me and I will see you next week.

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