Weekly Horoscope August 10-16


Hello dear friends and welcome back to your weekly horoscope. This week I'm trying something new and hopefully you will like it. I will present each day and also I will include which are the areas which are mostly beneficial and also in which areas you need to be more careful. Before we dive into the daily parts, I also want to share like a couple of important things that would be like the dominant energies through the week. First of all, we have Uranus turning retrograde on the 15th. So on Saturday, Uranus is turning retrograde. So overall, a couple of days before and after that this Uranus energy might be really intense and really strong. On the positive side, it's time for changes it could be a very inspiring period, it may also bring you new opportunities something that will get you out of this stuckness or some feeling of stagnation. So this could be very liberating.

But with Uranus we always need to be careful because the surprises might be shocking or it might be stressful and overall, basically we have to prepare for the unpredictable surprises. So important note on Saturday Uranus is retrograde. So even around the end of the week, we may start feeling this energy becoming stronger especially if Uranus triggers something in your chart. The other thing which is very interesting about the upcoming week, is that we have many Queen caucuses. We are going to count them together but I believe they were around five or six through the week which is extremely rare and yet happens because we have a couple of planets in Capricorn. And we also currently have some planets in Leo. So basically, those signs are connected with the quincunx aspect. But this is a very interesting type of aspect. First of all, it's an aspect that requires certain flexibility, certain change or adaptation we need to make. And the other thing which is very typical, is that at first, it might feel stressful. So at first, the energy could be too intense, we need to work on that we need to put certain effort, but eventually it turns into something positive, it could be beneficial, which can bring opportunities it can bring results. So this is kind of a team for the whole week. With so many quincunx aspects we have to be adaptable.

We need to make certain changes. We need to follow through even when things seem ladot challenging or difficult, keep going, eventually, you may get a very positive result. And a final note is that we are in the last phase of the lunar cycle during this week. So basically in the following week, after the 16th, we are having a new one. And this means that the energy is first of all slowing down. And it's first of all time to look into yourself, and maybe think about what's important for you personally great time for some self care. And also, don't push too hard when it comes to, you know, like outer achievement or anything that has to do more with the outer world instant instead of your inner world. And I'm not saying you have to be like completely passive. I'm just saying that you have to give a little bit more priority to how you feel and how you take care of yourself. After that come the outer achievements or tasks and goes and overall as we said the energy is going a little down even though we have some great aspects like the Trine between the sun and Mars, which can be very dynamic and uplifting but we are in the last face of the lunar cycle. So please don't forget that and we are going to move now to the daily part. I also want to invite you to stick with me to the end of the video because I have a couple of very exciting announcements.

One of them is about a three day immersive virtual experience which we are providing for you at the end of September. And there will be three presenters for you. One of them is me. So stick around till the end of the video to listen to her to learn more about this and of course check the links below if you are interested. It will be something we haven't done before. sure that you will enjoy it. So starting from August This is the new way I'm presenting things I hope it will work for you and I'm a Capricorn so I try to make things as practical as possible. So here is how we are doing this. On August we have a square between mercury and Uranus you can see I have added the decrease you asked me for it I'm listening to you. So here it is. 11 degrees Leo mercury 11 degrees Taurus Uranus, they are squaring each other. Overall, this is a stressful aspect which can bring surprises unexpected things, there could be certain tension for sure, but there may also be certain insights or new certain ideas which are liberating your which are very brave, very bold ideas, and it's time for a change. You can see here which are the areas Which could be affected by this. So for business, we can say it's kind of neutral, even though there may still be certain tension when it comes to connecting to other people. But overall, let's say neutral because sometimes there could be also some positive ideas coming out. For finances. It's unfavorable because Uranus is in Taurus, the sign related to finances or at least one of the signs. So, I would recommend you to be very careful with financial decisions on Monday. relationships. Overall we can say neutral,

but because relationships are all about connection and communication, and this aspect potentially can bring stress so we have to keep in mind that there might be also certain stress for communication. Obviously, it's unfavorable because people may respond in a very irrational way and See things that they don't really think or sometimes be harsh with others. So overall for communication, it's unfavorable. But for creativity and spirituality, the aspect is Great Southern insights or spiritual practices meditations can bring you this, those ideas that are coming from another dimension usually, and overall the energy is contradictory. From one side we have the moon in Taurus, which supposed to bring comfort and more relaxation and more patience, but because all of that comes also with this mercury Uranus aspect, we may not be able to fully commit to this patience or to really experience the comfort and slower slowing and the calming energy basically.

So Monday is more special. Then we get to Tuesday, the first quincunx I already promised you like we have five I think or more of them. So the sun with Jupiter. First of all this can bring certain goals that we want to focus on. And also we want to commit, but we have to work extra hard for them. So think about your long term goals. Think about what is the most important you want to materialize in your life. And also think about success. visualize your success, for business for financial stuff. This aspect is very beneficial. Yes, it's not like okay, gifts are falling from the skies. You still have to put the effort, at least at first, but eventually you have great chances for succeeding. So for business and finance, the aspect is great for relationships and communication we should say neutral so there could be some opportunities in the areas but not necessarily. And for creativity, also the aspect can be beneficial because Jupiter is about expansion. It's about growth. So you may have certain ideas that can bring you growth. And also the sun is in Leo, which is a very creative sign. It's about the self expression, it's about shining. So for creativity, also great day. For spirituality, we shall say it's neutral. So you might commit to a practice there's no harm in that. It's just that the energy is not specifically related to this. And overall, we have more of this stable grounded Taurus energy, which we may enjoy more because we don't have the other stressful Uranus aspects.

So overall, we have grounded stable practical energy and we can commit to something which requires also more consistency. Then we get to Wednesday and we have another quincunx this time between the sun and Neptune. This one at first might bring potential confusion, or can make us a little bit more dreamy, but also very, very creative. If you follow through if you put certain effort with all of those creative ideas, you may succeed in many areas including business including finance, relationships, communication, creativity, spirituality. So you may see that we have many positive influences. Of course, it's related also to the other planets Venus with Mars, for example, can benefit our relationships and also finances and even creativity. Mercury with Neptune can also bring us more of this inspiration more of this, of the insights and also can increase our intuition. The aspect is amazing also for spiritual practices. Overall the energy bring certain a variety because the moon is in Gemini, which is very beneficial by the way for communication and also for mental work, intellectual work and even for negotiations. And also some ideas might come into your mind. So, Wednesday is one of the most positive days and I apologize, I have forgotten to put the degrees here but I will definitely do that next time. Okay, here we have them. So, I have missed Wednesday. So Thursday. On Thursday, we have a pretty significant challenge.

Mars is squaring Pluto. 24 degrees Aries 24 degrees, Capricorn. those planets are kind of connected to each other because they wrote rule our willpower. Mars, it's more the individual the personal willpower, Pluto, it's more the collective willpower and also the one which we use when we are in a critical situation or something which is with a very high social impact, including business and career. So there could be significant tension and also impatience, power struggles, possible confrontations, so we have to be very careful. As you can see, most of the areas are challenged business and finance. It's unfavorable to take some important steps or at least you have to be very careful with relationships and communication. We might say it's kind of neutral. But again, the energy is so powerful that after all, there might be some kind of challenging energy triggering even those areas. for creativity we should say neutral unless you are extremely passionate about something in those cases, with hard work, you can achieve some results and by the way that applies to every area. If you are extremely committed and passionate, you can achieve success on Thursday for spiritual work, the aspect is beneficial energy practices meditations, even some kind of fighting sports which also have the element of energy control this can be very beneficial and the moon is in Gemini So the focus goes more to communication and intellectual work. But we still have lots of intensity because of Mars Pluto aspect. So on Thursday be special Be careful.

Then on Friday, we have another Queen Kong. So I believe this is the third one between mercury and Jupiter this time. And overall, this triggers the mind this triggers our ideas and planning. And this is just amazing for a goal setting or shifting something about your priorities and your goals. As we said, at first, there could be some kind of challenge over time, it may turn into something really positive after you work for it. So for business, the aspect is quite beneficial for communication and creativity. Also, finance and relationships and spirituality we should say it's more neutral, so no harm but maybe not something extremely significant in those areas. And overall, the energy is the energy of exploring, especially with the morning Gemini, which supports mercury. It's time for brainstorming ideas, thinking about new solutions, and sharing your thoughts with other people as well. After 7:30pm the moon will be in breast cancer. So we might become a little bit more sensitive, more emotional and give more priority to our personal relationships and family. And then we get to Saturday the 15th of August. This is a very important day because we are also starting our course in miracles journey on telegram. The cost is free, the value is priceless. So check the links below hop on telegram and join us now. But the other thing which is also important for this day is that Also Uranus is turning retrograde.

As I promised you 11 degrees in Taurus, make sure to check, do you have something important there a planet cusp of a house, because if you have, this will trigger you're much more. And overall, there could be a very intense, electrifying energy, you can get extremely excited about something you may also get quite nervous about something and just be flexible, be open for changes for transformations for new opportunities. Mercury has a quincunx with Neptune and the sun quincunx with Pluto, so those are the fourth and the fifth quincunx for the week. changes, adaptation. There might be ideas that you can apply, there might be inspiration. There might be a little confusion before that. So you have to be Really kind of do your best to take advantage of this aspect. But overall for creativity, this is great. And the sun with Pluto again with connecting with the Queen cogs can bring more empowerment, more motivation for doing something which impacts other people which is really, really important. And also working on your self confidence.

On top of all of this energy, which is quite intense, the moon is in cancer. So we may take everything too personally, we might be over sensitive and over emotional, and all of this mixture will affect the business area, kind of neutral, but there is a potential challenge related mostly because of this Uranus energy, which can definitely bring something unexpected for finance. Also, I would say on faith Double Uranus is in Taurus. So, there could be something which you are really not prepared for. So be cautious with finances, relationships and communication kind of neutral. But creativity and spirituality very positive. You can transform something in your life you may work on yourself with certain energy practices with meditations and you may create something inspiring for yourself and for other people. Overall, as we said, the energy is quite intense and unpredictable. And finally we get to Sunday, Sunday we have another Queen Kong so this should be like the sixth one for this week. Honestly, guys, I can't remember when was the last time that we have had so many Queen Cox's I'm pretty sure during the past one year, it hasn't happened, like in one week to have six of them. So very, very rare. This aspect between mercury and Pluto triggers the mind and can bring lots of concentrated energy on something you want to manifest certain idea. This might feel a little over obsessive. But eventually this passion can actually invite the energy to really bring you certain outcomes or certain final results that you may use. So, very empowering, great for concentration and also great for intellectual work.

The sun is trying Mars and this is one of the best aspects during the week. very empowering also, to fire planets are working together, also triggering the fire science so amazing opportunity also, they are both in the sciences. roux Mars is the ruler of Aries. The sun is the ruler of Leo. So the two planets can literally bring us the best they can possibly bring. very uplifting, very empowering, great for sports for doing something for starting new projects for taking risks. Incredible aspect. for business. Of course, this is extremely beneficial for creativity, why not when it comes to doing something on your own, also great aspect. Mercury with Pluto, as we said, could be at first a little challenging, but over time can be very, very empowering. And the sun also has a big quintile with Jupiter creative aspect, which can bring those potential changes and actually if you remember, on Monday, we are starting with the sun Jupiter aspect or It was on Tuesday, we need to go back. But during the first few days of the week we had a quincunx between the sun and Jupiter. Now we have a big quintile. Another aspect which can bring changes, which can bring certain shifts and also new choices that we can make when it comes to goals, priorities, and our vision for the future. So Sunday is beneficial for business for relationships for communication, creativity, and spirituality. The energy is quite dynamic because of those fiery planets that are triggered. The moon is in cancer, which on the other side can calm us a little bit or can make us care for others and protect others and spend time with our families. So overall, the week ends on a very positive note. So that's our weekly overview. I hope that you will enjoy this format please Let me know Do you like this format? Better than the previous one? Would you like me to continue doing those presentations in this particular way? Also, if you have other suggestions, please let me know. And now I want to share with you those announcements I already told you about.

The first one, as we said, we have this three day astrology immersive experience the last few days of September. And I will talk about business astrology. This is something I haven't presented in any of my training. So the very first time I'm sharing this information with you, it's amazing. You will learn how you can take personal decisions based on your chart when it comes to business. You would learn also how to consult someone else if they have a business question and also, how to work with the company's chart. Very interesting company. And I'm sure that it can only bring you more tools that you can use to make your life better. I am doing this together with Victor as true Victor amazing astrologer he also have lots of experience with teaching with working with clients more than 20 years of experience. He will present a topic about the blessings in our chart and how we can find our secret potential our talents so Victor is truly amazing. And on top of that, astral Lada will be our guest, and she will present a topic, how she started her own business and how she made it such a success. She will give you her ideas or insights and what has worked for her through so many years of successful business. So check the links below and sign up for this immersive astrology experience. It will be totally worth it. Second news, I am starting a new series on my Instagram account. So if you're not following me there, please come and join us, you will find the links below, you have to search for my name Marina Stoichkova. Again, link is below for your convenience. And I will share more and more interesting information with you there, including the very brand new show there, which is called coach me, Marina, you would have the opportunity to join in live.

It will be 10am on Wednesday Eastern time. So come and join me asked me a question. You can type it or if you want to, I will bring you on camera and you can ask me live something that you need help with something you want me to support you with ideas, insights and all of the tools I'm using. So it will be great. Come and join us there. And finally, we also So start our incredible journey on a course in miracles. This is a metaphysical text which will allow you to tune into this spiritual, liberating energy and to really transform your life. It's a very long project one er, free for the whole part of it. So no extra charges, no, nothing. So you just come and join us. We do this together, daily lessons very short. You just follow them. And watch how your life gets transformed. Pretty amazing. I'm so excited. And we are starting this on the 15th of August basically the day when Uranus turns retrograde, great time to look inside yourself and work on your personal transformation. So I'm so excited. Thank you for joining me. Answer in the comments. Is there something new you want me to add and let me know how you feel during this week. Thank you so much. I would see you on Instagram on telegram on all the other grounds. And thank you so much for being here. Take care.

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