Weekly Horoscope | Oct 5-11


Hello dear friends and welcome to your weekly horoscope for October the fifth to the 11th. We have a really significant week coming ahead, especially the end of Friday is one of the most intense days during this season overall, because Mars retrograde is having a square with Pluto, and at the same time, Venus is included in this configuration. This, my friends is one of the days that we need to prepare for, especially during the following week. Because it can bring us possible challenges, there are things that we need to be careful with and the tension can be much higher than usual. Of course, In this video, we are going to prepare for each of the days during the upcoming week. But I just want to let you know that Friday is really the day that you need to be really prepared for. Also, let me remind you that we are still including people in Mars stars astrology Academy, if you are ready to dive deep into this incredible knowledge, check the link below all the information is there. It's really advanced high level and basically a full system that we are going to teach you. With that being said, let's get started with Monday.

And Monday is also a special day because on Monday we are going to start to offer you more content on Instagram. And if you haven't followed me there, at the bottom of this page, you can see my name Marina Stoichkova my profile in on Instagram also there is a link in the description below. Join us there because you will learn more and more about astrology coaching, how you can improve your life how you can plan things better, we are preparing lots of surprises for you. They're starting on Monday. And on Monday we have a minor challenging aspect between Venus in Virgo and Jupiter in Capricorn, two planets which generally are friends with each other, which are the two benefactors but included or connected with a minor challenging aspect. It means that there could be some kind of issues or things that we need to work on are things that we need to fix and change. But overall, this is not a really challenging problematic situation because none of those planets is really a negative planet. And the signs which are triggered are the earth signs, Virgo and Capricorn. And that means that specifically, the area of career material resources, plans may go through some kind of changes.

And this may include also our desires and our plans, something about it may need to change, especially on the Monday, the moon is in Taurus, which actually brings even more of this earth energy. And overall, the day is positive for focusing on some kind of practical tasks and achievement, things that require more patience, and more consistency. It's possible that we may not like the things that we need to do or this may not be our like dream, idea or realization, but it may still bring us some positives and good results. So overall, the day is kind of neutral for business for relationships, communication, but you may turn this into something more positive. So there are some opportunities if we take action if we make the changes that things eventually may turn into positives. For financial stuff, the date is more positive, especially because of the moon in Taurus. And overall focus on the practical things. take some action Be patient and be prepared that there might be something you don't like really. Moving on to Tuesday, the moon is already in Gemini and will square Venus in Virgo. The moon in Gemini is positive for anything that has to do with intellectual work, finding some new ideas, making some new plans connecting to other people brainstorm. ideas, verbal expression or communication through social media or any other ways that are allowing us to express ourselves. And overall, we can handle with more stuff.

At the same time, the moon in Gemini supports multitasking brings more variety, things may might be a little bit more dynamic. And the square with Venus is not really a bad challenging aspect, it can bring some kind of issues, especially in the area of relationships and personal communication and connections. But overall, we may fix things, especially important here is to use our logical thinking, to use the analytical mind. Gemini and Virgo are the two signs which are ruled by mercury. And it means that we need to use mercury in this situation, try to analyze things from a little bit more detached perspective, and to really evaluate the situation. Overall, the day could be beneficial for communication and intellectual work, it could be a little unfavorable for finances, relationships, but we don't expect some major problems or something really dramatic. Then on Wednesday, we have one challenging aspect between mercury and Uranus, which triggers the fixed modality Scorpio and Taurus. This is a very interesting aspect really, from one side, it can bring tension, it can bring some kind of impatience desire to do something different to, you know, think in a different way. But also, this can be a great aspect for breakthroughs for having some revolutionary ideas, something that you haven't done yet something that maybe you have taught was kind of impossible. This aspect can allow us to think out of the box, and to be braver and to do something in a different way.

There is a possibility as usual with Uranus that things can be surprising, unpredictable. And overall, there could be general nervousness and pension. This aspect, working in the opposition with Uranus can be especially challenging for the nervous system. And especially people who are more sensitive people who have similar connection in their chart may really feel this nervousness. The moon in Gemini also triggers the nervous system. So that's why on Wednesday, we have to take better care of ourselves, and to be open for new opportunities for new actions. But at the same time to remember that we don't necessarily need to do everything we think of immediately. Sometimes we may need more time to process the idea and eventually to take the action. So more attention when it comes to communication when it comes to expression. And also there is a chance that we might struggle more with technical stuff, computers, our phones, connections, there could be some kind of problems with those areas as well. Overall, there might be challenges in business, in communication. in finance. Also, we need to be very careful because this x is Scorpio Taurus is the one that represents resources and money and investments. And there could be lots of surprises and some kind of even reckless decisions we may take.

So I would recommend you to avoid taking some important financial decisions on Wednesday. But the positive thing that we can do on Wednesday is to focus more on creativity and spirituality. Uranus with mercury can bring us insights and incredible ideas and even inspiration, and that's like the best we can focus on which can also help us to relax and to calm down and take better care of ourselves really. Then we are moving to Thursday. On Thursday. Nothing special is happening except for Question of the morning, until noon time The moon is in Gemini and we can still focus on ideas, connections, communication, intellectual work, some planning, and overall it's more dynamic. It's making us also more flexible. Around noon, the moonies, ingressing in cancer and move stay there until the end of the day, which from one side can help us to come down to become a little bit calmer, but also sometimes more lazy, or unmotivated to do the hard work, and instead, we may need to take some care of ourselves or some personal matters, or our families overall. And the day is mostly neutral for business finance relationships, it could be positive for communication, the second half of the day, also connection with family members. But overall, the day seems to be more neutral, it means that we can achieve things we don't have the real challenges, but there's also not much support, which very often can be fine, and can actually bring us some results as well. And next we are moving on to the most important day of this week.

Friday, the day when we have a square between Mars retrograde in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn. Very important aspect because Mars is moving really slow while it's retrograde and it has more power. Mars is also in Aries, the sign that it's ruling so it makes it feel like at home. And at the same time we have a square with Pluto. Those two planets Mars and Pluto have a similar energy not the same not identical, but similar, because they are both related to willpower. Mars represents our individual personal willpower, especially when it's in Aries. And Pluto, this is the collective willpower and little do is in Capricorn, which is the sign of structures and bigger organizations. This can represent government institutions or other structures that really have lots of power. And it can really be a huge conflict between the individual personal desire and willpower and the collective group or organizational willpower. And I would recommend you to avoid all of the things that has to do with government with institutions with even in business, we have to be more careful, there could be power struggles, there could be aggression. Sometimes there may even be more violence, people are not willing to compromise people can turn against each other. And I don't want this to sound like something that hasn't happened before because of course it happens. Mars is squaring Pluto, basically once a year approximately. But this time, Mars is retrograde.

So it's bringing a little bit more attention, especially internally on an inner level because Mars is retrograde. And there could be anger issues and things that are really intense on an inner level. The best we can do on Friday is to do a little meditation, some kind of energy practice anything that will allow you to balance the energy on a physical level as well. And what's even more interesting is that actually Venus is having minor challenging aspect with Mars and Pluto square and the half with the two planets. And basically what we have is a triangle configuration. I want to draw it actually to show you but it really looks like a triangle, Mars, Pluto, and Venus all connected with challenging aspects. This is a very, very rare configuration, I would say extremely rare. And the objects of this configuration is Venus, which means the focus point and emotionally things can be really intense. There may also be cheap. challenges in relationships with money with our desires with our emotional balance. And if you feel this tension this confusing emotions, remember to normal, don't push yourself to take important decisions or to you know, try to fix everything at the moment because this might be a problem. Instead member, we have this challenging configuration, it will pass like always, and just try to avoid the word and steps regarding basically all the areas. The only things that could be beneficial are some spiritual work, maybe some creative work as well. But overall, there might be tension in many, many areas, business personal life, you name it.

The positive thing that can save us on Friday on the other side is a creative aspect between mercury and Pluto. Mercury is in Scorpio, which means that it's under the rulership of Pluto. And this is a great aspect which can allow us to see through things to have a bigger perspective or a larger perspective about why things are happening, to have more motivation, and also to be able to feel things and to really use our intuition in our advantage. This aspect can help us to solve certain issues in our minds or to have ideas how we can fix certain things. And this is really the most helpful aspect on Friday. The moon is in cancer, which frankly can bring even more sensitivity to the other mess that we have. And we may feel more vulnerable we may overreact sometimes we can be more melodramatic. So take your time, be easier with yourself and beat other people. If possible, just try to relax as much as possible on Friday, and try not to take everything so personal. This can be one of the major themes on Friday, Venus in this challenging app exposition and the moon in cancer, both of those indications can make us oversensitive and taking everything very personally. And in reality, it's not about ourselves as much as it's about some kind of general processes that are happening. So just remember, this may happen. Okay?

Enough with those Venus Mars Pluto challenges, let's move on. Luckily, we have a very positive day following those challenges on Friday. On the 10th of October is Saturday, which happens to be also the first day when we are starting our new training on advanced astrology NATO interpretation. We also have an incredible aspect between Venus and Uranus major positive aspect, which can allow us to be more excited about the things that are happening also can bring some variety, some positive surprises, we may feel really inspired. And all of that can also bring some real practical results because the trying triggers the to earth signs, Virgo and Taurus and it's not just about the ideas, it's also about the implementation and the practical results that we may have. Overall Saturday can be quite exciting and quite positive for every area of our life. from business to finance in relationship to communication, creativity, spirituality, we may receive benefits are positive surprises in each of those areas. The moon in cancer on the other side can support some kinds of family activities connection, whether this would be with our children or with our spouse, or other people that we connect to on an emotional level. So relic station, paying more attention to things that make you feel comfortable, the things that also brings you joy, excitement, variety, inspiration, and it's really a great time to make some positive gestures to the people that you really love. And as I said, I'm really happy that we are starting our training on such a positive note So don't forget to check the link below and we would be happy to see you joining us.

And finally on Sunday, we have quite a mixture here. The sun in Libra will square Jupiter in Capricorn major aspect, which can bring some shifts related to our goals, especially our personal goals, but also things that are related to relationships and communication and even business and career goals. This is a time when we might feel frustrated by something which can push us to make changes or to switch our direction or to move on in another direction. Even though the aspect is challenging, it's still connecting to fire planets, the sun and Jupiter. And they are friends with each other, which means that at the end, we can have the positive results especially if we are open to make the necessary changes. The sun is having another aspect which is a quincunx with Neptune in Pisces. And at first, this can bring possible confusion, some kinds of mistakes we can make or things we can forget. So make sure to pay extra attention if you have some things that are planned and things that require more focus and more concentration. But on the positive side, this is an aspect which can bring you lots of inspiration and creativity and increased intuition and ability to connect to other people and to help and even make some kind of sacrifice for the people we love. As I said, especially positive aspects for creativity and inspiration.

And the last aspect we have on Sunday is a square and a half between Venus and Saturn minor challenging aspect which can affect our relationships, our emotional expression, there could be some kind of blockages people may not be so open. And it's time to show how serious we are. It's time to take responsibility. And maybe to reassure the people we love that we are very serious that we are very responsible. And that includes also financial decisions, there could be some kind of issues we need to fix. And overall, there might be possible struggles in the area of finance and relationships, possibly in business. And it's a positive day on the other side for communication for creativity and spirituality. The moon is in Leo, which can bring more excitement, more desire to do the things that we really love, to be more creative, to be willing to share our own ideas, our own perspective, and overall to do something more creative. And with that, my friends, we covered the most important events during this week. As I said,

Don't forget to follow me on Instagram, Marina Stoichkova or for your convenience, you can find the link in the description below. There are many surprises coming ahead for you there. In stories we are planning to publish the daily horoscopes and lots of other valuable information both in the field and also in stories. And okay, I will share it in advance since you have waited till the end of the video. You deserve to know this before other people know it. coming up from starting from the following week. I'm planning to also start weekly live videos which will be about new moons and foremost more valuable information. I will answer your questions. So get ready from next week. We we will let you know but there will be more great information for you which hopefully will make your life and your week and your days better, more inspired and bringing you the results that you dream off. If you have any questions, please let me know. And also, this is the final week when you can sign up for the first lecture. We are starting on the 10th of October with our new group of Mars stars astrology Academy. I'm so excited because I know how valuable this will be. Before you as long as you are committed and serious about our work, so I cannot wait for this to come. Thank you so much for joining me. I will see you on Instagram more often. And next week of course you will find your weekly prediction as well. Take care and have a beautiful week everyone

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