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Hello dear friends. In this tutorial we are going to talk about the different ages and also which planet is ruling the different ages. This is a very helpful information which first of all can allow you to understand better what we are supposed to do at different ages and which planets really resonate with this particular age. And also we can use it in our personal interpretation of the individual horoscope. Let me explain how you can do it. First of all you have to define if we are talking about your chart, your age, and of course which planet is related to this age. I'm gonna teach you this in just a moment. And after you know which planet is ruling your age, first of all, you have to look at your chart and see what's the status of this planet? Is it a strong planet? Is it in a harmonious position? Or are there any challenges like difficult aspects may be and then you can understand what do you need to work on? During each specific age, and if you're not familiar with your own horoscope, you can go to my website and use the free birth chart calculator to horoscope to calculate as many horoscopes as you need, find the links below. So this is one way in which we are using this information to understand what we need to work on, or also what kind of potential challenges we might experience unique during any particular age. But also this is very helpful in prediction as well. So after you find which planet is related to your current age, you need to be very careful and to pay extra attention to every transit or progression that triggers this planet because it will have a stronger impact. On your life. So let's start of course with the beginning of our life the day we were born. And this period last until the age of seven, the planet which is related to this age, which rules it. That's the moon. And of course, this is very logical because this is the time when we are completely dependent on other people, mostly our parents. Also, this is the most immature planet so of course it makes total sense two rules. The first stage of our life when we are babies or after that small kids. We need other people to take care of us to protect us. Food is very important home safety, stability. That's what we need most at that age to feel that we are provided that someone is taking care of us And of course, to feel the connection with our mother and our family. And at that point, I would recommend you, if you are analyzing your child's horoscope, you really have to pay attention to the moon at this age. It means analyze, what's the position of the moon in the birth chart? Are there any potential challenges because it may show you also what you need to pay extra attention during this age. As a mother, of course, after that, from the age of seven, and to the age of 14, we get to the next stage. This is Mercury's period. This is the time when we are supposed to get to go to school, we start learning and also we start developing our own way of thinking. It doesn't mean that here we don't think but it's Not that rational here. It's the analytical mind that this age which gets developed and which becomes very important. And of course, mercury in the birth chart will show you how hormones can this period before the person, how he tends to handle with education with communication. This is also the age during which we started having our first friendships, and we establish connections with other people who are at the same age usually. So it's important for education, it's important also for the analytical mind, and for our ability to make connections to analyze things. And it's also very logical because Mercury is a planet which is not gender specific. All the other planets we can assign to other either feminine or masculine. Mercury is neutral. And this is the age during which usually we are still before the teenage age. So it means that it's not so much about the individual or the specific gender. It's more about connections with others. It's about communication. And of course, as we said, it's about education. Then we get to the third period between the 14th and the 21st. Birthday. And for us, this is the age of Venus. This is the time when romance and love become very important. And also this is the age when we start making more difference between boys and girls. And these are usually this is usually the time during which We have our first attraction or we fall in love, or we experience deeper emotions, the words other people we are more interested. And it doesn't mean that you cannot have love before that of course, there might be some kind of childish attraction before that, but it becomes more mature, it can also become it become actually more sexual as well. So, Venus at that point will be very important. Its Natal position, is it in a harmonious sign? Is it in a strong sign or maybe there are some challenges that you need to work on. This you can find from the birth chart, and again, I repeat, everything that happens in transits in progressions or other predictive methods with Venus at that age are very important and they will have a stronger impact on your life. Then We get to the next point around the age of 2021 28. This is the age of marks. At that time, usually we start to be more independent, we are supposed to move on with our lives, independently of our parents. And also this is the age during which we established more our personal wealth. We learn to compete with others, we need to decide things that we want to pursue or we want to achieve. And overall, it's about doing things. It's about taking action. It's also about taking risks. Many people at that age are huge risk takers, and of course, that depends on the Natal position of Mars. If your Mars is very weak or very soft, of course, it won't make you a risk. Take her. But if you're Mars has some challenging aspects, then at that age, you might really become a risk taker. And for every person, this is the time when they may really connect to their personal wealth and become more motivated to do the things that they want. Independence also is a huge team usually. And overall, it's time for taking action. The next period after the age of 28, and until the age of 35, is the age of the sun. This is the time during which we need to focus more on our individuality. This is the time during which we tend to realize more what we really want. And before that, of course, we have desires actually the first desires usually come in That age of the age of Venus desires about what we are interested in, and hobbies and people we like and everything. But this is a more mature age during which we really understand our core desires. What's the thing that would make us happy? What would bring us the sense of success and personal fulfillment. So this is the best age to focus on yourself on your own expression. Usually, also people tend to become more confident, because this is the age during which also we may see the first results of our work. And of course, there are many people who become extremely successful before that, or after that that's absolutely relevant and it happens. But for most people, this is the time when they find the country. Next one with their core identity, which brings them more personal fulfillment, because they're really focused on the things that they like, or at least they know what they like. So at that age, many people find themselves and of course, it really depends on the Natal position of your sun. If you're stronger, if your sun is strong and harmonious, then you may become really successful or really happy or really confident at that point. And if the sun is weaker, then it means you need to work more on your individual strengths or understanding your deepest desires, and really learning to appreciate yourself. So of course, that's relevant for many people with problematic sun position. Then we get to the next stage between the age of 35 And 42, which is ruled by Jupiter, this is the time during which we tend to become more successful. So here, usually earlier the age of the sun, it's more about how we feel it's more about our own identity recognizing it for ourselves. Of course, we may also get noticed by others, but usually it happens more at the next stage of Jupiter stage after the age of 35. This is a very good time for succeeding, for growing for expansion, and also for learning different things. This is the time when we may decide to move into another direction. Or we may see the fruits of our work and the things that we have worked on in the past and also things tend to become easier for many people. And of course, it depends on your Jupiter, how harmonious it is or are there any challenges you need to work on. And this will tell you actually what you need to concentrate on at that particular age. And finally, the last stage in this classification is between the age of 42 and 49, which gets us to the period or the stage of soccer. And this is the time during which we also tend to become more mature. This is the time when we may really create something we can structure better our life. And for some people, this could be the time when they may get more power, more control. It really depends on your Saturn and hold chart. But this is the time during which you may really get this stability. in your life, and also create something long lasting. It's also time for responsibilities, it's time to become wiser and to become more reasonable. It's a great time also to concentrate on your realistic perspective. Because previously, all the other planets, they tend to put this in a different stage with sometimes too much optimism or sometimes, you know, over estimation of things or whatever, or sometimes just not recognizing our own strength. Well, Saturn's age is great for becoming more realistic and seeing things from a very practical perspective. It can bring you stability, it can bring you power, if that's relevant for your chart, of course, and in some cases, this may also be the time when people realize that they are not happy with what they have. So it could be a time of reassessment and also potential changes. Again, make sure to analyze your natal Saturn. And of course, I'm almost here you asking the question what happens after that? Are there no planets or what happens in life? Of course life goes on. But after the age of 49, we are supposed to be more mature. And potentially we are supposed to have unlocked all the planets. So after this age, it's time for us to really use all of our resources. And honestly, it really depends on your level and the way you're using the planets. For some people, unfortunately, after this age, they may feel like okay, what's the point of They may not see something important they want to focus on, they might get frustrated or disappointed, or they may feel that they are already very also what's the point of everything that's like the most negative perspective. But for many people after this age, actually, they may feel much more productive, because they have the experience. They have also created their own strengths, they know themselves better, they have unlocked the potential of all of the planets, and potentially, you also have more opportunities to work with the higher planets with the outer planets. They are not that simple. They take more time and different type of approach. But here is something important. You can't use the outer planets in a constructive way. If you haven't mastered the seven visible planets, especially some Turn. Saturn is the barrier Saturn is the material world, if you completely neglect this, if you neglect the form, the outer planets can be unfortunately very destructive. So the point here is to look at Saturn as something necessary and something helpful as well. So I hope this is helpful. I hope you would go and calculate your chart and find what's the importance of each of those planets for Hume, how strong they are, what are the potential things you need to work on? And please don't get stressed. If you see that at your particular age. The planet for example, is not very harmonious. It means that you have some lessons and you have room for improvement and honestly we are all here for that. We are here to grow and to learn. So nothing to be scared of, it just shows that you have opportunity for growth. Also, don't forget to pay more attention to every transit progression, solar arc direction to look at your solar return chart and analyze the position of the planet, which is ruling your current age. Again, I repeat that it would make a real difference and also help you to be more accurate with your interpretations. So thank you very much for listening to this video. Don't forget that if you want to learn astrology, in a really advanced level, you can sign up for the waitlist for more stars astrology Academy, links are below. And also I have a free webinar for you on how to use astrology, for creating a psychological profile, completely free webinar. You can Watch immediately. You can use the calculator to calculate the chart and just enjoy it. Thank you so much for your time and I will see you soon. 

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