Your Left and Right Side (What’s Your Body Trying to Tell You)

Have you noticed that your left and right side are not equal? From one side this is normal, but on the other side, we can use this information to understand better what we need to focus on, if we want to achieve balance.

Sometimes we have symptoms or health issues that affect only one side of the body and there is always a reason for that. Listen to the episode as we go deeper into this topic.

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You will learn

  • Why you may have symptoms/health issues affecting only one side of your body
  • How that relates to the feminine/masculine energy
  • What's the connection with our parents/ancestors
  • How we can balance and heal our body



Hello, friends, welcome to episode number 24. Today, we will talk about your left and right side. And what's your body trying to tell you. If you think about it, if you pay attention to your body, you will always notice that there is a difference between your left and right side. It's just normal. And we all have this as symmetry. So it's there is no person who's left and right side are completely identical. So that's normal. But when we notice that one of those sides also bring us more problems like health issues, like other types of problems, there is a meaning behind that we know that there are no coincidences. Whether you have health issues from your right side or the left side is always important. And that's what we are going to talk about what we can understand more about our real issues, not just the physical expression, but what stays behind this. And of course, what we need to work on so that we can overcome those challenges and get closer to the most balanced situation possible for us. First of all, a little reminder, the left side, it's always our feminine side, and the right side, this is the masculine side. And that applies both to men and women. We all have also certain differences. If you have done some exercises or stretching, you will also find that your flexibility is different, that your strength could be different. Sometimes you may have blockages in one side of your body, and the other one may work perfectly. This is what we want to explore. First of all, if we have some real health challenges, which side is triggered, for example, in my case, I struggle mostly with my left side, my arm, I have certain issues with my leg. And that's important, because it shows that this is my feminine side which is suffering. If you have noticed that, for example, you have problems with your right leg, or the right arm or the right side of your face, it means that there is some kind of problem with your masculine energy, the masculine side. So this is one important clarification left is the feminine side right is the masculine. But they also have connection with our family. The left side is the one which connects us to our mother and the family members from her side, the right side of our body is connected with our father and family members from his side. And if we have typically issues mostly with one side of our body, this can also be a sign that we have certain problems with this parent, or there is something in the family history from his side. Something we need to explore. There is another episode which you can check if I'm not wrong. It's the previous 123 which is all about family trees and ancestors memory, how all of this affect us and how it can literally bring certain challenges in our lives, which we don't know. You know why they're happening. So I won't talk about the family tree today. But I just want to give you this idea to explore if you have a health issue which triggers one side of your body is this the mother or the father side? And of course you have to do the work. No one can do this. Instead of you. Maybe you need to work on your relationship with this parent. Maybe you need just to accept them. Sometimes the problem is that we don't accept them as they are and they can be you know, very wrong. They could do mistakes. They may not be even good people from our perspective, but they're our parents. And that applies in all cases, even when there has been abuse or violence or, you know, like the ugliest things possible. Those are still our parents. And if we can find forgiveness, acceptance, and maybe even some love, it can definitely bring problems for ourselves and our body. So, explore this direction and think about it, is there something you need to fix with your parents, especially if there is something which is bothering you, health wise. The other direction, which I also want to guide you in, pay attention which of your sides is stronger? Again, if you practice yoga or stretching, you will notice that you are more flexible from your right side or the left side, or you're just stronger, physically stronger, your left or right side, again, explore this, this may show you which of those energies the feminine or the masculine, you tend to connect more with. And maybe sometimes you may find that there is something you need to nurture more in yourself. And a potential problem. Also, if you have, like, let's say, problem with your left side, some of the possible problems for that the causes for that could be that you either don't accept this energy. For example, women who can't face with or can't accept their feminine role, usually struggle more with their left side, or women and or men, it doesn't matter who have more problems with their right side, usually struggle with accepting their masculine side being the fighter, the achiever, the one who is doing something, it's a little bit more social, outer oriented role. And if we have the problems in only one side of our body, usually this could be one of the potential causes, we just don't accept this role, either in the feminine or the masculine role. Another potential issue to explore is Could it be that you're also overusing this energy. Sometimes this may also cause problems, for example, women who just connect too much with their masculine side and overuse it. They are achievers, they are very competitive. They're only outturn social oriented, so it's like they're exhausting this energy, this may also be a problem, this may also bring potential issues. So it's either that we don't accept this role, this type of energy, or we are overusing it, or we are not using it properly. Obviously, there are many possible modalities, but those are like some general directions to explore. And overall, it's always about the balance between the feminine and the masculine energy, it doesn't matter which side actually is more problematic. If one of them is it's a sign that you need to balance the feminine and masculine energy, it doesn't matter whether you're a man or a woman, we all need to balance this energy. And if we don't balance it, one of the problems is that we may struggle with one side of the body, but there could be even more serious issues. One typical problems could be fatigue, especially fibromyalgia, you know that this is quite common condition nowadays that we know very little about it and the treatment is well, not very, not very good yet. So one of the potential issues for fibromyalgia is unbalanced feminine and masculine energy. So there are no good connections between the our nerves and eventually you know, it starts a pathological process. So, there could be many things that are affected by our feminine and masculine energy and the balance between them. And if we are women, that doesn't mean that we have to neglect the masculine energy of course Not, we have to find the balance. Okay, and one more suggestion I have for you a little bit more playful more interesting. Which of your profiles? Do you like? Better? Maybe already have the answer immediately, maybe you need to explore this for yourself, it's quite easy. You can look at the mirror, you can make some pictures, maybe you already know this. But typically, there is one of our profiles, either the left or the right one that we like better. And guess what? It's also giving you some valuable information. Maybe you will say okay, but I just like my eyebrows better. It's not that, you know, it has anything to do with my femininity or masculinity. Well, if you recognize better if you like better one of those profiles, it's also a sign that you recognize and you connect more with this type of energy, feminine or masculine. And probably the other one is a little bit behind a little bit neglected. So explore this, if you don't have the answer right now, look at the mirror, look at some pictures and try to this find for yourself, which of your profiles which of your sides you like, better? Okay, and some ideas, what we should do. If we find that we have this unbalanced situation, which more or less applies to everyone. So as we said, we always have a symmetric connections between the left and the right side. And that's normal, as long as it's not pathological. If we have problems, if we have health issues, or you know, like extreme weakness in one of the sides, then we need to work on that. And it's mostly some inner work. It's about acceptance, working with ourselves, accepting the different roles we have, working with our family members, our relationships with mother and father, and maybe exploring something in the family tree, and the family history if needed. And just healing everything that needs to be healed in regards to those topics. Of course, you can get even more information by exploring okay, but which specific part of the body suffers, so you may get even more than just okay, this is mother father or, you know, masculine feminine, but that's just a starting point. And you need to heal this, you need to do the inner work. From a more practical material perspective, what we can do is balancing exercises, I'm not sure if you have tried those in yoga in pilat, is they have those exercises and bias in other activities as well. If I have to be honest, they're not my favorite, they can be quite challenging, because you know, that's the purpose to maintain this balance of the body. So they can be a real challenge. But through them, we can balance this right and left side. And actually, the more we struggle with those exercises, the more unbalanced we are. And the more we need them actually, which is, you know, quite interesting, but that's how it works. So the more challenging, the more effect it may have on you. So that's what I have for you today. I hope it will bring you some light and understanding what you need to work on or what kind of message your body is trying to tell you. It's always very interesting when we explore those, because there are no coincidences we already said. Thank you so much for joining. 

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