1st Prenatal Matrix – The Careless Bliss

Do you know people whose main priority is to feel comfortable and who have absolutely no desire to put efforts? Chances are they are affected by the 1st matrix. In astrology language it' Neptune's matrix.

This episode is part of the series about the prenatal matrixes (episodes 3 - 7). You will learn about the 1st prenatal matrix - the possible birth circumstances which can activate it and what kind of issues it can bring later in your adult life.

By understanding this concept, you will be able to realize what's required from you, so that you can move forward to the next level of your personal growth. 

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You will learn

  • The specific birth circumstances - amniotic fluid issues, infections, etc.
  • The subconscious desire to go back to the prenatal period
  • The major challenges - lack of motivation, dependence on others, trying to escape responsibilities, addictions, etc.
  • The possible solutions - creativity and spirituality



Hello, dear friend. And welcome back to the podcast. You're listening to the fourth episode during this one, we are going to discuss the first board matrix, and if you haven't listened to the introductory episode, you might want to go back and listen to Episode number three, in which we start the discussion about the word matrixes. This episode is all about the first Matrix and how you can understand the circumstances around the birth which can make someone more connected to this matrix. And what are the possible challenges and which are the lessons? So the Matrix or the pre NATO matrixes are a concept which has been created by Stanislaw Growth, as we already talked about last time. And there are four matrixes that he has discovered which resonate with the birth process, starting from the prenatal period and going through contractions, period exact labor and after all the time after the birth. And each of those steps resonates with one of the major axis and depending on how the birth process waas, then we can define in which matrix one person may live in. And what are the lessons for him, Of course. So the first Matrix is the one which resonates with the blissful period, which is the prenatal period before the actual birth has started before the contractions have started. And if you think about it, it's the time when the baby is in the womb and basically it's provided with everything it needs. He doesn't need any help. He doesn't need any additional supplies. He doesn't need toe work for anything. He receives anything. He depends on the mother, and that's very important. So this is the period in which everything is perfect. Everything is comfortable, no effort is required. And there are people who are connected to this matrix and who want to live on Lee in this matrix. So let's explore what kind of circumstances around the birth process may show that someone lives this matrix eso. Usually what we need to do is analyze the actual birth process. So if someone is more connected to the first matrix, usually they have had a new easy a labour. It was not a labour that has required much time or much effort, were generally, it should not be very dramatic. It should be like a normal process. But what happens is that very often it might be later than expected. It's like the paper doesn't really want to be born, or there can also be some issues with the amniotic fluid. Sometimes you know there are babies who can swallow some amniotic fluid during the labor, and that's a problem. There could be some infection. There could be some lungs problems because of that. And there can also be other issues with the amniotic fluid. Sometimes, you know it can be excessive or the color might be strange. There could be an infection or something like that. If that's the case, if there is an issue related toe amniotic fluid, whatever the issue might be, it shows a stronger connection with the First Matrix, and it means that this will have like an imprint. This will be, ah, major factor for the future of this person, especially if he is not aware of this and he doesn't take the conscious decision to do something about it. So what does it mean in the adult life? How does it affect the person? Well, subconsciously, this person will have the desire to live in a state which is close to this blissful period in the womb of the mother. So those could be people who don't want to make significant efforts. The most important for them is their comfort and to be provided and not toe work hard. They might have problems with taking responsibilities for others, but even for themselves, and very often they may also depend on others. If you think about it, you know this first matrix, the prenatal period. We are not independent there, but that's OK. I mean, when you are unborn, baby, you completely depend on the mother. But if you are still connected with this matrix as an adult, you would have the subconscious desire that someone would take care of you. And sometimes it might be very destructive. Those could be people who I don't have a very strong desire actually to live, and it doesn't mean that they're suicidal. That's that's like on an extreme case, it It doesn't have to do anything with suicide in most of the cases, but they just have this destructive behavior which eventually, you know, might be very bad for their health and can even make their life shorter. For example, very often those are people who may have different addictions drugs, alcohol, sometimes even food. Anything that helps you to feel different because the subconscious desire is to go back to this period when everything is fine and you are connected with the whole. And if you're not too much into spirituality, this might sound a little strange. Ah, but in astrology, the planet which we connect to this matrix is Neptune. And you don't have to know much about astrology actually to use this concept. But if you happen to know well, you can definitely use this information. Neptune is the planet, which is the universal connection with the divine and those kinds of states which are well about complete bliss when everything is perfect, which doesn't happen in reality without any interventions, usually without taking some drugs or doing something else, which could be destructive. And here is the truth. Those people need to learn to accept boundaries. Their way to move forward. To get out of this matrix is to move to the 2nd 1 And in the following episode, we're going to discuss a lot the second matrix, so make sure to catch this one as well. But in short, the second, the Second Matrix is about learning toe except boundaries and limitations, and the second matrix is a very difficult one. That's why it's very difficult to get out of the 1st 1 because your only path is to move to the 2nd 1 and it's not a nice one. So that's why many people prefer to stay on matrix one and just try to avoid obligations. Responsibilities just focus on anything that would bring immediate relief. They cannot delay gratification, and basically it's a state in which you don't do anything significant. You depend on others. You are weak. You might feel as a victim. You might feel like, you know you're just not capable, and the way to get out is to learn to accept limitations and to face reality, which those people don't really enjoy. And it's understandable. But the way out is true. Seeing and acknowledging those limitations moving to the second matrix because you cannot skip to the next one. You cannot go directly to the TERT one without passing the second barrier. So from the positive site, if someone is in this matrix. What can help them also is some creative projects, some creativity and spirituality. Those are the positive sites. Those are the positive, constructive solutions. If we go back to astrology, we know that that's the other side of Neptune. Section is responsible for creative, beautiful things, but also for spirituality. And those people can be very good in those things. They may have certain talents. They may feel this connection, which brings them, you know, the creativity and the inspiration. And it doesn't, you know, always happen like that. But sometimes they could be quite creative and talented also. So if you are in the first matrix, if you feel like you don't have any motivation to move forward to face circumstances, you find excuses in your weakness or whatever. The first step is to acknowledge that research everything that has happened around your birth, because probably there many things that are affecting you. Based on the experience, I and there are techniques which you can use to work with this toe. Overcome them. Energy psychology can help a lot, and another thing I want to add here is that another option might be also health issues so subconsciously in order to avoid responsibilities. These are people who may get sick, and I know that some of you will be shocked when you hear that. And, well, it may sound like Oh my God, it's awful. But the more aware we are, I think the better chances we have to overcome things. And in future episodes, I'm definitely gonna talk about things like secondary benefits and why we might be sabotaging our own health. But for now, just accept this as a possibility that there might be part of you which subconsciously can be sabotaging you and keeping you in this matrix, because that's what you are familiar with during the labor. You have been kind of programmed by this matrix, and it's affecting you more than the others. But it doesn't mean that you have to stay there forever. It's definitely not easy, as I said, to move from 1 to 2, but it's absolutely possible, and I highly recommend you to listen also to the next episode in which you're gonna learn what's the next matrix holding for you and Stanislav? Growth has also analyzed or explored how each of the Matrix is also resonate with fairy tales and mids. And you know all kinds of stories that we tell, and it's It's like this period. The first Matrix resonates with the beginning of the fair, itto the part in which everything looks fine. There is no effort that's required, and we don't have a hero yet. We don't have the enemy presented yet. It's just fine. So in fairy tales of that's what the First Matrix represents. So I think that's kind of enough to begin with to explore the first Matrix. And in the next episode, we are going to talk about the following step. Keep in mind that from the first Matrix you cannot go back. So there is no previous one. You can either stay there or you can move ahead so hopefully we will go find ways to move ahead. So, events what I have prepared for you in this episode thank you so much for joining me and make sure to subscribe so you won't miss any off the future episodes. Thanks for listening and bye bye.

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