2nd Prenatal Matrix – Feeling Stuck

Do you often feel like you are in a trap and there isn't much you can do about it? You also feel the pressure of the outer environment, but you don't see a solution. Feeling stuck is the most common situation for people affected by the 2nd matrix. In astrology language this is Saturn's matrix.

This episode is part of the series about the prenatal matrixes (episodes 3 - 7). You will learn about the 2nd prenatal matrix - the possible birth circumstances which can activate it and what kind of issues it can bring later in your adult life.

By understanding this concept, you will be able to realize what's required from you, so that you can move forward to the next level of your personal growth.

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You will learn

  • The specific birth circumstances - delayed and/or very long birth; long and very painful contractions
  • The importance of moving forwards to the 3rd matrix and not regressing to the 1st one
  • The major challenges - feeling stuck and powerless, fears, pessimism, depression, etc. 
  • The possible solutions - learning to be patient and allowing the idea of positive possibilities



Hello, dear friend. And welcome to Episode number Five, in which we are continuing The topic about the word matrix is we're going to talk about the second Matrix. And if you haven't listened toothy previous episodes, make sure to listen at least two Episode number three in which we talk about the foundation of this concept, which is created by Stanislaw Gruff. It talks about the prenatal matrixes and how the way we were born. The whole labour process effects our life. You can imagine this as an imprint, something that subconscious mind records and a later in life it recreates. And of course, we're not consciously aware of that. And it doesn't matter because it's still working. So what we're going for here is first of all, exploring what kind of circumstances there were when we were born. The exact labor, how long it waas, how difficult it waas what kind of emotions our mother has experienced all off that is very important. And this work is amazing because it can show you how you might be living in the Matrix or you might be living in a box and you don't even recognize it. And once that we are aware of that once that we recognize in which matrix we are living in which Matrix resonates the most with us, we understand so much more about our life and how we can change it and which are the following steps. What should we seek for? So the second Matrix is probably the most difficult one, so it resonates with period in which the mother has contractions. So it's kind of the beginning of the birth process. But the actual bird isn't possible yet, so what happens is that they're contractions and the baby feels very uncomfortable. It feels straightening. It feels like the environment ISS so unfriendly, it's dangerous, and it's just very, very uncomfortable. So in orderto understand whether you are in the Second Matrix, you have to learn you have to explore. How long was the labor? People who live in the sake in the Second Matrix have had very long a labor, for example, 20 hours or sometimes even more, and it's not like it's the actual mark. I mean, sometimes, you know, there could be like 18 hour labor, which is also very difficult. So it's just on approximate estimation. Let's say that well, anything above 15 for example, or ah, labor, during which the period with contractions has bean very long and very difficult. For example, you know that their circumstances are, you know, birds during which the baby responds very negatively. It's like it's affecting the heart rate, and it's just very, very sometimes even dangerous for the baby. So if there are such circumstances very difficult labour, very long labour with a very long period of contractions, then chances are very high. This is a person who will be living mostly in the second Matrix, and basically it's a normal thing. So it's how we're supposed to grow. And if we look at the fairy tales because I shared with you that even fairy tales follow those steps, the matrixes and the 1st 1 was the blissful period. We talked about it in the last episode, and in fairytales it resonates with the period when it's all fine, you know, there, there no challenges. Yet there are no enemies. We don't even have a hero yet. But in the second matrix. We already have some challenges presented. So it's the princess who has been kidnapped. Or, you know, there is an enemy that appears. So this is the period in which we face with challenges from the environment, and it looks like it's very unfriendly. It might look threatening, and people who live in this matrix may feel trapped because here is the important thing. The period with contractions doesn't allow the actual birth yet, so there are contractions. But the birth keano is close, so there is no exit yet. There is no practical solution. You just have to, you know, keep going. And that's why we said that probably this is the most challenging matrix because it seems like you don't have a good solution for yourself. You just keep, you know, facing those challenges, and it feels like it's lasting forever, and you just don't know what you are supposed to do. So very often people may feel like paralyzed, like they just don't have this solution. They don't know what the action they're supposed to take is so, Yeah, it could be quite difficult. And here's another thing that we have to be very careful if we are in the second Matrix. It's possible that weekend requests so we can go ahead to the TERT matrix. But sometimes we can go back. And if we go back to the first Matrix, this was the one in which we try to avoid responsibilities. We see ourselves this week and maybe sometimes even victims who need other people to take care of them. And it's just so disempowering. There are the addictions, their dependence on, you know, different attachments, food, alcohol, whatever. So it's important to move forward toe, to be very cautious, not to regress to just and to request means just to give up. Say OK, what the heck, It's not gonna work anyway, so let's just get out of here. Let's just avoid or responsibilities it wouldn't work anyway. This is not something that we should dio when we're in the second matrix. The second matrix in astrology resonates with satyr and Saturn is a very tough teacher. Saturn is the planet which brings the lessons we need to learn, brings challenges and difficulties, and it's a planet which is very important for connecting with material reality, and you don't need any astrology to use this concept or to understand it. But I'm just showing you that there other ways also to understand this concept and even by analyzing the horoscope, you might see if you know someone is living in this second Saturn matrix. So just like Saturn is teaching us what we need to do in the second Matrix is learned to be patient. I learned to be modest and accept. Accept the limitations. So think about it. What's happening during contractions? It's the muscles that are helping the baby to move out. But before that, it feels very uncomfortable because it feels like, you know, the space is a less and it's just so difficult. It's like something from the outside. It's pushing you. That's what's literally happening during the period with contractions during labor. But people as adults who live in the Second Matrix make feel kind of the same way, like something from the outside is constantly pushing them or kicking them or putting them in the corner. And they don't have this pace and they don't have the exit. They don't have an open door, figuratively, of course, so we have to learn to accept those limitations to respect them. And one of the most important qualities is patience. Just having this awareness that you need to learn to be patient because that's the process which allows us to be born and which allows us to grow. And it doesn't mean that you will stay or that you should stay in the second Matrix forever. Absolutely not. It's possible to move forward to the Third Matrix, but it's a question off awareness and also learning this patience, learning to accept those boundaries and limitations because again, this Saturn think it's all about the boundaries around us. We have to respect that. We are allowed to be here, but we cannot cross this limit this barrier that's very important. And, um, if you are living in the second Matrix, you may also struggle with depression. You may struggle with lack of belief. You may feel powerless or trapped if that's you. This is an indication that you are in this second matrix, so one think you need to be aware off. Be careful not to request to the previous one toe try to escape responsibilities and second learn to be patient learn toe except those limitations, because it won't last forever. But one of the most important lessons I believe for people in the Second Matrix is to learn toe, allow the positive possibilities. And it could be quiet difficult for them because they are more usually negative there. Pessimists. They just cannot see solutions, and they're used to focus on, you know, on what's not working. And a very important lesson for them is to learn to just allow the idea off some positive positive possibilities, toe come up or to be there for that. And that's like the next small but significant step that they should take toe, allow those positive possibilities to exist. And when they moved to the Third Matrix, everything changes, of course, So if you are new to this concept, that might sound kind of strange. But it's so important to recognize, because everything that we are not consciously aware off defines our life, and the moment we become aware of this, we have the power to change things. So, of course, the birth and the prenatal period. That's like the first experience we have. And we don't have cautious memories, of course about it. But if we explore what has happened, if we research. If you put all the pieces together, it all makes sense. So if you are in the second Matrix, don't give up. Don't let yourself be trapped there in the negativity. Even if it feels like you don't have any actions to take. Remember that it's a natural process, and the first thing you have to do is just allowing the positive possibilities to see them, to recognize that it might be something that can happen to you as well. And, yeah, the next Matrix is much different. It's the one which will get you out, but we are going to talk about it in the next episode. So make sure to subscribe to the podcast, and you will learn more about all those spree NATO circumstances, periods and how it effects our adult life in the following episodes. Thank you so much for joining me. It was a pleasure, as always, and I'll see you soon. Bye bye.

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