6 Powerful Types of Full Moon Rituals

A Full Moon is believed to have the power to bring all of our emotions straight to the surface - the good ones, the bad ones, the inspiring ones, and the dark ones alike.

And if New Moon rituals are all about projections and plans for the cycle to come, Full Moon rituals are something else. They are all about releasing your emotional tension, letting go, and taking the accumulated burden of the ending lunar cycle down from your shoulders.

In the paragraphs to follow, I am going to describe six of the most powerful types of Full Moon rituals that can potentially help you make amends and find peace before you’re ready to move on.

Full Moon Rituals 1

Full Moon Rituals 1 | Marstars

Full Moon Rituals With Water

One of the most potent Full Moon rituals is making the so-called “Moon water.” To begin with, all you need to do is fill in a bowl of water and leave it outside overnight, so it can be infused with the light and the energy of the Full Moon.

The following Full Moon rituals you can perform with the special energy-charged water include:

  • Drink the Full Moon ritual’s water;
  • Add it to your daily warm bath;
  • Make some beauty procedures with it;
  • Mix it with essential oils and spray it throughout your home;
  • Water your plants and greens with it;
  • Cook with it;
  • Or perform any other Full Moon rituals with the Moon water.

Whatever your Full Moon rituals with water, make sure you complement them with your own energies, beliefs, and thoughts of emotional and physical cleansing.

Full Moon Rituals 2

Full Moon Rituals 2 | Marstars

Full Moon Rituals With Fire

Full Moon rituals with fire are a very symbolic and very intense way to get the relief you’ve been looking for and the peace you’ve desperately lacked.

One among my favorite Full Moon rituals goes through the following steps:

  • Take a piece of paper and write down a list of grudges, grievances, and places of hurt that have been bothering you long enough.
  • Start visualizing how you forgive and let go of each point that you have on your list.
  • Then, reach the Full Moon ritual’s culmination by literally burning the list.

Although they may seem a bit over-dramatic for some, Full Moon rituals with fire are perceived to be the most relieving Full Moon rituals among all.

Full Moon Rituals With Crystals

Suppose you already have energy crystals or sign-related gemstone jewelry. In that case, you can easily make them a part of your Full Moon rituals, especially if Earth signs and their energies are strong during the period.  

For example, you can leave your crystals under the light of the Full Moon overnight so it can cleanse and recharge them. Regularly performing these simple Full Moon rituals will enhance your stones’ healing potential and inherent properties throughout the next lunar cycle. 

Full Moon Rituals 3

Full Moon Rituals 3 | Marstars

Full Moon Rituals With Herbs

Full Moon rituals with herbs are also known as “smoke cleansing rituals.” During them, you can burn different types of medicinal plants in a bowl or a candle holder until their smoke fills up the atmosphere.

The most commonly used types of herbs during these Full Moon rituals include rosemary, lavender, rose petals, juniper, geranium, and even incense sticks.

The concept behind herbal Full Moon rituals is a deep cleansing of the home and the self from lingering bad energies. It’s advised after you finish with the smoke cleansing Full Moon rituals that you open the doors and windows to let these energies out and make space for a clear new beginning.

Releasing Full Moon Rituals

Releasing Full Moon rituals share a concept with the previously described Full Moon rituals with fire, but only partially.

During these Full Moon rituals, you can also start with writing down  a list with a pencil. A list of things you’d want to let go of, of things you’d like to leave behind, and of things that keep you from being the most authentic version of yourself.

The culmination of these Full Moon rituals is yet another. You can place your list in a little box or a jar and leave it out in the moonlight overnight. The next morning, take the Full Moon ritual’s list in and place it somewhere you can see it daily - then spend a couple of minutes each day to look at it, reflect on it, and focus on its purposes.

Full Moon Rituals 4

Full Moon Rituals 4 | Marstars

Full Moon Rituals With Meditations

Last but not least - you can perform an impressive abundance of Full Moon rituals based on the different ways to meditate. At its very core, meditation is targeted at achieving peace of body and mind, reflecting, letting go, and starting anew.

Some of the most common Full Moon rituals with meditations include:

  • Full Moon rituals with visualization - of forgiveness, of leaving emotional burdens behind, and of moving on with a new passion for a new purpose;
  • Full Moon rituals with spiritual meditation - one that can encourage you to heal yourself by seeking a deeper connection with the Universe or the God you believe in;
  • Full Moon rituals with mantra meditation, where you can focus on a particular word or a phrase repetitively while you clear your mind;
  • Full Moon rituals with loving-kindness meditation, where you can focus on spreading good vibes towards the ones you love, the ones who’ve hurt you… And, of course, your own self.

If you’re interested in meditations and energy healing, you can always browse some extra materials and choose the best approach towards your meditation and mindfulness Full Moon rituals.

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