August 2020 Astrology Prediction


Hello dear friends and welcome to your forecast for August 2020. This month we have a special surprise for you together with Vicky from chakra boosters we have prepared for you the astrology and also the chakra and the energy activations during the month very interesting combination. It was a great conversation which I will share with you right now. Don't forget on the 15th of August we are starting A Course in Miracles incredible spiritual journey. It's priceless and also free for you check the links below and join us now. I'm leaving you with the forecast for August with me and Vicki Please enjoy.

Hello beautiful soul. I'm Vicki Howie of chakra boosters calm the creator of chakra boosters healing tattoos. And welcome to your astrology and chakra forecast for August 2020. Yay. I have a very special guest today you guys have been struggling along with the astrology all this time because I I love the planets. I've been wanting to help you. But now I have a real astrologer who's joining me here today. It's Marina and I'm going to try to say your last name. It's a tough one for me. So each Cova please. Yeah. Not with my Eritrean accent.

Great. You're doing great.

How do you say it Marina?

Hi, Vicki. It's Marina. Stoichkova.

Sweet cola. cola close. Yeah, so yeah. And you're joining us from where?

From Bulgaria.

It's in Europe. And I'm in Sedona. So we're covering we're like 10 hours from each other on the planet. And I'm excited because today we're gonna you've decided to join me for this. So you're going to bring all the data which is so much better. I'm going to ask the curious astrology questions. I will provide chakra stuff you asked me any questions about chakras. And let's just see how it lands.

And we will cover it all so that people are really prepared for this interesting month. We have a hat.

Yeah. So yeah, you're gonna bring more to the astrology dates, and then I'm going to bring the embodiment of what that looks like in the child. Absolutely. Yeah. Okay, great. Let's start out with the themes. The first theme, everyone, we already agreed, we talked, and we agreed, and it's tough to bring it down to three themes. And of course, there's more in the month than just these three themes. And you're going to cover that. But the first main theme that we got was this is a firing month, but not just firing, but it also gives you the opportunity to use that fiery action for your visions, and make them real in the real world. And I'm going to give it to you to explain what's going on with those four. Oh, yeah,

I would love to do that. So the interesting part about this month Is that we have four planets out of 10, which are in the science that they rule. So you can imagine this as the planet coming back home, which allows the planet to provide the best possible for all of us. So we are talking about Neptune, Saturn, Mars and the sun. So we have a very powerful combination of four planets, which can literally provide the best that they can. And how we may interpret that is that it's really a month of taking action, because Neptune and Saturn are there for a long time. So we are kind of used to those positions. But the fiery energy is very intense, and that's what we can feel more than ever. The sun coming back home to Leo and Mars being in Aries for six months. So it's really about embracing the masculine energy and finding a constructive direction to focus to do something, to express ourselves, and to really move forward. So I think this is definitely one of the key themes during the month. It's about the power of the fire energy that we can tune into. And you Vicki can bring the interpretation that we can add from the chakra perspective, because it's also quite interesting. Yeah.

Yeah, I'm super excited. As you talk, I get more excited. I'm actually already feeling that energy. Are you I mean, I get it ahead of time usually, and I'm already feeling like this push forward in Oh, yeah.

And it's really hot Bye.

Lots of fire around

here in Sedona where I am in Arizona. And I just want to point out for me when you told me about the four planets, I was like, Yay, because these four planets represent the highest chakra the lowest chakra because you have Neptune for crown. You have Saturn taking care of the root and the rules and getting it done, you know, in the real world. And then you have these two in the center in the fire that are just saying Go for it, like take action. Now of course they're also they can bring up temper and all kinds of other shadow sides of fire. So I'm sure you're going to talk about that when you give us the date. But let's move on to theme number two, which

is, go ahead, go for it. Yeah, I was gonna say that from an astrology perspective. It's about mercury and the journey, it will bring us and the opportunity to explore so many different topics. Because this month, Mercury will move through three different signs which is quite rare. So we start with mercury in cancer, then it moves to Leo, and at the end of the month, it's already in Virgo, which by the way, is also its strongest positions or one of the strongest positions. So mercury can bring also lots of ideas, lots of new opportunities to explore things to learn to gain new experiences. From an astrology perspective, it also means that Mercury is moving really fast. When a planet crosses a sign that fast in such a in this way, it means that it's moving really fast. And this can bring really unexpected ideas or sudden opportunities, or we can just think faster, you know. So I think this will be quite exciting for the following month as well.

Yeah, and anyone who knows me knows that I'm a bit of a nodal junkie. So I'm aware that we've just recently in May, the beginning first part of may turned into the north node of Gemini. So I'm sort of excited because Mercury is so it's the other planet for Gemini, right? And so I'm excited to explore. I feel like it's almost like, every time we come into new node going toward a north node, I feel like okay, this is my new lesson right on my new soul lesson, my new thing to pay attention to, and I feel like we did that so well. We finished with the cancer, Capricorn. Cancer because we all came home from work with COVID and everything we went from Capricorn to cancer time with COVID. So now I feel like I'm getting like shivers as I say that and I feel like I'm so excited that this is like our first chance to really play like you said, as mercury speedily quickly moves through these different signs we get to see okay, this is what I like when I have ideas like this, when they're in cancer. This is what it's like when they're Virgo. And that's exciting to me.

Because so I was wondering, Vicki, which chakra do you think will be triggered the most by this mercury in

that aspect? It's going to be the throat chakra knowing Washington media I connection ideas how you said ideas come up with this is really the throat chakra is where we begin to get into the miraculous area of the Divine. So this is where those incredible ideas that like take a quantum leap, leap. lubaina leap come from and that's exciting for me. So This to me is always the miracle and Excitement chakra where everything begins. It's also about communication. Of course. Yeah. Which is mercury. And it connects us on that spiritual level. And it's the beginning of innovative ideas. This is where we change old ways.

Oh, yeah.

So it's about change, isn't it? Mercury's a lot about change. And I know this is the growth and change chakra because it's the first of the spiritual.

Yeah, Mercury can also bring ideas which are related to different possibilities or even different areas, because it triggers three different signs through the month. So we start the month in a little bit more kind of emotional way with mercury in cancer, making us a little bit more subjective, taking all the information, processing it in a more emotional way. Then we get to mercury in Leo, which is about the self expression, but the other side of it is that we can be more subjective with this position and it might be more about us talking and not so much about us listening to others. So watch out for this because it may come. Yeah. And at the end, around the last week of August, Mercury is coming home to Virgo. So it's more about the really logical perspective, the ability to analyze everything properly, not just to come from your own subjective experience, but to kind of analyze what you really have what you see. So it may help us to be also more grounded, more practical in terms of decisions we take, and eventually to succeed when we are more consistent with our ideas, and we are more committed.

Oh, we have like a real journey. Yeah, I was just gonna say I like the evolution that I hear us like, Oh, yeah, evolution of communication, connection and ideas like an evolution and it sounds like it's maturing throughout the month. So Oh, yeah.

And we end the month in a very nice note with mercury coming home. So So those ideas may really be something practical, something concrete that we can achieve. It's not just about daydreaming.

It's nice. Okay, and this last thing then is about expecting the unexpected and I will probably Yeah, with you

in the middle of the row. Yeah, so what we have guys is Uranus turning retrograde. And it happens right at the middle of the month. So on the fifth, but one thing I want to clarify so Uranus is not really like mercury going retrograde, so it doesn't mean that you know, for the following month, we should expect some problems or issues not like that, but the exact shifts. So when the change happens, so Mercury, Uranus is moving direct, at certain point it stops and that's what's gonna happen on the 15th this month, and then eventually turns retrograde. So those are the key moments. Those are the key periods when we Have this shift, and it's not just on this exact day, we may feel this sometimes five, six days before and after. So I should say right, the middle of the middle, middle middle, I tend to 20 ish, okay. Yeah, okay. It can be quite intense. There could be both positive and challenging perspective. So it like always it depends on how we use the energy by the way, because sometimes it could be quite stressful. we may find ourselves like okay, so many surprises. I have this tension. I have this desire, but what should I do and it's a little bit overwhelming sometimes. But the message here is to make some changes. This is the message of Uranus. So make a change. Try something new. Don't be afraid to experiment and we are going to get to the full moon as well which also triggers Aquarius. We also have some other Uranus energies. So the month can be quite dynamic. And it's really about making some changes. I was wondering actually, through times of changes, what we can do energetically or which chakra may help us to handle better. We've actually had a lot of it this year, it's the Capricorn in the route, the Virgo can help you it can give us a feeling of home and again, Earth as well, because they're both on horses. Now,

horses a little different than any of the earth signs can help us because they tend to draw us into the route. I would say, my curiosity is, oh, it's funny. I got a little ding here. So I want to make sure I turn off any notification. But what I've done in the past is I always say, okay, when the dean comes, what was it what got dinged and what got ding there was what you asked was we need that grounding this month. I get it from the root chakra signs that are the earth signs usually in that so yeah, so that's where I get it. So just doing more grounding this month. Especially to with the fire the two things that are needing are grounding and heart. Heart really is needed to balance because those are the two middle chakras. The Solar Plexus is the third The heart is the fourth they trade off Solar Plexus is me me me Go Go Go and change change make it different analyze it and the heart is accepted. Love it all about others connecting to others. It's their almost opposite and they help balance each other out. So I know you're going to talk a lot about fire. So when you get into the dates, we're just going to remind people open that heart balance out that solar plexus that wants to make it so focused and so me and so action fiery the masculine right the hardest, feminine that's right next to that they're like the marriage. So I was gonna ask you something real quick about Uranus. It is the planet it's that rules. Aquarius, correct. Sure. Yeah, right. Yeah. And so we are pretty much you feel like we've stepped into the age of Aquarius now it feels like just recently Yeah, it in a very literal way. Like we used to talk about it in the 70s. But we finally have really done it.

So I feel like it's almost to keep that in mind too, that these changes can be bigger changes and these big spiritual changes that we've been inviting for a long time. What do you think of that? Yeah, absolutely. And even on a social level, you know, like humanity and what we are doing all as a group and there are some important transformations coming in front of us for sure. And we can experience that in a different way personally, as we may guess, but here, the point is not to resist the change. Like this is like the worst thing you can do when there are Uranus transits or Uranus energy. If you resist the change, it will hit you really hard, like hitting the wall right

here. The change is gonna happen.

Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. And the more flexible you are and open to to make some changes to take certain risks, the better. Of course, we don't talk about reckless decisions because that's the other polarity which we might experience this month actually, without this Uranus and fiery energy in combination, we might get like, well to taking some decisions which are not that reasonable, and that's gonna cost

us I feel that energy that you're talking in. And the chakra anecdote this month would be to focus on our sacred a little bit more which also douses the fire it's the water in the feminine that always flows with change. It is literally change the sacral chakra so you know moving more being in flow being in the feminine being in play being in dance. It feels super important this

month. Oh, absolutely. And what I can have here is that Venus is going to help us in this direction as well, because Venus is moving to cancer after the seventh of the month. So Venus was in Gemini for quite a long time Venus was retrograde there. So literally for a couple of months when Venus was there, and Gemini is a very rational sign, it's about you know, paying attention to the details. It's not a really strong position for Venus. And Venus moving to cancer gets closer to its nature, you know what I mean? It's that feminine energy, water sign of cancer, mother loving energy.

To me, that's a dovetail. I'm with you on that one.

And I think that it may really help us to balance all the other masculine fiery energies that we have around. So it's just nurturing ourselves first of all, but also paying attention to other people, the people that we love And again, the other possibility here is that we might take certain things too personally, you know, Venus in cancer sometimes might be too sentimental, a little bit dramatic. Yeah, literally crying every now. So try to skip that part if possible with you know, even this may help you to get closer to your emotions. Because with Venus in Gemini, we were too much in the mind, you know, and we sometimes forget about the heart, our desires. Now we are coming back more to the heart, as you said. So it really makes sense. And I think it can work in a very positive way

for all of us. That feels really delicious to have Venus there. And the more you talk and you're about to go into the dates, but the more you just talk in this intro, we've covered a lot actually. Oh, yeah, I realize what a full activation month this really is for the chakras because just the four planets that are in the home, we've got the The highest, the lowest and then two in the middle just going let's go forward. And then you bring up Venus that softens those two in the middle a little. So when brings us into Sacred Heart, right? And so there's a lot happening this month we have a chance to really be in all of us. But it often means we have to juggle more energies we have and we have the mercury

activation of your chakras. So it's really a lot.

I mean, this is like nothing's missing because really the sixth and the seventh, the third eye, the higher self and the allness are, they're just so close. They're so similar that they're both Neptunian. They've got that Pisces energy they've got so. So we're really looking at total, total activation this month. So I'm excited. So are you ready to do the dates for us? Oh, yeah, I'm gonna do them all but I think you've picked seven or eight of them for us for this month.

Yeah, I would like to go with like the key events which are the most important so that people would really know what's the most important through the month. So, first of all, we have a full moon right at the beginning of the month on the third, actually. And it triggers Aquarius Leo. So again, this axis. So again, we have some kind of repetition of the same things by the way, Leo. So everything you just said that the solar plexus and all this fiery masculine energy, and Aquarius, the Uranus energy, which is about the community, it's about the transformation, it's about the new changes coming ahead. So it can be quite exciting. And it's also time to like find the balance. This is one thing we can do during foremost, like, find the balance and try to combine things that may look like oh my gosh, it's so different. You know, I have to choose, well, you don't necessarily need to choose. Sometimes the answer is try to combine and try to balance and see what you can do with all of that. And also pheromones are great for releasing the past. So if you have something you would like to let go, this might include relationship work, beliefs, negative experiences, memories, whatever, it's a great time just to let it go. You might do some kind of ritual, it doesn't need to be complicated, but something which would be like a symbol, I'm letting this go. I'm on my own. Now moving forward, the future is in front of me, because the future really is here. It's about Aquarius, and the Uranus energy, which is so intense this month. So I think that one of the best things we can do is let go of the past and just prepare for this future. And this is also an area where you can make changes. So it may work in different ways. You might let go of something you might celebrate, and you may also have a clearer vision. When the moon is you know, like literally Imagine during the full moon how bright and biggest the moon, this is the only time when we can see all of it. And this is a symbol of how we can realize something internally you know, we can get some insights we can get some wisdom and Aquarius, it's also about that. So I would say to celebrate our ideas, our individuality and most importantly, especially if we try to combine Leo and Aquarius, it's how we are all different. And yet we are the same and together.


Pretty amazing. My body was leaning into everything you were saying. And then when you said that last part had because to me that is the the Age of Aquarius. So how we are all unique, and we're all connected, and we're

all on Yeah, and it's Yeah, and even globally, if you look what's happening in the world, it's also the message to even though we are most of us alone at home, but we are still together in it and we find ways Look how You know, powerful ways we have to connect even doing this amazing thing together. So why don't we celebrate what we have, and to celebrate the change that's coming, even if it feels uncertain because it definitely feels uncertain. But to be open for the new, that's like

the best we can we can we're gonna celebrate like whatever's come and that we're moving into this new age and I thought feels good to me. So what's next on that? Oh, yeah.

So the other thing I want to mention also is that Mars is having three challenging aspects through the month, Mars being in Aries will square three planets which are in Capricorn. So we have Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto. You want me to give the exact dates maybe it can help people so can Yeah, we talked about the fourth of August Mars squaring Jupiter then the 13th Mars squaring Pluto. And then the last one is on the 20 The fourth. So like the first, the second and the third part of the month, they are kind of evil. And when Mars is squaring other planets, it means that we may need to change our approach of the actions we take. We may need to respect certain boundaries or even limitations. And I'm not saying just give up on that and you know, be passive Not at all. Just be prepared that whatever you want to accomplish may require more effort. It may require a different vision to square with Jupiter, changing your mindset train changing your perspective, with Pluto, this may bring intense passion, and sometimes it gets to, like, eat too intense and a little bit obsessive. I was wondering, can we relate this to one of the chakras when we have Mars squaring Pluto and we have this intensity. Can we be the second chakra? Well interestingly

no because for me the second The Venus energy who is the water? It's the AHA oft it's the surrender it floats down the river. It's actually the two surrounding it. The root and the solar is the men fighting it out. It's the men fight. It's like here are the root chakras and Saturn and all you have the laws you have that and Pluto is almost below that Pluto is the intensity. That's how it's the underwear. Oh, yeah, right. So I have Pluto as almost a sub Root Chakra I think of is like the deepest root like no, that's what I'm saying is like I feel it as root. But then below root, I got chills again, as I said that, I feel it just it's intense. It's our hero's journey through the underworld whenever Oh, yeah, Pluto. And when I think of Mars for right or wrong, I'm always thinking, you know, the warrior fighting you know, just the immature, straightforward Solar Plexus fire that's not taking the heart into account as much not taking the surrender into account. So this would be the two is sort of male energies that are like okay, we're going to do get out and Oh, yeah. In this one the dark is one of the underworld energy when it comes to Pluto. If that's what you were asking about, yeah, exactly. Oh, no, that does feel intense to me too.

No, it definitely is. And you know, with Mars, what we need to be careful with is that Mars needs that direction. As you said, it can really be immature, sometimes it might be too impulsive, just moving forward, not thinking about consequences, not thinking about other people. That's what we need to be careful with. And maybe those challenging aspects that we are experiencing through the month may allow us to learn those lessons to kind of direct this force or this energy in a more constructive direction. Not to be completely you know, ahead and to forget all of the rest, but to be a little bit wiser when it comes to our actions, what we are going to do what we are going to focus on and based on that we can assign certain Meaning because with Mars, one of the problems sometimes is that Mars on its own, doesn't have a clear goal. So we need the other planets to bring this sense of goal or direction. So this might be one of the questions we can explore also through the month and again activating the first team we mentioned, you know all about the fire energy, but you know, this fire energy needs direction, otherwise, yeah, it could be quite sometimes even destructive force at least to enhance.

Yes, we have to admit that and what I would I get when you're talking is I want to remind people that you aren't using when you're doing Mars, it's straightforward. Solar Plexi. So it's like a gun, and you're not shooting. It's not a water gun. It's not a squirt gun that would be sacred. This is a fire gun. This is a blowtorch. So my question to ask people for this month with that in mind is what does your mature masculine want to do? And you're mature masculine defers to the feminine, your mature masculine, listens to the feminine, and then gets a goal for the all for the masses, for everyone for the family, if it's a man, you know, or for, and I'm just using that as an analogy, but what does your mature masculine wants to do this month? That would be my big question. Oh, yeah.

And one thing I want to add here is that Mars is also supporting the full moon. One thing I didn't mention before. So Mars is having positive aspects with both the sun and the moon, which really shows that this is the solution. This is the key to navigating this process. And what's even more interesting is that Mars is also supporting the new moon as well, which would be on the 18th. So it looks like Mars really is the key during this month. It's like the most important planet. And it's all about finding the right direction. Yeah, we have this intense fiery energy that needs to be directed, but also to be kind of wise and to think about the consequences. But I think that overall, it can be quite encouraging. And we may really feel this passion and desire. So I think that desires will be quite strong through the month with all the other energies as well.

Yeah, I agree completely. So what's our what are our next dates coming up?

Okay, so then we get to a different face. So around the 22nd of the month, things are shifting. So before that we have all of this intense, fiery energy, even the sun is having a positive aspect with Mars. So it's all coming together to what we just said. But after the actually from the 19th and then the 22nd mercury and then the sun are moving to Virgo. So all of that will be more balanced. We won't have so much intensity, so much of the probably the solar Plexus energy, we have a more grounded practical energy, which would be the Virgo type. And it's about more taking care. It's about serving other people. Because before that, with all this fire, it's really about me what I want, you know what other people should do for me and all of that what they owe me? Well, with this Virgo energy at the end of the month, the question is more like, how can I help other people? How can I serve them? How can I take care of whoever I want, or whatever I'm passionate about. It's more like coming back to Earth a little bit, being a little bit more practical and grounded. And of course, this also comes with a more more practical approach with more opportunity to also to materialize things. So the end of the month actually might be quite different than the beginning. Yeah, also wanna point out that

I feel like because it's such a full month and we've been telling people bring the earth energy and the heart and everything to soften that that too much is like be even in service in the ins. And when you get to the end of the month keep bringing the fire even though we're done, you know, Leo moves, the sun changes and everything and we're going into Virgo. Keep your passion rolling, because everyone knows momentum, what's already in motion can move in motion just give it more Earth now. So I love that so it's not even though the planets might look a little this and then this we can actually bring Virgo in or Root Chakra attention and heart chakra attention to the beginning of the month, the first two thirds of the month. And then in the end of the month, we can just keep our fire rolling. But now in a more going way, like you said more logical more thought out detail oriented helping others being in service. Yeah, so I'm excited.

Yeah, it's like a transition from

sort of experiencing those desires or wanting to do something passionately. That's the fire energy. But then when we get to the Virgo season, it's also about Okay, so I have this vision or I have this idea or this desire, what should I do in order to accomplish that? Because sometimes fire is more about the the action, but not so much about the details or the exact strategy. So going moving to the Virgo season, we may need to be more precise, as you said, that's a great idea. Keep the momentum keep the passion, but now, what are the concrete steps you can take in order to fulfill this desire? So it really makes sense. Actually, those transitions they are not random. It's not oh my gosh, no. You know, like, here we have Leo then it's Virgo. And there is no connection. There always is connection and there is a meaning if we can get there. Yeah, so yeah.

Mentally and with bringing in the talkers and the astrology, I think you and I were just going to be bringing in more and more of these connections, which is exciting. Never an either or all energy is present at all times. And so, but there's just different emphasis emphases at different times. So,

yeah, absolutely. Yeah. So I think those are like the key things, we have to pay attention to astrologically. And that should be enough for people like to, you know, concentrate on this and on that, and I think that finding the balance, as always, is like a great thing to do. And maybe we can also add some other insights from from the cards that you are going

to pull out. All right, well, we know I wasn't sure we were gonna have time to do it even so, haven't even shuffled them. So I'm going to shuffle them three times. Yeah, I'd imagine. And then we will pull out to a pool one for the first half of the month. And what I want to do is just be playful with with it and I invite everyone who's watching all of you at home, be super playful with it. Just like what's your first hit? When we pull a goddess you don't have to know the history you don't have to know anything. Just what how does she personally speak to you? And then we'll just give our idea of how that how that affects it. So for the first half of the month, we have I keep pulling her lately. It's unconditional love Mary Magdalene. So we were going to start out with that fire right away. What did we say we need Heart Chakra energy to balance so thank you. Thank you, Mary. She seems really good that she came up it says love yourself others in every situation. We got that Uranus Oh, you no matter what the outward appearances may be. Oh, yeah, I don't know if there's

too much to say about that one. It seems like it's, you know, what I think resonates very well with Venus moving to cancer. I feel like you know, it's all about the mother Marie, the supportive nurturing energy. So probably that's kind of like a hint for us or a key. What can help us get through that navigate this

because nothing navigates fire like heart guys. And because route sometimes almost makes you more I mean it does give it more direction, but can make it overly masculine because while you pointed out sometimes we lacked direction, but sometimes we have direction and we're still there's still a ruthless energy a singular energy and not looking at everyone and Mary's reminding us that we need lots of heart because wherever you have lots of fire, you need lots of air, lots of Heart Chakra you need lots of unconditional love. And I'm so glad when you brought up the Venus is going to be supporting us because I don't know. Yeah, moved in my heart when you said that.

I have to really make sense. I think that all of it fits very well together. So yeah,

okay, so that's the first half of the month you guys really remember marry and remember your unconditional love and no matter what happens outwardly. And then the second one we have, oh, this is funny. So this is almost what I was saying a moment ago. So now this is super Solar Plexus is Frazier. She's about boldness. And I will put these up maybe and although I'm showing these pretty well right now unleash your adventures, your adventurous side, take risks and be daring. So this is what I was trying to say, Marina, when that fire that we have on Monday, as it starts to naturally subside a little when it goes into Virgo is when we can actually do the most with it. It's when now like you said, we've got more logic around it more service around it more earth around it on balance around it, so don't lose it stay bold in the second half of the month. Keep rolling. That's for me what it means keep rolling with this energy with this fire. What do you get from Frasier anything, and I also think that it

resonates very well with the new moon in Lille, which we have on the 18th. So it's still kind of like the beginning of the second half. So It's about taking action. It's about committing to your passion and doing something about it. Because the new moon it's about kind of like you becoming the warrior or stepping up or doing something. It doesn't necessarily need to be like something really masculine but because this time we have all of that happening in Leo, the sign of the sun, which is a masculine sign so I would say this month Yeah, you really need to go after it. So it really looks like someone preparing to take action getting all the resources what I saw from the card, this is like a woman who have like lots of resources, and she is kind of like showing other people what they can Yeah.

I love like you There she is. After your time that look she's gotten Yeah, that's are always Solar Plexus animals. The cats, right? thing is gold. There's this the cards themselves are yellow, the goddess cards so you don't count that yellow, but in her outfit, and everything. couldn't be any more Leo ish in a feminine way. Oh, yeah. So this brings in to me the Virgo the virgin energy that service that, the balance of that. So it's like, yeah, the whole thing says Go for it.

And Virgo is a sign which is associated to animals as well. So it's

the animal already comes together fiery animal. This isn't like the huge lion that I often see the cats a little softer. So that's almost like the Virgo influence of it's normally with Leo would be like a lie and you know solar energy. So let's just talk real quick to end because I don't know that we talked about this and I specifically usually ask people to consider doing a new moon ritual because that's when we're starting a new and light a candle. And then I usually give them some areas around that sign and you know better even better than me. What kinds of questions could we ask ourselves when setting an intention on the 18th around Leah? What Are intentions that are related to Leo.

Those are the intentions related to committing to what we really want. First of all, recognizing that, and anything that would bring you joy, that's the most important, the fire brings joy, but the sun even more and the Leo energy, it's about joy. It's about the passion. So what's the thing that would bring more passion into your life? The answers are so different for different people, it might be spending more time with your kids or with your loved one. Or it could be creativity, self expression to creativity, doing something beautiful, you know, stepping up sharing who you really are. So I think that's like the key question people should ask themselves, what would bring me more joy and passion in my life?

And one other thing for me that Leo's representing that I've dealt with over the years is stepping up and being seen, you know, like, like, okay, ha, like, whatever. I think Leo Marina I see like a little kid standing on the table going, or, or at the monkey bars at school going, look at me, look at me. And I think particularly in our arena, with my tribe, and perhaps with yours, there's a spiritual thing that sort of like, Don't look at me, you know, like, what if we want to make this new age, I feel it's important. So I'd like to offer attention, that if you are watching this, and you're No, you're not letting yourself you're not just maybe not just following your passion completely, but also because you're afraid to be seen, that maybe an intention is about let me be seen. Let me so that I can serve. Let me show that in all my life is what's that quote from? There's a quote from Marion Williams where where she talks about how we're not really afraid of failure. Our biggest fear is our life in our success.

Yeah. And what I can ask here is also to recognize the star within ourselves because the sun is the only star in the solar system. And it's kind of like on a different level and this month with all this things happening fiery energy, sun energy, New Moon in Leo. It's also about feeling like you are the star in the film of your lives. So step up, and don't be afraid and just show who you truly are. And after that, like incredible things are happening for you.

Yeah, we're gonna end on that we can't end on a better note, you guys.

Beautiful. Thank you. This has been so much fun. You guys make any comments, anything you want us to add anything you need, just let us know. And we'll develop this into a way that serves you the best while we're still having fun, right?

Totally. Thank you, Vicki for having me. It was such a pleasure to be together with you and I think we covered like so many different perspectives. It's the chakra and it's the Energy and we have the planet if we can really find how all of that works together in a great way. So I hope we served people I hope we have inspired them.

And yeah, you have inspired me so many times throughout. I just wanted to touch my heart like I just like, oh, like that last thing you said it was like, Wow, it's so beautiful. Thank you so much for being here. And I hope we'll do this again next month. And until then,

thank you everyone for joining us. We love you so much. Bye for now.

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