Breakthrough Life Coaching Ep. 21

Breakthrough Life Coaching is a unique system which includes variety of holistic methods - psychosomatics, life cycles analysis, family tree and ancestors’ memory interpretation, Matrix Reimprinting with EFT, NLP and different coaching strategy.

It helps people break-through different issues in the area of health, weight problems, relationships, career, etc.

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  • the fundamental principles



Hello, dear friends, and welcome to this new episode in which we will talk about breakthrough life coaching. This is a very special and unique system that includes different holistic approaches. And in combination, all of those holistic approaches can really help you to solve your issues and challenges, and also to live the life that you really want. So, in this episode, I will guide you through the most important things you need to know about the system. First of all, which areas can be supported, or in which areas we can use this type of coaching, it may apply to almost everything, starting from health issues, if you struggle with some kind of disease, if you have certain symptoms, you have a diagnosis. This method can help you to actually understand what's the core reason for your issues, work with that, and eventually improve your physical condition. It doesn't mean that you should stop your treatment or you shouldn't listen to doctors, but it's a great complimentary healing method, which may literally improve your condition and solve the problem. So one major area that we can use this method for is help. Another is weight issues. Whether you struggle with overweight, or you have other type of eating disorder, or you struggle with emotional overeating. This methodology can really help you to understand what's the reason why you're doing this, heal the problem and solve the situation. Other areas, which we may use this coaching for our all kinds of emotional challenges, fears, panic attacks, anxiety, depression, sadness, anger, you name it, when there is some kind of emotional imbalance, there is always a reason for that. Another things are also the area of relationships, career, finances, and all kinds of personal issues that we would like to transform, for example, lack of confidence, or lack of self belief. And this method may allow us to actually overcome this change and transform it in terms of relationships. For example, if you struggle with finding a partner, if you struggle with conceiving, if you have a problematic relationship, or career wise, you are frustrated, or you would like to start your own business, or you want to make a transition in this area, the method of breakthrough life coaching can help you in all of those cases, and probably many others that I just cannot list all of them. So how do we do that? There are different methods. That's like the best thing about the breakthrough life coaching. And the reason why it's so powerful is because it includes so many different methods. And it's literally a holistic approach, which means we work with the issue on so many different levels. And if you have ever been to a coaching session, that your experience might be very different. There are different schools, teachings philosophies in this area. There are coaches, for example, who would only ask questions. And I'm not saying that this doesn't work. Of course, each system has its own benefits. But it's something different in my type of breakthrough life coaching, we are doing something very different. First of all, the major method that we use, especially when it comes to health issues, is psychosomatics, also called psychobiology. There is a meaning of each symptom you might have physical condition. And by having a conversation, we can explore this. And I can tell you what could be the potential reason for the issue that you have. And here is the key, by increasing your awareness by understanding, why do you have that exact problem, you are bringing this from your subconscious to your conscious mind, which immediately transform the situation. And even that may help you to solve the problem. It may sound like a very big promise. And it's true that different cases may require different approach. But trust me, it's so powerful. So one major method, especially when it comes to the health issues, is psychosomatics. Another key method, which we use, I would say in almost every area is analysis of life cycles, which are very individual, here is the major reason why we do this. Each of us have different life cycles, and certain years in our lives resonate with concrete past years that we have already been through. And sometimes we may currently have a problem, health issue relationship issue. But the reason could be because something 15 years ago happened. And we cannot see this, we cannot realize that on our own. But when we use those life cycles, we calculate them, we can see where the problem might be coming from. It's so powerful, so transformative. I will probably make other episodes to explain more to how those life cycles work. But keep in mind, it's a very powerful thing. And the other thing, the next on our list is working with the family tree and ancestors memory. Also, I will probably do a specific episode to share with you more about this. But this can help us also to find causes, why something might be happening in our life, for example, why we struggle with this concrete health problem, or why we can't conceive, or why we cannot get married. By exploring the family tree, we may also find answers where something might be coming from and again, our conscious awareness may transform our experience right now. Also, we work with exploring circumstances around our birth circumstances around the pregnancy of our Mother, what was the situation? family, the family? What was the case with our family when we were born? All of this can give us so many hints and explanations why certain things are the way they are. And this is all because we are making a diagnosis, those first couple of methods, the psychosomatics, the life cycles, the family tree, and analyzing the birth and the pregnancy of the mother. All of that is for very good to make a very good diagnosis of what's happening and why what's the core issue? This, I cannot tell you how important would be for you. It can really change things and you may understand, okay, that's the real thing I need to work on. This is the exact memory or this is the family situation I need to address I need to help. So we use those methods for diagnosis. And this can apply to almost everything for example struggling with career, we might find the reason somewhere in the family history or somewhere in your own memories. So it's not just for health things. It's basically for every area of your life where you are frustrated where something is not okay. All of those methods can be used for diagnosis. And then after we are clear on the issues on the reasons. We have other methods that we use for healing and for transformation. The most powerful method I use is email T and specifically the modality of matrix reimprinting. With EFT, this is tapping. But tapping on certain acupuncture points, while we work with concrete memories also very, very powerful. If you haven't tried this, you can be surprised by the healing impact. So once we know where the painful memories are, or the root causes for our frustrations are, we use EFT and matrix reimprinting to heal those memories to achieve our transformation. Other methods that we also use our NLP methods neuro linguistic programming, also quite powerful, quite impressive method. And also there are many life coaching strategies. About a we apply on a daily basis. For example, I'm giving you assignments, you should do this exercise for two minutes three times during this week, for example, there are very concrete directive instructions, not complicated, not really time consuming. But if you follow through, they will also help you to change things. So those are the major methods. Of course, I can't list all of the things that are used because you know, I'm also constantly adding new things. But don't this combination, this particular combination of methods may really help you to change your life, literally. And I also want to tell you a little bit about the principles of this work. So first of all, you should know that for everything that happens in our life, there is a reason. This is like a fundamental principle that we step out in this work. And it's not about feeling like a victim or feeling powerless, or feeling like other people take decisions for us know, our goal here is to get to our own strength, and see how we are actually part of everything that's happening to us. So it takes some time to process this. But it's very important to get to the core reason of our issues. And that's like a major part of the work. Then it also applies to help issues, symptoms or problems with your weight or being overweight. It's also not only because you are not eating healthy, and you might be even, might even be eating healthy, and you may still struggle with weight. So we explore what's the cause, what's the reason for that. Also, other key principles in this work, are that it's a journey. And it takes time. Sometimes we may really have a breakthrough in one session, that's really possible. But the biggest benefits come when we do this as a regular journey. The most positive impact is when we have sessions once a week. And this may continue for as long as you like. It might be four to three months, it might be ongoing. And the truth is that once we go deep and we get to know each other and we have some positive results, people want to keep going. Because different things come up in your life, you know that we are not static, things change something, something becomes more important at certain point. And that's also the support that you get through this breakthrough life coaching, it can help you to achieve your goals. It's based, first of all, on focusing on the current situation. So what's happening right now, defining the outcome that we want, working a lot with the past, to find the causes to find the reasons for our potential issues, but also we focus on the future. We work with concrete strategies, and we plan action steps. And it's really about focusing on the present the past and the future, almost at the same time or one after another but without neglecting any of those things. Probably that's one of the major differences between traditional coaching and this type of coaching that I'm offering, which I have called breakthrough life coaching. So if you are ready, you can check the links below, you need to apply for this type of coaching because I'm working with a limited number of people at a time. So you have to apply. And after that, I will contact you for more details and to arrange everything if you are ready. And if you want to make a radical change in your life, you are welcome. I would love to guide you. And I'm sure that you will be surprised how many insights you will receive and how your life will be so much different. If you have any questions, you are also welcome to send me an email to support at Thank you so much for joining me, and I will see you soon. 

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