Cancer Zodiac Sign

Cancer - "THE CARING PERSON": Everything you need to know about this zodiac sign’s energy

You know that your personal zodiac sign is the sign that was in alignment with the Sun at the day you were born. But did you know that the other signs were there too. They were just aligned with different planets. But they also gave you part of their energy.  An energy you can use if you want.

Are you sensitive Cancer, wanting to be more aggressive like an Aries? Or you are playful Sagittarius, wanting to be more grounded, like Taurus is?

In this series of articles, you will learn more about each zodiac sign’s energy, and how to awake that energy in you, no matter when you were born. After the first three sings: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, it is time to learn more about the energy of Cancer.

What you need to know about Cancer

- The symbol; the clamps of the cancer symbolize his propensity for clinging. The shell means great inner sensitivity, cowardice, physical and mental wounds.

- Key phrase: "I feel" - unconditional love.

- Key characteristics: Emotional and loving, intuitive and creative, resourceful and attentive, protector. Cancer is the greatest master in the care of others among all the signs. What is hidden under his shell can hardly be understood. Cancer is inextricably linked to the phases of the moon, and is gentle, caring, and compassionate, gaunt distant and full of self-pity. Cancer is a caring, native healer, supportive, compassionate, family-friendly, sensitive, home-based and maternal-devoted.

- Dark side: variable, overly emotional and overwhelming, compulsive and biting. The dark side of Cancer is characterized by the Jewish mother's syndrome - this is the suffocating, overprotective and over-worried mother. Cancer can also exhibit passive aggression, causing people around them to guess what they need! And if that does not happen make them feel guilty.

- Shadow: Feeling guilty, attachment, dependence, passive aggression, the overwhelming desire to feel necessary. Sometimes he wants to control everyone and everything.

- Keywords: caring, security, emotion, tendency to defend, vulnerability, grasp, hardness, volatility, empathy, cunning, uncertainty, nostalgia, sentimentality, manipulation.

- Physical appearance: The body is usually short and packed with generous breasts in women. The position of the body is usually defensive, with arms folded in front of the abdomen. Cancer often choose a comfortable outfit and wear it until it collapses.

- Mind: His thought process is quite irrational because he is dominated by feelings. Major events play a major role in making decisions.

- Emotions: Cancer neglects his needs in the name of security and care for others. He often feels undetected and is prone to sudden changes in his mood. He is emotionally vulnerable and easily annoyed.

- Lessons in life: to learn to look after themselves rather than rely on the emotional support of others.

- Element: Cardinal Water

- Planet: The Moon that gives us light with its dark moments.

Normally, the Moon is considered a "feminine." According to Eastern philosophy, she is charged with "Io" energy. The Moon is volatile and variable within its cycle. Earth processes are influenced by moon phases that cause not only tides but also the rise and fall of plant juices and menstrual cycle in women. In Peru, Moon is the mother of the Sun. The Moon is responsible for our basic needs and survival instincts, which are the product of the unconscious.

- Season: mid-summer.

- Day: Monday.

- Numbers: 2.

- Motivation: Birth.

- Body parts: ribs, stomach, breasts, internal organs, womb.

- Color: orange - yellow.

- Zodiac stone: Pearl, moonstone.

- Beliefs: "I am loved by my family and protected by the universe, I forgive those who have sinned against me, and I beseech those who have hurt me."

How to wake up the Cancer energy within you?

Here are 4 things that you can do to wake up Cancer energy:

1. Cancer carries his home on his back, wherever he goes, brings in his wound, the family from which he originates, the heredity and the influence of the environment that has formed him. The story of the family from which we originate is created in each next generation at the cellular level. Right from the moment of our birth, we are the bearers of the unresolved conflicts of all the ancestors of our family tree. Make a family tree and remember the life destiny of all relatives.

2. Make a nice gesture to your mother. Also call on the phone, find the time to hear it more often, go and visit her, invite her to have coffee, and say how grateful you are for everything she has done for you. Forgive all the "mistakes" you think she has made. Ask for her forgiveness about the things you've been upset about over the years. Remember, your mother has done the best she could for you and you are here on this land thanks to her and her love.

3. Make this week something special for your home. Apply the principles of Feng Shui to your home or office.

4. Cancer teaches us to give and to forgive unconditionally. In this week, make gestures of sympathy to a needy person.


​Hello dear friends, I'm Marina and this video is part of the series about the 12 zodiac signs. Today we are going to talk about cancer, the fourth sign, and also the first water sign from the 12 zodiac signs. If you prefer to read this material as an article, you can find the link below this video. So first of all, what's the symbol of the sign cancer? So we have clamps. First of all, they show the protect the propensity for attachment of the sign or people with strong cancer energy. They want to keep things they want to stay attached to something. On the other hand, cancer also has a shell. Whenever we have a shell or something tough as a material, it serves for protection. So it shows that what's inside is very sensitive is very tender is very vulnerable. So we can understand why cancer people are so sensitive, so emotional and they need an extra protection they need something to serve as a barrier between them and the outer, harsher world. Now we turn the key phrases of what's the main thing about cancer? It's the sign of feelings. So the key phrases, I feel, where does it come from, of course from the element, this is a water element as we said the first water element from the Zodiac. So emotions feelings, sensations are extremely important for this side. On the other hand, we need to pay attention that the sign is Cardinal the modality is called You know, so the cardinal element or the cardinal modality makes cancer actually a more active sign. I know that for some people this will sound strange because there is a belief that you know, cancer people, they're too passive or sometimes even lazy. But the truth is that when it comes to emotionally important things for cancer, something which activates his feeling or is maybe related to the people that he loves, actually, cancer can be very active. So don't forget this cancer people. They're capable of taking action, as long as the issue concerns them personally, or triggers certain emotions, or is related to helping someone they love or especially family members. Now, which are the key characteristics of the site As we said, first of all sensitivity, cancer people, they're extremely sensitive, extremely emotional, and also vulnerable. They need to take care of others. This is also the sign of protection, the sign of taking care by taking care of other people, children, partners, family, the community, cancer, people actually feel need, they feel valuable, they feel necessary. So for cancer people, it's extremely important to feel like you know, they can provide for somebody else. They can take care, they can support. They're also very compassionate. They can be very supportive on an emotional level as well. They may feel others you know, this is because of the water element. Water is about exchange of emotions. Feeling the other person being compassionate and those things are very close to cancer and their nature. Now, another thing which are also typical for cancer, they're very intuitive, they can feel things which are beyond the surface they can understand other people on another level, they may literally you know, have this intuitive insight or ideas or in some way they know how also to take care of the other person or what the other person truly needs. This also comes from the increased intuition and also desire to support and be needed. Now, another thing which is also kind of more you know, related to the dark side of the side, this is related to the increased emotionality and all Also possible instability, especially on an emotional level. The typical cancer person has very frequent shifts related to their mood, their emotions, their feelings, literally, you know, in the morning the person might be sad or over worried. And during the afternoon, his mood is completely different. He can be cheerful and joyful and calm. So frequent changes of mood that's very typical for cancer people. Where does it come from? It comes from the ruler of the sign. The planet which rules the sign is the moon. And we know how changeable is the moon literally. You know, when you look in the skies at night, every night you see a different side of the moon. It's growing. Then we have a full moon. Then, you know, it gets closer to the new moon, it becomes invisible. So each night, you see a different sight, you know, the moon is different. That's the same, which happens with cancer people, they may also change their moods, how they feel, you know, even their level of energy might be up and down. And that's related also to the phases of the moon. If you're a strong cancer person, I mean, your sun or Ascendant or moon is in cancer, then it's very possible that the phases of the moon also affect you, affect your mood, affect the level of your energy, and I can definitely confirm that because I'm a cancer Ascendant and I know that around the new moon before the new moon each month, the level of my energy is much lower. I need to take a risk I'm not so motivated, I need a relaxation. So pay attention observe how the phases of the moon affect you. And it's considered that generally women are more affected by the moon because the moon is a very sensitive very feminine side. Of course men are also affected to certain level but women are more affected, even their period their menstrual cycle is affected by the moon. Just like you know the cycle is 28 days the menstrual cycle, so is also the lunar cycle. So there is definitely a connection between those things. Also the moon affects the fluids on the earth, you know how it affects the water. So it's not a surprise that it also affects humans. It affects people, especially those with the stronger water element in their chart and especially the cancer sign So one of the dark sides of cancer sign is that it's too variable too unstable, especially emotionally. The other thing is also that the love of cancer people sometimes can be suffocating for others. The desire to be mean that you know, to protect the other person, the people that we love our children sometimes can make us suffocating other people. And this is not, you know, always something that cancer people can realize. Because their motivation is positive. They want to protect they want to do the best they can, but they don't realize that sometimes, you know, every person needs to make their own mistakes, even our children. Everyone has a path. And unfortunately, we cannot protect people from everything. And the suffocating love actually is the problem for many people, especially if the other person has lots of fire, lots of air energy. These are people who need freedom. They don't like this intense attachment, you know, when you are kind of suffocating the other person. So that's one lesson for cancer people to learn to give more freedom to others, to allow them to go on their path and even to make their own mistakes. That's how everyone grows. That's how we all learn. Now, which is the shadow of cancer, so what's the difference between dark side and shadow, the dark side is still something that you know, we can observe something which, even if it's a little suppressed, we may still connect more to it. On the other side, the shadow, it's something which is in you know, in complete darkness, something which might be very Difficult actually to connect to. So what's the shadow for cancer people were for cancer side. First of all, it's the suppressed aggression. And also, it's mostly the passive aggression. So, usually we are not used to, you know, accept or see cancer people as being aggressive. And that's actually the problem, they cannot express the aggression or the need to defend themselves in a open and healthy way. They are suppressing this energy, which is turning against them, you know, it becomes a passive aggression, it can be internalized as self aggression, or it might be expressed in an own direct, you know, kind of secret way this passive aggression literally, from astrology. We have you know, an explanation for this. And the explanation is because Mars, which is the planet of aggression, and, you know, war and defending ourselves, Mars is very weak in the sign cancer. Mars is extremely weak actually, which means that Mars cannot express its full potential or its strong qualities in this side, which eventually decreases the ability of cancer side also to express healthy aggression, and you know, to defend themselves. So they are doing this kind of, you know, from the backdoor, they can be passive aggressive, or they may turn this aggression against themselves, which sometimes may also be a way to manipulate others. Water signs, more or less, all of them are capable of manipulation, you know, doing something secretly, not directly, not openly. But using other sources. So, manipulation may also be part of the shadow of cancer people or cancer side and also the other side of the shadow is the intense desire to feel needed. When you are taking care or a cancer person takes care of others is over protective is trying to be extremely valuable for the other person. This is also a way to make the other person dependent on the cancer person. And this is also you know, kind of a way to manipulate even if it's on a subject you know, on a subconscious level usually it is on a subconscious level, but by taking too much care of others by being too protective of them, we are also you know searching for the you know, the sensation of feeling nice It valuable necessary to others, which you know may have different levels of interpretation. For example, cancer people may need to work more on loving themselves taking care of themselves in increasing their confidence, you know, feeling needed and valuable even when they're not taking care of others. These are some of the things that you know, cancer people may think about. Okay, so let's explore the mind and the emotions of cancer people. What's the typical way of thinking, you know how the mind works? So first of all cancer people, they're not famous with their analytical skills or logical potential. It's because they're too influenced by their emotions, which also applies to their mind and their way of thinking. So cancer people might be too subjective and too emotional even when they need to take decisions when they are analyzing something when they are thinking about something, the emotions always play a part here. So the mind of the cancer person is not too analytical and as we said can be too subjective. On the other hand, what can help the cancer person is intuition. The intuition actually can help cancer take right decisions, or to be able, you know, to feel in which direction he should move for what can be the solution. So as a cancer sign as a cancer person, relying more on your intuition, on your internal guidance, instead of you know, your ability to evaluate out their circumstances or even your judgment or you know, using more logical mind and also what type of emotions do cancer people have? As we already said, the emotions are extremely important, they are very intense, they can be very sentimental, sometimes even traumatizing. You know, drama is something which is familiar to all of the water signs, mostly to Scorpio. But cancer can also be kind of a trauma point. You know, the person who exaggerates everything and kind of takes things too personally. That's one issue also that cancer people have. They may take everything too personally. They're too sensitive and vulnerable, and they may get hurt. You know, even when people don't intend to hurt them. It's mostly an internal process. So intense emotions possible. drama, and also changes. As we said, there are frequent shifts, so emotionally cancer, people may change. This is kind of, you know, very typical. Alright, and what's the lesson for cancer people? So the main lesson is, first of all, to learn to take care of themselves, just like they would do that for a person they love. So in other words, it's to learn to love themselves, and do you know what their heart needs, what their spirit needs, what their body needs. And also, the other part of their lesson is to learn not to rely so much on the emotional support of other people, or the need to feel necessary for someone else. This is also something that cancer people need to learn and now Let's talk about a couple of ways which you can use if you want to increase the, the energy of the cancer side. So, first of all, why would you want to do that if you want to focus more on areas related to family, motherhood, taking care of others or even increasing your intuition, you may need more of the cancer energy. So we charge in the simplest way that you can use. First of all, it's important to know that cancer as a sign is strongly attached to its family, to the history of the family to the previous generation, and not only to you know, the mother and the father, but even the generations before that. So one important and actually very powerful way to connect to this energy is to make your own family tree You know, meet with the members of your family which are still alive, and ask them to describe everything that they remember about other members about their main characteristics. So, literally try to make your own family tree and try to give respect to each of those members. Because those connections between generations and family members are extremely powerful. And, you know, it's like a topic for a whole training, not only one video, but maybe you know, like a whole course about this connection between generations and you know, in the individual, because it affects our health. It affects our models of you know, our personal life because there is there are so many invisible connections. So shortly, make your own family tree Give respect to each of your family members. The other way which you can use is to connect better to your own mother. She can be alive, she can be, you know, not alive anymore. It doesn't matter. But try to connect to her, try to forgive her for whatever she has done. I know that in some cases, it's extremely hard. But in those cases, it's actually even more important to do that. forgive your mother for, you know, for her mistakes for what she has done or didn't do for you. And also, you know, try to understand that she has done the best she can. So give respect to your mother, thank her if possible. You may write her a letter, not even send it to her but for yourself, at least internally. Try to be thankful, grateful and respectful to your mother. That's very, very Important. The other way which you can use to increase the cancer energy is to do something for your home. As we said, cancer is the sign of the family, but also the sign related to our home. So do something that will make you feel more comfortable at home, use feng shui Or another way, you know, to order things in a harmonious way, you know, to feel nice there to feel energy, typically support that when you are at home. And the last suggestion that we have is to help someone who needs support. It could be a friend, it could be a person that you don't know, but you know, support someone be caring be be empathetic with other people. This is what cancer people too. And in this way, you will really increase the level of this energy which eventually makes help you to harmonize the cancer energy in your life because even if you don't have a planets sun or Ascendant or another planet in cancer, you still have this sign somewhere in the chart, certain house is ruled by this sign, which means that certain life area is affected by this side. And that's true for every person more on the earth. So more or less, we all need the qualities of the 12 signs. And by exploring them by understanding them better, we may become whole we might become you know, stronger and we may increase our skills and potential for everything in our lives. So I hope you have enjoyed the video. You may share your opinion, your experience with the sign, how do you feel about this sign. And also don't forget that if you want to learn astrology in that You may sign up for the waitlist for Mars stars astrology Academy. Make sure to do that now because the group will be limited and people who have signed up for us will have an advantage. The link for that is below the video. Thank you very much for watching and I'll see you soon.

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