Handling with COVID

This episode is a more personal one, because I will share with you my personal experience with COVID and how it affected my family.

I'm doing this because I think it can help you to understand that if you are not afraid, you won't get affected by the virus.

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You will learn

  • If you don't have the inner conflict, you won't get sick
  • What's spreading the virus
  • What to focus on, so that you will protect your health



Hello, dear friends, and welcome to episode number 25. This episode will be different from the others, because I will share also some personal things. The main topic that we'll discuss is about COVID. Yes, I know, it's, you know, like already quite annoying to hear about this virus. But I want to give you a different perspective. And I believe that what I will share with you can really help you. That's why I'm also sharing some personal stuff, just because I think they can really help you. And before we get started, I just want to remind you that this information is not supposed to be a medical advice, and you should always consult your doctor and you know, this part, it's, you know, a decision that you need to make for yourself, I will share with you the decisions that I have done for myself, and what I personally believe to be true. But you always have, you know, the chance to choose something different. So what happened, what happened is that my partner actually got sick, he got some symptoms he got tested, he had a positive test, PCR test. And actually, it was quite, I would say, simple for him to go through this. He maybe had the temperature for around two days, he was coughing a little bit, but nothing really serious. Yes, he also lost his ability to smell thanks, which is a big drama for a tourist person who enjoys eating lovely meals. But seriously, it was really not something, you know, difficult for him. The more interesting part is that I was together with him all the time. So we were still sleeping in the same room, every now and then he drinks from my cup of coffee, he eats from my salad, and I did not get sick, I didn't have any symptoms whatsoever. And I want to share with you why I believe I didn't get sick. The reason is, because for people to get sick, they need to have the internal conflict related to the virus. According to psychobiology, or psychosomatics, those are fields that I explore I work with, and I find them really valuable. So according to them, in order for someone to get sick, they need to have a particular inner psychological or emotional conflict. It's not enough to be exposed to the virus or any other, you know, thing that may cause illness. If you don't have the internal conflict, you won't get sick. I repeat again, if you don't have the internal conflict, you won't get sick. And I'm hearing more and more cases, even from you know, people around us friends, other family members of people who one of the couple gets sick and the other doesn't get sick even though they are together all the types of they're both exposed to the virus and yet one is sick, the other is not. The reason is because we need to have the internal conflict so that we will develop the symptoms so that we actually get sick. And when it comes to this particular virus or most of the respiratory problems, it's a conflict related to the territory. When we feel that the environment is not safe. There is a real or imaginary threat that doesn't matter. We tend to get sick, our respiratory system, the lungs can get sick. And what happened? Well, it's almost a year I believe a little bit less than a year since we first heard about COVID. And what they were telling us is that it's very dangerous. So many people are dying, it's spreading all over. So it's normal actually to start feeling that the environment around you is not safe. And that's the reason, which triggers also after you get exposed to the virus to develop the symptoms. So the main reason was that we heard about this, we're still hearing about this all over the news, how many people have died, how many people are in a critical condition, all the awful things. And I'm here to tell you that if you don't have the inner conflict, you won't get sick. Or if you happen to get sick, which, of course, is normal. So don't blame yourself, we are not overlooking the situation. We don't want to underestimate it. But if you happen to get sick, what can help you is just to remind yourself, okay, it's normal, it means that I don't feel safe. But it's all in my brain, I can let it go and work with your fear. That's the most important thing you can do. You may follow your therapy or whatever your doctor prescribes. That's another thing. But don't forget to work on your mind. And it's about the fear. If you are not afraid, if you don't have the inner conflict, to feel like everything around you is uncertain, the environment is literally dangerous. I repeat again, you won't get sick. And I know that this is a challenge. When he when my partner got sick, I wasn't sure what will happen with me. And the truth is that actually, I got really mobilized. And I think I felt something like a little high blood pressure, you know, when you are getting ready to fight. So I felt, okay, now I have to fight this, I can get sick, I don't want this, it's important, and so on. So I did not get sick. But even if I get sick, or someone else gets sick, what's important is to remember, okay, it's normal. This situation, it only means that you are afraid. And you don't need to kind of like, admit this, this could be something subconsciously working. You may say, Okay, I'm not afraid. But if you are suppressing certain fear, this may still happen for you. And of course, the more afraid you are, the worse, the condition will be. Generally people who are not that scared, actually, they go through this quite easily. And again, I don't want to overlook the situation. I know that they say there are some really difficult cases, people who suffer a lot, unfortunately, people who have died. But my opinion is that this is kind of this is like a propaganda. And I'm not a real fan of conspiration theories of you know, who controls the world or some manipulations or who's behind COVID, and so on. But here, I see a huge manipulation. And I'm not saying it's intentional, it may or may not be, it's another thing. But what happened is that all the news or the media started talking about the virus. So they literally programmed our mind how dangerous everything is. And it doesn't need to be. Yes, there are difficult cases. But I'm here to tell you that there are many cases of people who go through this as a simple flu. It's nothing more than a cold for them. And that includes even old people, we have an example my parents and grandmother who is 81 years old, also got through college. She didn't even have that Bircher some weakness, fatigue, muscle pain, a couple of days. That's it. So we are again, programmed, everyone says okay, but for old people, it's very dangerous. And if you believe that's the case, this may happen for you. Yes. But I just want to show you that it doesn't have to be the case. Even if you're older. Or maybe you have old parents or grandparents don't think that it necessarily needs to be dramatic and you know, or fatal, because it's just not always the case. Again, the most important is the mind. That's like the most important thing I want to share with you that intentionally or unintentionally we are programmed As a society globally, the whole humanity, to believe that there is a threat that it's, it can kill us, it's really dangerous. If you don't feel afraid, it won't cause you so much pain or no pain at all. That's what I want to share with you. So my advice is, try not to listen to news, just detach yourself from all the bad news from sometimes people who tend to get negative or talk only about this, they may also well, they may also be something to program you. And focus on your emotional well being. If you and there are different meditations, which you can do the simplest thing, my favorite one, I would like to share it right now. It's just sit comfortable. Visualize like you are surrounded by a bubble, a wonderful, warm, comfortable bubble of protection, that won't allow anything negative to get to you. And only positive energy can be exchanged. Do this visualization, maybe five minutes a day, if you don't have the time, do it for one minute, a day, whatever. But work with this, to create the strength from inside of you. And this can really help and stop believing that external things can define your health. I know it's a big request, I know that. But again, I'm repeating you that if you don't have the inner conflict, you won't get sick. And that's true for any illness, any symptom, they are not random, it's not enough to be exposed to the virus to get sick. So it means that you have the power, you can work with your emotions, with your fear with your mind, you can protect yourself, and you can become and I'm not saying that, you know, it's always very simple. Another technique which I can suggest you is also the EFT practice, very helpful. I've done lots of EFT when, during the first few days when he got sick. So lots of EFT to release any possible fear any possible blockage, any possible influence from the outer world that you don't want to have around you. Because the truth is that people are different about their perception, there are more sensitive people who get more influenced by the outer world. And I need to admit I'm more one of those people. But it doesn't mean that you cannot do anything about it. You can choose to detach, you can choose to, you know, work on your own mind, and protect yourself. So I know it's a very sensitive topic, we are still in the middle of this huge humanitarian crisis, I would call it. And the biggest problem is our psychology, the biggest problem is that fear is spreading the virus. That's what's happening. Again, I don't know whether this is intentional or unintentional. And one reference I can make here, if you have watched the series on Netflix, House of Cards, very interesting movie about political stuff in the US. And at certain point. What was the name of the main character? He is he wants to be elected for a president. And he's, you know, working on his campaign and he couldn't win people with some traditional stuff, you know, working for the people, helping them and so on. It didn't work. At some point he decided, Okay, now I will win people through fear. So in a very strange, I would say unethical way. They started to bring fear to people about terroristic attacks and other type of things. And they were intentionally spreading the fear. And of course, at this point, they say, okay, we will work we will protect you, you're safe with us, but they wanted people to be afraid. They wanted people to feel uncertain. And they were spreading news. There were some insinuations, manipulations, and so on. Quite interesting movie, I recommend you to watch it. But when I saw it, I thought, okay, that's exactly what's happening right now. I'm not sure if this is intentional, if this is manipulated by intention, but that's what's happening. They are spreading those news. Of how many people die, how dangerous it is. And what happens is that when someone gets exposed to the virus, they think they will die. So it's a spiral, you know, they are very sick. And it's all really dangerous in this case. And I'm pretty sure that it was, if it was presented in a different way, like, okay, we have, you know, a different type of code this winter, and it's not very good, you know, so, you know, make sure to protect yourself, but you know, life moves on, I'm sure that the consequences would have been much different. So, I hope I have brought you some, some inspiration, some comfort to understand that. First of all, if you are not afraid, you won't get sick. Even if you get sick, work on your mind, to release the fear to release the blockage, it will be much better for you don't think that, you know, this is like the end of the world again, we have around us so many people got sick, our friends and family members, most of them have very mild symptoms, only one has a more serious condition now. But most of them, and I'm talking about 10s of people are going through this like flu. But again, I know you may say okay, but I know those people and they are young, and they seem healthy, but they were so sick, or, you know, God forbid something bad happened to them. Yes, this is the case when manipulation gods to get to our minds, they have been programmed to be scared. And fear has brought their problem, not the virus that much. So I know some people will accept this theory For others, it will be not very good. That's fine. If only one person, you know thinks about it, or changes their mind or feels better about it, I will be happy, I will be really happy. So hopefully this will end soon for all of us. But for now just you know, work on yourself and take better care of your mind and your emotions. That's the main thing. You don't need the supplements. You don't need the vaccines. Of course, again, I'm not a medical doctor, you have doctors, you can take your own decisions. But that's not the solution for me. For me, the solution is the mind. So yeah, interesting times, that's for sure, transformative times and from a more humanitarian perspective. They say that when there is such a global crisis, it's like the first sign of upcoming transformation. So I think that we'll all agree that humanity's about change, that socially we are all changing, businesses are changing, even the school system is changing. So probably it's one of those painful transformations that we need to go through. But, again, I just want to bring you the feeling of some kind of control, because we really have this control in our minds mostly. So I hope that you and your families are safe and healthy and peaceful, and you're taking great care of yourself. Thank you so much for listening to this podcast!

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