How much time does It take to manifest your dreams?

In this episode we talk about the importance of time. We discuss a very interesting example of how things may change on an energy level but it will take some time to SEE the change with your eyes in the material reality.

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  • A positive reframing of time 
  • Why it takes time to experience a positive change
  • How you should also be open for quick breakthroughs



In today's episode, we are gonna look at something very interesting, something that we are all interested in. It's the importance of time. And more specifically, how much time does it take for you to manifest your dreams? When I say manifest your dreams, this also refers to healing certain areas of your life, or letting go of certain patterns, or also achieving your goals, doing something concrete or having more abundance in your life. So, overall, how much time does it take to experience a positive change in your life? So what happens? Imagine this, you, I guess, have heard about the power of our thoughts, the work of people like john Kehoe, or other authors, and they all talk about our thoughts and how, if you plant the right thoughts in your mind, then you will attract those actual events or this energy in your life. And let's say that you are doing this for a while. But things doesn't seem to change for you. Not now, not in the near future. And then you start doubting the process those concepts, or maybe even yourself, maybe something's wrong with you, you're not doing it right. What's the matter? So many people say, they have had those amazing results. And here you are still stuck, or not having your dream. So yeah, it's a very popular situation, actually a very common theme. And I want to kind of like present to one. One idea that I think would really help you to understand what's happening. My personal belief is that those techniques really work. When you focus on something when you concentrate on managing your mind your thoughts. But I would add, also, when you work with the subconscious mind, which means the past, or the shadow, or some kind of you know, internal blockages or memories, all of that. So this work is also important. But when you are doing this, I believe, and I know that it really changes your life. The question is, how much time does it take? And the answer will shock you. It actually depends. It really depends on your situation on your own energy and stuff. But here is the comparison or kind of like the idea that I want to present to you. And my guess is that you have already heard about this, I just want to bring your attention to it. And just to use this as a very good example. Imagine you are, it's evening, it's night time it's dark. And you are looking at the sky. What do you see? You see billions of stars. There, countless, so many stars. And it's beautiful. I like this view. But here's the thing. What you see at night is not what is currently happening. Okay, you are seeing a picture, which could be from years ago. Why is that? This is not something that's you know, like a theory or like a spiritual concept. This is actually science and astronomy. All of those billions Have stars that we see are extremely far away, I won't even bother to kind of like use numbers. And you know, it's, I think pointless. And it's just not important. But they are really, really, really far away. And they Project Life just like our Sun, they Project Life. And even though the speed of light is also pretty fast for our human understanding, it's still taking years for the light, which has been projected by the stars, to get to us, so that we can see. And what happens is that what we are currently seeing may not be what is actually happening right now, because it's really far away. And it takes lots of time for this light to come here. So that we can see it. So we are seeing kind of like the picture of some time ago. Okay. So and again, that's just astronomy, that's science, those are not some theories, or, you know, like woowoo stuff, it's, it's reality. Well, it's kind of similar to what's happening, when you start doing this type of mental work, when you are trying to plant the positive thoughts in your mind so that you attract better things in your life, so to speak, what happens usually is that, especially if you're a grown up or adult person, you have had years of experience with some repetitive habitual thoughts. And probably some of them, if not, most of them are negative, it might be just some of them, it doesn't need to be all of them. So you have lots of experience, you have kind of like projected those thoughts for usually a very, very long time, and it's just habitual to you. And let's say that at certain point you want to change, you open your mind for those new concepts, the power of the mind, maybe you have heard about the secret, and you know, okay, I can change my life, I can manifest my dreams, let's do this. And you start practicing the positive thoughts, or you're doing spiritual exercises or whatever. What happens is that you start kind of like projecting this new energy, or, if we use the example with the stars, you start projecting a new type of light, okay. But it takes time. Because what you are receiving back from the universe or the reality, whatever you want to call it still resonates with the previous thoughts, the previous energy which you have projected for such a long time. So there is some kind of delay between, you know, the thoughts that we project, the energy that we project, and what we actually attract in our life. And that's the reason why. Yeah, some people feel frustrated, let's say that you've been practicing that for weeks, maybe even longer, things doesn't seem to change much. Maybe you feel better, maybe you feel more inspired. But for example, you don't have the house of your dreams yet or the partner of your dreams. So what's the matter? Why is that? The reason is, because it takes time and at first you are still receiving the energy or the response of the energy that you have protected before for such a long time. But the problem is that at this point, many people give up. They feel demotivated, they stop believing that this will work. And unfortunately they go back to what's habitual to them. The negative thoughts or they just don't pay attention to their thoughts or they stop doing their you know, spiritual mental exercises. And everything is going back to what it used to be. So it's very important at this point, when you start this journey to key, your patience and not to give up. Obviously, we can't give like a concrete, actual timeframe of how much exactly it will take. It really depends on how big the change is. It depends on how intense the previous negative thoughts and condition has been, for how long it has lasted in your life, but also how much energy you're putting into your new state, or your new spiritual practice or energy practice or whatever you have chosen. But that's very important. You need to go through this transitional period, when you are doing new things, but maybe, and probably you don't see the immediate results. Okay. And that's actually the most pivotal point. Because when you start seeing even some small positive changes and results, actually, to really boost your belief, and that's one thing, you know, fly really fast. Because you, you really believe in that even more, and you invest more of your time and energy. So the results are even better. And, yeah, it's easier from that point on. But the most critical point is when you are doing the new work, but you don't have the results yet. And that's kind of like a testing period. So you need to test your consistency, your motivation, your desire sexually. So, yeah, the main advice I have for you is don't give up. It doesn't mean that you should repeat the same thing. If it doesn't work for you. Absolutely not. I recommend you to explore new perspectives, new angles, new practices that will help you. But if you don't see results within the first two, three weeks, that's fine. Just keep going. Keep going. And with all of that being said, we also need to mention that there are those cases and they really exist, when the change might be really fast. Sometimes maybe you want immediate, and those really happen. But if it doesn't happen for you don't think that there's something wrong, just keep doing your work. And in some cases, in energy coaching session, or in a spiritual practice, there might be such a radical shift, that it really changes things fast and deep for you. But sometimes the change is more like a process. It's not like, you know, like a breakthrough. But there are also those breakthroughs. So open your mind, I don't want you also to plant the idea that it's all really hard and it will take lots of time. Open your mind for whatever is best for you. My experience shows that there are people who can handle very well with fast changes, they are adaptable. And usually for those people. Those you know faster breakthroughs work more often. But there is also a nice group of people who are wonderful, who can also be great, but they need more time to adapt to changes in their lives. They don't feel comfortable when things are changing extremely fast. And that's all fine. That's all normal. Just it means that The change will be, you know, slower with more time for you to adapt. And that's, again, totally fine. So open your mind that change is possible that your work will pay off. But just like the stars in the night sky, you need to wait a little bit before you can really see the new picture. Okay, so I personally find this concept really inspiring. And actually, you may even anchor this idea in your mind by just, you know, taking maybe a minute or whatever time you want every night, to look at the night sky. Wherever you are, sometimes there are clouds, if there are clouds, and you don't see the stars, just imagine what is behind those clouds. And some nights, the night is clear, and the skies is clear. So look at those stars, and just bring this thought in your mind that what you're seeing this moment is not happening right now you're seeing the picture some time ago, okay. And in the same way, you're also sending the light the energy of your new dreams, thoughts, ghosts, whatever you want in your life. And they are already somewhere out there, it will just take some time for them to actually come into the material world. And don't don't put any frames on that. Don't say okay, I will try this. But I will give it like 30 days. And then if it doesn't work, I'm out. Because chances are, it won't work. So be patient, open your mind. But also keep a nice space for some possible breakthroughs and rapid fast changes, if that's the best way for you. And you don't need to know the answer to that just keep the two spaces open. And things will happen according to the way they are supposed to happen for you. And that's great. So, that was the main topic today, the time and patience and yeah, how we are just like the stars in the sky. Actually. You may want to keep this top as well. Okay, thank you so much for listening to this episode. I really hope it worked and it helped you to kind of see things from a different perspective. Thank you so much. 

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