Intercepted Signs, Houses and Planets in the Horoscope

How to find out if you have an interception in your birth chart?
What does it mean if you have an intercepted sign, house and planet?

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Hello dear friends I'm Marina from and today I would like to present to you the topic about the intercepted signs, houses and planets. I will explain how you can find out whether you have an interception in your chart, what it means, and actually which are the main consequences of having something intercepted in your horoscope. So first, let me explain actually, what's the regular case of having your horoscope? Normally, let's say that your Ascendant is in Taurus, for example, let's say 15 degrees Taurus. Normally the next house, second house should be in the next sign Gemini, then third house should be in the sign after that cancer and so on. So that's the regular case. However, in some cases, you may find out that you're Ascendant is in Taurus. But instead of having Gemini on the cusp of seventh house, you may have cancer, let's say two degrees cancer. So what it means is that actually the sign Gemini, it doesn't disappear, but the whole sign is here in your first house. So that's what we call an interception, when all of the sign of any sign is inside of certain house and there is no cusp of a house in this particular sign. So, usually, this can happen when you are using a different house system then the equal house system. Normally in my readings, I use the placidus house system. And the reason why this is possible is because The houses are not equally large. So for example, you may have certain house, which is let's say 25 degrees, and another house which can be 35, in some cases, 40 degrees or even more. And if we remember that the signs are always 30 degrees, the signs, then it would mean that in some cases not always, but sometimes it's possible that a whole sign might be inside of certain house. This is called an interception. Or you can also imagine it as a locked energy. So, first of all, what's important to know is that those interceptions are always in pairs. So if you have Gemini intercepted or locked in your first house, it means that the opposite sign will always be intercepted in the opposite house. So in this case, it would mean that Sagittarius is intercepted in seventh house. So this is a general rule, it always work like this. And here I want to mention something if you don't have those interceptions in your chart, don't think that this doesn't concern you. Because at some point in your progress chart, you will have some kind of interception and this is a very important method for prediction. So, even if you don't have it in the birth chart, at some point, it will concern you when it comes to the prediction. So you may still want to watch the whole video when where I will explain basically what it brings in your life. Another case, which is also important, even if you don't have those interceptions or locked energy in your birth chart, if you're living in another place if you have relocated, which Nowadays many people do, there is also a chance that your revocation chart might include some interest exceptions. So, if you are planning on relocating somewhere, always check if you have any interceptions. This is one of the main things which I'm analyzing. Of course, in some cases, I mean, we need to make compromises. But don't forget to check also your relocation chart or interceptions. So what we know by now is that intercepted signs are intercepted in certain houses. And generally this is like a locked energy for us. So we have the potential but it's more difficult actually to materialize that or to achieve things which are related to this energy. And generally, it's considered that this brings challenges. So when you see some interceptions, one thing that you should know is there are some kinds of challenges in regard to those areas, which are represented By the sine and the house, which is intercepted. And also the other thing, which you should always know is that if you have planets which are intercepted there, they are also locked. For example, if you have, let's say your Venus intercepted in Gemini in first house, it means that it's also more challenging for you to have access to the energy of Venus. It's not impossible, you still have the potential but it's more difficult. So one thing we should know there are challenges related. The other thing is that you may have like, double motivation when it comes to this particular life area which is represented by the house. For example, in our case, let's say that here you have Scorpio on the cusp of the seventh house, but you also Also have Sagittarius intercepted there. One thing you should know is that this house is ruled by two planets, Pluto, because you have Scorpio on the cusp of seventh house, but Jupiter as well because the whole sign is here as well. So you have at least two rulers of this house where the intersection is that's number one, which means that you know, there is more dynamics usually in this house. And also as I said, there is a double motivation. So from one side things may start according to the first sign on the cusp of the house, in this case Scorpio. So in relationships, things might be very intense or you may have a very deep attraction towards partners. Also, there might be some drama, it might be kind of difficult to let go of past experiences, basically all of the Scorpio qualities which we have. But at certain point, you may notice that the Sagittarius energy is also unlocked, which means that at some point, you might become more positive in regards to this area. Or you may want more adventures or it might become easier for you to let go of things. So always pay attention and remember, first you have access to the sign which is on the cusp. And then at some point, the second sign might be unlocked for you. But the two rulers are always relative. In this case, we have Pluto and Jupiter. So double motivation, more challenges are possible and this doesn't always mean something really bad or you know that you cannot have a successful happy marriage. But what I have noticed that most of the people, not everyone Of course, but most of the people with interceptions have signs in seventh house, they usually have more than one marriage. Usually not always again, but chances are higher that you will have more than one marriage. Or let's say that you have interceptions at in fourth and penthouse. In this case, you need to pay more attention to family area and career. These are the areas where you may have some challenges or you may have double motivation. For example, at first you may think that you know you're interested in one career direction then things may change for you. So, as I said, there is more dynamics. And yes, this energy is kind of locked there. This is very important in the cases when you have something which shows certain talents. For example, you have a beautiful grant Trying configuration or maybe you have a wonderful stellium of planets. And if one of those planets which are part of this positive talent bringing talents configuration, it means that you it may not be so easy for you to express that or to use this energy. So the potential is there, you always have this potential of the Grand Trine of or you're spending or something else which is positive. But if one of the planets is intercepted, it's more challenging for you to get access to express that. In those cases, replication may really help you to find the place where you will be capable of using and expressing this talent or potential or skills. The other thing which is also very common is that the older you get, the more opportunities you have and the easier Actually, this is For you to unlock those intersections. So let's say that in our case, we were talking about having Venus intercepted in your first house, then Normally, it may mean that relationships are more challenging for you, it's more difficult also, probably to express your feelings. self love may also be something which can be problematic for you. But the older you get, the more mature you become, the more years passed, the higher chances you have actually to learn to love yourself, to learn maybe to even pay more attention to your appearance, and eventually also to have happier relationships and express emotions easier. So this is relevant to each planet to each sign and each house. And as we said, Remember, we are always talking about interceptions in pairs. So for example, if you have interceptions in first and seventh house, of course, this is the axis which is related to close relationships, you and the other person, those type of you know romantic relationships or business partnerships where you are connecting with someone else is equal. So this area can be more problematic for you if you have those interceptions. It doesn't matter what which signs are intercepted. It has an impact. But the point is that in all of the cases, the main life area where you're going to experience those challenges is related to your personal relationships. If you have interceptions in second and eighth house, then this is the area or do those two houses represent the area of your resources, personal resources and resources from other people. Of course, money is A major topic here, but also your energy and also your health. So pay attention if you have interceptions here. This is the area of you know, resources, energy and health, where you may struggle with something. Or there might be more dynamics or there is an energy that you don't have immediate access to. Third and ninth house, if I can say this, this can be the easiest case. So if you have to choose for example, in a replication, whether you're going to choose you know, a chart where you have interception in third and ninth house, or for example, sixth and 12th house, always choose third and ninth house. This is the easiest case because third and ninth house, they are related to education, they are related to your goals, or your skills or how you communicate with people but honestly, this isn't something which can Potentially hurt your life extremely like you know something which can bring serious health issues or even relationship issues. So this is the easiest case when you have interceptions in third and ninth house. Then we have fourth and fifth house. If you have intercepted signs there, then this is first of all a major theme in your life. fourth house is about your roots, your family and home and also 10th house represents your career and social achievements. So in those areas, you may experience changes or challenges or there might be a double motivation. And again, energy which you don't have immediate access to. If you have interceptions in fifth and 11th house, then this is related to your romantic life, your love life, potentially related to kids and also creative staff or Art and also 11th house represents your ideas your community. So, in those areas you may experience some kind of challenges. And the last case if you have interceptions in sixth and 12th house, then it can affect your work your daily routines, but also your help. So, pay attention which are the signs especially here, the how the sign which is intercepted, but potentially, this is something which can work first of all on a subconscious level, or may impact you without realizing that I mean, without you feeling that as soon as it happens, so, intercepted signs in sixth house are very important for your health. For example, let's say that you have intercepted Taurus here. Then pay attention to your throat To you know the neck area, also the thyroid gland, this can be a week or place. And sometimes there might be processes which are working or which are has started and you don't have immediate symptoms. So this is always very important interceptions in sixth house and 12th house. So this is about your health, your work and your daily routines. So don't think of this as something extremely scary or extremely problematic. Yes, potentially brings challenges. But the more conscious you are, the older you get, the easier it becomes to unlock those interceptions. And as I said, even if you don't have it in the birth chart, if you're using a different house system than the White House, at some point in your progress chart, you eventually will have some interceptions. For example, recently, I think during 2018, I had in my progress chart, interceptions in third and ninth house. And I can definitely say that when it comes to education or learning, I had some kinds of struggles. Yes, I did a lot of things but I didn't feel like I can do everything or I can do as much as I want to. Another thing which also happens by the way with interception says that you may feel like you don't have complete control when it comes to the energy of the sign the house and intercepted planets. The most challenging case if I can use this expression is if you have your sun intercepted. Usually in those cases, the person may feel like there are many things which don't depend on you. Like you don't have complete control over your life or what you want to make. To realize in life, and this can be a situation also when, where your confidence may struggle or you might not have such a good self esteem. So pay attention which planets are intercepted and try to focus on connecting to those energies consciously. So yeah, I think that that's the most important when it comes to interceptions. So as I said, we can have certain signs which are intercepted in certain houses, and potentially in some cases, also, your planets might be intercepted. And an easier case can be also if you have let's say, in our case, we were talking about Venus intercepted here. It would be great if Venus is in conjunction with another planet which is not intercepted. So let's say that we This is two degrees in Gemini. If you have, let's say Jupiter or Saturn in the 29th or 28th degree in Taurus, so the planet will be in conjunction with Venus but is not intercepted. It's easier for you actually to unlock this potential in those cases. Or, if you don't have conjunctions, then look at the other aspects. For example, if this Venus has a Trine, for example, with Jupiter in ninth house, then through Jupiter to work in with this planet, potentially you may unlock the intercepted planet as well. So pay attention on the aspect of your intercepted planets if you have any. If the planet isn't, has no aspect basically, then it's more difficult to unlock this. But here please pay attention not only to The major aspects like trials for squares, but also to minor aspects as well, which are many and we have talked about it. But sometimes I think that people underestimate the importance of the minor aspects. And they work I can definitely assure you that they work so pay attention to minor aspects as well. So to summarize everything that we've discussed, the intersections are basically like a locked energy. And it happens when you have the whole sign, any sign locked in certain house so there is no cusp of a house in this particular sign. They are always in pairs. When certain sign is intercepted in certain house the opposite sign is intercepted in the opposite house. Always that's always happening. If you have planets which are interesting. But also it's more challenging to have access to this energy. And by the way, those planets which are intercepted may bring challenges also to the areas or the houses which are ruled by those planets. So for example, Venus intercepted in first house if Venus is ruling your 10th house, for example, you have, let's say Libra on the cusp of 10th house, then 10th house may also be a problematic area. So this is also important. But the older you get, the more chances you have to unlock this energy to use it. Also, with replication, you may change that and don't forget also to pay attention to your progress chart at certain point. Eventually you will have some interceptions and the interpretation is the same as well. The sign the house the planets which are interesting. that those are the areas where you may struggle with something or you need to work harder. Or you may feel like you don't have enough control over this area of your life. So let me know. Do you have any interceptions? What kinds of observations do you have? Is it working in the same way for you? And here I also want to mention something that it's important to have a rectified chart especially if you have you know, certain cusps of houses which are at the very end or at the very beginning of certain house. So if you are wondering whether you know, this time is absolutely accurate, then definitely rectify your chart. Because you may find out that for example, you don't have those interceptions and actually, everything is okay. So let me know what do you what kind of experience do you have with interceptions it would be very interesting for me to know thank you so much. much for watching the video and I'll see you soon

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