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Hello dear friends Today we have a wonderful topic to discuss. We're going to talk about the lunar nodes, one of the most important astrological indications, I will explain how we calculate them, what do they represent? And also, what does it mean if you have retrograde lunar notes, which by the way has been a great question that one of you guys asked me so thank you so much for providing such wonderful questions. So let's start with explaining what do those notes represent? Or how we calculate them? Are they like the sun or the moon or how you can see them? The truth is that the lunar nodes are not concrete objects, they are not material object or planets. They are points which we calculate. They are extremely important, but you cannot see them with your eyes or it's just an observation that the soldiers have found for those concrete points. And they work very well for basically every horoscope. And this is one of the most karmic indication as well, your South node and your north node. And this from one side can show you your past experiences. And also some qualities that we you already have. This is represented by the South node, which shows the past. And on the other hand, we have the north node which shows the future or the right direction for you or kind of representing your life's mission. So let me show you first of all, how you calculate those points. So honestly, I don't think that you can do this on your own and you don't have to do that. There are tables with the lunar notes which are calculated for us. So let's explain here on this Drawing you can see, this represents the earth. Here we are on the earth. And in the black color here. This is the path of the sun, or the ecliptic. We know that the sun looks like it's moving around the Earth. In reality, it's the other way around the Earth is moving around the sun. But from our perspective, we're here from the earth, it looks like the sun is moving around us. And this path through which the sun is moving is called the ecliptic. So here in the black color is the sun path. On the other hand, the moon, which is the other extremely important planet is moving around the earth as well and it has its own way. So in the red color, here you can see the path of the moon and there are two points. Where those paths are crossing. First of all here, this degree is very small, the degree between the path of the sun and the moon it's around five degrees. However, we have two points where they cross, and those points are called lunar nodes. This here is the South node, or you can also see it as cattle or the tail of the dragon. And on the other hand, we have the north node or also called Rahu, or the head of the dragon. So that's what we calculate. Here we have two points, which are kind of showing the connection between the sun the Moon and the Earth. So they are extremely important. First of all, what we should know is that the lunar nodes are moving backwards very slowly, the moon changes the points where it crosses the path of the sun. So, this is moving this position is moving very slowly but backwards, which means that most of the time the lunar nodes are retrograde. And here we are asked answering actually the question which was asked by one of you guys, what does it mean if my lunar notes are retrograde? It means that you are part of the regular case. For most of the people, the lunar nodes are retrograde and that's normal that's kind of know having your planets moving direct. So here we have an inversion. And if you have the lunar nodes direct, then This is the exception. This is the case which is more specific. It's kind of you know, having, let's say Mars retrograde in your chart, you are the exception. It happens but for most people Mars is direct. Well, here we have the opposite case. For most of the people, the lunar nodes are retrograde most of the time, however, of course, it happens, they can turn into direct face, but keep in mind that here the cycles are different and they're much shorter. So for example, we know that Mercury is retrograde around three weeks. Venus is retrograde around 40 days, Mars around two months, with the lunar nodes we talked about a couple of days. Sometimes it happens that you know, the lunar nodes might be direct for one or two days, and then go and then they go back to being retrograde. They can be retrograde. For example, for 10 to days and they, and then they go direct for a couple of days as well. So here the cycles are not so regular, and not so long. Actually, as I said, sometimes it's just for one day. But remember that if your lunar nodes are retrograde, that's the normal case. So there is nothing to worry about. However, I think that this, this position indicates that it's very important for the person to work internally with this topics. So as we know, the the south or sorry, the north node shows what's your path, so where you should move to, and which are your life lessons. On the other hand, the South node shows your past some qualities that you already have some experiences that you already have, and areas of your life where you feel comfortable, especially when you're younger. Of course, it's very important here to analyze the sign and the house of your lunar nodes. This will show you in which life area you need to concentrate. First of all, the sign in the house of the South node can show you areas of your life where you feel safe, you feel like there is you know, usually you have some kind of resources there. You have some kind of support or you feel comfortable there. It's familiar. It's something close to you. But it's important to move the words your north node, again, we need to analyze the sign and the house position of the north node it will show you in which area or in which direction you should move forward. And here I have seen people make a very common mistake. They don't make difference between a sign and house for example, they think that having the north node in Aries is absolutely the same as having the north node in first house, which is not absolutely true. So remember that the sign of the notes show you the qualities that you need to gain. So the north node shows the qualities. The sign, I mean of the north node shows the qualities that you need to gain or experience and the house position shows in which life area it should happen. So, very often I have seen people make this mistake, mostly with the notes but not only with planets as well. So it's not the same again, I repeat to have the north node in Aries and to have it in first house there is a difference. So make sure to combine all of those interpretation in the future. Actually, we can more extensive videos or some kind of training if you're interested to learn more about those combinations because as you can see, there are many so I think that 144 combinations if I remember correctly, between, you know, certain position of the north node in sign and house, but it's very important actually to find those things for yourself. I can give you an example with my chart just to show you how what's the approach for example, in my chart, the South node is in Libra, in fourth house. So, Libra as the sign can show that the person may like the harmony you know the nice relationships connections with others can value love, and you know, relationships in general. Now, the house position fourth house shows you in which concrete Life area, the person is connected to fourth house is about family. It's about the home. It's about you know, the internal world of the person. And on the other hand north node is in Aries in 10th house. So, Aries are the qualities that I should learn, for example, to be brave to be independent, to take action to take risks. So the fire qualities of Aries and 10th house shows the area of life where this should happen. So then houses about career about your vocation and social work. So don't don't forget to make the difference between the sign and the house position, but you should always combine them you should, you know, analyze them together. And as we already said, the regular case the normal cases, for the Note to be retrograde. And I think that the main idea of this is that the person needs to work more on an inner level. So the process starts more from within the person. Because as we know, the lunar nodes also can show us our growth, our path our direction. So, the internal part is very important. And if your lunar nodes are direct, you are the exception. This is a rare case. And I think that here the there is a bigger focus on the outer world where you should you know, achieve things or get your results or gain new qualities. So the retrogrades of the lunar nodes shows more the internal process of growth that you should go through. And the direct motion of the lunar nodes shows that These qualities can be gained or experienced more externally in the outer world. But please guys, don't forget about your lunar nodes, they are really one of the most important indications in the chart. So if I have to pick up only one indication to analyze in someone's chart, I would definitely pick up the lunar notes. That that's how important they are. And here don't make also the mistake to think that there is something bad about the notes because there isn't Yes, you should move towards your north node. But the South node is some kind of resource that you have some kind of potential that you have worked for during previous life and you know, so on. So there is nothing wrong. There is nothing bad About the lunar nodes, they are very, very important and they show you qualities that you already have and qualities that you need to gain. So I hope I was able to answer your question about the lunar nodes. If you have some other questions related to astrology, which are more general like this one, you know, theoretical questions, you're absolutely Welcome to send me an email, I will try to answer them and to provide more and more knowledge for you. If you would like to get a personal interpretation of your chart plus some life coaching strategies and advices. You can find my services through the link below the video. Thank you very much for joining me and I'll see you really soon.

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