💸🧚‍♀️ Money Miracle Flow Marathon 🧚‍♀️💸

February 15th - March 15th

This picture is from the Miracle Garden in Dubai and it's not a coincidence 🥰

Increase your resourcefulness, shift your energy and find the right strategies for Abundance and Wealth (that would work for you) with this new unique group experience. 

During this 1 month marathon we'll use a combination of knowledge, practices and energy, so that we can make our money flow richer and more abundant.

We'll use Astrology as our greatest helper and you will learn which are the main qualities you need to focus on and develop in order to prosper financially, what kind of expression of those qualities would support your growth the most and which is the life area that could be the foundation for building up your financial stability and growth.

You will learn some useful spiritual and occult principles that will help you to improve your connection to the material world. We'll focus on their practical implementation that will provide tangible shifts and results. 

There will be concrete assignments and tasks that will help you start the process of personal transformation and then keep up with the flow.

We'll also have daily physical practices and exercises - Miracle Trainings 🧚‍♀️. Our main focus is to move our energy and get into a group flow which will allow every participant to get in touch with it and then use it for their own development and growth.

Choose the best package for you

Money Miracle Flow Marathon includes:

Group meetings, assignments and practical activities for 30 days (every 3 days) - February 15th - March 15th

Astrology recommendations on what to focus on, based on your chart, so that you would grow your income

Astrology and occult principles for increasing your resourcefulness and money flow

Special daily exercises for boosting your energy and getting in alignment with the group money growth flow

All meetings will be live on Zoom and available as recordings for a month in a private Telegram group (you need to have or create a free account on Telegram. Links, recordings and discussions will be posted in the Telegram group. This will be our Miracle space 😉) 

Price: $ 100

Ruby option - Personal Money Flow includes:

Everything included in the Money Miracle Flow Marathon

In-depth personal Astrology reading and analysis of your money flow and income

10 Astro-GSR sessions on your Personal Money Flow - deep energy work that releases subconscious blockages affecting your money flow and helps you uncover deeper inner resources that would allow you to create more wealth in your life

Price: $ 1500

Diamond option - Business on a Flow includes: 

Everything included in the Money Miracle Flow Marathon

Unlimited Astrology readings and Astro-GSR sessions for 3 months. During this time we are in constant contact and we work on everything you need so that you can grow your business, increase your income and have a higher rank

The Diamond option is for people who would like to build up or expand their business on a flow and be able to create more wealth and positive impact in their area of expertise 

This option is limited to 6 people. You can save your spot by paying a deposit or in full. If you choose the deposit option you can pay the remaining amount in instalments.

Price in Full: $ 10000

Deposit: $ 1000

If you any questions you can contact me on Telegram HERE