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Hello, dear friends, this video is about people who have their moon in Gemini. And if you don't know the exact position of your moon, don't worry, you can use my free birth chart calculator. The link is below the video. And it will allow you to calculate your whole birth chart immediately. If you already know your moon is in Gemini, then this video is exactly for you. And before we get into the specific characteristics for the moon in Gemini, let's cover First of all, what can we learn from the moon? What does the moon described in our birth chart? So there are a couple of important things and the first one is our behavior, how we respond to things in what way We express our desires or our thoughts or our emotions, in everything that we are going through. Is it in a harmonious way? Are we open our ricochets, we can learn about that based on our mood. Other things include also our needs, our feeling about stability or what brings us the feeling of safety and security, and also how adaptable we are, how flexible we are. And of course, our connection with the mother figure. There are some other indications like our instinct and our subconscious mind and the connection we have with the subconscious mind. But more on that we are going to cover in the video so First of all, what's the most important here this is the fact that Gemini is a sign which is ruled by mercury. So it means that people having their moon in Gemini are ruled by mercury. And Mercury is the planet of curiosity, the planet of communications, exchange of everything, information, knowledge, material stuff, you name it, this is all ruled by mercury. So for people who have their moon in Gemini communication is extremely important. This is kind of a basic need for them. And most of them are extroverts. But not everyone Of course, because you know, in the horoscope, we have so many things we have to analyze. So you will find people who might be introverts and have the moon Gemini, but they still need this connection, it may work on a different level, but they need connection. For some of them this might be also their need for gathering knowledge, information, wisdom, and even though it's not communication in the social way, you know, to connect to other human beings, one on one by talking, it's still some kind of connection. Maybe you are, you know, hearing or reading about the thoughts of someone else. It still allows you to connect to this person, even if you don't know him personally, or he is not in front of you. So this need to connect may work on different levels. So if you have your moon in Gemini, but you are not an extrovert, don't think that this doesn't apply to you or there's something wrong. It's just that thinks may work on different homes. levels, so the need to connect is still there. But you may use different ways to fulfill this need. Of course, the most typical is the verbal communication and you will find many people with their moon in Gemini who love talking. They may like to talk with friends or sometimes to gossip or sometimes to learn or even teach other people. There's so many ways of course, but talking and connecting to others is so important. Other things which are interesting about the moon in Gemini, is that those are people who need variety. This is a this is an air mutable sign. So all of that brings lots of flexibility and those are people who cannot stay at one place. You know, just doing nothing. They get bored. quite easily and they need some excitement. They need something to provoke their mind. It could be reading a nice book, it could be chatting with a friend, it might be learning something, they may find different ways but they need this excitement they need some kind of changes some kind of variety, if possible on a daily basis. And this happens also to be a way for them to relax, if they're under pressure if they feel challenged in some way. One of the best ways to relax is just read a nice book or talk to a friend or find some information which will kind of open your mind to some new perspectives. So whenever they are challenged or they feel stressed, usually those are the best ways for them to relax. Some other difficult things about the moon in Gemini is that usually they also love traveling. They like seeing Different things meeting different people. They're open for new ideas and new experiences. And as we said, on the kind of lowest level, it's just a very simple curiosity. You know, I need some interesting information, some provoking things. Usually they are always aware with the news, but this may work also on higher levels like they need wisdom they need inspiration, they need to know how things work or why something is happening, because Gemini is a very intellectual side. So people with the moon in Gemini, they tend to interact intellectualize everything that happens, they need to understand why something happens, why it works like that. They may ask and have so many questions and some other things which are also Very typical for them is that they are kind of restless, because of this desire for variety because they need this kind of provocation from the outer environment. They are constantly, you know, ready for the change and they may literally look a little nervous or be a little restless, especially if there are some other factors which are kind of provoking them. So for some of them, the nervous system might be a little bit more sensitive, and they may be a little restless. But one of the greatest things they can do is to learn to calm their mind, if they're able to calm the monkey mind and stay a little bit in silence. This may really help them to process the energy on a different level. So meditation or any other known way For calming the mind is highly recommended for those people. Some of the other challenges of the moon in Gemini is that they could be a little superficial. And usually the reason for that is because they are multitaskers. So they are interested in many things and usually they want to do many things at the same time. And in life, you know that this is a recipe for kind of, you know, lost attention and just lack of focus. So, sometimes they may struggle with going deep and exploring things and kind of getting to the roots of things. They may go a little bit on the surface, take a little bit here then go they are and kind of, you know, know many things, but kind of a little from everything. So one of their greatest Lessons is to learn to stay focused and explore one thing and get really good at that and then move to the next one. But it sounds easier than it actually is. We know that, you know, this is part of nature. So don't beat yourself up if you are also a multitasker because it actually has some positive sides as well. Because mercury and Gemini allow you to be able to make connections. And the fact that you are focusing on many things and you know, about many things may allow you to combine things and actually have some very creative ideas or solutions. So, sometimes, you know, the well known things are not necessarily the best things, and even people who may look a little bit distracted on the focus multitaskers are superficial sometimes Actually, they can have some amazing ideas and great solutions. So our task is to get to know our strengths, and use them in the best possible way. And it doesn't mean that you have to change yourself, it means that you need to learn how to use the best qualities that you have. When we talk about our connection with the outer world, we said that the moon is also very important for that. With the moon in Gemini, usually the connection is smooth. So those are people who are capable of connecting. They're also capable of listening. And it makes them very good in negotiations or having conversations and they have the potential to be diplomatic. Now, if there's some kind of challenging aspects or other things involved, sometimes they may struggle with telling the truth because it might be harsh. So they may kind of try to cut the edges or say what the other person wants to hear. So this may also be something they need to work on. And overall, they are able to establish this kind of normal connection with the outer world and express things overall, in a smooth way. Speaking about connection with the mother, the moon in Gemini usually supports a very friendly relationship. So usually the mother is not an authority figure or even someone who is very caring, like for example, a Taurus or cancer might be the Gemini. Moon is a very intellectual kind of mental oriented mother, so she can be a great friend. She can be a great teacher, but she usually doesn't handle very well. With too boring or routine tasks, and usually she feels more comfortable when the child is a little bit older. So when they can speak when they can, you know, understand what you're talking to them. Usually the moon in Gemini mother feels more comfortable at that age. And as we said, she is not an authority figure. She's more like a friend. And the truth is that this mother may also be superficial, she may not be too caring, as we said, but there are other positives which hopefully, we can get from this position. So those are the most typical qualities of the moon in Gemini. As we said, the key things here are communication, connection, information, flexibility, variety, multitasking ability to connect different things and find interesting solutions. So I would love to hear your thoughts, your experience and your observation about the moon in Gemini, so feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below. And if you want to participate in more stars astrology Academy, which is an advanced training for people who want to use astrology on a professional level, you're welcome to sign up for the waitlist. We are opening the enrollment only once a year. So check the links below and sign up. Now. Thank you so much for joining me. I'll see you soon. Ciao. 

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