Past Life Horoscope | How to Calculate it?

How to calculate your past life horoscpe? Which are the most important indications in this chart? How you can find out if you have been connected with someone in your past lives and you have a karmic relationship?

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Hello dear friends I'm Marina from Mars stars dotnet and today I have a very interesting topic that I would like to discuss with you. I will show you how you can calculate your past like horoscope. It's one of the most interesting topics in astrology to explore our past and our lessons and what we have been through during our past incarnations which is still affecting us. So I will show you how you can calculate this chart for yourself. I will use my software to show you which allows me to do that faster. But I will show you also a method which you can apply even if you don't have such a software and you would like to use let's say Astro Comm. I will also show you how you analyze this chart. And I will show you a very interesting trick to understand if you have been in a relationship with a person that you know right Now in your life if there is a connection coming from past lives, so watch the video until the end to learn all of this so much interesting information. And if you would like to get a personal reading by me, which includes calculation of your past life charts and interpretation, you can purchase an answer to one question The link is below the video, the price is only $60. So let's explain the general idea of this method, which is the main indication the main sign bowl for past lives. Of course, this is the South node, the South lunar node. So the main approach and main technique that we use is to change your birth time in a way that your South note will be in conjunction with your MC because of 10th house And here is something extremely important pay attention guys, you can move the time only ahead, you don't move it backwards. And this may sound a little strange, since we are exploring something from the past, why we don't move the past backwards. It's how this method works. It has been used for many years. And that's the main approach when we use those type of thematic charts. So you move the time ahead in a way that your South node will be in conjunction with your MC. And from that point you analyze this chart. Of course, keep in mind that sometimes when you move the time, you may need to go to the next day after your actual birthday and that's okay, you shouldn't be bothered by that, or in some cases, applauded me move to the next sign. Most often it happens with the more in some rare cases this might be another Their planet as well. And it shouldn't bother you as well. This is how the method works like it happens sometimes. So, I will use my birth chart as an example. So let me show you. First of all, this is my birth chart. If you haven't seen that yet, I think I haven't showed it yet. Up until now, if I remember correctly, so that's the chart. The Ascendant is in cancer the sun in Capricorn, the moon in Pisces, and here is the South node in Libra fourth house intercepted house. So I have to move my time of work in a way that the South node will be here in conjunction with the cusp of 10th house. And here is how I will do that. After that at the end, I will explain how you can do that. If you don't have such an option, and you're using, let's say So I'm moving the time ahead, look how the South node is moving in this direction. Okay, so here is the exact conjunction, yes, the South note is seven degrees in Libra, and the cusp of MC is also 17 degrees in Libra as well. So that's what we want. We want to find the time and basically the chart where, where the South note will be here in conjunction, very exact conjunction, by the way, with the cusp of 10th. house. And here is this past life chart. This chart shows you what kind of qualities do you have from past lives, what kind of strengths or talents or skills You have, you may also understand different details about different life areas as well. So, where we usually start from is the ascendant. For example for me this Ascendant is in Sagittarius, so I can assume that probably I have, I have been an optimistic positive person probably interested in knowledge in information and wisdom, maybe things related to you know, education have been important to me as well. And something which for me personally was the most interesting in this chart, is the fact that Uranus is an exact conjunction with the ascendant and it means that the Uranus qualities are part of my personality. For me, that's an explanation why I started using astrology, learning and working with it. When I I was very young for those type of activities. And this also means that in past lives, I have worked with that as well. So it's not something brand new for me. And I just have an experience with that I hope it doesn't sound like bragging but that's how I'm interpreting that for myself. And also it's not only related to the astrology I can definitely say that I have extremely strong Uranus qualities personal qualities for example, since I was a child, I have always wanted to do things in my way to be different to try new things to have variety in life. Freedom has always been like a top priority for me. Yes also, you know, breaking the rules or not following what other people are trying to say or you know, to control me or anything. It explains where it is coming from because if you look at The birth chart here is where Uranus is in my own birth chart. It's in sixth house. Yes, it squares the Moon and Mars but it's not in such a key position actually to affect so much my personal qualities. And honestly I have wondered why I have such a strong Uranus qualities and when I looked at this past life chart and when I saw Uranus in conjunction with the ascendant, it all became clear. So pay attention to your Ascendant pay attention. If you have any planets in conjunction with the ascendant. It means that the qualities of this planet are already part of your personality who have already developed them, and it works both in the positive and in a negative direction as well. For example, for someone this may mean that let's say that they should break the law or they have done Some really strange things, some really weird things. So yeah, it works in both directions as well. Another thing which is interesting for me in this chart is that I also have a stellium including my son, Mercury and Neptune in first house. So I can assume that probably I have been someone who has attracted lots of attention, or also who has been very independent, who potentially have been some kind of leader as well. The other thing which is interesting, so many planets in third house, so pay attention if you have some stellar rooms, planets, in certain house, it will show that this house this life area, has been extremely important for you. So in my case, those three planets here in third house such as probably science, knowledge, information have been extremely important to me. Also planets in 10th house can show in which areas you have achieved some results. In my case, I have Pluto in 10th house. So probably this is also related to leading others. The Pluto is in conjunction with the cusp of 11th house. So I guess that this has also been include some kind of community potentially in the occult area because you know, Pluto is a planet which can show that. On the other hand, Saturn is in 12th house. So, probably there is There has also been some kind of isolation for me, or you know, some kind of inner boundaries that I had needed to overcome and pay attention also which hemisphere includes more planets. In this chart in my chart, it's obvious that all of the planets are this is the eastern hemisphere. So all of the are in the eastern hemisphere. So I can assume that I have been someone who has been more self centered, more focused on his own desires, what he wants to do without, you know, including so much other people or, you know, asking them, which is kind of the opposite of my chart during this life where all of the planets are in the opposite hemisphere. But anyway, pay attention. If more of your planets are in this hemisphere in the eastern hemisphere, then you have been more self centered, more independent, more active. And if more of your planets have been in the other hemisphere, the Western Hemisphere, then communication with other people, sometimes dependence on other people has been stronger and more important for you. Also, as I said, pay attention to the sun which is extremely important. That's also your personality. House position of the sun can show you in which area you have been active and initiative and focused and potentially talented as well. And this chart as I said, can be interpreted as a regular chart. So for example, if I want to analyze the circumstances related to my home, I can analyze fourth house, for example, I can see that I have Aries on the cusp of fourth house. So eventually, there might have been some kind of confrontations with family members, you know, lots of action there. Uranus squaring Mars may also suggest some Southern changes related to my home to my place of living or with family members. So from in this way you can analyze basically the whole birth chart for example, seven House will show you relationships. fifth house will show you your children 10th house can show you career and results. So, what you have achieved this chart shows you what is strength, important lessons which you have learned in your past life and it may really explain things which sometimes we may not be able to see in the regular bar charts or definitely analyze this chart for yourself. So, as I promised also, I will show you how you may find out whether you have known certain person in your past life. So, here is how you do that. First of all you calculate this chart this past life chart for yourself. And after that you need the birth chart the real birth chart of the person you are interested in You need to take his planets his own birth planets and find out Are there any overlays or conjunctions with the cusp of your past life chart with any CUSP. So again, I repeat, you use your past life chart and his word planets, the real word planets, and you try to find conjunctions. I can give an example from my life personally, I have had a relationship with the person whose Moon and Mars were in exact conjunction with my eighth and second house in this chart in this past life chart. And I can definitely say that I felt like I know this person, like, you know, the attraction is so strong, so intense. And yeah, that's how you can do that on your own. For example, let's say that the sun The Birth of this person is in conjunction with the cusp of your seventh house from your past life, it's definitely an indication that he has been a partner for you, maybe even you have been married or you have had another type of close relationship. So definitely try this on your own, you may find some really interesting conclusions and ideas. So, yeah, that's how you do that. Basically, you analyze it as an individual chart paying close attention to the ascendant any accentuated part of the chart, the position of the sun, the moon as well. And each house represents the same things which we analyzed in the birth chart as well. fourth house will show you family, fifth house will show you children seventh house, relationships, partners and so on. Okay, so let me show you Oh, sorry. How you can do how you can calculate this chart if you don't have such a software which allows you you know, to change the time life so you can see immediately the results. Of course, that's easier. But if you don't have it, you can still find it out, probably will take more time. So let me show you again, this is my birth chart, the actual my Natal birth chart for the exact time when I was born, here is the South node. So you need to go back to where you're where you have the options to put the time. And you start to add time until you can find basically this conjunction between the South node and because of penthouse. So I was born at 5pm. So let's try 10pm Let's see how the chart would look like or 10pm Okay, so this the South note is now in second house instead of fourth house. So obviously we need to change the time more. And actually it will be already the next day. So I'm, let's try the six. Let's try 6am Okay, in 6am the South node is already in 10th house but not in conjunction so we are close but we are not there yet. So let's see what will happen if we use 7am. Okay, so now it's too much so it's between six and 7am. Now we need to try something in between let's try 630 Okay, we are close a little bit earlier. Let's try a little bit earlier. Okay, that's what we were searching for 17 degrees south note 17 degrees and see. So that's how you can do that manually. So you move the time ahead and you just try different times until you find this position as you so in this case, we find that we found it quite quickly actually, it wasn't so, so difficult but if you need assistance if you want me to calculate this chart for you and to analyze it, we you purchase the answer to one question reading from the description below the video. So to summarize everything, guys, the main idea of this method This is an automatic chart of your past life and you need To move your time of birth, change it ahead in a way that the South node will be in conjunction with the cusp of your MC. from that position, you already have your past life chart and you analyze it as a individual work chart, paying attention to the ascendant. These are some personal qualities that you have, pay attention to any planets in conjunction with the ascendant or at first house. Also, the position of the sun is important the position of the moon, which hemisphere includes more planets as well. And any other accentuated area in the chart can show you that certain life area has been very important for you. Let's say that you have a couple of planets in your seventh house. Well definitely relationship To marriage has been a key life area for you or fifth house may show creativity or someone who has been an artist and so on. So that's how you do that it's not so difficult actually. And if you want to find potential relationship past relationship with certain person, you need to use your past life chart and he's real word planets and try to find conjunctions between your cusps of the houses and he sport planets. This would show you a relationship from the past and it has been tried it has been tested already, so it really works. Okay, so I really hope that this was something useful for you that you will try to apply it on your own As I said, If you need assistance, you can always contact me as well. And let me know your thoughts. What do you have found for yourself? Was it something interesting? Was there something surprising? Or you were like me, you found some answers and you were able to explain things which were not so obvious for you, and now you have more clarity. It's so interesting. And yeah, I would love to hear your thoughts. Thank you very much for watching this video and I'll see you soon.

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