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Hello dear friends, I'm Marina from our stars dotnet and you're watching the next episode of how to read the word chart and make predictions with astrology. These are special educational videos where I share with you concrete techniques and approaches, which are helpful if you want to understand your chart better. Or if you're learning astrology, or if you would like to explore child, your child's horoscope or another relative or close person horoscope as well. Let me remind you also that we are having a special workshop about child parent relationships on the 19th and 20th of January 2019. You can find the link below the video if you would like to participate. This workshop is extremely helpful and will help you to understand your child better through The dominant element of his horoscope through learning different combinations within the chart, we are also going to talk about different child parent relationships depending on the strong elements in their chart as well. Plus also the moon position which is extremely important for children and the relationship with the mother. Also aspect of the movie The other comments very important and basically they show some major tendencies for the relationship as well. And I will share with you a very interesting approach which is a very actually psychological theory for different expressions of love. And based on certain astrological indications I will show you, which is the best way to demonstrate your love and affection to your child and make you feel supported and loved and appreciate. So it will be very interesting in that two day workshop. Shall we have many things to talk about, there will be a q&a session. You also have different options to participate. You can only join the workshop. You may also have a child horoscope together with the workshop. And the third option is the workshop child horoscope and top parents industry. So find the link below for more information and keep in mind that you can only enroll until the 18th of January after that we are closing the workshop for new participants. So with that being said, let's dive into today's example. Let me share the screen. All right, so we have a horoscope of a boy very young boys, one year old so Basically I will show you what does the child horoscope look like what you can expect or how you can approach this if you want to interpret the horoscope of your own child and gentlemen, of course, this is an educational video, which is helpful if you want to simply understand astrology better, even if you're another parent, even if you're not trying to, you know, analyze the child's horoscope, you will still learn general astrological valuable techniques. So here we have the horoscope of boys who will call Stephen. To keep his privacy we're using a different name as usual we have course the permission of the mother. How let's see, first of all the balance of the astrological elements and constantly repeating how Important it is basically it shows you the combination between the elements in the chart show you the temper of the person and what he's made of literally, and which are the dominant energies in him in this person. So, in Stephens case we have a very interesting combination. We have three planets in earth and Water Science, and two planets, sorry, in the earth and fire science, we have three and we have two planets in the water and air elements. So basically, when you have this combination, three planets into elements in two planets in the other two elements, this is the most bounce case this is the case When basically the energies are the most harmonious way, it means that now the energy is extremely dominant and at the same time there is something which is missing. And this is always something helpful, which shows that the person may have different you know, skills or potential or opportunities. Of course, the earth and the fire are stronger than the other as we mentioned, and in this case, I would say the earth is stronger than the fire because the sun is a numbered sign and the sun is always more important than the other planets. Plus here we have a specific situation with the north node which we are going to discuss So, definitely I can say that the earth element is the dominant in this chart. The fire is also significant but not so much destroy the earth. And first of all suggests that the child can be well can need more time, more patience, and also may respond very well to routine stuff to you know, to feel this actually breeds more stability and a sense of security. Also, usually those children and those people are oriented on concrete results they can be more practical, and they also like to help the earth energy is a very giving and caring energy. And people with a strong earth element usually they they want to support they want to help others and even as a child, as people may really want to help people and together with the strong fire element, I think that it will make him feel more special. Significant when he feels capable helping on something small stuff at home, his mother, you know, even if this is like a play, it may still increase his confidence. Sometimes with the earth element with the strong earth element, those children may need more support to feel more confident. So, you know, it's positive when the mother or the family can support them and encourage them with words with you know, teaching them how to improve something or to do it better. Sometimes they may need more time to remember new stuff or to get used to a new environment or circumstances. So, you know, give those children more time. And here of course, it's interesting to know what's the horoscope of the mother because for example, if the mother has a very strong fire energy, and the child has a dominant the burden adamant, we may understand there will be some kind of conflict. This mother might be too pushy, she may, you know, she might be quite impatient action. And at the same time the child might be, you know a little bit slowly or may need more time sometimes might be, you know, it doesn't mean that there is something wrong with this child but you know there are people who are more impulsive, more expressive, they need things to happen fast and they are generally a lot more active and dynamic people there are others who are a little bit split Matic or you know, they need more time to work on something or be more to get interested. And basically these are the main things which we are going to discuss on the workshop, which I already announced. So anyway in Stephens chart, the earth energy suggests that he needs stability he needs Practical results he needs more support from the family and his mother. At the same time, the fire energy actually supports the earth energy very well and help the child to take action and to be more, to be more confident and to be more independent. Specifically in Stephens case it will take more time before this potential is unlocked. I think that when he is a child when he's very young, he might be more unconfident. He might be more shy. First of all, because we have the strong earth element, also the ascendant in cancer usually make children you know, more unconfident and shine early. Also the Venus is in first house. Venus brings more salt And in the horoscope of a boy this is well a more specific position which can make him you know, more sensitive, more confident sometimes, but at the same time he might be very sweet literally may look like a really sweet child which you want to kiss and you know those kinds of cute babies and she may also be very magnetic very attracted to you know to women. Someday when he's grown up. I guess that also he will be interested in his appearance and how to look like because Venus in first house suggests that Venus is squared by Uranus, so we can expect that he might be more extravagant in his appearance and, for example, he may want to wear more interesting clothes which were other people may look strange or sometimes even unacceptable. So humor here You may want to, you know, shock others with his appearance and even with his outfit when he is a grown up, but when he's still a child, and you know, a young person, this the water Ascendant, specifically the cancers and the venus here can make him softer, a little bit less confident. And he needs a little bit more support and encouragement. Well, I'm jumping from one thing to another, but as you can see the chart is leaning in. That's why I'm, you know, making the analysis in a different way from the regular but that's just how you know the nature way to interpret the chart. And I mean that now I would like to talk about the lunar notes because they're important for understanding the fire energy in this chart. Generally, we know that the sun Note is the one which is showing those the past the qualities that come natural for the person. And usually you know things that well or areas where we feel comfortable. The South node is in Aquarius in eighth house. First of all Aquarius is assigned can be related to well, being a little bit more distant, having a more interesting understanding about life or different stuff. It's interesting that sometimes people with a strong Aquarius energy can be very good in communities surround themselves with people who share similar ideas. But in other cases, those people may also be loners. They might be kind of, you know, isolating themselves because they feel that other people are incapable of understanding them. And that's why they preferred To avoid the superficial communication and just be on their own a house as a house position often bring some kind of detachment from the material world and the reality. So my guess is that when Steven is very young, even as a child, he will vary from personal spaces private space, you may even be a little shy, and he may not feel so comfortable to be part of some kind of group or community. By the way, the aspect between two ends are some suggest the same. He has a square and a half which is a 135 degree aspect between the sun and Pluto. It also suggests that the person doesn't feel so comfortable to be part of a group or a collective of people. So anyway, we disagree South node in Aquarius eighth house, he may tend to ask isolating, isolating himself from the outer world from the rough material reality. He may have his own, you know, personal stuff that he likes to do, and generally bring some kind of detachment. But as we know the main lesson, what we should focus on is our north node. usually takes time and takes some effort. It's not so easy. It's not so comfortable, but it's very important. And Stephens, North Node easy to do in second house in conjunction with Mars. First of all, the north node interview suggests that he has to work more on developing his confidence, finding out what he wants to do, learning to be a single player and also to be more Generally, you know the fire element of Leo such as it needs more activeness and also the conjunction with Mars. So he has the potential to become more active, initiative, independent, brave and confident. But it will take some time before this potential is unlocked or not unlocked, but actually needs to work for that. So it's not something which is promised to him. It's something that he needs to develop, but he has the potential to do that. And life will probably bring him enough opportunities for that because that's how usually the mortgage note works like. And also, the not not in second house suggests that he needs to learn to be more practical. As we said, eighth house is the detachment you know when we are interested in being visible stuff. Usually those children are very intuitive. Sometimes they may even have this inner connection with the invisible world through some kind of dreams or increased intuition. But he needs to work on his practical well approach to life. Generally, the sound knocking a house and also may also make you more dependent on others, emotionally, psychologically and even financially. And what he needs to work on is to develop his own financial independence. Second, normal in second house in Neil together with Mars, literally screams that he needs to learn to be independent financially to take action in this area. It will increase his confidence and he needs to work from that. So this fire energy will be up stronger, you know after he grows up. Okay, we talked about the notes Now, let's go back to the other stuff that we need to discuss as well, the astrological configuration of the whole chart. This configuration is called splash configuration with conjunctions. Slash configuration with conjunctions. Generally what we say about the splash configuration is that those people may focus on many things. They may have different interests. They may even have different skills or talents, but it's a little bit more difficult for them to concentrate their energy on something concrete. The challenge here is that sometimes they may lose their focus because of that, because they are trying to accomplish many things at the same time, or they're just not focused enough on 123 things in order to develop it and you know, to well have a vast expertise in something. Of course, the fact that he has objections, his action philosophy, he has well conjunction between the moon and Jupiter and there is stellium Let me see, yeah, he has hidden between the sun, Mercury and Mars. So this actually supports well and helps the person to be capable of focusing more enough completely, you know, well wasting efforts on too many things and losing his focus And of course, those conjunctions will be very important, the moon and Jupiter and on the other hand they stay on the sun Mercury and Mars. So, definitely home and family will be a very important topic for him. His Word family might be extremely important the connection with the mother is also very strong with this position and one day with women and his partner and also the material area will be very important. finances or resources having a more practical approach towards life as well. Yeah, together with the north node, we can definitely say that he needs to work on his financial independence. Now let's talk about the wall. Let's talk about the position of the moon because it's extremely important for children. under the age of seven, we are mostly affected by some of our more and it also shows our relationship and how we see our mother. First of all, in Stephens horoscope, the moon is in Libra. Generally, that's a nice sign for the moon, which suggests that the child will see the mother as a friend. Usually there is a harmonious relationship, mutual understanding, generally, this is a nice sign position. And usually the mother may treat the child as equal. So there is no we have no authority. position before too much orders and rules. Usually the mother respects the child and can accept him as he was someone who can you know negotiate with or or at least explains her motivation. The verbal communication is also important. So generally that's a very nice sign position also, the moon is important house, which is the house which is ruled by the moon nature really. On top of that the moon moves the ascendant. So the moon is a key path in this horoscope also. We can say that Steven will need his mother's support. course he's very very lucky because he has Jupiter in conjunction with the more one of the luckiest aspects we can possibly have. First of all, it can bring more success and happiness and achievements and prosperity. Also it helps the relationship with the mother. And generally the mother may encourage the child and may help him to become more successful. Usually with this combination, I will also say that probably his work family is well wealthy and successful adult he's living in a nice home in a harmonious atmosphere with probably everything that he will need. So usually that's a very good indication for a nice childhood environment. The Morehouse one challenging us bird with me. seen one term aspect with Pluto, which is quite exact. Sometimes this aspect can make the mother more controlling or at least that's how the child sees the mother. You Nowadays disarm the sometimes the overprotective mothers who you know wants to do the best they can for their children. But at the same time, they don't understand that they are making their children codependent on that. And especially for boys. That's a tricky situation. And for step one, I see a tendency for Well, some kind of emotional psychological dependence on other people. Of course, he's a child that is dependent on the mother and the birth family. After that, probably, he will be well kind of dependent on women, they will play a major role in his life with Venus in first house in the morning, fourth house, in the South Mountain, eighth house, generally we can expect that he will be well women will be important for that. Sorry for him. So, this blue two squaring the moon can bring some kind of struggles like power struggles with the mother, or too deep emotional connection. Also Pluto brings incredibly strong emotional connection with the mother. And keep in mind in a voice corresponds or amends for spot. Sometimes this may bring challenges with finding a partner finding a woman who fits or who can compete with his mother. And sometimes it's not consciously but in some way, I think that he might be idealizing You of course when he grows up, and if you don't let him to become independent, and if you don't encourage his development as a man It might be difficult for him to find a woman or on a subconscious level, he will search for a woman who looks like you in some way or who is taking care of him just like you have been doing for him. So here it's very important in this case to to encourage him to support him, but at the same time also to encourage his development is a different person as a as an independent for some men. But generally speaking, the moon is in a very positive position now, and directly the moon has also an opposition with Uranus because Jupiter has opposition with Uranus and it also means that on directly the moon has the same opposition as well. This may bring some level of instability or uncertainty or some kind of changes So, occasionally, you may feel like you know, the world is changing or is not so stable. This might be also related to possible revocation at some point. And even in his childhood, I believe this may happen. The first period I would say is well proximity when he's 567 years old. This might be a time the family may move to another place, or maybe even a relative because that time when Venus will be in conjunction with his Ascendant according to solar arc directions, and also the moon and Jupiter will be in conjunction with fourth house. Jupiter rules ninth house so we can talk about some kind of provocation, I would say when well between five Seven Eight years when he's at that age, but anyway also he has a very interesting aspect configuration of the moon and Jupiter makes sextile with his Saturn and also sextile with Mars and Mars and Saturn are connected with a Trine aspect. So I would say that he will be quite disciplined and organized person, especially when it comes to his work or responsibilities as a grown up at work and so on about his family. I think that he will have a very responsible attitude towards you as a mother and other family members as well. The sextile between the soccer and the moon also suggests that his mother might be quiet responsible for some, usually there are some kind of requirements for certain rules, but they're not super surprising or dramatic rules they are just the ordinary environment which actually brings more stability for the child. Also, the moon has the sextile Mars as we said, aspect which is very positive, which suggests that first of all, he may seek His mother is a very active dynamic person, and you may encourage him to be more independent than to take action. Now, keep in mind also that the basics now this aspect configuration shows some kind of talents and skills that the person has. And first of all, those are Kind of talents and skills may turn into his viewer they may bring him money and in some way they might be related to well skills and family skills and talents from the family from you or another relative or he made he made them follow your steps or your career or another family member through your direction or this may also indicate the family business and he might be part of the business as well. Um, let me see. Yeah, family business and and success coming to those talents that he may have. Haha, okay. Now in terms of education, In terms of education, Mercury is a very important part. His Mercury is in Virgo retrograde and burned by the sun. Mercury in Virgo is in a very strong sign position. It's also the ruler of Virgo, which means the ruler of his some mercury rules third house as well. So this may help you to be more analytical to pay attention to detail sometimes to be over critical and judgmental. This is kind of a typical quality for Virgo as well. But he might be more systematic and responsible and generally, this makes the mind very active. Another thing which increases the activeness of his mind is the fact that Mercury is burned by the sun when the planet is within less than three weeks away from the Sun it burned it means that the politics of this planet are part of the personality and in his case, we can say that he will be over analytical. He may have also have great potential mentally intellectually, because Mercury is retrograde. This may work more on an inner level so, he might be kind of a you know, introverted thing for to find some solutions or have some ideas when he's on his own. So generally increases the activeness of the mind incredibly and I think that he will be quite responsible and systematic and, you know, focused on his education because I also want to remove start perhaps house. Mars is part of this standard As well as we said because it makes conjunction with the sun it also means that it will make on direct conjunction with mercury this may increase what he is, he's thinking literally he may think really fast thanks to this aspect, sometimes you might be wealth to a more impulsive in communication. Sometimes those people are too direct which sometimes make them more harsh for believe when they express themselves. But when it comes to his thinking and his mental professional, this aspect actually is positive. On top of that also basically the wholesaler is part of the basic style. So very interesting potential. And also pay attention that literally all of the planets are Connect with different aspects. Look here so the moon and Jupiter with Pluto, Pluto magnetical Neptune with Uranus Uranus with Venus, Venus with the stain. The stallion also has connection with the moon and Jupiter. So all of the planets are in some way part of a very big aspect configuration. There isn't a complete name for this aspect configuration because it's very specific aspects are different but it's always all indication when you see so many connections between the clouds for each world cup of course, not only the child's for us. So, yeah, very interesting positions. Now in terms of his communication with the Father, the sun is the most important planet in this case. History The sun has won opposition with Neptune large orders but we still have the opposition. Sometimes this may indicate well some kind of challenges with the Father sometimes the father may not be there on time or may have some kind of unhealthy behavior or in other cases instilled that the Father is well kind of creative person, you know those type of people who are not so, you know, practical and grounded. Like you know, usually artists are the other aspect we have also a Trine between Uranus and the sun so this can Make First of all, Steven very original very untraditional type of person very creative with extremely interesting ideas and approach and desire to revolutionize things to innovate things. Let's see. Also the conjunction between Mars and the sun hmm sometimes may indicate, sometimes may indicate well, that the child feels the anger of the Father in some way. It's not necessarily related to you know, some kind of physical demonstration of violence or something like that. But the child may seem or feel this anger in the father in some cases. So yeah, something to be aware of as well. Now, speaking about Uranus, we also need to talk about his career. The Career houses are sixth house second house is important for the finances as well. And first of all, Steve on the house fire science on the career houses, which suggests that the person needs some level of independence can be more active when it comes to career and social realization. From one side, Saturn is here on the cusp of his sixth house. Mm hmm. Generally, it indicates that the child or the person action might be very interesting. sponsible capable of hard work Don't forget happens also part of this specific style so they're responsible and hardworking. At the same time he needs to be prepared that it will take more time for him to to become successful. Usually Saturn returns delays requires more efforts. But as I like to repeat the best thing about Saturn is that this is also the planet of justice. So if he is hardworking and patient, eventually he will be successful. On the black moon Lilith is here as well, which suggests that work and also held by the way will be important topics in his life. One thing which I also find interesting, the fact that Saturn is in very close conjunction with the curve Book six house. So less than one degree from the first book sixth house. If the time is absolutely exactly the time of birth is absolutely except usually it may indicate some kind of challenges during the labor of the child. Or sometimes you know, these are children were born after they were supposed to be more or there might have been some kind of health issues as well. If there have been health issues or if currently there are some kind of health issues. I believe that things will improve after he gets two years old because Saturn will be in conjunction with the crystal The past four years. And during the same time also Saturn is transiting Saturn is in the sixth house as well. So I think that after he gets two years old, that his health will improve and will be better. And generally keep in mind that when Saturn is in the field houses, like in this case, for example. Some usually those children have some kind of health issues when they are young. But at the same time, especially Saturn has positive aspects like in this horoscope, when they are grownups. Their health actually becomes very stable. So he might have some health issues when he is very young, but eventually I think that his health will become much more stable when he grows up. Let's go back to the career mark. I just thought it's important to notice that I'm also we mentioned Uranus in 10th house. Usually this brings the desire to have more traditional career something more interesting, something more original, a certain level of independency. I think that he will feel more comfortable if you work something on his own or he has some level of independence. As we said, generally, I think that with communities and groups he won't be well, he won't feel so comfortable, he will be he will feel better and he will be more successful working more independently. Uranus Of course can bring modern area of for career including, you know, the IT sector or something, more related technologies as well. But in his case, I also think that the construction business might be very good at or something related to real estate. Because Saturn is here on the cusp of sixth house. Saturn has an aspect with the moon and with Mars. So something related to construction or real estate, I believe would be a great fit for him. And also something like a family business or career related to his parents or other relatives as well. Generally, as we said, the chart is very, very interesting. We have multiple aspect configurations. We have a basic style and we mentioned about the notes and how interesting they are This whole scope. So I think that these aren't the major things, the most important things. Thank you very much for watching this educational video. And don't forget if you're interested and learn more about your own child, or generally about astrology and child's child's horoscopes, and how to interpret them, and also, as I said, there will be a psychological part included as well, you may join our workshop. The enrollment is open until the 18th of January. The links are below so you have different options. You may explore them if you're interested to get your own child's horoscope or also a synoptic report between you and your child. These are extremely valuable sources of information. So thank you very much for joining me today. And I'll see you in the next episode of How to Read the port Jonathan make predictions with astrology.

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