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SAGITTARIUS – THE OPTIMISTIC TRAVELER:  Everything you need to know about this zodiac sign’s energy

You know that your personal zodiac sign is the sign that was in alignment with the Sun at the day you were born. But did you know that the other signs were there too. They were just aligned with different planets. But they also gave you part of their energy.  An energy you can use if you want.

Are you a sensitive Cancer, wanting to be more aggressive like an Aries? Or you are playful Sagittarius, wanting to be more grounded, like Taurus is?

In this series of articles, you will learn more about each zodiac sign’s energy, and how to awake that energy in you, no matter when you were born. After the first 8 signs, it is time to explore the most fun and optimistic of them all – The Sagittarius.

What you need to know about Sagittarius

Symbol: Centaurus

- Key phrase: I understand!

Strengths: sincerity, openness, honesty, goodwill, enthusiasm, carelessness, cheerfulness, generosity, loftyness, joy;

Weaknesses: doesn’t notice details, turmoil, clumsiness, nonsatisfaction, concession, clutter, inclination to teach and moralize others;

- Shadow: Too self-confident, inconsistent, lack of focus. Sagittarius is capable of making everyone feel bad for themselves and their level of knowledge.

- Keywords: Strong, Optimistic, Traveler, Freedom lover; Knowledge

- Appearance: Man – Strong and energetic, large body; nice open face with wide forehead. Hair brown, straight or curly, tendency to baldness from the forehead. Eyes - glamorous, smart, big. Mouth - big, well formed, fleshy lips, good-natured smile. Movements - energetic, alive, sometimes clumsy.  The woman Sagittarius - with strong  body; hair fragile, with a red hue. Face light, round, high forehead. Dark eyes, a keen eye; big mouth.

- Mind: Sagittarians are as immediate as children, and a person, even if he wants, can not be angry with them. And if they put into action their famous sense of humor, they will hardly have any enemies.  They are very lively and always seeking for something new. They really love adventures. Their biggest strength is their philosophical way of thinking and ability to see the bigger picture.

- Emotions: Sagittarians believe in the spiritual. These people are very positive and try to look at the bright side of live, they never give up on the difficulties and do not allow themselves to get depressed over small things. On the other hand, they can be pretty rough and can easily reject advices. They are very active and love open spaces and outdoor activities. They are interested in all kinds of games and physical activities. They are empathic and sincere; always take care of their loved ones and try to solve their problems.

In relationships they really value their freedom and they need excitement and variety.

- Lessons in life: To learn to be less impulsive and learn to be more grounded.

Element: Fire;

- Planet:  Jupiter;

-Season: Autumn;

- Day: Thursday

- Body parts: Liver

- Color: Blue;

- Zodiac stone: hyacinth, turquoise, purple amethyst, blue sapphire;

- Affirmation: I see things that other people can’t;

How to wake up the Sagittarius energy within you?

Here are 5 things that you can do to wake up Sagittarius energy:

  • Travel – if you want to awaken the Sagittarius energy within you, the best thing you can do is travel. Just get in the car and go somewhere new. Somewhere you have never been. Or book tickets for an exotic destination;
  • Do something you have never done before. This may be everything, from knitting to climbing a mountain top. The only condition is to be new for you, to challenge you, to take you out of your comfort zone;
  • Learn something new. Sagittarius loves to learn new things;
  • Think positive – the most important thing about a Sagittarius energy is that this is a positive one. So, if you want to awaken this energy within, try to find something to be thankful for no matter the situation you are in.


Hello dear friends, I'm Marina and in this video I will present you the most important things you need to know about Sagittarius. This video is part of the series about 12 zodiac signs and if you want to check the rest of them, please find the links below the video. During this one we are going to talk about the strengths the positive qualities of Sagittarius, but also the weaknesses, the dark side and the shadow of this sign. And also how we can increase this energy because let's be real, this is one of the most positive signs in the whole Zodiac. So we can really benefit if we are able to nurture more this energy within ourselves. And first of all, I also want to make sure that you understand, we are going to describe the pure archetype of Sagittarius. You might be connected to this archetype, your son is there in Sagittarius, or if you have to other planets or your Ascendant and we all have the signs somewhere in the chart, even if it's just the cusp of any house, so don't neglect it but also don't take everything personal because the human is more complicated than just his sun sign. And with that being said, let's begin with the major characteristics. First of all with the SIBO. The symbol of the sign is the Centaurus and the Centaurus is a mystical creature which is half human half horse, which also tells us a lot about the nature of this sign. There are two polarities within that time. One of this is the human part, which is about the wisdom that we can receive. This is about the knowledge and its spirituality. It's getting us higher, but there is another side The animal side, which is about more instinctive emotions, or the desire to explore different territories, or to go around and research and explore, so they're double or two motivations for this sign. And this is important if we want to really understand the nature of it. And some of the major strengths for this sign are of course the positivity. This is a fire sign the element is fire, which makes it more optimistic, also, more positive, more focused on taking action, and the ruler is Jupiter. Jupiter is considered to be the great benefactor in astrology, the planet which can bring expansion and growth and success and wisdom. And those things are very important for Sagittarius, to be well educated to have lots of information. To be able to teach other people usually those are things that they know how to do. And also the belief, this is another thing that Jupiter brings the belief in the positivity of the world or that things will be okay or also to have to have some self confidence to believe in your own abilities. Usually those are things that are very natural for Sagittarius. Also, they are quite joyful. They when they communicate with other people, they are open, they're not so many boundaries, or suspiciousness or limitations. They are open, they're friendly, they are excited, and, frankly, they're fun to be around. They are able to really, you know, boost your mood and make you feel happier around them. Now what about the possible challenges or the weaknesses of this side? One of the weaknesses is that they can get a little too moral with other people and teaching others what to do. They may believe like they have the whole truth or they know the best. And they may expect that other people will always follow their advice or their direction. So it's not always easy to have an argument with a Sagittarius. Usually they believe they know the truth and it's quite difficult to convince them in the opposite. At the same time, they may also you know, this increased self confidence can put them on a higher level than other people thinking some times that they are more than others. This is the negative side of Jupiter not everyone will represent that. This is just for some people who use the energy on a lower level and they may feel like okay, I'm we're working than others, I deserve the best and others don't deserve the same like me. Those kinds of things may happen, which may also be quite annoying for other people. Another possible weakness or part of their shadow is the lack of satisfaction. Sagittarius is a sign which is focused on goals and focus on the future, which is positive. Of course, we don't say this is bad, they want to achieve something they can be very goal oriented, about their dreams about concrete things they want to materialize or achieve. But there is very often the feeling of dissatisfaction until they get to this future goal they are not satisfied. And even if they get to the final point they achieve their goal. They are again dissatisfied because maybe they have matched their expectation or not. They have a different goal or things have changed. So, there is this you know, internal feeling, which many people who are adventurers who are always exploring, always searching for something. And on the lower level, this can manifest this people who can never kind of, you know, take a rest or can never settle down. They are constantly in movement, they are constantly exploring something like, you know, they don't have a home, they travel all over the world. And I'm not saying this is bad, it's completely okay for certain people, but this is working on a material level with this energy. People who use it more on a spiritual level. They are doing this type of research and investigation internally, mentally, they may explore different concepts, different philosophies, different type of knowledge. Which again expands their mind. But on an outer level doesn't necessarily bring this lack of consistency or lack of balance in life. So, as every side as we have talked about it, every side has a positive energy and a challenging one and also, we have some choice how we are going to use this energy. But overall, for Sagittarius people, this is a blessing. Really. Another possible challenge for Sagittarius is that they might be constantly focused on the big picture, which is okay generally, but they may miss the small things they may overlook the details, which in some cases can be a challenge. Of course, it depends on what the person is doing his job his career. For some people, this might be completely okay. They are Teachers or philosophers or either most travelers or something, that's okay. But don't ask the Sagittarius for some to focus on the small things. For example, making an accountant or something like that. They will not enjoy it unless they have some other strong energies combining with Sagittarius. Now let's talk about the mind. And how is the mind working for Sagittarius? First of all, as we said, they are philosophers. They're focused on big concepts, big ideas. They are not afraid to dream big and also to have very high expectations. They may be great in planning long term goals. But again, the challenge is to be consistent with the small things to be precise and to plan the small steps usually, they need some help. They are not that good. This part of the job. But again, if you need a strategist or someone who say things in perspective, or who can understand the meaning and present you the general idea, the logic of something, well then Sagittarius can be a good choice for you. Also, overall, this is kind of a way of thinking focused on concrete ideas, not so much on you know, learning every single thing about certain project or it's more about what's the whole meaning of it. Why am I doing this? And when it comes to emotions and relationships, this part is also very interesting. Overall in relationships, they can be quite open because they are friendly with other people. They are nice to be around they like to have fun, but sometimes their challenge can be the commitment part. The Sagittarius is one of the signs which completely values their level of freedom, they are not always ready to settle down or to be in a committed relationship or even to follow the rules. Of course, there are many Sagittarius who have a great marriage who are faithful and so on. But for the most part, they need more adventures, they can be in a committed relationship only if the partner is very interesting very, also kind of, you know, bringing certain level of variety and excitement if they're in this type of relationship. That can be okay for them, but they are not made for the boring stable kind of down to earth type of relationship. This can be very frustrating. And as we said very often they search for adventures. They may not understand the concept about money. meet some of them. And they may prefer to have different partners to experience different relationships or just to have fun. This is very important for them to have fun. And to feel like an old life and the relationship is joyful, it's not a burden for them. If the partner is very demanding, very controlling too serious, it may push them away. So make sure if you are in a relationship or you're attracted to a Sagittarius partner, make sure to provide them lots of freedom, to bring excitement to the relationship to bring joy, not blaming, not controlling, they're not judging. They have almost 00 tolerance to that. Okay, and what's, which are some of the main lessons for this site. First of all, it's too Learn to be more present. Because they might be constantly living in the future, concentrating on their goals, what they want to achieve, who they want to be, how they imagine their success or whatever, which can make them detached from reality and life as it is right now. And this is also a problem. You cannot be successful in the future, if you are not focused in the present and this is a major lesson for Sagittarius, to learn to be more engaged with life as it is right now. Also to accept it without so much expectations for other people to change and not try to you know, make other people believe in everything they believe, because people are different and that's the beauty of the world that we have so much variety and Now I would like to present you a couple of ways in which you can increase this energy in your life because it may really be very beneficial because it allows us to be more optimistic to be full of joy, to believe more in ourselves to be more optimistic overall. The first advice I would have reused to travel, travel as often as you can, as you would enjoy. This doesn't have to be only going to, you know, very strange places or, you know, places which are really far away. I'm sure that even around the place where you live or nearby, there might be new places, which we sorry, which you can visit and you may enjoy. So try to see different circumstances to explore different cultures, different locations, that's very helpful. The other thing that you can do is to learn more read books. Listen to other podcasts or videos or teachers explore a different concept. get yourself involved in different type of knowledge. This may really expand your worldview and Sagittarius it's all about expansion of our worldview. The other advice I have for you is to experiment more, try new things. Don't be stuck in the routine stuff. Try new things be more adventurous. This is also increasing the Sagittarius energy. And finally, the last advice I have for you is to be more positive. We're lucky nowadays to be surrounded by positive psychology stuff, videos, books, whatever affirmations focus on that this is one of the major things which can really transform your life. And this is something which comes natural to people who have strong Sagittarius energy, but we may also increase it if we unconscious about that. So those were the key characteristics of this side, really one of the most positive ones. And they are lucky. These are people who really have luck, they have more support, they broadly it's related also to their belief because they believe that everything will be okay for them. And eventually, it really is a major important lesson for the rest of the size, our expectations and our attitudes and how it defines the outcome of things. So I hope you have enjoyed this video. And if you want to learn more about astrology, you're welcome to sign up for more stars astrology Academy advanced training, and if you sign up for the waitlist, we'll let you know when the enrollment is open. Thank you for your time, and I'll see you soon.

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