Sun and Moon Sign Combinations in Astrology


Hello dear friends in this video we are going to talk about the different Sun and Moon combinations and how we can interpret them. First of all, we need to remember that the sun and the moon are the two most important planets in astrology. And we also need to know that they affect each other. So we should never analyze only one of them without paying attention to the other. And if you don't know your moon sign or something else about your chart, you're welcome to use my birth chart calculator. The link is below definitely go check it out. You will also find a free webinar. So let's talk about why the sun and the moon are So important. First of all, the sun represents our core identity. It shows who we are deep inside, it's our true self. On the other side, the moon represents how we express ourselves in the outer world. It's about our connection with the closest environment, and generally how we present ourselves. And those are two different things. One thing is who you are deep inside, what's your true identity, that's what the sun represents. And the other thing is, your behavior and how you express everything that you are going through your whole identity as well. So the sun and the moon are very important for every person and if you are able to see how the different combinations work together, your interpretation will be much more accurate. Also, keep in mind that the moon is especially important for women, for children, and also for people who are born during the night. If your son is in the lower part of the horoscope between first and sixth house, it means you are born during the night. In this case, the moon can be even more important than for other people. So let's try to understand also how the different combinations may work. One case would be when the sun and the moon are in the same element. This would make things much easier and much more balanced. It means that whatever is inside If the person basically that's what what's expressed outside. If we have someone with fire sun in the fire moon, then inside, they are very passionate, they're very enthusiastic, they are very vital, and most likely, their expression will be the same. They will demonstrate all of that there will be open, they will be kind of, you know, showing all of that to the outer world. That's very typical for a fire sun and fire moon combination. But if we have someone with a fire song, but let's say, an earth moon, then this is a much more difficult and much different combination. Again, inside the core of this person is the fire son, so he can be petted. He can be enthusiastic, he may even want to take risks, all of the typical fire qualities, but how he will express this is something completely different, because the earth Moon is working collide can break eight decreases the expression, it brings some kind of barriers, it makes things much more control and overall the behavior of the person is much more cautious. And this is the difference between having the sun and the moon in the same sign or or element basically, or having them in different combinations. When there is a different combination. It means that the core is one thing the essence of the person is one thing, but how he expressed this and how he behaves is something that And here, there is a major difference. There are people who, deep inside or their core is very passionate or very emotional or very sensitive, but it's not necessarily demonstrated out outside. This would be a case when let's say, the sun is in earth sorry in the water sign and the moon is in an earth sign. So, deep inside the core is the water element. But how is this demonstrated? This is the way that the moon in earth sign would make it and there is the kind of the opposite variation in which the sun might be like say in an earth sign, which means that deep inside the person can be stable they can be reliable sponsible they can be cautious and Overall reasonable. These are some of the typical Earth qualities, but how will they behave? Let's say if the moon is in a fire sign, the moon in the fire sign in this case will kind of accelerate things. It might exaggerate things. And on the outside, things may look much more dramatic, or kind of more intense than they actually are. And we're not talking about some kind of, you know, fake behavior or something like that. Those are just different parts of us. One thing is who we are deep inside our core identity. The other thing, the moon, it's how we connect with other people and the outer environment. So keep in mind that the sun and the moon are always affecting each other. You should always look at them. As a combination, and also you should be able to make the difference, which is part of the behavior of the person and which is part of his core identity. And this also explains why sometimes you can meet a new person. And after a while you understand that let's say their sun is in Leo, and you're wondering, oh my gosh, this person has nothing to do with what I know about Leo, how come this happens? Well, one of the reasons might be that their Moon is in Capricorn. The Ascendant may also play some role, but if there is a general difference between the energy of the sun in the moon, then at first you are going to see the moon so you are going to see this Capricorn moon cautious, a little distant person met probably very serious. Also very reliable. You won't necessarily see the Leo some core identity, which is about being playful about demonstrating things, attracting attention, and all the other amazing clear qualities we know. So, always keep that in mind. We see different parts of the person at first, we don't necessarily see their core identity, and also what's happening deep inside. That's why astrology is so helpful because it really allows us to understand the person, his motivation, his behavior, why is he doing something, what he really needs, and this is kind of the basic step that you can take and just couple of minutes to try to see how the sun and the moon can work together, there are signs and also is there harmony. Overall, even if you see that the sun and the moon are in the same polarity signs, this would be the case if let's say both the sun and the moon are in masculine signs, those are fire and air. There is also more balance in this case or if both of the sun and the moon are in feminine signs, water and earth. Those are also more balanced kind of easier to navigate cases. But if we have some mixtures, the son in a masculine sign the moon in the feminine sign or the other way around, it makes things more complicated and it also shows that the person made them move straight. One thing or we may see one thing from the Outside, but what's going on inside of them or who they really are in their core could be something completely different. And it takes more time to get there. It doesn't mean that we never ever see the son of the person. Of course this is not true, but over it takes more time before we can get there. So I hope you will use this information to make more accurate interpretations and let me know in the comments what have you found for yourself. Don't forget that if you want to learn astrology on a really high advanced level, you're welcome to sign up for the waitlist for Mars stars astrology Academy. We open the doors for enrollment only once a year, so make sure to sign up for the waitlist. There's also a free webinar which is I told you about check the links below go watch it you will learn more things about the elements and also how you can create a psychological profile using astrology. Thank you so much. Let me know in the comments, your findings and your conclusions and I will see you really soon.

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