The Feminine Cycle – Psychological Analysis

In this episode we'll talk about the connection between the feminine and the lunar cycle and how we can use this knowledge to live a healthier and happier life.

You will understand why you feel so differently in the different phases of your cycle and how to apply this information in your daily life.

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You will learn

  • The psychological changes caused by the hormonal levels in the different phases of the cycle
  • What's the connection between the New Moon and your period and between the Full Moon and your ovulation
  • What does it mean if you have irregular or very painful cycle or other feminine health issues



Hello, dear friends, and welcome to this new episode of holistic coach mastery podcast. Today's one is only for the latest, I'm sorry, guys, but there's just some things that don't apply to you. So, the thing that we are going to discuss is our feminine cycle. And we'll mention a little bit about the physiology of it. But mostly, we'll focus on the psychological perspective of the changes that happen during the different phases of our cycle. And also how we can use it in the best way, which are the phases, which are more appropriate for slowing down taking the rest, and when is the time to actually go hard. So a little note here. First of all, we know that typically, the feminine cycle is supposed to last around 28 days. And of course, this may vary. For different women, sometimes even different cycles might be differently long. But we know that that's like the traditionally accepted norm 28 days. And interesting analogy is that the typical lunar cycle is also 28 days. Literally, we know that each 28 days, the moon is changing phases, or it's actually entering into a new moon cycle. And the comparison here is not a coincidence, of course, we know that there are always some important connections that we should explore. And we should also use in our advantage. So my point here is that there is a direct connection between the lunar cycle that we observe each month, the different lunar phases that we go through, like growing moon, a new moon, than the full moon, then we get to the ending phase of the lunar cycle. And then there is another one which comes right after that similar process happens also with our feminine cycle with our period. And we can use this analogy with the lunar cycle also to understand what's happening physically, physiologically with our bodies, but also the psychological changes that are connected to it. So let's start. First of all, with the very beginning, the beginning of the lunar cycle is the new moon, the conjunction between the sun and the moon we have in when it comes to our feminine cycle, the beginning is the first day of the period, then what happens is that in the lunar cycle, we have a growing moon. And in our feminine cycle, we are actually entering the active phase, physiologically what happens is that the estrogen levels, the this hormone rises in our body. And this is the most dynamic face right after the beginning of your cycle, probably around around the third day. And I think that this may vary a little bit for each woman. But typically after you start feeling normal after you have had your cycle, usually around the third day, this is the beginning of the active phase. And just like in the lunar cycle, the same is happening also in our personal feminine cycle. This is the active phase when we experience more energy. When we feel ready to start new things we feel typically more inspired, more motivated to do something outside to do some work or to start something different. Then what happens is that eventually we get to the middle of the lunar cycle, which is also known as the full moon. This is the culmination. It's right at the middle in between two lunar cycles. And this is the time when typically we can accomplish Something the same is happening also with our feminine cycle. around the middle of the cycle, we have the ovulation. And this is physiologically the time when we have the estrogen peak, but also the time when a potential pregnancy may happen may start, we can conceive. So this is the time when we are most fertile. The time when we can literally conceive a baby. But also in our lives. This is the time when we can accomplish something, we may have some tangible results, we can make some important realizations make new decisions. Generally, this is the peak phase, this is the culmination, and we can be extra productive, we can be extra motivated, and capable of achieving things. Next, what happens in the lunar cycle is that the moon is starting to grow, the older or the more is trying to go back closer to the sun. And physiologically, when it comes to our feminine cycle, the period after the ovulation is the beginning of the passive phase. This is the time when the progesterone level rises, eventually they get into a peak as well. And psychologically, we also change our mood changes, our energy levels change. So many things are changing. And that's perfectly normal. And typically, we notice that we are not so interested in achieving outer things, or we just don't have such motivation or such energy or desire. And that's also normal. And the closer we get to the ending phase of this passive phase, or in other words, the closer we get to be the beginning of the next period, the more those tendencies increase. And what happens is that normally, the last week, before we have our period, and especially the last few days before that, we may feel more tired, sometimes even our mood can be either unstable, or sometimes depressive, or sometimes we just cry, and we don't know why. Those are just hormones, it's normal. This is our body telling us that we need to slow down, it's not the time to go out and hustle and fight and be a warrior. It's not the time. This is the time to slow down. physiologically if there has been a pregnancy, there has been a conceiving the ovulation phase. This is the time to learn to nurture the baby and to protect it. So it's normal to bring the focus back to ourselves or the baby that might have been conceived. Normally, most of our cycles, move on without a conceiving, that's what's happening, at least nowadays in the modern world. And it's the time to literally slow down, take better care of yourself, and relax more. And sometimes, depending of course, on your own type of psychology, we may kind of blame ourselves or feel bad that we are not that energetic or we are not that motivated. At least I know. I'm in this position quite often. And I need to remind myself that this is a normal cycle. Everything in life is related to cycles. You can't always be at the peak level, it's just impossible, physiologically energetically, psychologically you name it, it's just impossible. And it's much more wiser actually, if we learn to respect our bodies, our physiology, and also the psychological changes that come with it, and actually to learn to use this in our advantage. And how can this look like? It may look like first of all being really conscious of knowing at which part of your cycle you currently are. And it doesn't mean that every day you need to think about it or I don't know, maybe sometimes it may bring you some comfort if you do that. But just to be more aware, are you getting closer to the peak moment of your ovulation? Or are you closer to having your new period? Or are you currently having your period. And by knowing that to plan your tasks accordingly, for example, your most important projects the things that require the biggest investment of energy or motivation, it's the wisest thing to plan them right after you have your cycle in the first two weeks of the new cycle, so before the ovulation and you don't really need to know when the ovulation comes. Some women are very sensitive of that, and they can literally feel it in the body. And most women don't feel that and both are fine. But if you just accept the idea that the most probable time of your ovulation is at the at the middle of the cycle, which may vary, but that's fine. But if you use this knowledge to plan your activities, it will be much easier for you to succeed, you will learn to take better care of yourself, and to forgive yourself when you are not at your peak state because that's perfectly normal. Again, I repeat one week before you have your period, everything is slowing down. Physically, you may notice that for example, you are gaining a little weight, that's also normal. Sometimes women may gain around between one up to four pounds, before they have their period, you may notice that your belly is kind of feeling differently. This is normal, you feel heavier in your body, you feel slower, you need more time to take a rest, or you may call it you're feeling lazy. It's not literally laziness. It's just your body telling you you need to slow down, bring the energy towards yourself, give yourself the rest prepare for the upcoming new cycle. And then after the new cycle, everything starts from the beginning. So you have the energy up again, you can start your new project you're getting at the middle of the cycle, things can culminate or you feel the highest level of your potential and your energy. And then it's normal to slow down and go back to this repair phase, the self care phase the preparation for releasing what has worked or didn't work during the previous cycle. That's all normal. And trust me if you learn to respect this, first of all, it will help you a lot with accepting your femininity. And nowadays, especially in the modern society, when unfortunately many of us feel the pressing, or the pushing to be more masculine to be more competitive. Very often, we are not respecting our feminine energy. And it brings us problems, we can expect that it's normal. So if we learn to understand to observe, to respect the nurture, our femininity, our cycle, the psychological changes that come with it, we can feel more happy. Even when you are at this last phase of the cycle, you know, right before you have your period, and you feel kind of sad, if you may be a little depressed or you're crying for no good reason. Or you feel the strong desire to have some comfort food. If you respect those needs of your body, it will be so much easier for you actually with many areas of your life. It's just a better self care. So my advice is, explore. Observe, respect your body respect your feminine energy. And of course, there could be some questions that may come up here as for example, what are we doing if let's say we have an irregular cycle because sometimes that happens every significant fluctuation from what we accept as a norm, is a sign of some kind of psychological issue with our femininity. Whether we talk about irregular cycle, you know that there are women who have their period, let's say only a few times during the year, it happens, it really happens. Or let's say that they have a very, very intense pain. All of those cases are showing that you have certain problems with your feminine energy, it could be of course, different. Sometimes it's related to your relationship with your mother. Yes, you heard me correctly, your relationship with your mother is affecting your feminine energy, the balance of it, and eventually, your feminine cycle and your period. So that's one possible direction. Another possible problem is if you generally don't accept your feminine role, and again, it's pretty common nowadays, because we have to develop more the masculine side. And my request here is just try to find the balance. If you're a woman, you need to respect your feminine energy. And if you have some serious problems with your cycle, this is a definite sign that you have problems with your feminine energy. That includes, as I said, severe pain, this is also common thing. From one side, it's normal to have pain, right before you have your period during the first one, two, maybe three days. But it should be unbearable pain, if it stops you from, you know living a normal life. And if you cannot go through it without medication, it's a sign that there is a problem. Again, it's normal to feel the spasms, it's normal to feel sleepy or tired or just to want to lay on the couch, have some comfort food. You know, bring your nice blanket on yourself. This is normal. This is part of the face of letting the past gold cleansing, and then the preparation for the new beginning. But if you have severe pain, unbearable pain, you definitely need medication, or you're losing consciousness or sometimes there are extreme cases, we know that all of those symptoms are signs that you have problems with the feminine with your feminine energy. And it's always related to our psychology. If you have hormonal problems, your regular cycle, problems with your ovaries, uterus problems, vagal problems, all of that shows that there is a problem with the feminine energy. And of course, if we find ways to solve them psychologically, eventually, on a physical level, the body will repair as well. And the physical problems will also disappear. So, again, my advice is be conscious, respect, nurture, appreciate your femininity your cycle, and take better care of yourself. Learn how to use the cycle, to live a better life basically, not only to be more successful, but also to be healthier and happier. Thank you very much for listening to this episode. I hope you find it helpful. And I will catch you next time. 

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