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Hello dear friends and welcome to this brand new video which will be focused on synastry, we are going to talk about some of the most important connections in your synastry with another person or compatibility or with In other words, when you are comparing two charts of potential partners or your current partner, if you find some of those connections, then they show you that this relationship will be very important. What I'm talking about are the aspects that include lunar nodes, your lunar nodes, with the planets of another person, or the other way around, of course. So first of all, let's just talk quickly about the meaning of the lunar nodes because that's where we need to start. from the south and north node are two points which we calculate. They're not real objects, but they are extremely important because they are showing us the right direction. The South node is related to the past in our individual chart that shows some lessons that we have already learned some qualities that we already have some experience that we have already gained. So that's very important for our topic today that the South node is related to the past. On the other side, in the exact opposite direction, we have the north node, which is showing us the future direction or also in other words, this is our mission This is what we are supposed to focus on. This is where we may face with some struggles because of course a lessons are not simple. So if we have to summarize With just one word South note is related to your past, the north node is related to your future. So that's how we are going to interpret also connections between planets and lunar nodes. And before we get to the more specific combinations, let's just talk about some general theory. So, first of all, let's talk about the individual aspects or the concrete aspects. We are going to discuss mostly the major aspects minor aspects may also have an impact but to make things simpler, I will talk about the major aspects mostly. And here are some important things to remember. If certain planet of your partner is squaring one of your nodes it means that it will square the other node as well. The reason is because the lunar notes are always are always in opposition. So keep that in mind, if certain planets is squaring one of the nodes, it squares the other node as well. And such a combination may show the need to make some changes the needs to put some kind of effort, there could be some kind of stress related to that. On the other side, if you have a positive aspect between your partners planet and one of your nodes, let's say trying with the South node, it means that there will be sextile with the north node. So just keep in mind that if certain planet is having a positive aspect with one of the nodes, it's having another type of positive aspect with the other node as well. And this would be a supportive connection which may help people which can be kind of smoother and more gentle. So overall, this will be a more harmonious and easier combination. And finally, we get to the most important aspects. This is the conjunction when you have certain planets in conjunction with the note of your partner, or the other way around his note with your planet, or maybe I just said that, I don't know you get the point. So one person has his notes, and the other one has their planet and they are very close. That's the point. That's what we talked about here. The orbits which we are using, or in other words, that's the range is five degrees plus minus five degrees. And sometimes if you have like a stronger intuition, or you just know the chart better, you might consider a bigger, bigger Orbis but for the purposes of this training of this video, let's talk about the five degree aspect because it's stronger and you can be sure that there will be some influence sometimes attend degree or business Also work but you need to explore and it's a question how strong will this manifest if we have a five degree Orbis, you can be sure that there will be a strong connection and of course the strong impact. And one other note that I want to mention here, when you have certain planet in conjunction with the note of another person, it means that the note of this person south or north node is triggering the planet and the other way around. Of course, the planet is triggering the note as well. But what would be very important is also to analyze the individual chart when certain planet is activated by a note of another person, pay attention of the position or the status of this planet. If the planet is in a kind of weak or challenging position with lots of tough aspects, of course, this trigger will bring some Kind of stress, it won't be an easy connection. And if the planet is strong or mostly with harmonious aspects are generally positive for the person, then the trigger of this note of the other person will be mostly positive. So this is always very important in synastry, when you are kind of trying to find the connections between the two charts and you see that something in one of the charts is triggering something else in the other chart, pay attention. How harmonious are they? How strong are they? Because that's the initial energy, which is kind of, you know, flowing for this person. So very important, how harmonious is the planet that is triggered? And let's talk about the different possible combinations. Let's start with the sun. And yeah, just before that Again, a quick overview. If the South node is included, and it makes conjunction with the planets of another person, it's showing you that there is a connection coming from the past. This is one of the strongest indications that can show you a karmic connection, that you have already been in touch with the soul of this person in previous incarnations, and this is not the first time you are needing so South node with the planet of another person is an indication that there is a connection coming from the past. And if you have the other variation, if the north node is in conjunction with the planet, it shows that you have some kind of future lessons together you have to work or learn something together and that's more about the future. So just a quick overview And now let's go with the different possible combinations. First of all, of course, we have the sun. So what if the sun of one person is in conjunction with the north node of another person, it means that this person, the person with the sun, can help the one with the north node to find their direction, can guide them or support them into learning their lessons or moving forward or generally growing together. So this is quite supportive and strong. And it allows the person with the north node to move forward, to grow to expand to learn things. So this is usually a strong connection that shows that you have some future together if we have a connection between the Sun and the South Now, of course, it's showing some connection coming from the past, probably you have already been in some sort of relationship, not necessarily romantic, of course, it could be all kinds of, you know, connections, but you have already been together in the past. And probably, you know each other closely the son is really about true identity, who we are, you know, deep inside of, you know, our being. So this connection is showing us more that in the past you have been close. So, what if the moon is having a conjunction with the South node. This is also a very strong connection. And usually, we can learn that the person or the two people have been together in a closer kind of a family environment. could be that they have literally been in one family, one of them might have been the parent, the parent, the other one the child. So there is a really close family type of connection. This may also show that there has been some kind of emotional closeness or emotional understanding. And again, it depends on the status of the moon. For example, if the moon is in Scorpio, then this connection probably wasn't simple. And if it was in cancer, let's say then things are usually kind of more how well simpler in some way. So the South node with the moon is showing you that there has been a close emotional connection in the past probably some kind of family connection. If you have the conjunction between the North node and the moon again, the person with the moon may help the one with the north node. To find their path to move forward to grow together, but that will happen also through some kind of emotional support through some kind of care. So, the person with the moon may take care or through his love or through his attachment and tenderness are all of the typical qualities, he may help the person with the north node to grow to learn to move forward. And this is also showing some kind of stronger emotional connection that may grow in the future. If we have Mercury, Mercury is the intellectual planet, the planet of friendship and ideas and also information. So if your South node is in conjunction with the Merc with mercury of another person, then it shows some kind of intellectual connection in the past. It might have been a friendship or any type of connection that may include also learning or education or sharing knowledge or just being part of the same circle. And if Mercury is mostly harmonious in a strong position with mostly positive aspects, then probably this is a nice connection showing that you have been friends and there was some kind of mutual understanding. And if Mercury is in a kind of challenging position with lots of stressful aspect, we may assume that there might have been some kind of arguing or just different opinions or different ideas or the communication may not have been smooth, but overall, it shows that there has been some kind of communication, there has been some kind of connection and you can kind of you know, understand each other sometimes even without expressing it verbally. You just Get the ideas of the other person especially if Mercury is strong. So, communication in the past either friendship or sharing knowledge or just being part of the same circle. If the north node is in conjunction with the with mercury, then it shows that this person, the person with mercury, may help the other one, go ahead or just learn new things or to the knowledge they have or the information they may provide. They may encourage the person or they may just inspire them if Mercury is trying to move forward to find their right mission to just grow in the future. So again, the focus is on intellectual communication, and sharing knowledge and just understanding each other. And this type of connection may might be very helpful for French Or even in business, or especially when it comes to education. If one of the people is a teacher Do you want the other one is a student, this can be a very harmonious combination. Next we have Venus, one of the most important aspects one of the most important connections, especially for romantic relationships. And it's understandable you know, most compatibility analysis are focused on relationships. So if you see this aspect, then this is a very strong connection. If the South note is with Venus in conjunction with Venus, then this is showing you that there has been some kind of romantic connection in the past. It doesn't necessarily mean that you have been married or you know, you are life partners for life. This might have been a temporary situation or sometimes unfulfilled love or it really depends on the status of Venus. But this is a very strong sign that you have been romantically or emotionally involved with this person in the past. And very often when we have those connections of the South node, especially with the personal planets, with Venus with the moon, even with the sun, this is a very strong connection. And sometimes when you meet this person, you feel like oh my gosh, I already know him. We are so connected, we feel each other. So this is really a very strong factor that you have been together. But here is another note. It doesn't mean that you will be together in the future. Usually, those connections between the South node and the personal planets are showing you that you In the past, you have had some kind of mutual path. But it doesn't necessarily mean that you will go on together. And very often actually, things don't work out. For whatever reason, maybe you meet for a while, you have to work things, you have to solve something, you need something like to finish or to complete. But it doesn't necessarily mean that the future is to be together, usually, actually, it's not. And sometimes it could be of course, it depends on the two charts and the whole synastry. But Venus with the South node is a great connection related to the past and actually very strong. It's not necessarily great, but it's very strong. And if Venus is in conjunction with the north node, it's showing you that in the future, you may grow together or through the love and the money emotions in the care of one of the people the one with Venus, he may help the other one with the north node to grow, to move forward to find their path to find their mission. But it's very important to provide this love and openness and emotional support for the other person so that he will grow. Usually this is a supportive combination that may show that there is a future for you as romantic partners. So this one is very good. Next we have Mars Mars is the planet of masculine energy. It's the planet related to taking action taking risks, but also confrontations and some serious struggles. If Mars is income in connection with the South node, it may show that there has been some kind of Arguing it might have been quite strong, like sometimes literally fighting, especially if Mars is in a fire sign or has some dynamic aspect, let's say with Pluto with Uranus with the masculine planets mostly, then there is probably some kind of conflict in the past. If Mars is in a smoother kind of softer position, then we may assume that the person may help you may have helped the other one to do something or they have had like a mutual project together working on something together. And it's just like, you know, a mutual direction. So, you may also have some kind of tension Mars can bring tension, but there might be something constructive that you have done together. And we shouldn't forget that also. Mars is the masculine planet which means That it also brings passion. So there might have been some kind of strong connection which may also be romantic or sexual. And if Mars is in conjunction with the north node, then it's showing again, direction or focus on the future. And with encouragement with motivation, the person with Mars may help the other one with the north node to go for what they are supposed to do to just take action to be more impulsive to be braver to be kind of more open. And this is a really uplifting position, but again, it depends on Mars and the status of Mars. If Mars is kind of problematic, it could feel like too much like to be too pushy or too harsh with them or like they're using seeing some really harsh ways to motivate the other person. So again, this may kind of awaken the north node of the other person, but it might be through like, you know, in a harsh way in a little bit more masculine and sometimes too dynamic way. But we also see the connection connected to the past or sorry, the future. Okay, next we have the social planets, Jupiter and Saturn. And they are usually related to some kind of social communication. It might be related to personal communication as well, but, you know, not necessarily a romantic one. If Jupiter is connected with the South node, then this is an indication that in the past, one of you might have been the teacher and the one who educates the other one and it doesn't necessarily mean like teacher school. You know, that In life, we have many teachers who are our friends or sometimes they're our bosses or in other cases, they may even look like our enemies and they're still teachers with Jupiter, we don't really expect people to be enemies, especially Jupiter is mostly harmonious, there might be some kind of competition there might be some kind of desire like to do something to expand something. So, there is something in the past that you have worked for together, it might be a mutual goal or some kind of project or in some cases, if the chart is showing indication for some kind of spiritual work or spiritual path. This might have been also connection in some kind of spiritual community, but you need more indications to make this conclusion. But in the past, there has been something positive usually which has connected you and you have supported each other and You have might have grown together and just worked on something that was important for both of the people. And if the north node is in conjunction with Jupiter, this is also a positive connection for the future. And you may help the person or they may help you to grow to expand to learn new things. And especially if this is a connection related to business or again a teacher and the student connection, this one is very supportive. So one may help the other to grow by providing the right knowledge or inspiring them or teaching them or just bringing them support. Jupiter is the planet that brings support, spiritual, intellectual, even material support, so one of the people may support the other one literally to move forward to grow to expand to learn their lessons. Next we have Saturn. And this is not such an easy connection, because Saturn is also a teacher. But this is a very strict very disciplined, very demanding teacher, the one which may have very strict rules which might be harsh, which may even be kind of cruel in some cases. So those type of lessons, the lessons related to Saturn are not simple. On the other side, Saturn brings very strong connections. It's very difficult to separate when Saturn is kind of bringing you together. You may feel like you are sometimes some happy or you're frustrated or like the other person is so critical weren't demanding, but it's not Simple to get out of this relationship. And if Saturn is involved with the South node, then this might have been some kind of strong but not necessarily very positive connection. One of you might have been the one which brings the rules, this might be an indication that one has been higher in the hierarchic system than the other one. And there is usually a certain level of suppression, some kind of control, Saturn loves control and things to be organized. So usually there there is some kind of struggle or something which isn't simple, but is also a strong connection coming from the past. And usually with those type of connections, one of the people may feel like the other one is kind of like putting some kind of boundaries for them or wanting them to follow too many rules or it might be a little bit too heavy as an energy. And if the north node is in conjunction with the with Saturn, this is also related to the future. But remember, Saturn is always Saturn. Saturn is always like the strict sometimes even harsh teacher. So there might be future together. But it will bring lots of rules there will be lots of structure, one will probably want to dominate or to define the rules, especially if Saturn is stronger as a sign position. This might be a tough position, especially for the one with the north node. So it could be strong, it might bring people together, but there could be some kind of feeling like you know, one is too critical, too demanding and bringing Too much heaviness to the relationship. And next we have the outer planets, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. The other planets are very slow, which means that they stay around the same degree for a long time, usually a couple of yours. And it means that there are many people from the same generation who have their outer planets very, very close. And those are not necessarily really personalized connections you hear actually with the orifices are I will be very careful. If you see a conjunction which is let's say one, two degrees. That's a strong one, but sometimes five, six or 10 degrees may not affect you that much. And here, I would pay even more attention to the house position. So definitely check that and if we have Uranus This is the planet that brings liberation surprises unexpected situations also lots of creativity and inspiration. And if the South node is connected with Uranus, South node of one person with Uranus of the other person, then in the past there might have been something as an extra ordinary or untypical connection or one might have surprised the other one, or it could be something more socially related. And if the north node is with Uranus, there could be an interesting path for the future. One may inspire the other bring lots of creativity, bring lots of interesting ideas and provocation. But this is not an aspect that you create strong romantic connection. On the other side with Neptune. We also talk about an outer planet but this is an emotional planet. Uranus is a mental planet. But Neptune is a very emotional planet. And if the South node is Together with Neptune, we can also think of some kind of warm, close personal connection. Sometimes it's complicated with Neptune things are never simple, especially on a material level. There might have been some kind of messy situation sometimes love triangles, sometimes Love, love triangles or cheats or some kind of emotional disappointment. So you really need to analyze Neptune's position and the aspects it has. But overall, there may also be something strong which connects you emotionally and energetically. And if Neptune is in conjunction with the north node. This may also be a very strong emotional connection for the future, but the orbits should be really small. And also there might be lots of inspiration. Again, the same question about the position of Neptune is relevant if Neptune has challenging aspects which The personal planets, we may expect some complications, some potential disappointment or some type frustration or sometimes we may not be able to see clearly the other person we may have like our own vision of who they are, which may be something completely different from reality. So, you have to be more careful with Neptune has challenging aspects, the aspects are positive than we expect the connection to be more positive and kind of simpler. And finally, we have Pluto. If Pluto is in conjunction with the sound of especially if there is a very small orifice, then in the past we may talk about some kind of karmic connection Pluto is the other planet which is strongly connected to karma. And this might have been some kind of power struggle or some kind of, you know, confrontation or something. Something that you have worked for together, it really depends on Pluto and the aspect it has. But overall, we can expect that there is a strong energetic and karmic connection. And sometimes it may feel kind of heavy, or like one of the people may feel like the other one is trying to manipulate them or using too much their power. There could be also some kind of sexual connection in this case, but you need also to find our their connections with the personal planets in order to see if that's actually true. And if Pluto is in conjunction with the north node, then this may show some kind of future together. But especially if there is a mutual passion that you share, for example, working on certain social projects or working to change something together, or sometimes it could be positive for business but Again, you need to check the status of Pluto. If Pluto is having mostly challenging aspects, this might be kind of tough relationship for the future. And if Pluto has mostly positive aspects, we can expect things to be simpler. So that's just an overview of the different combinations we have between the nodes and the planets. As I said, already, those are some of the strongest karmic indication. So definitely check them pay attention to them. And if you want to calculate your birth chart, you are welcome to use my free birth chart calculator. The links are below. And make sure also to sign up for the free class, the free webinar about how you can create a psychological profile of another person. It's very quick. It's very simple and it's also very deep and knowledge which you will receive. Also if you want to learn astrology on the higher level please sign up for the waitlist for more stars astrology Academy so you won't miss when doors open. It happens only once a year so you will not want to miss this opportunity. If you have any shares please let us know in the comments. I would love to hear your thoughts and your experience with the notes in synastry. And I will see you really soon. Thank you for watching and take care

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