Venus retrograde webinar
+ 2 Lilith webinars

This summer Venus will turn retrograde for 40 days which can be either a challenge or a gift depending on how we relate to this energy.

Venus represents some of the most important aspects of our human experience - love, values, money, art, beauty, desires, etc.

This time Venus will be retrograde in Leo which will activate topics like self-worth and self-love, our deepest and most genuine desires, and our ability to connect to our own heart. 

This can be a time of emotional transformation and rejuvenation that can help you improve your feeling of self-worth, work on your financial resources and unleash your feminine energy.

You are welcome to join our webinar on July 8th at 12 pm ET and learn:

  • The different manifestations of Venus's energy in the material, creative and spiritual world.
  • How to let go of old emotional patterns and open up for a new level of LOVE.
  • How to expand and grow to an entirely new level
  • The most important themes related to this retrograde cycle - self-value, desires, femininity, money, resourcefulness, emotional freedom, etc.
  • The meaning of all Venus's aspects during this period and their deeper meaning.
  • The impact of Venus retro on each of the 12 signs.

We'll also do some special practices and meditations that will help you open up to your deeper inner resources and find new possibilities.

As a gift you will also receive 2 prerecorded webinars on Lilith. Venus retro will make conjunction with Lilith and it will trigger intense, deep and suppressed energies. The webinars will help you understand better the energy of Lilith and during the live webinar we'll talk about creative ways of integrating those two feminine archetypes - Venus and Lilith. 

It will be deep, magical and mysterious. Join us! 

Choose an option below:

A spot for the live Venus webinar + access to the 2 recorded Lilith webinars.

Price - $ 49

A spot for the live Venus webinar + access to the 2 recorded Lilith webinars + personal Venus retrograde report (you will receive a brief recorded reading with analysis of how exactly Venus retro will affect your chart)

Price - $ 79

A spot for the live Venus webinar + access to the 2 recorded Lilith webinars + complete Astrology analysis + 5 GSR sessions.

Price - $ 550
(instead of $ 1000)

(GSR is a deep technique for working with the subconscious mind and our deepest feelings and transform them in the healthiest and purest ways. This package is for people who want to grow to a completely new level).

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