Crisis Management

Currently, we are all going through the global pandemic crisis. And while we can't deny the stress and uncertainty it brings, one of the most detrimental things to do is see ourselves as helpless victims. I know that in my own life the most positive and significant changes have happened after a crisis.

In this episode you will learn about some concrete ideas and actions which will help you to feel empowered during a crisis. Whether this is a global crisis or an individual one, sooner or later we all have this experience.

The advices I'm offering are quite simple and yet they can turn things around for you and allow you to navigate the process better.

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You will learn

  • The importance of paying attention to every small improvement
  • How by helping someone else you can feel resourceful
  • Why it can be the best time to do something you've wanted, but didn't have the courage to do
  • Remind yourself that you are "designed" by nature to adapt, so no matter what happens you'll learn to live with it
  • A simple and yet powerful journal exercise that will teach your brain to allow positive future possibilities



Hello, dear friend and welcome to Episode number two, in which we're gonna talk about crisis management. Of course, this is a very important topic because right now we are going through a major global crisis. This podcast is recorded during April 2020 so we are still in the middle of Khurana crisis. But the things that I will talk about can help you toe handle any crisis in your life. It could be a personal crisis. Emotional crisis. It could be related to concrete area in your life. And of course, it might be helping you toe handle with this global crisis that we are currently going through. So whenever you feel like you are weak or you cannot handle with this or it's just so hard, you feel like you are in the middle of a crisis. You can go back to this episode, listen to those advices and of course, most importantly, apply them because they will help you to move forward faster. And here is a little warning. I want to begin with. Please pay attention to any small improvement, because here is the thing. I have lots of experience with clients with with many people, and there is a path room. Many people focus on the things that are not OK in their life, because usually we have, like, a couple of difficulties. And sometimes what happens is that one concrete challenge has bean overcome, or at least is better. But we don't pay attention to the positive change. We don't pay attention to the improvement, and instead we keep focusing on what's not working yet. And that's something that can be very dangerous and that can really be very negative for our motivation. So what I want you to remember, first of all, is that you need to pay attention, toe any small improvement and celebrate it and make it a winner. Praise yourself, acknowledge it appreciated because over time all of those small improvements are gonna make a real difference in your life because, like most things in life, it takes time to handle a crisis, and we may not be at the final line. We may not be completely free from anxiety and happy, and you know all of the positive things that we want, but we may still be moving forward. So the first thing I want you to remember is you have to acknowledge every small improvement, every small action that you take, every effort that you make and any positive thing that comes in your life. So that's for important. And as I told you, in my experience, many people forget about it and they keep focusing on what's not working. And the truth is that sometimes they just don't recognize this for themselves. It's not that you know, they are intentionally not sharing this. It's just that they don't focus on that. They're so focused on what's not working, that they don't pay attention to the small improvements and that my friend, can make a big change for you if you pay attention, toe every small improvement, every positive thought that comes or the less negative thoughts that you have, because first of all, when we begin this crisis management process, we're still on the negative scale. So what we seek here is decreasing those negative emotions, thoughts, the anxiety and everything, and at some point we are shifting into the positive scale, so things start to be really positive for us or basically, it changes the way we want this to be. So here is step number one, which I would suggest you when you are in the middle of a crisis and you want to get out of it. My advice is to find someone else who needs help and provide this help for them. And it might sound strange, you may think. OK, but I'm the one that needs help. I want someone else to provide something for me. Well, how can I do this? So, yes, you can still be in need, and yet you can help someone else. And I don't think that this should be something major or they should transform their life. You confined very small things that you can do for other people, and they will be important for them. You may choose a close person to you, your parents, your siblings, Children, France. But you might also do this for people that you don't know. They might be part of the same grouped same community, or you may not even know them. It doesn't matter. It could be helping a cause. And you can do it in every way that you can think of. You may provide financial support if you can. You can do something nice like coca. Nice meal for your neighbor who is too busy with their kids, for example, or who doesn't feel very well. Whatever you can organize on online meeting for kids and entertain them, just use your imagination. And don't think that it should be something major or something, you know, incredibly big. And here is the reason why we are doing this, because when you help someone else, even or especially when you are in a crisis, it helps you to feel resourceful. You're getting out of this victim mode, the passive mode, that you're just expecting things to happen for you, and instead you are taking action and you are not even taken it only for yourself. But you're also doing it for other people. That my friend, is very empowering, and it can just get you out of this passive state, and I can give you an example of what I did during this Corona virus crisis. What I did was that I offered free back flower remedies for my friends and basically all the people on my Facebook profile. So anyone who feels afraid suffers from anxiety, whatever their challenge is, I'm there for them and I am preparing those flower combinations for them and I'm sending them. And of course I'm doing this for fruit, by the way. So that's my way, because that's something I can do that something that I genuinely enjoy. And I also find this to be important and significant, and you can find your own thing. It doesn't have to be professional help. It doesn't have to be related to healing, even though it could be if that's something you can offer to people. As I said, it could be financial help. It might be very small help, but it really makes a difference not only for the other person. As we said, what we are going for here is to help you feel resourceful. You are not victim. You still can do something and you're even doing it for others. So that's a great start. Another thing that you can do, and I highly recommend, actually is related to yourself. So taken action about something that you have wanted before. But somehow you didn't do it. Maybe you didn't have the guts to do it. Maybe you found all those explanations while you are too busy. Or maybe it's not appropriate or you still need some time. We can be great in finding reasons why we don't do something we want to. But here's the thing. When you are in the middle of a crisis, it's a great time to get rid of all off those in our blockages. Everything that has been stopping you like. Okay. Is it appropriate? What will other people think of me? Do I have the courage to really do this? And again? We don't necessarily need this to be very big, major life changing thing. Sometimes it could be. But in other cases, this could be like changing your hair color and something that you were not really sure how other people would look at or change your haircut or changing something about your work, your schedule, how you treat people, how you dress. There's so many options. And again, it should be important for you personally, so don't go with okay. Everyone else is doing this. So I guess that's what I should do. A swell, uh, we don't need this. We need actually the opposite. What is it that you really want to do? But you didn't have the time or you find all those excuses or you think was not appropriate. And of course I'm talking about reasonable stuff, so we don't want you to do something dangerous that could harm you. But just one of those things that you do I like to do. And yeah, you just don't do it. For whatever reason, go and do it. Maybe you need more time for yourself. Maybe it's about taking better care. Maybe it's about having the honest conversation with someone, which would be very important. What is it that you can give yourself to freedom to do right now? That's one of the best things about crisis that somehow in the middle of the process, we forget about other fears or blockages or hesitations. We become more courageous and braver, and we do some meaningful things again. I'm reminding you were not going after dangerous or stupid things. We want to do something that important that we dream about, that we would like to experience that something NYSE positive and will help us to change our life in a nice direction. so whatever action it is again, don't think it should be something huge. But do it because crisis are periods of changes. We shouldn't resist change. That's kind of the worst thing that we can do to avoid changes, to try to keep things as they are. Oh my God, that's a huge mistake. Instead, we should cooperate with this process and make those necessary changes. And why not do something that you have wanted? Maybe for a long time, and you somehow didn't to it. Let's do it now. That's the second step. And another thing I want talk about here is how we look at those critical periods and overall general crisis. Here is the thing. Even in the worst case scenario, let's say that this critical situation remains forever. Even though I honestly believe it's not possible. I truly believe that we will get through this somehow and we're gonna be able to make some positive changes. But for now, let's just go with the worst case scenario. Let's say that it never changes whatever the critical situation is, and it just keeps going. So here is what will happen, my friend. We are gonna adapt. Adaptation together with mutations are the two things that has allowed evolution globally on the biological level. And basically that's the foundation off life. So we are, oh, capable off this personally as community, as a society, as whole humanity. We have this ability to adapt, and it's true also, that not everyone is equally good in this. We know that there people who really struggle with that who resist all changes, they're not flexible. They're very rigid conservative. They want to keep things as they are. There is this group of people. But even they uncertain level are capable to adapt. It may take more time. It could be more uncomfortable and difficult, but eventually alive requires this adaptation so that we can move on. And they're also another group of people that are much more flexible and can adapt faster. So yeah, it will be easier for them. But remember, even if you are from the first group of people, whatever the crisis is, you will find ways to adapt. You are built this way. Your brain, your body, your psychology. Everything has bean built in the way that you can survive. And in order to survive, you need to adapt. So that's like the worst thing that can happen. This will keep going, whatever crisis is, and at some point we're gonna adapt. So knowing the worst case scenario and knowing what will happen, or what you can do is also very empowering. But think about it also, from the positive perspective, humanity has been through many crisis world wars, local worse pandemics. This, friends is not MMA is not the first pandemic we are experiencing. And yes, it's so hard. But eventually it ends. There isn't a pandemic that has lasted, like, you know, for forever. So chances are this one want us well, but even if it does, remember, we are gonna adapt. And the truth is that it just cannot last forever. So we just have to use this as a way to calm the mind, to let it know that whatever happens, it will be okay. And it might be a crisis that's in your personal life. Maybe you have a career crisis. You don't know what will happen with your business will be able to keep your job. Even this situation cannot last forever. So remind yourself this whatever happens, you are built to handle it, to survive and to adapt very, very calming. And here is the last part I have for you. This is a journaling exercise, also very helpful and very important to do it. So what I want you to do is take a notebook somewhere you can write and right town all the negative, fearful thoughts that you have about the particular crisis situation in your life. As we said it could be about the global thing with the pandemic, or it might be something personal. Write down all of those negative, fearful thoughts the way you think them. Maybe you are afraid that you would lose your job. Or maybe you have already lost your job or you're afraid you won't be able to provide for your family or you're afraid for your health, right? All of those things down and what we want here is to acknowledge we want to recognize those negative thoughts. We don't want to suppress them. We're not going after some fake positivity, but we also want to add all the other possibilities. So there is really a chance that you might lose your job maybe, or you have already lost your job, and maybe you consider it's a possibility that you won't be able to find a new job, so we don't want to say it's impossible. But we also want to include another positive possibility. And right next to each of those fearful, negative thoughts, I want you to add another positive possibilities. You don't necessarily need to believe that it will manifest, but you have to allow this as a possibility, just like you are allowing the negative possibility you should allow the positive one as well. So here is an example. Let's say that you are afraid you might lose your job. Okay, so you're writing this down. I'm afraid I may lose my job. The positive possibility here might be, but I may also find a much better job after that. Or let's say that you have lost your job and you are afraid you may not be able to find your job a new job. So a positive possibility may sound like okay, but meanwhile, I might be able to create my own business or start working on my dream job or find something much more exciting. So right next to each off the negative, fearful thoughts you want toe right? A positive one, a positive possibility related to the same idea. Same fear the same situation. And whenever you find yourself going into the rabbit hole and thinking about all of those fearful negative thoughts, you always want to bring another one, which would be a positive possibility. And again, you don't necessarily need to believe that. Okay, it's all gonna be roses and flowers and unicorns, and it will be amazing. You just allow all of the possibilities to be there, because if you keep focusing only on the negative ones off course, your mind will be anxious and you are going deeper and deeper into the negativity. But instead, if you add something positive just as a possibility, which it really is, because we don't know what will happen, it may turn out that it will be much better that we will grow as humanity, which is my personal belief that every crisis is an opportunity to grow every personal crisis, every global crisis, the crisis of humanity. It's always an opportunity for growth because growth, if you think about it, it's another process that's easy. It's not fast, it's not simple. There is a transformational point. Which turn thinks and before that there are some challenges. So I don't think that it's some kind of punishment or that, you know, it's just all negative. Always remind yourself. Think of some positive possibilities and the more you use your imagination to think about some positive possibilities, the better. And they don't necessarily need to be, you know, very, very realistic. But just allowing your mind to consider the positive possibility can be a game changer. So that's my strategy for handling with critical situations. This is kind of a crisis management one a one. And allow me to make a sure to review off what we talked about so that you can really apply it. The first warning we started with Waas toe always pay attention, toe every small improvement because that's how we build momentum and focus on that. Keep your mind open to know this this is there a small improvement. If there is celebrated its a small wind. The next thing to do is help someone else. It might be something very small. It might be something related to financial support, whatever, it doesn't really matter. The important thing is that it will help you to feel resourceful, and that's very big. When you feel resourceful, you're getting out of the victim mode and you can make significant positive changes. Then also remember that even in the worst case scenario, which is that the crisis goes on and on and on forever, which we won't happen. But let's say it really does. Even in this case, we will find ways to adapt because adaptation is huge in evolution. This is what has allowed us to keep going, and this is just biology. You don't have to, you know, be a superstar. You already have this. You will be able to adapt no matter what happens. And the last thing was about the journal exercise, which I highly recommend. And basically, what it requires is to write down every negative, fearful thought you might have, and right next to it to write, ah, positive possibility related to the very same thing. You don't necessarily need to believe this, but just consider that it is possible to happen. That's also life changing. So that's my advice for you guys for crisis management. Thank you so much for joining me. Don't forget Teoh leave us a review. We would really appreciate this. And I will see you very soon.

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