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Hello dear friend and welcome to your weekly horoscope for the very first week of September, we are starting from the 31st of August until the sixth of September. I cannot believe it but here it is September is knocking on the door. So we'll talk about the most important events day by day. You know, I have prepared the presentations, so get ready to plan your week in the best possible way. First of all, my apologies for missing last week's forecast, but I really had some issues with my throat so I have to take a little break. And I also want to start with more general things about the upcoming week. Like First of all, the fact that we are getting really close to Mars turning retrograde. It happens the following week. But we are very close and Mars is already slowing down. So, you might start noticing certain issues related to this Mars retrograde period. And that means we need to be extra careful with our plans, our actions in business this could be important. And actually I would like to prepare you even better for this and because of that, I will make a free webinar free webinar on Mars retrograde. It will be on the first of September that should be Tuesday yes course Tuesday at what that be like 10am you can you should check the links in the description basically on my YouTube channel. I will go live and you will learn all the important details about Mars retrograde

How you can prepare yourself for this two month period. Very important, but keep in mind this week, you may start noticing certain things changing, shifting slowing down. Another thing also, we have so strong earth energy, six planets are in earth signs during this week. At the end of the week, Mercury is ingressing in Libra, so they will be five after that, but for the most part of the week, six planets in earth signs and this is also slowing the energy down it means more patience, more consistency is needed. It means that we have to be sorry, we have to be really precise, we have to focus on the practical things and also on concrete results that we would like to achieve. We also have quite strong water energy. So basically water an Earth is dominating during the week. Those are the feminine signs, which means that it's really nice to do things in a little bit more feminine way. And it doesn't mean that if you are a man you should like forget about it or that we are talking about some weird stuff. No, it means to do it in a feminine way. To Be kind to be gentle, to be more caring, to pay attention to how you feel to pay attention to your body, to your relationships, if you will. And we are not saying that you cannot have like good business results or something like that. Because with the earth energy, yes, you can and you can materialize things. Also because we have a full moon during the week. But overall, think about it, how you can take the needed actions in a more feminine, compassionate, caring way. That's the recipe for success during this world.

And another important note is that we have no air element during the week except for Monday. So Monday is the day when the moon is in Aquarius, but after that, no air energy during the whole week. And I get this energy very well because I also don't have air element in my chart. And this might create a little bit lack of lightness, we might take things a little bit more serious than needed. We might be also challenged when it comes to expressing verbally or connecting verbally to other people. So keep that in mind and maybe if you have something important that requires communication Monday would be like the best possible the best positive way they for you. Okay, what else do we have? Yeah, also we have of course a full moon we'll talk about it but this is also the culmination

Have the lunar cycle which means manifestation which means materialization of things, and overall achieving results. So with the full moon and also with so much earth energy during the week, it's time for results. So I hope you're ready to get started from Monday. And one last final note and kind of an announcement, which is a big one. On the first of September, we are opening the doors for Mars stars astrology Academy, it happens only once a year. If you're ready to learn astrology on a really professional, advanced level, join the team. We are happy to have you there. Check the links below if you have any questions. You can contact me send me an email, whatever. And let's get started with the very last day of August, of course. So what's the Hang on Monday is a creative aspect between Mercury and Mars overall nice combination which can allow us to think faster to find solutions to be a little bit more active mentally. And we should notice here that both of those planets are very strong mercury in Virgo Mars in Aries. Those are the signs that those two planets rule, which means they can really give us the best they possibly can. So fast solutions fast thinking they wrecked expression communication with other people. That's like the best day for communication as we said during this week. Also the moon in Aquarius can allow us to be more open for new ideas for something exciting for something untraditional, something original and overall to socialize to communicate with other people.

The day is positive for business for communication mostly, and kind of neutral for the other areas. It doesn't mean there's something bad, but it's just not that supportive, let's say for relationships. But if there is an area where you have to be very direct, you really need to share your ideas to express yourself verbally, to make other people listen to you. Also, this aspect can help you.

Okay, moving on to Tuesday, on Tuesday, another mercury aspect, this one a major positive aspect with Pluto. This aspect, my friend is one of the best one that can help you to go really deep into exploring something getting to the core to the roots of something really

Understanding analyzing mercury as we said very strong in Virgo the analytical mind is very productive. Pluto can bring extra concentration, ability to be really focused and concentrated on whatever you oh my gosh, what's happening?

Whatever you are planning for the day. So the other thing is that also the moon is in Pisces. And this is a special combination. This can really allow us to feel the atmosphere better to really have this inner guidance or intuition which can show us the right direction. And eventually, we may do a lot of things in a more creative way. The day is beneficial for almost everything. You can see business finance

Communication, especially if this is a business communication, I would say, also for creativity for spirituality, it's an amazing day. So you can have like your time for meditation, or some kind of energy healing practice or whatever you want to do. But it's a very healing energy really. And the energies come mostly because of the moon in Pisces. But Pluto can bring a little bit of intensity and ability to really go deep and explore and understand things better. So quite interesting day. I'm a fan of this day.

All right, the Wednesday on Wednesday, we have lots of things happening. Of course, the most important is the full moon in Pisces and Virgo. And this form all my friends is quite interesting because it triggers the three earth signs so the sun is in Virgo. But we also have Uranus in Taurus included. We also have Jupiter in Capricorn. And all of those planets are forming a very nice combination or very nice triangle. It's called the grand Trine. And this can really allow us to achieve tangible concrete, practical results, anything that you've been working on anything that you have, you know, really been focused on. Now you can get those results now you can see what you have achieved so far. And also, this is a great time to pay attention to our health, both on a physical and psychological level. And if you think about it, it's always connected to the body and emotions and psychology, it's always connected. So pay attention to this If there's something that needs healing, something in your body that needs attention, focus on that. And also, this is a great time to let go of something that you just no longer need. The exact degree of this full moon is 11 degrees, so 11 degrees, Pisces and Virgo, you might want to check your chart to see where you have those degrees. Other than that, we also have a challenging aspect between Venus and Saturn. This one can bring potential issues in relationships. I would say even in communication, people may not be able to really understand each other very well to you know, connect in certain way emotionally and in other ways. So this could be a little challenging for our personal life or relationships for, even for financial stuff because Venus is the planet of finances, this they may not be very beneficial. Also, we are having a great aspect between the sun and Uranus amazing aspect because this is also part of the full moon. And it can allow us to focus on something creative, something that's interesting, something that's exciting, and we might be extra creative, we may find new solutions we may have a new version for the future. So Uranus can really bring a little bit of lightness because frankly, we are missing the lightness because we have no air we have this full moon we have this Venus opposition with Saturn. So we may suffer from lack of lightness and frankly positivity and this Uranus aspect can help us.

Actually, to you know, find something positive in everything that's happening even though it can also be challenging. And the last aspect square and a half, which is minor challenging aspect between the sun and Saturn. Extra patience is needed more practical approach, we may find a little resistance from the outer world in whatever direction we want to go. So keep that in mind. In business, we may also have issues with communication with our authority figures or with government institutions. Overall, the day is really, really intense with lots of things happening. And you can see that most of the areas will be challenging for us business, finance, relationship communication, it's kind of difficult for those areas, creativity and spirituality. Those are the two areas

Where we might succeed where we can find some solutions and overall it would be nice to focus on that. Moving on to Thursday, another mercury aspect, positive one with Saturn. Again the two planets are very, very strong Saturn rules Capricorn mercury rules Virgo, so they can both bring us the best possible and this can allow you also to structure to organize things better to plan things. For Business Communication specifically, this could be a nice aspect supportive aspect, and also for a more logical thinking. If you need to find practical solutions to your situation or certain issue this aspect can help you. You need this grounded practical, analytical, logical way. Thinking the moon will be in Pisces, most of the day. So until 4pm Eastern, and it's calm, it's a little bit passive, it could be great for creativity for something more spiritual. And after 4pm, the energy is shifting the moon moves to Aries. So things can get more than hammock more interesting, faster. We can rush through things a little bit. So overall, things are changing. The day is beneficial for business communication, especially business communication, and also for some kind of spiritual practice.

Then we get to Friday, and this is the day when mercury will Ingress Libra, so Mercury is shifting. And let me just quickly check. Yes, there This true Mercury is moving to Libra very positive position for compromises for finding solutions that would be kind of beneficial for the two sides for some kind of negotiations, also a nice position and also, mercury in Libra has a very good skill to listen to other people. So we might be able to evaluate things better to see things from a different perspective, and overall to kind of have a more accurate judgment. Before mercury moves to Libra, it will have also sextile with Venus, and this aspect can allow us to be even better in our judgments in communication in negotiating with other people, and also the ability to analyze the emotional the personal stuff from a little bit more logical perspective, so to speak. Also mercury right before it shifts to librium will have a quincunx. With Mars. This aspect can allow us to think faster solutions. At first there might be challenges, which would mean that potentially, we might be more impatient when we communicate with others or when we are planning something. There is a chance for some kind of confrontation with other people. But hopefully Venus is helping here so

I think that it won't be like a major negative situation. The sun has a square and a half with Mars. which increases more than Mars energy. And this can bring also impatience, impulsiveness desire to do things our own way to be a little bit kind of more independent in a way. And of course, the moon is also in Aries. So we have lots of Aries energy during Friday on Friday. So be careful. With all of your plans, you might rush through things you might be a little bit more impatient. Unfortunately, the day is unfavorable for a business, finance relationships. It's kind of beneficial for communication, but we still have to be careful. And also, what's interesting here is that we are having town square. this is and this is kind of a you know, a general influence for the whole week. This opposition between Venus and

Saturn is also triggered by Mars. So the three planets are connected in this in this town square during the week, and potentially this can bring issues when it comes to relationships, our desires connecting to other people, there could be some resistance, there could be some kind of challenges we need to overcome. So keep that in mind. Then on Saturday, we kind of have a little bit calmer day even though the moon is in Aries, so not really, but we don't have other influences at least so the morning Aries squares, Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter in Capricorn. Overall, we may have the desire to take action to be active to do something. It's great for sports for initiating something for everything that would energize you and help you to you know take certain actions. And this can feel actually quite positive, keeping in mind that we have all of these strong Earth water energy through the week. So it adds a little bit more masculine energy, and it can kind of balance the situation. There could be some kind of intensity because of the square with Pluto. But overall, we shouldn't expect something really challenging. Most of the things are neutral for the day business might be positive because Aries is a sign related to taking risks and moving forward. You need to be cautious because of the other squares. But overall we can say that it's mostly neutral.

And finally, Saturday, Sunday. Oh my gosh, lots of mistakes today. So on Sunday, we have Venus changing signs as well. Venus is moving to Leo, and at the same time we have the moon in Taurus. So what's the mutual thing between those two signs? The mature thing is that they both enjoy entertainment and joy. I think that they can be quite positive for having a party for connecting to other people or doing something that you would enjoy. Venus in Leo is allowing us to focus more on our individuality on our own desires. What do you want for yourself personally? What brings you joy, focus on that. And the Taurus Moon is quite strong. It's also very stable. It allows us to focus on more comfortable things. Financial things can be beneficial during this day and over everything that brings you joy and allows you to feel comfortable

So that's our weekly forecast. My friends. Thank you for joining me. Let me know in the comments. What would you like to learn about Mars retrograde? If you have any questions, I would love to see them in advance. You can also join me on on Tuesday at 10am Eastern, it will be a direct live stream on my YouTube channel. So all you have to do is just open the link for my channel I will include it below and you will see me life at 10am we can discuss your questions and of course what we can expect during this upcoming Mars retrograde cycle. Don't forget we are expecting you in Marseille astrology Academy if you are ready to go really deep with astrology. Thank you so much and have a beautiful day.

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