Psychological Astrology: Your Blockages, Pain Points and Inner Resources

How does ancestral knowledge complement modern science in recognizing the most precise patterns in one’s personality, character, and inherent capabilities? My answer is simple yet brilliant, and it’s called psychological astrology.

When and how does psychological astrology emerge as a concept, how does it evolve over time, and how do we use it today to help people gain a more keen-edged perception of their own selves? Below, you will find some simple definitions for the tangled matters of psychological astrology.

Psychological astrology 1 - ancestral knowledge

Psychological astrology - outlines the needs

What Exactly is Psychological Astrology?

As you may have already imagined, psychological astrology arises as a cross-fertilization between the fields of astrology and in-depth scientific psychology. In practice, it can be utilized both as a personality theory and a diagnostic tool, as it relies massively on archetypal and transpersonal psychology theories.

Put shortly; psychological astrology outlines the needs, the motivations, and the personal psychological profile, based on professional horoscope reading. This is indeed an advanced skill that requires in-depth knowledge of both psychological and astrological theories and can be appropriately done only by certified and experienced psychological astrology practitioners.

The Origins and Basic Concepts of Psychological Astrology

The fundamental concepts in psychological astrology were conceived by Carl Jung in the twentieth century. As a founder of analytical psychology and one of the most influential thinkers of the time, he was heavily influenced by western esotericism and the idea of timeless, unchangeable ideas. That’s how the game-changing archetypal hypothesis came to the field of psychology, and psychological astrology followed soon after.

Psychological astrology 2 - synchronicity,

Psychological astrology - channel perceptions 

Psychological Astrology, Jung, and the Archetypal Hypothesis

Jung’s archetypal hypothesis implies that some universal patterns endure that have the potential to channel perceptions and experiences through the “collective unconscious.” Later in his work, Jung observed an underlined correlation between these archetypal images and the astrological themes, the planets and signs of the zodiac, and the constellation projections. That’s how psychological astrology was born.

Later on, Jung implemented physics into the concept of psychological astrology to explain the theory of synchronicity, or the fact that “whatever is born or done at this particular moment of time, has the quality of this moment of time.” Of course, that helped his psychological astrology concept make even more sense, even to hardcore skeptics.

Psychological Astrology Today

Back in the day when Freud’s psychoanalysis made an entrance, it was a lengthy and energy-consuming process. Today, lifestyle tendencies require things to happen more quickly, more easily, and more practically. Thankfully, psychological astrology bestows the perfect opportunity for a rather swift and reliable insight by backing contemporary science with ancient wisdom and a timeless understanding of the human psyche.

When the interpretation of dreams, or any other approach for that matter, blends with psychological astrology, experts can undoubtedly give faster answers to the challenging questions of the self. It’s a reliable way to spare the time, resources, and energy usually needed to get to the roots of your blockages, pain points, and inner resources.

All in all, psychological astrology is a distinct blend of ancestral knowledge and up-to-date scientific findings that allows caring professionals to reveal the most thorough picture before their clients and patients.

Psychological astrology 3 - learn more

Psychological astrology - achieve inner wellbeing

How can a psychological astrology reading help you achieve inner wellbeing?

A personalized psychological astrology reading can impact your life in a number of unexpected ways, including:

  • Psychological astrology can unveil your personal psychological profile and help you understand why you are the way you are.
  • Psychological astrology can help you learn more about your inherent blockages, blind spots, and temperament, as well as the strength and the potential of your character. 
  • Psychological astrology can help you find the right direction towards your inner wellbeing and even your recommended physical health practices.

Last but not least - psychological astrology can help you set the foundation of a brand new approach towards your own personality and purpose. Because naming the essential predicaments is the first step towards resolving them.

At MarStars, you can purchase a personalized psychological astrology reading of your horoscope 100% online. It will come to you wherever and whenever you need it, providing you with the ultimate way to start working on your emotional and subconscious stability in the long run.

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Psychological astrology - subconscious stability

Keep on Exploring the Depths of Psychological Astrology with MarStars!

In my years of psychological astrology practice, I’ve always dreamed about transferring my knowledge to the ones who would appreciate it and use it wisely. As of today, you can sign up and be among the first ones to know when the brand-new psychological course on my website is up and ready to explore. It will be perfectly suitable for those among you who constantly strive to penetrate deeper into the realms of the individual and the collective consciousness.

Psychological Astrology for Psychologists

First and foremost, my psychological astrology course will be a perfect add-on to the psychological degree you’ve already obtained. It will help you expand your horizons, find unexpected new ways to conceptualize your patients’ challenges and guide them to the resolutions they’ve been looking for when reaching out to you as a healthcare practitioner.

Psychological Astrology for Helping Professionals

Psychological astrology is a state-of-the-art tool for all kinds of helping professionals, including coaches, healers, energy therapists, and even family consultants.

It will add an additional layer of understanding regarding the deepest motivations and needs of both an individual and a small collective in correlation with one another. Because psychological astrology is all about innate congenital postures that manifest themselves on and on in different life situations.

Psychological astrology 5 - manifest your goals

find the right direction

Psychological Astrology For You!

My psychological astrology teaching program is designed to start from the very basics and reach as deeply as possible. It is perfectly suitable for beginners and people outside the caring professions, who merely aim to perfect themselves in recognizing archetypes, patterns, behaviors, and dispositions in themselves and others, based on the knowledge of psychological astrology.

Psychological Astrology - Anytime, Anywhere

Everyone can join and take my psychological astrology course entirely online.

You can explore it at your own pace, take your time, and let psychological astrology do what needs to be done - help you find and follow your path in accordance with your most authentic self.

How to Create a Psychological Profile with Astrology

Download this great (free) webinar to learn about the amazing connection between astrology and psychology and how you can apply it immediately. 

How to Create a Psychological Profile with Astrology

Download this great (free) webinar to learn about the amazing connection between astrology and psychology and how you can apply it immediately.

Table of Contents

  • Psychological astrology 6 - everyone can join
    Psychological astrology - an ancestral knowledge
  • Psychological astrology 7 -  follow your path
    Psychological astrology - gain a more keen-edged perception
  • Psychological astrology 8 - the most precise patterns
    Psychological astrology - channel perceptions
  • Psychological astrology 9 - inherent capabilities
    Psychological astrology - a timeless understanding
  • Psychological astrology 10 - simple yet brilliant
    Psychological astrology - reliable way to spare the time
  • Psychological astrology 11 - evolve over time
    Psychological astrology - get to the roots of your inner resources
  • Psychological astrology 12 - a personality theory
    Psychological astrology - inner wellbeing
  • Psychological astrology 13 - a diagnostic tool
    Psychological astrology - unveil your psychological profile
  • Psychological astrology 14 - certified professionals
    Psychological astrology - find the right direction
  • Psychological astrology 15 - experienced  practitioners
    Psychological astrology - start working on your emotional stability
  • Psychological astrology 16 - archetypal images
    Psychological astrology - subconscious stability
  • Psychological astrology 17 - constellation projections
    Psychological astrology - expand your horizons
  • Psychological astrology 18 - the theory of synchronicity,
    Psychological astrology - find unexpected new ways
  • Psychological astrology 19 - things  happen more quickly
    Psychological astrology - manifest your life
  • Psychological astrology 20 - more easily
    Psychological astrology - reach as deeply as possible