What Is An Astrology Synastry Chart And How To Use It Wisely?

Synastry has been fascinating astrology lovers for millennia, and there is a good list of reasons behind that fact.

Fruitful communication and meaningful relationships with others are a substantial prerequisite for both our long-term personal fulfillment and our fundamental emotional well-being. That’s why knowing your own limitations and potentials is sometimes merely not enough.

Synastry is precisely the part of astrology that helps us deal with the challenges of cross-personal intelligence: the way we communicate messages and emotions with the people around us. Be it romantic synastry or business synastry, it is always an outstanding tool that helps us gain insight into the predispositions rooted in multiple birth charts.

So, what exactly is astrology synastry, and how are you supposed to use it as a means to sustain enduring and mutually satisfying interaction? Today, I’m giving you a bit of extra information on synastry as one of the most exciting fields of astrology.

Synastry 1 - meaningful relationships

Synastry 1 - fruitful communication 

What Is A Synastry Chart?

Technically, a synastry reading begins with preparing each individual’s personal birth chart by analyzing their own characteristics in different aspects of life.

Then, the synastry report goes deeper into examining the specific interaspects between the two charts - where and how do they overlap, where and what conflicts do arise, and how these individuals are expected to overcome them.

What we finally get through synastry is a comprehensive picture of how these people are - each on their own, and both together as possible partners in different types of relationships.

What Types Of Relationships Does A Synastry Chart Analyze?

Analyzing the synastry between charts can give a broad spectrum of potential insight for different types of relationships, including:

  • Romantic synastry that analyzes the potential for having a smooth and loving relationship;
  • Business synastry that investigates the capacity for forming and maintaining a productive professional partnership;
  • Marriage and family synastry that gives a reliable prediction on how two people would be able to create a comfortable living environment for themselves and their children;
  • Parent-child synastry that would help you fix a meaningful way to communicate with your child or children according to the interaspects of your charts.

In this line of thought, it’s essential to specify that different aspects of the chart can give out information about different types of relationships. That’s why two people can have a perfect business partners’ synastry and still have massive challenges as a romantic couple.

That’s where a professional astrologer steps in to use synastry as the ultimate tool to shine some light on the matter and equip you with the answers you’ve been looking for all along.

Synastry 2 - massive challenges

Synastry - potential insight 

What Types Of Insight do You Receive From A Synastry Chart Reading?

No matter the type of association questioned, a synastry reading can give you the answers to three fundamental questions about any relationships. These can be briefly described as follows:

Synastry and Relationship Potential

Could a relationship be capable of providing you and the other person with a stable, healthy, and soulful experience? Could it, instead, shake your very foundations and transform you? Would that transformation be for the better or not? Oftentimes, synastry has the answers.

A professional synastry reading can help you form realistic expectations and decide for yourself - what would this experience bring to you, and would it be worth your time and devotion in the end.

Synastry and Relationship Challenges

Of course, each relationship has its difficulties - some of them deeper than others, though. A synastry chart reading will immediately spot the likely pain points between two partners. It will encourage you to sift out the fundamental and hardly productive differences from the more innocent “everyday life” type of issues.

What’s more - a synastry chart reading will even give you some hints on how these challenges could potentially transform your own self, in addition to your relationships. Because sometimes, going for the challenge is worth it when it leads you closer to your own inborn path and purpose.

Synastry 3 - good relationship

Synastry - another point of view 

Synastry And Understanding The Emotional Needs Of Your Partner

Being fixed on yourself exclusively never does any good to a relationship. That is precisely why a synastry reading will also give you another point of view - the other person’s.

An in-depth synastry analysis can shape your attitude towards the ones you love and value - tell you how to understand them, how to answer their needs, and nourish them the way you’d want them to nourish you.

Can Synastry Be Prepared With Multiple Birth Charts?

It is very normal to sometimes find yourself wondering which path you are supposed to take - be it in your intimate or professional life. Synastry can, of course, give you an extra helping hand when you’re faced with a challenging decision to make.

Your birth chart synastry can be prepared in comparison with as many potential partners as you’d like to. Who suits you better, who is better for you, and you’re better for whom? Where do your efforts belong, and where do your projections fall in place? The answers might come as a surprise for you, and synastry usually has some pretty satisfactory answers.

Synastry 4 - a winning strategy

Synastry 4 - for a fulfilling relationship 

Relationship Astrology And Synastry With MarStars

I am long-fascinated with the ways our own selves form not merely who we are but how we interact with other people along the way. That’s why I put some extra effort into making that type of knowledge widely recognized, accessible, and used the right way. As a part of my synastry quest, you are welcome to enjoy:

  • The extended list of free resources on synastry and relationship astrology, available above;
  • The special Relationship Synastry Report made by me, that includes an analysis of two charts and the potential for a fulfilling relationship. The synastry report contains 45 minutes of recorded reading. You can purchase it anytime, anywhere, over the internet.

It’s a pleasure for me to guide you through the wondrous world of synastry readings and help you pick your battles wisely - because knowing what to expect is always a winning strategy.

Table of Contents

  • Synastry 5 - the most exciting fields
    Synastry - a fruitful communication
  • Synastry 6 - an extra information
    Synastry - meaningful relationships
  • Synastry 7 - different aspects of life
    Synastry - a long-term personal fulfillment
  • Synastry 8 -  for good relationship
    Synastry - a fundamental emotional well-being
  • Synastry 9 - find yourself
    Synastry - deal with the challenges
  • Synastry 10 - another point of view
    Synastry - an outstanding tool
  • Synastry 11 - an extra helping hand
    Synastry - helps us gain insight
  • Synastry 12 - anytime, anywhere
    Synastry - a comprehensive picture
  • Synastry 13 -  pick your battles wisely
    Synastry - different types of relationships
  • Synastry 14 - inborn path and purpose
    Synastry - marriage and family
  • Synastry 15 - leads you closer to yourself
    Synastry - a professional partnership
  • Synastry 16 - realistic expectations
    Synastry - a love relationship
  • Synastry 17 - transformation
    Synastry - the ultimate tool
  • Synastry 18 - soulful experience
    Synastry - give you the answers
  • Synastry 19 - stable and healthy
    Synastry - about any relationships