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Karmic Astrology: understand it, experience it, study it!

As one of the deepest and definitely most mystical astrological concepts to understand and interpret, Karmic astrology is equally challenging and gratifying at the same time. Anyway, all you need to do is embrace the concept and go find the proper Karmic astrology reader to immerse you into its depths or learn to do it yourself.

What are your unresolved past life issues, and how are you supposed to design your life path in order to stay on the right track? Karmic astrology has the answer… And aren’t we going to find it together?

Karmic astrology 1 - lessons to learn

Karmic astrology  - mystical astrological concept

What exactly is Karmic Astrology?

Put really shortly; Karmic astrology is an ancient concept of reading the stars in order to determine one’s destiny and the reasons why a soul can reincarnate into a body in a chosen moment of time, just to fulfill its inherent purpose.

Or else said: Karmic astrology is a very extraordinary field of astrology that relies on the ideas of reincarnation and past life situations that you carry along as mistakes to correct, lessons to learn, and paths to walk.

Karmic astrology believes that a soul has to wait for a specific constellation of stars before it arrives back to this world and balances the deeds of its past lives. In the course of the ages to come, Karmic astrology invariably stuck to its roots but also kept evolving and enriching in order to provide the most inclusive possible picture of anyone’s Karma.

Karmic astrology 2 - balances the deeds

Karmic astrology - a very extraordinary field

Karmic astrology for Personal Karma and Family Karma

We can easily point out at least two fundamental aspects of Karmic astrology. These are personal and family Karma.

In Karmic astrology, personal Karma is all about your individual “baggage” and resources as a person on this Earth. It steps on the things that your own past as a soul has set up to you as a life path in the present.

Family Karma, on the other hand, is an aspect of Karmic astrology that slightly shifts focus and stresses on other questions: why are you put in a particular part of a system; whom and why are you sharing themes with; what is your reason for being there and not somewhere else?

Unsurprisingly, Karmic astrology provides way deeper answers to these questions than traditional astrology. So, you shall be ready to accept, comprehend, and sink them in. Because Karmic astrology can be a life-changer, in case you happen to be fully prepared to trust it. 

At MarStars, you can purchase a Karmic astrology reading which covers both your personal and your family Karma with just a couple of clicks. The reading will be carried out by Marina Stoichkova - a certified professional with years of experience in the field, thus guaranteeing you a bold insight into more than meets the eye.

Karmic astrology 3 - better self-care

Karmic astrology - live in peace

Which are the basic indications in Karmic Astrology?

First of all, we need to make one thing clear: in Karmic astrology, your whole chart is karmic. Every little detail in it has its role, adds to the picture in its own way, and helps the reader put the pieces of your puzzle together.

That being said, Karmic astrology has some more potent and more significant indicators, namely:

  • The Sun and The Moon;
  • Saturn;
  • Pluto;
  • And the Lunar Node.

These indications can respectively give some answers for your karmic life purpose, your re-stimulated past questions, your karmic stumbling blocks, your roots, and your life paths.

At the end of the day, Karmic astrology can explain what until this moment has always felt utterly unexplainable. It has the potential to bring you to a higher state of self-consciousness and encourage you to live in peace with your past life accumulations.

Foundational Karmic Indications in Karmic astrology

The foundational Karmic indicators in Karmic astrology can be briefly summed up as:

  • Specific Karmic astrology characteristics of signs;
  • Particular Karmic astrology characteristics of the houses;
  • Karmic astrology characteristics of the planets and nodes;
  • And more.

All of the indications mentioned above are thoroughly explained and discussed in my Karmic astrology Masterclass, along with tens of other aspects of Karmic astrology.

Karmic astrology 4 - past life chart

Karmic astrology - provides way deeper answers

Advanced Karmic Techniques in Karmic astrology

The advanced reading and understanding techniques in this field include:

  • Karmic astrology past life chart;
  • Karmic astrology perinatal matrixes that take into account the mere process of birth;
  • Karmic astrology solar chart that reveals how you would be able to express your creative potential in the best way possible.

By relying on the techniques listed above, you can basically start using Karmic astrology as a personal life compass that will always eventually bring you back to where you belong.

Learn more about your Karmic Astrology

Are you beginning to feel intrigued yet? At the MarStars website, you can now purchase your own Karmic astrology reading and enjoy all the benefits of knowing, understanding, and accepting yourself, along with all the things you carry around on your back.

Your personal Karmic astrology reading will come to you in the form of a pre-recorded karmic analysis of your birth chart. My work is 100% online, flexible, and ready to serve your life purposes - wherever you are and whenever suits your day-to-day life.

Karmic astrology 5 - stronger self-respect

Karmic astrology - a personal life compass

With MarStars’s special Karmic astrology Masterclass mentioned above, you will gain access to an impressive abundance of precious information, resources, and educational materials regarding how Karmic astrology works.

In these 9+ hours of deep and conscious learning, you will grasp all the fundamentals of Karmic astrology and even begin to read charts from a karmic point of view yourself.

Because we have all been through things we don’t even remember. Because we can all get lost somewhere along the way. And because knowing your purpose is the first and most crucial step towards achieving it: through Karmic astrology, extended self-knowledge, stronger self-respect, and better self-care.

Are you ready to walk the path to yourself? I am right here, ready to show you the way!

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